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Vintage by John Varvatos

I was looking for a good scent for my Dad last week. Stumbled on Varvatos at Nordstrom last year and liked Vintage, Artisan and Aqua was a Wow. When I started shopping around last week for a scent for my Dad, I tried Vintage again and wore it for a day. For me at least, I associate smells with people and for some reason, the leather and tobacco mixed with a clean cut juniper struck me as a good pick for him. ( 66 years old, 6'4, Veteran Seal, big burley biker dude meets white collar businessman type....) Not too robust, not weak...Found this fragrance to be a good scent for him ( we all have oily skin too so maybe that might play a role). I might snag a bottle of Artisan Aqua for myself. Great price for the quality and great longevity and silage change through the course of the day is nice. I am happy with my choice on this fragrance!!
19th June, 2015

Tawaf by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

So first notes heavy Middle Eastern spice and smell with a LOT of Jasmine... Not a big fan of Jasmine. As sillage softened I smelled more rose. I see reviews about the longetivity not being strong, smelled it all day into next norning. Same with anything new, give an hour or two so mellow out and then it was fabulous!!1
26th November, 2014

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Orchid and wood for sure. I bought mine at a discount fragrance store in Singapore in 07. For the first year, it was great. Very musky, sensual, I even picked up on vanilla and wood. Then I don't know if I stored it wrong or what, it changed dramatically, became almost smokey and dry... that is when my best friend actually started pinching sprays off it, I tried it a couple times after the sillage change and ended up throwing it her way. I couldn't stand it anymore and she loved it.

Not sure I would buy again even through a reputable dealer. It was smoker friendly which I gravitate towards but after that shift it was a nightmare to wear.
19th November, 2014
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Fantasy by Britney Spears

Think bubblegum, cotton candy, pez, cupcakes and fruit wrapped up in a bottle. Great scent for a very young person. I pulled it off at 19 but I'd recommend it to someone much, much younger. Is is very fun and flirty. Careful with how much you put on because it is very easy to overkill with this one.
19th November, 2014

L'Eau d'Issey by Issey Miyake

I love this smell. Only thing holding me back from getting some for myself is my sister always wears it. Kind of her signature scent so it's off limits??

Other than that it's a very unique and classy smell. I'm reading melon and florals but I got the musk, maybe some lily and a lot of wood out of it. It is another one you have to worry about spraying too much of on, I'd say 2 and you are set for the night.

Also for those concerned.... smoker friendly, especially cigars ( not a woman thing to do but I love the smell of the two together).
19th November, 2014

Beyond Paradise by Estée Lauder

For me Paradise was yet another age thing. I had a fling with it around the ages of 17-19. It's very powerful and spring like floral that hit you at first and I remember it smelling very alcoholic. I would wear this when I drank vodka, come home and blame it on the perfume. Ha!

About 3 years ago, I was stuck on a Christmas scent to get because I always get a makeup kit and a perfume from my Mom, so I tried to go back to it, sprayed it on Christmas morning and I did not remember it smelling the same because my nose changed so much. I ended up trading that present for one of my sister's.

It is a very nice and light scent ( not longevity wise) but it's more easy going because of the floral scents. Guys like it a lot. It is very easy to spray too much though and then is a little loud. Overall not bad, my nose just prefers different things now.
19th November, 2014

Happy by Clinique

This was the first scent I wore on a regular basis in high school. While everyone else was still into the Bath and Body works sprays, I was wearing this. It was very age appropriate actually might have actually been a little old for me at 15-16 but I liked it when I wore it. Just grew out of it I guess. Wet on to Hanae Mori actually and still wear that from time to time.

What to expect, well from what I remember Happy is a very clean smell, very fresh but also heavy citrus. Some say floral but I got that more with the Paradise.
19th November, 2014

New York Fling by Bond No. 9

I'm pretty sure this is the one my ex bought me that I tried a couple times... he thought it would be like a fresh scent to wear to work and it was in that sense very less intrusive than what I normally wear. However, I just felt like I got out of a bath of Absolute Citron. Didn't really get my kicks but I'll be sure to try the other scents and maybe I'll find one I like.
19th November, 2014