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Balle de Match / L'Eau de Sport by Nicolaï

I wanted to like this. It seems well made. For some reason the grapefruit has a dirty tinge that smells like body odor on my skin. Yuk. Oh well.
16th March, 2019

Azure Lime by Tom Ford

English Leather Lime replica to my nose. Just like my dad splashed on his face and chest following his morning wet shave. Nostalgic for me, not something I actually wear.
01st November, 2016

Back to Black by By Kilian

Normally I cannot stand "honey" notes. Normally "cherry-fruit" smells annoy me. Screechy musks make me run. Something really gets me with B2B, however, and I now consider it a "guilty pleasure" that I really enjoy wearing.

Most reviews of B2B are spot on and I won't repeat what's been said. What makes this fragrance come together for me are the (get ready for another seemingly guilty pleasure!) musks that sit underneath it all. I get clean white musks and brown musks, a touch screechy, not irritating, and not animalic. It's the musks plus the touch of citrus that keep the whole thing from becoming a cloying dessert bomb.

I just works really well with my skin and I will be finding completely inappropriate times and places to wear it!
26th February, 2016
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Soavissima by Profumum

In many ways I like this. What I love most about it is the angelica vibe I pick up along the lines of one of my favorite vintage Creeds (Angelique Encens). I also love its unabashed power. It is what it is, and it is proud.

There is a bit of powder and a weird touch of "glue" smell that I pick up for the first hour. The glue actually feels as if it is there to keep the parts together, it does its job and then fades away. It's not bad, certainly not as bad as what my sentence probably conveys.

What I think it needs is a touch of spice (maybe some fizzy spice?) and a bit less vanilla. It is slightly syrupy, making it a fence-sitter between identifying as a gourmand and an earthy-soap composition dashed with powdered sugar.

What I like most about this fragrance is its ability to be an explosive skin scent with only small to moderate projection. It does not announce you and certainly needs to be discovered (within 12 inches I would guess), but when you meet it, the cloud makes a convincing statement.

14th September, 2015