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Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

Overall commentary- One of my favorite 80's powerhouse frags. I wore this in college freshman year. Still love it today and is one of the few colognes I have that is guaranteed to bring out the beast in me. I can't wear this without smacking my woman on the butt and asking her if she knows what cologne I am wearing. Of course she knows the answer because I am not always so obnoxious or forward. Staple in my collection. Not for the self conscious. Top notes are rough but gets to the good stage quickly to make it worth it.

Application- Great for evenings out or on the weekend during colder weather. This doesn't work as an office scent for me personally and I wouldn't want to be in beast mode at the office anyway. One spray to the upper chest (fully flexed of course), one spray to the wrist and then divided between the two wrists. Good to go for 5 hours or more. Used to be stronger but still strong stuff. Over application will make you ill and those around you. Spray responsively.

28th November, 2014