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Satyricon by O'Driù

This is far more powerful than the Eva Kant I am sampling on my left arm today. The silage is quite incredible!

Lots of citrus, but there is something else...I'm not sure, but it makes me like it, because citrus is typically not my thing for smell. When I breathe really deep, I smell some resins. Perhaps some pine?

This leans masculine. I wouldn't mind smelling this on my husband.
27th September, 2015

Eva Kant by O'Driù

This is my second wearing of this beautiful concoction. This is also my first experience with this artist's work, and I am sad he is no longer with us - he's not dead yet! But, you all know what I mean.

So, I was gifted multiple samples from a lovely basenoter, Purecaramel, and his love for art has invigorated my love for art once more (sometimes I allow the mundane to overwhelm). The day the samples arrived from Italy was like Christmas morning! The Clown wraps his art so well, and I appreciated it and smiled a lot!

Eva Kant opens with fresh meadows. Peaceful in springtime. Then it moves into fall, where there is warmth, and wooded walks. I can still smell the meadow nearby every now and then, but the spice of the darker season is more prevalent. This scent is such a juxtaposition for me regarding the packaging and the juice; how can something smell so relaxing with a bottle that prepares me for futuristic death?

There is something "days past" that this juice has going on...not vintage...but a reminder of such. It has a classic feel. I really like it.
27th September, 2015

Kiste by Slumberhouse

This is utterly gorgeous. Sweet Southern Charm. And I should know, being the Southern woman, lady, bitch, what-have-you...that I am.

It starts with a porch and a swing. Of course the porch ceiling is painted blue...all are on any home with an owner of good sense in the South. There is sweet tea for all who sit on the porch with me, and mint to cool ya down. It is damn hot. But, there is a breeze, and on it carries the delightful scent of someone smoking some handsome leaf in their pipe. Grandpa is partaking of something much stronger than sweet tea, and telling the same story more times than we wish he would, but it's alright, because Grandma has just finished her peach cobbler and it smells DIVINE!

In the South, things move slow, and they sorta pile up...and this scent is exactly like that, on a hot summer day. Nobody is moving fast, but they all seem to land around the same place: the front porch. This fragrance takes a very long time to move, and that is one of the many things I enjoy about it. It's like much of my beloved home - slow and stubborn.

Get yourself a bottle of this, and lean back on a porch swing with a cold glass a sweet iced tea, and enjoy life.
22nd September, 2015
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Tawaf by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

I had imagined being enveloped in thousands of jasmine petals. I thought I would be choking on the rich scent of rose interacting with jasmine and melting into myrrh.

I feel left out of the joyous experience that so many have participated. Why can I not smell this? I purchased my sample thru TPC, and I don't have any reason to think they sent me the wrong thing, but I thought this was an attar, and it seems much more liquid than I perhaps this is wrong??

I am truly sad. I went into this test with the highest of expectations. I don't understand.
20th September, 2015

Royal Mayfair by Creed

This is a really nice scent. Clean, refreshing, and definitely not like too many others I have smelled.

The opening is a mixture of subdued eucalyptus and mint. It is calming, not startling, as eucalyptus can sometimes become if not toned down well. There is something somewhat sweet in the opening, and looking at the notes listed, I'm thinking it may be the gin; oddly enough, I do not smell any evidence of pine. Having grown up in NC, I know that scent extremely well, and I'm not finding it.

The roses...very nice! Definitely not overly floral - but more green, and possibly wet. It has a distinctive feel for the rose in POAL as well as No.19.

The citrus is mild (at least for me) and I'm glad for it, as I really appreciate the other notes.

Overall, though this is marketed primarily towards men, as a woman I would definitely wear this. It would make a very pleasant spring and summer scent.
19th September, 2015 (last edited: 20th September, 2015)

Crimes of Passion: Maxed Out by 4160 Tuesdays

This is my second wearing of the sample I was given, and I'm not as "excited" about it as I was the first time. I don't know what has changed...and I'm trying hard to figure it out.

I think the first application was after a VERY bad experience with another scent, so really everything was going to be great after that nasty stench! But truthfully, I think I was possibly having an olfactory hallucination; the deep honeyed appearance must have struck a memory, and voila! I believed I smelled beeswax where there was none...because right now, I find there IS none. Nada. ZILCH. And I'm sad.

I don't know that it was even supposed to be in here in the first place...which makes this review even more strange...did I take candy from a stranger? Hmmm...

Anyhow, there is nothing wrong with the's not the juice, it's's nice...some tobacco, and not intense heavy stuff like Slumberhouse (which I adore, BTW). I suppose if you like the idea of Slumberhouse, but can't handle the full-throttle heaviness of the scents, this could be a good remedy - it has some nice resinous tones, but it's more of a suggestion, and not the "real deal".

I see in the pyramid something about cannabis...owning HOM Blackbird and being a person who has smelled the stuff...anyway...this doesn't have any hint of cannabis. Just so you know.

I have vacillated between a "thumbs up" just to be nice, and a "neutral" because its how I actually feel overall...I just needed you to know that.
16th September, 2015

Santal 33 by Le Labo

This is pretty. I don't know if I would call it a "sandalwood" fragrance, but it is a really nice fragrance and I like it. A lot!

Ok, so yes, I can smell something that smells like sandalwood, but it is not the sandalwood I recall from the oils I used to buy years ago labeled "Mysore Sandalwood" back in the 80's and early 90's that I'm kicking myself for thinking they'd always be around...but I digress...

But this is really's comforting, and peaceful. There is something soothing about it, and my brain says: "buy it". My wallet says: "umm...can we hold off a bit?"

I would not purchase this as a blind buy - like all Le Labos (at least the ones I've got my nose on thus far), it's an interpretation of the scent/note. Enjoy the art without the expectation of a black and white understanding of the thing.
13th September, 2015

Zahd by Slumberhouse

I am so grateful I did not get a "grape bubblegum" scent from my sample of this fume! I had actually held off sampling it, simply based on the reviews, worried that I may find it too sweet, and therefore unbearable. Thankfully, this was not my experience.

While I am not certain that I will be tracking this discontinued scent down for my collection, it is one that I enjoyed, even if only to realize that though I may admire and enjoy many reviewers, and respect their findings, it is always worth my time to try these scents for myself.

I find that Slumberhouse is quite an intense house, with offerings that don't attempt to please the masses. This is both spectacular as well as difficult. Wearability is always part of my consideration when investing my hard-earned cash, so while I may appreciate and even enjoy many (if not most) of Josh's creations, there seem to be only a few that I can wear myself.

The more I sniffed the tiny drops left in my sample, the more I grew to really enjoy this scent...and like most of Josh's collection, I found I desired it in my collection. I began to put out feelers and a wonderful basenoter came to my rescue!

This house has an intimacy that insists upon being worn for the joy of scent, rather than the fit of wearability. I'm finding that the former is taking precedence rapidly in my ever-expanding collection. Not that I don't want others to also appreciate what I wear, but I'm no longer interested in pleasing anyone but myself and perhaps my husband. Of course, I find several of Josh's creations highly wearable, especially in fall or winter. They also pair well with rain.
09th September, 2015 (last edited: 26th October, 2015)

Straight to Heaven by By Kilian

Just gorgeous!

I have sampled several of the by Kilian offerings, thanks to several awesome trades both here and elsewhere, and found myself going back to this one over and over.

Here's "the thing" - I cannot for the life of me pick out the specific notes. It is one of my few complaints, yet it is conversely the mystery of the scent that intrigues me. Weird, right?

I wore it yesterday - received it from FedEx right from by Killian, wrapped so beautifully (it was an absolute joygasm just unwrapping it!), took it out and spritzed it on immediately. I could NOT stop sniffing my wrists throughout my sessions last night, and my clients all commented that "something smells really good in here". I can only assume they meant me, as I had no candles in my office.

I have no idea what to say regarding the notes, since as I reported I cannot distinguish them - normally this annoys me, but for some reason it works here. I also found that the longevity was a surprise, based upon some of the reviews - I still smelled it faintly on myself this morning.
09th September, 2015

A City On Fire by Imaginary Authors

This is a very interesting scent!

I love the smoke and if you are looking for a "campfire", this is truly it! While it doesn't have the longevity for me, I am excited to experiment with this as a layered scent this fall and winter!

Having tried most of the line at this point, I can say this is not comparable to my nose of any of Josh's current offerings; it truly stands on its own and I am thrilled! It has some connections to Slumberhouse's Norne and to House of Matriarch's Blackbird, but it really is its own scent - and I will more than likely purchase a full bottle.

Oh, just to add, I'm a even though this is marked "masculine", I think it can go either way - I will be sharing this with my husband, though. Sharing is caring.
08th September, 2015

Bull's Blood by Imaginary Authors

What in the name of hell did I just put on my arm?!

I am in the first five minutes and I'm not sure I can finish this review. This is just weird in the bad way. I feel as though I'm in some horrible macabre film noir that is NOT cool and NOT sexy and NOT ok in any way but is giving me horrifying feelings of pain and foreboding. Seriously WHAT THE HELL???

I need to know what is in this because it frightens me and I need to avoid it. I'm serious.

This is the scent of fear. I am horrified. I don't know why either, and that may be the worst part. Thanks, Josh.

SWEET BABY JESUS! I just took a shower, scrubbed myself with a bar of frankincense soap, used a loofa, of course shampooed and conditioned, shaved, and this hot mess of a nauseous composition is STILL ON ME!

I'm going to need a Xanex.

It's been several hours. I wonder if the researcher who is focusing on PTSD and scent is aware of this particular 'fume. Perhaps I ought to speak with her about it. May be helpful...
07th September, 2015 (last edited: 08th September, 2015)

Mate, Heliotrope & Patchouli by Dame Perfumery

This is a really lovely scent. I never would have guessed these three would go together so well!

Although this particular scent did not last very long on my skin, it is great to spray on clothing - I tried both, and found it to be the ideal type of scent for a scarf or cardigan. My skin is hard on lighter scents, as it tends to eat them, no matter how much I should slather myself in all manner of creams and oils.

This is my first Dame full bottle purchase and it was a complete blind buy, based solely on the notes and suggestions of others and Mr. Jeffrey Dame himself. I plan to purchase a few other bottles in the near future.

If you enjoy Patchouli, and you appreciate Heliotrope, this is definitely one to test out.
05th September, 2015

Triton by Blackbird

This is quite pretty. And I mean that. It feels pretty. It's well constructed, and it is unassuming. Those of us that enjoy the more earthy scents I think will appreciate this one and enjoy wearing it.

Though it is dry, I think it may be worn in the fall, though spring would be its ideal partner. I'm not sure how it would do in summer, and I doubt it would be wearable in winter - at least not on my skin.

The violet leaf is very prominent to my nose, with vetiver in the deep background. Incense may very well be present, but I think it must be mild because it is not overwhelming. The carrot seed can be detected, but it is nothing like found in ISM (thank GOD!), and the mimosa is entangled nicely with the violet leaf.

Though this is not the next hottest thing on the market, it is quite lovely, and for those who enjoy peaceful fragrances, with earthy feels, this will get lots of wear!
04th September, 2015
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Zola Jesus Taiga X Blackbird by Blackbird

Alrighty, then.

Let me begin by saying, on first sniff, I thought this was a possible purchase; it had that House of Matriarch Blackbird feel to it.

But, then I sprayed it on, and all my hopes and dreams dissolved into a puddle of, well, I'm not sure what.

Here's the weird part - if you smell it in just the right way, it is absolutely gorgeous! I mean, I could buy a full bottle! But then, if you smell it the wrong way, it turns on you like that wild lynx you once brought home thinking you were cool and could tame it.

I don't know what happened in the laboratory with this scent - it's confusing. It has all the right stuff, but there is a structural problem that needs to be worked out before I can enjoy wearing it.

It's of course quite possible that when I had the initial impression of HOM's Blackbird, my expectations were raised to an unreasonable height, which left this poor thing flailing, but on it's own, and on my skin, it just doesn't make me run to my savings account and wonder "should I?".

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I never brought home a lynx. It was just a feral cat whose tail had been mangled by some wild animal and had to be amputated. She was pretty interesting, though. First day of my new school in 6th grade, she left me a gift - a bunny she had beheaded. Sweet.
04th September, 2015

Love by By Kilian

If I had read the reviews before trying it, I may have been persuaded to concede that the initial impression was "damnit, now I need a shower!...and a metformin!"

However, that not having been the case, I allowed the notes to unfold, and found my skin accepted this as a beautiful neroli (what TF's only wish it could achieve!) and jasmine flower bomb (no reference to that hot mess). I suppose I should count myself lucky as some reviewers found this to be a toothache in the making, and having suffered through many of those scents, I can surely empathize...just not with this one, this time.

It is truly rare for a neroli to "stick" to me like this one is it a trick of synthetics? Will I suffer a migraine later? Who knows...only time will tell...I'll keep testing this one, and update this review as I make more observations.

9:21 am the next morning: HOLY COW! This thing does now wear off or wear down! I'm not sure I can handle it! Also, this morning, it smells like marshmallow fluff!!! What in the name of Sam is happening?? Why did it smell like neroli and jasmine last night and now I feel as though I'm in a fun-house? This is wrong. I will not be able to handle this. Maybe I could cut it with some lemon pledge?
27th August, 2015

Patchouli Impérial by Christian Dior

This opens very spicy - it's a good spicy! Heavy, and could be a bit surprising if you were not prepared, though.

The spicy subsides and flows easily into a beautiful patchouli. It is truly BEAUTIFUL! Ladies, do not be afraid of this! It is creamy, elegant, and really nice!

There is some wood...yes...wood...not sure that I would say I smell sandalwood, but what do I know? The patchouli may be mixing with it in such a way that I'm not able to identify it as sandalwood, but there is some sort of wood in here...

I like this. I really do. If anyone offers a split, I'll probably participate. I won't purchase an entire bottle, though. Not because I don't really enjoy it, but because I cannot imagine wearing it enough to justify 4.2 oz!

OK!! This just keeps getting better! Labdanum?!! Is that AMBER!!??? Good grief! I think I love this! Definitely unisex!

I believe this may actually be FBW...just gets better and better. Wow.
26th August, 2015 (last edited: 19th September, 2015)

RODIN bis by Rodin Olio Lusso

So, I received this in a sample trade, and decided to give it a spin without reading up on it. I thought it would be interesting to just sample it completely blind, unknowing of the notes or the expense.

The initial application is powerful - I get a blast of many notes, but all are surrounded by heavy powder. I don't get Iris specifically, but I can assume it is meant to be there (right?). There are a lot of sneezes after application. Mine and the dog's. I'm not so sure about this.

This is a busy day, so this review will be mainly written after the wearing, nit in real-time...which may be a good thing.

So, I've had the day, and it's still on me, so longevity is good. I could smell myself, so sillage is good (this was a bit of concern for me, as I felt a bit self-conscious, thinking if I can smell myself, others can certainly smell me!).

I really cannot pick out the notes in this. It feels "crowded". I'm not sure exactly what I'm smelling, but it is VERY powdery, and I am not smelling orris butter. I don't smell violets and I don't smell any clear-cut typical notes at all. Either I'm having a really off day, or this fume is just not well-structured. I suppose I could also be too green a nose to understand what I am smelling.

While it doesn't smell good, it doesn't smell bad. Giving it a neutral.
26th August, 2015

Memoirs of a Trespasser by Imaginary Authors

Upon initial application, I was unsure as to how this might unfold - would I want to lick my hand to experience what was sure to taste like cotton candy, or did I want to wash my hand to get the scent of overly-sweet cloying candy off my hand?

Well, it turns out, neither! Thankfully, that initial burst passed me over, and I'm ok now.

This is not a "mature" amber - it isn't elegant, nor is it trying to be. It's kinda unassuming. It's college-kid, kickin' it old-skool amber/resin/woody/vanilla. It's affordable, it's pleasant, and it's unpretentious. It's also better than a lot of other fumes that claim to be in the resin/woody/vanilla category.

Is it sweet? Well, yea! It's supposed to be! I get more of a dusty/dry/old sweet scent rather than cloying in the drydown, though. If my entire experience were based upon that initial application, I'd have never finished the review, as I'd have either eaten my hand (sound familiar?) or been blue-brushing my hand.

Not sure if I'll commit to a full bottle myself, as I have a lot of ambers, and am still collecting more, however, if I were in the market for a signature scent, and I only had $85 to spend, I might give this serious contemplation. It's really a good perfume!

I'm sure I'm ready to commit...this is some seriously good stuff, and I think if I buy it, I won't be so haunted by that sample - it seems to be calling to me...better get that order in before others start hearing it too...that could get weird.
24th August, 2015 (last edited: 29th August, 2015)

Mosaic by Imaginary Authors

For a scent that is said in many reviews to be highly citrus, I find this to be completely pleasant - and that's saying something! I generally do not enjoy citrus in my perfume, at least not in the foreground. I found the citrus in this to be well-constructed, and I neither wanted to lick, bite nor cut off any appendages.

The best way to describe this scent is a dip in the pool, and then lazing about near, but not on the beach. This is more like a resort...a place you enjoy the view without getting sand in your pants. It's clean, and the colors are white and varying shades of blues and greens. There is, of course, a cabana boy. He brings drinks.

Later, you'll enjoy a deep tissue massage because relaxing requires a full commitment. The scent is reminiscent of Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino, but it isn't a copy...more of a reflection.

I believe I'll be purchasing a bottle of this lovely sometime soon.
24th August, 2015

Falling Into the Sea by Imaginary Authors

I'm doing a completely fun and stupid thing that has everything to do with my OCD and ADD; I'm reviewing TWO fragrances (one on each hand) simultaneously. Don't ask why. This is me.

Anyhow, I want to eat my left hand. Why? Because that is where the fragrance I am reviewing right this second is located. It smells like Lychee fruit - fresh, on the branch you buy at the Korean grocery store across the city and it is worth the traffic and all the nonsense to get there. GOOD LORD! I want to eat my hand.

As a general rule, I do not like fruit on me...I like it in my mouth. I don't like to smell like fruit...lets see where this little lovely will take me....

30 minutes...I think I smell some Neroli...very light. Lychee fruit is still powerful - it honestly triggers my salivary glands! Pretty spot on!

Still get tiny whiffs of a floral, but nothing really powerful. This is only the second IA frag I've tested. I loved An Air of Despair. This one seems more one-dimensional. Linear, but not bad. I still want to eat my hand.

After my horrible Pledge-like battle with Luxe today, I'm hyper-sensitive to lemon, and while it's in here, it is nothing like the hot mess I encountered earlier.

I think I'll buy some lychee tomorrow.

So, it's been about 2, maybe 2.5 hours, and I now smell the florals more prominently. They're nice, and I no longer wish to eat my hand.

I think this would make a nice mid-summer decant. I shall think on it.
23rd August, 2015

Patchouli 24 by Le Labo

I’m reviewing two scents tonight at the same time. If you are reading the other review, you know the other scent is about as opposite as I could find from this (It’s Falling into the Sea by Imaginary Authors). This scent, however, is on my right hand and by golly this is SEXY. If my husband doesn’t like it on me, I’m buying it for him to wear so I can like it on HIM!

The initial application was a blast of Incense, and I was thinking I may have caught some cinnamon, but not in the brisk “let me garnish that rice pudding” but in the “DAMNIT I just spilled a tablespoon of cinnamon in my oatmeal and now my mouth hurts” sorta way…nobody? Just me? Ok…

I’m briefly reminded of one of my favorite compositions, Blackbird, by HOM. The smell of a campfire is somewhere in here…with some s’mores roasting because there is a hint of chocolate.

I almost catch a whiff of labdanum. Something resinous. It’s good…really good. Not overly sweet, not cloying. Dry and waiting for you to want more.

I don’t smell patchouli in either the headshop nor the essential oil purchased from Eden Botanicals. I don’t know if I’ve missed it, or if I’m not a well-enough trained nose, but no matter, this is going in the FBW category!
23rd August, 2015

Signature Collection : Lux by Mona di Orio

Reviewing as I wear:
Initial burst of lemon pledge - really, I was not expecting this. I'm surprised and, really put-off. I'm learning to appreciate citrus as a supporting role in fragrance, but this is sorta gross. It sticks to the back of your throat, like you've sucked all the sugar off an old lemon drop you found at the bottom of a forgotten candy jar in Aunt Edith's parlor.

I'm 15 minutes in now. Waiting for anything...I mean ANYTHING to happen.

20 minutes: I think I smell something else! Is that AMBER??? Oh dear please say it The lemon is demanding my attention. Its like a cat while its owner is on the phone. DAMNIT!

30 minutes: ARE there any other notes? Did I get a bad sample? This is an official house what is going on here?

(Husband just yelled up from downstairs to ask what I was doing - thought I was dusting and was confused...apparently this has incredible silage...I only had a tiny sample, and only used one spray on the back of my left hand!!!)

45 minutes...I might as well be running a lemonade stand. There is nothing else in here. The back of my hand is very shiny, and feels sorta weird. Not so sure about this fume in any way, shape or form.

1 hr. ok...I *think* I may be smelling some sandalwood...very faint, and in the deep recesses of the lemon. I want it to be much closer and LESS LEMON!

Does Lux mean Lemon in another language?

1.5 hours. FINALLY less lemon...but seems like less of everything...whatever else "everything" was supposed to be.

So, I think I caught whiffs of both amber and sandalwood, but they were overpowered by the lemon, and did not last.

If you really like lemons, and have always yearned to smell exactly like the rag you sprayed with lemon pledge, this might work for you.

BTW, I own straight labdanum, and if there is any in this frag, I am completely blindsided. Perhaps the lemon ate it?, it's been a few hours and I FOUND THE LABDANUM!!!! Why in the world did I have to go through that nasty Pledge hell to get to such a lovely dry down several hours after application??? Is this a test of my fortitude? Did I do the equivalent of a fire walk??? Help me understand! I truly do not understand the construction here. I am at a loss. No, I will not buy this, even though NOW it smells pretty nice. This mental nonsense is just too much work for something that is supposed to be enjoyable...and I never liked dusting anyhow.
22nd August, 2015

Sådanne by Slumberhouse

Ok, I will be the first to give this a neutral rating.

I have to. I cannot call this "wearable". It just made me nauseous. HOWEVER, because it accomplishes what it sets out to accomplish, I cannot give a negative review.

In the interest of some self disclosure, I should state that I rarely, if ever, enjoy fruity scents. If a scent features fruit, I generally avoid it. I would not likely have sought this out to sample, had it not been sent with a recent Slumberhouse order.

My experience was thus:

WHOA! That is some seriously powerful fruit compote soaked in sherry!

Ummm...does this ever get skanky? Some reviewers said this got skanky...I'm waiting for the skank., it's more like fresh strawberry jam. That my son likes...on sandwiches.

Wait - where'd it go?? First Slumberhouse that has EVER faded without assistance of a good scrub-down in the shower! Weird!


Sadanne, you crazy bitch! Why didn't you tell me not to wear you in summer? Couldn't you have hinted somewhere (label) that you were best worn in cooler temps? Your temper and mine clashed in the heat and I wanted to slap you back to the bakery you slid out of; now, I want to kiss your neck, slowly and gently, with a bit of tongue. WHO ARE YOU???!! And even after several hours, I still catch a glimpse of you. No, you aren't like your older brothers. You are more innocent. But still, there is something developing...quietly...and it could be really sensual.

Of course, the next wearing could have me cursing you once more. We shall see...
16th August, 2015 (last edited: 10th July, 2017)

Frangipanni by Lili Bermuda

I went to one of my favorite second-hand stores today, thinking they may have one or two perfumes, and I came away with 10 bottles of amazing scents; this one being the most surprising beauty amongst them!

I cannot say that I was familiar with this house, so it was truly the $7 price tag, and the fact that it was a full bottle that sold me. I mean, why not? It was missing the cap, but that I could forgive.

It was the last of the 10 that I chose to look up; the price tag alone was enough to catch my attention! But the notes were amazing! Keep in mind, I still had not sampled it. I had sprayed my beloved Ostara earlier this morning, and I was not about to allow the dry-down to be covered up by any scent - regardless of how expensive it might be!

I waited until I was sure the last evidence of Ostara had faded, and took this new frag for a spin...oh, baby! I am so glad I chose this scent! This is like being on the beach at night, with a warm breeze caressing the flowers and the salt air. I cannot fathom my wardrobe without this lovely bottle! This is sensual and calming. The waves are gently rolling in, and buoy bells are chiming in the distance. This is peaceful.

This is a dialed-down Carnal Flower - the younger, more demure sister, if you will. I do get some sandalwood, but like the other reviewer said, it is not heavy. Very elegant. I am reviewing the newer bottle. EDP, I believe.
14th August, 2015

Ore by Slumberhouse

So, I am going to review this as I am experiencing it. Maybe that's weird, maybe not. I feel it fits with the house. I'm going with it.

The initial application was to the back of my left hand. Why? Because I still may have a bit of scent remaining from an earlier decanting mishap on my hands and I don't want to be confused.

First thing I noticed was how brown and resinous this stuff is! Pretty intense! And impressive! It slid around, and in order to not bruise the scent, I let my hand move around so it flowed in several directions. My hand began to feel a bit sticky as it began to dry. Again, this is kinda cool. I'm thinking this is going to consume me.

My initial impression of the scent itself is a vision of an old warehouse, with a low ceiling, with huge timbers on the ceiling and a dirt floor. This is a place I've been, with my grandfather, many years ago in a small town in North Carolina. The scent is warm tar mixed with dried tobacco leaves (goldleaf or brightleaf). There is something reminiscent of a soda counter - like the vanilla cokes we would have made for us after ballet class in downtown Durham when I was growing up. Nothing like straight vanilla, but the essence.

I'm about 20 minutes into my experience, and I now smell a warmth, like late fall/early winter. Like visiting friends, maybe a fire outside and warm mugs of adult beverages in hand. We are surrounded by evergreens and the occasional owl.

Now it's about 45 minutes in, and I'm thinking about a dark burgundy velvet quilt I once saw in a catalogue and thought it would be really luxurious to have as winter bedding. I feel as though Ore is like that velvet quit.

It's now been 2.5 hours since initial application and this has settled into a very nice scent that will be worn many times this winter by both myself and my husband...and probably purchased again.

It's officially fall, and I am listening to the rain...and I decided Ore was the feel I was going for. Applied and enjoying the cozy warmth of my bed and scent. Delightful...and I look forward to snuggling later...
12th August, 2015 (last edited: 09th October, 2015)

Rose 31 by Le Labo

This is my first introduction to Le Labo, and I am pleased, thus far!
I am reviewing the Rose 31 Oil.

If I had known this was out there, I might have stopped scrambling to find that perfectly fall, but wearable all-season rose. You see, there is something decidedly perfect in this that says "I'm more than a pretty flower". This is why the Tudors and Yorks chose this flower as their symbol - it has a power beyond just a pretty flower. There are thorns, and they can be sharp. There is a dark side to the rose, and a bloody history surrounding it. And it is a demanding plant. God knows, those who cultivate them are crazy! Wonderful people, though, but they must treat these plants as though they were sentient beings if they will them to survive and bloom!

Rose 31 as an oil lays close to one's skin and lasts nearly 16 hours on my skin. A delight to layer, or wear alone. It deserves a place in everyone who says they love rose's wardrobe. Truly.
10th August, 2015

Calling All Angels by April Aromatics

I just received this in the mail, and although I've been sweating like a whore in church today, I decided to test it.

It is decidedly a fall/winter scent, as it is rich, luxurious, and enveloping. I feel as though I should be wearing a favorite cashmere sweater, sitting by a fire, with a hot Toddy in hand or mulled wine.

The Labdanum is powerful and delicious - and I know the scent well, as I have a 1/2 oz of the stuff (all brown and sticky) from Eden Botanicals and it is yummy! The frankincense is prettier than I had expected...lighter. The richness of the honey, amber, and opopanax is spiced with the incense in such a way that they never overwhelm. They simply dance with each other, and each comes forth to the front from time to time without causing much of a scene.

While I'm not quite sure which "precious woods" the accord imbibes, I feel as though I should now don a winter coat and scarf, and travel with my beloved on a moonlit walk through piney woods.

This bottle was purchased blindly, and I am so very happy I took the chance. Fall cannot arrive soon enough!
31st July, 2015

Fleur de Portofino by Tom Ford

As I am writing this review, I am also testing this juice for the first time: Yes, this was a complete blind buy based solely on the notes, and my enjoyment of this collection.

Here are my impressions thus far:
I initially feel taken back to a distinct memory of many summer nights spent with friends (and the occasional arm candy) at Durham, NC's Duke Gardens. I grew up about 15 minutes from this amazing botanical delight, and while not a Duke fan, I greatly appreciate the beauty and splendor of such a space.

While the note nor accord is mentioned, my initial response was "this smells sorta like Wisteria on a hot summer's night with a slight breeze". This is a rare accomplishment, and no matter if anyone else smells it, I do, and I am grateful!

The citrus seems to play a fleetingly sheer role in the structure, but somehow find its way to wind around the senses. It's nice, and pleasing.

Now, a word on the! This is quite remarkable! I rarely smell a honey accord that reaches this level of true honey perfection! And what I LOVE, is it is not screaming SUGAR! I sense the raw, thick, but not overly sweet composition of honey still on the comb. The honey is like a fine organza laying over a beautiful silk - it plays across in a shimmery and watery way.

Right now, it has been 2 hours since application. It is a light scent, and fits within this series seamlessly. I expect this to behave as a skin-scent on myself and perhaps others.

Light and peaceful are two words that spring to mind easily. I do like this quite a bit.

Adding the thoughts on longevity: WOW! It's 12+ hours later, and while it is most definitely a skin-scent, it remains!
29th July, 2015

Cedre Atlas by Atelier Cologne

I gave this 3 stars. I cannot bemoan a fragrance for doing what it says, so anything less than 3 stars seems unkind.

This is not a cedar that will bring any surprises to your nose; it is fairly boring and a non-candidate for purchase, at least for me.

Silage is decent for an office scent, but I highly doubt many will enjoy the cedar, at least not in this structure.

I keep trying to like this house, but thus far, my experiences have been lacking in joy.
28th July, 2015

Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

As an avid equestrienne, I had VERY high hopes for this fragrance. I imagined it would transport me to the tack rooms of my youth and more recent years. Instead, it left a retched stench on my hand that made me wish I could take a second shower.

Usually, I can deal with a scent I dislike, but this one turns my stomach. I am neurotic about high quality leather. The saddles I have purchased over the years could have been a VERY nice down payment on a very nice home. I have owned Italian leather boots, custom made for my foot and legs. I have owned Italian saddles. I have owned French saddles. What I am trying to impress upon the reader is this: I know leather and I know it WELL. This scent is NOT leather. I do not know what it is, but it is not properly tanned, high-quality, desirable leather.

This, it will not make the shelf.
24th July, 2015