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Clubman by Pinaud

Pinaud Clubman aftershave isn't one I grew up smelling in the barbershop of the rural town I grew up.Skin Bracer Original by Mennen was what I smelled.My grandfather wore it also and I grew up on it.I wanted to try the regular Clubman aftershave because people are always praising this.In truth I tried this anywhere between 10-12 years ago but I saw it buying my usual aftershave and remembered... I owe this stuff a review.

The smell starts out with barbershop talc which is fine.But a little floral note keeps throwing the talc off course.A dominating duo of anise and citrus washes over the talc leaving a lightly detectable as a finish.The problem is the citrus and anise combo results in a very dry,semi-dark,and constant air of warmth.Aside from not liking the fragrance itself it's not crisp or refreshing in any aspect.

I'll stick to my Skin Bracer Original.No clue why people praise Clubman by Pinaud so highly...crass stuff.
28th June, 2018

Dunhill for Men by Dunhill

A very interesting by Dunhill...reformulated or not...still wonderfully dated yet sophisticated smelling.This is a very good alternative for those who miss the old yellow fluid/original Monsieur Rochas that was more recognized because of it's wider distribution to store chains in the USA.But clearly Monsieur Rochas was very influenced by this stuff.

Very rich base of lemon teased with a touch of spice.Carnation,musk,soft leather,and a little sandalwood.All of those 4 notes given a lightly dusty finish with some Pinaud/old school style barbershop talc powder...not a baby powder note.Despite the hint of barbershop I would say this is a little warm and more of a fall,winter,and night fragrance where a little breeze.It's the somewhat dry and spiced lemon that cranks out some heat in this.
23rd June, 2018

Curve Connect for Men by Liz Claiborne

I'm going to say this on Curve Connect for Men...

A very simplistic fragrance for under $20.But as a tea based fragrance?...I think Connect for Men blows away Bvlgari Pour Homme.In strength,longevity,and the imagination put into it.I get tea infused with a kind of cherry/grenadine sweetness.It's moderately sweet...I wouldn't call it cloying or syrupy thick.I don't really catch anything floral in this,more like a lightly green leaf note.I get do sandalwood and it's moderate,just enough to throw a slight rustic appeal with the tea.Both the tea and the tobacco flower give a mild freshness to this fragrance.No (laughing) there isn't cinnamon in this (I think someone on Fragrantica stated this).And there isn't a single sporty shape or tinge of soap to this.

For an Eau De Cologne this holds on really well.It went from noticeable to drifting up from the shirt collar/low projection within 2-3 hours.But it holds on that low projection for at least 8-9 more hours.There is a neat optical illusion this fragrance bottle has.The glass is clear and so is this fluid.But the way the neck of the bottle reflects the red printed strip on the bottle?it does appear that the fluid is red.

I wouldn't call Curve Connect a piece of artistry to the fragrance world.So is Bvlgari Pour Homme but people like price to shape the artistry of a fragrance.It's not my taste of oakmoss,pine,leather,and patchouli bombs...but I like Curve Connect.It's relaxing,it's comfortable,it makes you smile and easy to wear if you're not in the mood to debate on what to wear in a casual fragrance.

23rd June, 2018
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Mémoire d'Homme by Nina Ricci

I should give Memoire D'Homme is a thumbs down.What's saving this fragrance? it's wearable,it doesn't stink,has decent projection for a good 8-10 hours.This fragrance has two phases...

On spray I get a lot of ginger,cedar wood,grassy vetiver and a leafy quality.This turns out to be the licorice leaf as you start to pick up the bitter and dark spice.The grapefruit is present constantly giving a clean and watery transparency but you can't sense the hides in the licorice.I don't get nutmeg in this fragrance.I can very much see the identity with a sports fragrance that others relate to...end of phase 1.

In Phase Two this fragrance takes a highly transparent turn in which a 'thumbs down' reviewer described it as a flood and I agree with the comparison fully.A lot washes away from the grapefruit as it grows over the hours leaving to me just detectable cedar and ginger...a little leaf if you drag the grapefruit waters but it's really light.

The problem with Memoire D'Homme is it's design is such a bland mindset.It's not atmospheric,nostalgic,or thought provoking.It doesn't really accent a dress shirt or lend that feel of sophistication like the older era.Not a single touch of romanticism.It has no emotion,no heart,no sense of style or artistry.But this might get a compliment and you wear it daily simply because 'it smells good'.This is very much how I feel about Eternity for Men.With that being said it's anytime/anywhere fragrance if still made today it would be $20-$25.And it's roots would be questioned because it's sporty finish reminds one of a Adidas fragrance.Very questionable blind buy.
15th June, 2018

Musk for Men by Avon

This was a pretty good men's fragrance by Avon.There's not much of the musk genre left out here and strangely what survived is soapy.Monsieur Musk is nice and bold as one of these but Jovan Musk for Men?bland and lifeless...very out of place of the sweet,dirty,vaguely barbershop,and dark toned musk fragrances that made the musk genre.I happened to come across Avon Musk for Men on a trip to a flea market with an in-law.A vendor had several bottles of this on her table with a bunch of other really old Avon stuff.Really liked the smell and $10 for a 2.8oz bottle new in the box...really attractive rhombus shaped bottle too.First time I wore it I came back the next day and bought a few more bottles of this.I became a fan of Avon Musk for Men but cursing that they discontinued it.

It's very simplified and linear so no...this isn't complex,but it's limited note range fits so well.Very dominant duo of leather and musk with subtle tones rolling out of the mix.A touch of sweetness coupled with barbershop talc powder,this sweetness gives a light warmth to the powder.This fragrance though I wouldn't label as 'powdery' though because it's barbershop sensation is very mild.There is a green note to this but it's not sharp or's leafy.It seems to take on some of the musk and a little sweetness kind of striking my nose as patchouli in the tone it gives.

Either Avon Musk for Men had good longevity and sillage originally or it just ages well.This cranks out low projection but for the entire 8 hours it's detectable with 5 measly drops.Not really surprised this is overlooked considering it's Avon making it less common and the musk genre's popularity becoming a smaller circle by 1990.Very manly and sexy stuff beneath that maroon cap...a well hidden gem of a musk by Avon.I hope they bring this simplistic but well done fragrance back one day.
11th June, 2018

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

This fragrance I still like to a degree.In my eyes as cheap as Eternity for Men is now? that's the logical price tag.$70 for this back in the day was offering an 'innovative' scent that while refreshing and good for sring,summer,casual,and formal wear showed itself also capable as being just as synthetic as cheap colognes.

From Eternity for Men I don't get any basil or sage...but I do vetiver.Very transparent citrus and white soapy lavender fizzed with a slightly aldehydic edge attacking the grassy vetiver and leaving their trail behind as they spread cleanliness throughout.Sandalwood compliments a faint warmth to this which I think without it? could show more edge...but it's a calming touch to Eternity.Something in the mid between the vetiver soapy side and the's fruity sweet and transparent.Comes off grape candy and/or melon's 'Calone'.Mixed thoughts about this synthetic note but the exact shaping of it doesn't make me think of something original of Eternity.This element I remember in Iron by Coty which pre-dates Eternity for Men.That was the first thought that hit my mind.

A decent fragrance but with how sharp but transparent it is through the citrus and calone it causes one to overspray because it doesn't one as potent.Go easy on this stuff because for some it causes headaches,for me it causes me to constantly swallow.Almost like an early detection sign of a case of acid reflux coming on.

11th June, 2018

Oscar de la Renta pour Lui by Oscar de la Renta

This fragrance to me gets a neutral rating...part of it's the poor projection.Not convinced Oscar De La Renta Pour Lui still has it's powerhouse label.This stuff takes 5-6 sprays to hold longer than 4 hours and rather low projection after the dry down.

Most people have filled in the gap on what this fragrance smells like but not the answer to why the glass is's reflective to the core of this scent.This fragrance has an alternate clean side by forging the aldehydes and musk to create a 'laundry musk'.This is a synthetic and oceanic clean smell akin to Tide laundry detergent.Some older fragrances with a beachside or ocean theme back in the 60's/70's used this approach...Wind Drift by MEM and the current formula of Royal Copenhagen Musk comes to mind.I usually despise this approach in fragrances because it's usually really thick/cloying and in some cases bleeds into the other notes.In this fragrance? it's tolerable at it's lower volume.The musk in the heart is more of the discount bin type of unheard of brand name fragrances of that same time period-sweet of maraschino cherry with hardly any animalic feel.

Oscar De La Renta the majority of it is a beautiful composition.It's core is just so synthetic and cheap I don't know if I should refer it to as a heart or a pacemaker.
06th June, 2018 (last edited: 07th June, 2018)

Animale for Men by Animale Parfums

I'm going to give Animale for Men a thumbs up.Make no bones about it this is linear and yes it is synthetic...but it's also a hybrid of two late 80's fragrances.Those fragrances are Lapidus Pour Homme (1987) and Aspen by Coty (1989) as a fruity and freshly green and leathery fragrance.

The fruity side of this fragrance comes from that identical grape sweetened lavender base of Lapidus PH.I get new leather,mint,and a green haze produced by a mix of vetiver and juniper.This gives this stuff some air to this fragrance in a green and fresh yet slightly sharp way keeping the sweetness more focused and not dominating.I'll give this fragrance some props I don't think this is merely a smattering of two fragrances as there's some fine tuning done to it.As interesting as I find Lapidus PH to be it's very heady and powdery...through Animale is sticks to the main focus of the base.Aspen is very eye-opening and a bit synthetic but this captures that and I find the leather to be turned up a little in Animale for Men.

I'd suggest going easy on the sprayer.If this stuff lost a little projection muscle since the early 90's it seems pretty darn powerhouse even today.This will fool you at first delivering the transparent green and leathery side initially on spray until the grape/lavender grows through the mix within 5 minutes so go easy.2-3 sprays should get you pretty moderate projection for the first 8 hours...low projection for another 6 hours or so.I'm not going to claim a false popularity on Animale for Men because these two fragrances it shares identity with were bigger sellers up to the mid 90's.But I remember seeing this fragrance in dept. stores in my youth and I smelled this combination a lot in public's nostalgic that's for sure.It is very possible that Animale for Men just slipped through the fingers of time and became less known over the decades.
05th June, 2018

Cacharel Pour L'Homme by Cacharel

Cacharel Pour Homme...hmmm...can't walk with the masses on this one.Not because I think this is a bad fragrance on any level...because the nutmeg is worth bragging about.Not quite all it's cracked up to be though...

What does Cacherel Pour Homme smell like?
I get a rich start of geranium and vetiver soaking in lemon only for the first 10 minutes until dry down.White soap comes forth and this lemon/vetiver/geranium becomes milder as the soap gains dominance. As the soap gets stronger it begins to exhale the nutmeg contained inside it.Dark,bitter,and spicy and this smells nice and old-fashioned.Someone who doesn't like vintage fragrances wouldn't like because it does have a slight medicinal aspect as a few have mentioned reflecting a smell more appreciated in the early 20th century.By the 3rd hour it's down to nothing but the soap and nutmeg and remains this way for the duration.Esecially when the soap loses the lemon it gets a little flat and reminds me more of dry soap than a fresh and moist bar of soa.

Cacherel PH delivers such a wonderful introduction that it initially lives up to the $50 price tag for a 3.4oz bottle I paid.The projection is fairly low but it hangs on a good 12 hours.It's 2 note conservative trace it leaves behind is a simple delight as in it could be cheap aftershave.I will give this props,it is wearable any time of the doesn't run hot.This loses all it's beauty though and becomes so lifeless and boring I can't really say the typical safe/office wear scents aren't lacking imagination after encountering this.I wore this for 2 weeks to see if this would ever progress and it was just the same lackluster result.

30th May, 2018 (last edited: 02nd June, 2018)

Lacoste (original) by Lacoste

Not a terrible fragrance really.Now I'll be upfront and give it a thumbs down though...

*Lacoste Original lasts about 2 hours on my skin.You can actually sense a countdown timer on this becomes noticeably weaker and then drops.Terrible output for an EDT straddling more like an aftershave.

*This fragrance is pleasant on a hot day but it uses very few notes to capture that create the competition.You're getting burned if you think this is worth the $50 when stuff like Pino Silvestre Sport and Adidas Sport/Sport Field captured a really similar identity to Lacoste Original that lasts longer and cost a heck of a lot less.

It's been a few years since I've smelled Lacoste Original.What I remember in this was anise,a semi herbal and grassy smell,and clean citrus.I do recall initially getting lavender and a white floral but disappears like a fart into the wind in seconds.If Lacoste played their cards right they could have made this an aftershave to be found in grocery and drug stores that people might like it's that refreshing...but cheap and simple.I literally threw my 3.4oz bottle in the trash which stung a little at $50 but I was that let down about it.If this fragrance held on with decent projection lasting a good 10-12 hours I wouldn't buy it again...but I'd rate it at a neutral.
29th May, 2018

Chaps (original) by Ralph Lauren

Let's start from the top...clearly Stetson was highly influenced by this fragrance.I haven't the slightest idea why Ralph Lauren discontinued this drugstore fragrance and despite giving a neutral rating...I don't know how Stetson survives.Chaps isn't quite what you'd expect from it's brown glass and steer head indicating a dark juice and deep and burly scent.Nope...more of a mildly rowdy gentleman's fragrance.

Chaps tries to blend an equal measuring side of both clean and dirty in one. The clean side is heavily floral lavender base...reminds me of baby wipes.I get a little combo of honey and dark spice. A bit musky with hints of leather. Not really woody nor do I get any patchouli or any other detail from it's vast notes list.

If the lavender in this was designed to reflect soap more this would get a thumbs up.That baby wipe vibe throws a more outdated feel to Chaps than it should be for it's age making this hard to wear daily in public exposure without giving off an old man tone.
28th May, 2018

Brut by Fabergé

Green and lemony toned with both barbershop talc and wood in a powder structure with a little vanilla.Rich in dry lemon and some anise.This sits at a hard thumbs down for me...never cared for the way lemon and anise come off which is in a weird way.It smells like this is a rotten lemon pulled out of a dumpster getting baked in the summer heat.The bitter anise is the mold on the lemon which contributes that dried sunbaked feel and these two generate heat...nasty combination.If Brut replaced this with something nicer to flow with this manly barbershop feel it would get a thumbs up easily at the low price.I just can't work with that rancid lemon and anise at all.
27th May, 2018

Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

Blind bought this out of curiosity...always used to see this in the five and dime stores and always a little curious especially today with Grey Flannel's high ratings.This smells like something a tourist from Florida,New York,or California whipped up to make a buck off of as a reflection of their trip to the south.Something they wear before they can visit to watch the leaves change and do some 'glamping'.

Grey Flannel's approach is to invoke what seems like a sunny day in a rural mountain area.The tourist notices a certain worship to the mountain breeze by the natives.Despite the modern convenience of a dryer some people still like to hang their clothes on the line to dry.Despite Central Air some families like to dine with the windows open and let the breeze carry the fragrance of the forest through the field and through the flower bed giving an indulgence of nature's gift through the open windows of their home.Grey Flannel hit a neutral for me because it's a useless scent to me as a southerner and had no appeal.It hit negative because it was so tacky and synthetic.

I get a really bitter and sharp lemon in this bordering more on an industrial cleaner of some kind.Sandalwood is in this which does nothing really other than generates more dryness to the lemon.A really nasty violet note.I like violet in general as a note in Preferred Stock and Sung Homme but this is gross with it's urine tone it has.A moss note but more reflective to a sun dried/stale moss crumbling to a powder in my hand.A rose and powder duo...this bothered me in two ways.The powdery structure combined with the bitter crumbling moss adds more powder to me and made me sneeze both times.The rose and soap combination rubs me in a way of an elderly woman's after bath powder really.Grey Flannel reminds me of the ladies gathered after Sunday service in the living room for a glass of sweet tea and gossip.All of them trying to outdo each other with Jean Nate,Primo!,and feminine floral scents by Crabtree Evelyn combined.

Grey Flannel is very tacky,synthetic,old lady feminine,and trying to throw off a 'Little House on the Prairie' feel.It's like a bad joke that I'm surprised isn't sold in the back of the tourism promoting magazine called Southern Living via mail order.A magazine that also avoids discussing problems in the south on economical,poltical,and cultural issues at the result of tourists migrating here.

27th May, 2018
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Zino Davidoff by Davidoff

There is one note in Zino that is very evident but it's not listed...musk...LOTS of musk!You catch it as a finish in the vanilla and comes strong and of sexual rank on initial spray along with the citrus and lavender...then it smooths down to a sensual level and not kinky.The lavender and citrus sort of merge together to create a polished feel to the vanilla and smoothen and clean...without getting soap.Powdery tones of sandalwood,rosewood,and a noticeable patchouli.These create nice tones to the fragrance without being too heavy and adding texture,maintaining the focus on keeping Zino smooth.I don't get any rose in this but I sure do get a lot of yellow jasmine.Soft,sweet,lightly warm jasmine...a very calm and non-pungent floral.I can't really picture Zino with rose in it with how well jasmine works in this fragrance.

I get a varying 8-10 hours from Zino by Davidoff.It's smooth,sensual,and gentlemanly.Zino doesn't smell 80's at all-it's not edgy,dark,spicy,or bold.If anything Zino is more in tune to the versatility of the musk genre back in the 70's that made them so darn wearable anytime and anywhere.

Anything I don't like about Zino?

You know how when you wake up the next day and smell a fragrance under your shirt collar and it's noticeable but it's smeared,collapsed,and lost it's structural integrity of the composition?...Zino leaves a weird trace behind.It's very flesh-toned and powdery to my nose...smells like women's makeup powder.I guess it could be worse like some green fragrances that give off a sour remnant.This always throws me for a loop on Zino though.
24th May, 2018 (last edited: 26th May, 2018)

Carlo Corinto Classic by Carlo Corinto

I think Carlo Corinto Classic is a pretty interesting fragrance but it does strike me as a sequel to Krizia Uomo.It's the patchouli,carnation,and lavender these two share that have that familiar feel.Carlo Corinto is a bit different wielding some pine and leather in it that's covered in moss sticking to a more green and deeper earthy feel to it.The lavender in this does share it's floral side with the rich carnation,but I do think there's a smidgen of soap to it.This fragrance is very dark green with romantic touch but I wouldn't advise pushing it past 2 sprays.For one I think this performs really well on moderate projection for 8 hours then goes pretty low for another 4...detectable the next day though.Second reason is there's an anise note in this that filters through the moss that makes itself known in the 4-6 hour mark.It's pleasant and addds growl to Carlo Corinto Classic dark style.Overspray though and this will hit through dark and really bitter punches as the anise and moss tag team on your nose.

A very beautiful and masculine green fragrance...yet it's somewhat haunting.I would definitely recommend this to fans of Quorum or Krizia Uomo.
19th May, 2018 (last edited: 22nd May, 2018)

Chaz by Revlon

I don't really think Chaz is reformulated to my nose.Now when I've had this stuff back in the Revlon days it was the splash form bottle...never got the srayer version because it cost a little more.Today it seems to be made only it sprayer form under Jean Phillipe.Sprayers can mess with your nose through the notes seperation in mist form so this did strike,still the same stuff.

A big base of sandalwood combined with a trio of pencil shavings cedar,moss,and a twist of lemon.This structure gets saturated with a spicy and semi dark combination of amber and cinnamon.A little lavender kind of 'carries' that spicy resin over to the's a bit more noticeable through a sprayer creating a shortly lived clean perspective.Light on leather and hints of musk.Even as old as Chaz is I don't think this is an outdated fragrance.It's spicy,smooth,and really woody but a little focused on fresh to keep if from being bone dry.Not to claim Chaz didn't get in the disco halls but it's wasn't sweaty,throbbing,and oozing sexual aggression like other 70's scents much heavier on musk or fueled on patchouli...this is pretty low key.Chaz is more of a casual wear gentleman's fragrance that's comfortable with a light touch of sensuality behind it.

I don't really notice a difference in these two on longevity as I got 6 hours of fair projection and another 2-4 being light...Chaz was and still is an Eau De Cologne.The topic on strength between the two is pretty redundant.Being that this wasn't a powerhouse I'm not completely shocked this cologne is still appreciated in a smaller circle as a piece of fragrance history.More popular among working class men back in the day who could find a small bottle at the five and dime,the large bottles in a drugstore.Probably when Aspen and Preferred Stock came out is when Chaz began to dwindle in popularity.
08th May, 2018 (last edited: 28th May, 2018)

Jacomo de Jacomo Original by Jacomo

I've always felt that notes pyramid listed here for Jacomo De Jacomo was a bit off.Here's what my nose gets...

Sandalwood,tobacco,clove,cinnamon,incense,lavender,and vanilla.

Very woody,creamy,and spicy upon initial spray.It's not dominanat of tobacco instantly but as the syrupy clove heavy and light cinnamon combo comes out this began to blossom tobacco and wafts of incense through the clove structure.The creamy and semi-sweet quality of a warm vanilla and dab of lavender keeps in the background for quite a while.

Probably for the first 4-5 hours this remains a clove cigarette kind of quality that reminds me of Djarum Black with something with some of the harsh edge rubbed down a little through vanilla.After that hour range though to me this goes into a kind of Captain Black White(Vanilla/Original) scent.That vanilla expands and absorbs the sandalwood and clove creating a vanilla pipe tobacco but the sandalwood and clove provide dry and spicy tones to it still reflecting something old fashioned,but a little more detailed.

Jacomo de Jacomo Original is an 8-10 hour yielding moderate projection for at least the first six hours in my opinion.Casual wear for sure,this does nothing for a suit or grants any style to formal wear.Smells pleasant though and invokes a certain nostalgia behind it's retro...strangely reminds me of the malls back in the 80's era.Lots of plants with wood paneling,old-fashioned street light style and chandelier fixtures...70's decor style that carried over into that decade.The scent of someone strolling through the corridors leaving the fragrant aroma of pipe tobacco behind cotributing more to the atmosphere of more noticeable European element in the United States.
05th May, 2018

Havana by Aramis

Initially I was a little disappointed with Havana as I was expecting a more dominant tobacco note here..a little more earthy I guess.But I do think this is the one fragrance I truly love by's very mature.Tobacco but seasoned with clove here rendering it spicy and touched with tones of incense.This fragrance has just a little bit of floral and soapy lavender but it doesn't crossover into the tobacco and spice notes itself.There's something oily and slightly resinous to this kind of buttery and leaves an aftertaste of the clove on it.I'd say this was a dash of amber but it's not in the notes.

It's a good fragrance if you know what you're walking into with Havana versus hype or exaggeration.
03rd May, 2018 (last edited: 05th May, 2018)

Bijan for Men by Bijan

I haven't had Bijan for Men in a long time.But I remember what this smelled like and even my nose recalled it so to complaints about it being currently under Five Star Fragrances.It even still cranks out the 2 sprays delivering 10-12 hours of good projection.I'm not going to ride on the claim that this watered down.Because when first started wearing Bijan it lasted 16 hours and my skin and nose adapted to it? ended up being 12 hours and not overwhelmingly heady.This does have a great sprayer though so a thumbs up to that on a cheap fragrance.

This is a fragrance built from a resinous body of honey,spice,and a little amber and poured into a bowl of ingredients.You don't know what's in the bowl yet aside from this thick,sweet,and spicy base.Stir it a little and it reveals a lot of oakmoss teamed up with some patchouli.Tones of myrrh incense in there that seem to accent with the amber quite beautifully.Stir a little more and you'll find a light but noticeable amount of carnation and sandalwood.I never got musk from this fragrance back then and's the aged patchouli doing the talking.

I would put Bijan for Men into a group with other fragrances of the 70's style that were sweet and resinous with patchouli filtering through it like Yatagan by Caron,Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur,and Givenchy Gentleman.Very middle eastern feeling but really erotic through incense,patchouli,and spicy resin with an oakmoss's very distracting.Bijan for Men I think is a good casual,date night,or office wear fragrance.Office wear I mean you don't wear a suit and meet clients or interface with the general public for a duration.This is a bit too forward and aggressive in it's sensuality to hold a professional approach.Only reason I could think of that it isn't as popular as Joop! Homme as a sensual fragrance is maybe it's dirty and more new-age in it's style.

28th April, 2018 (last edited: 14th July, 2018)

Ulysse by Vicky Tiel

I've been wanting to try Ulysse by Vicky Tiel and despite the negative only seemed to invoke my curiousity to try it.Here's my viewpoint on this's highly underrated.If this came in a Dior,Givenchy,or Yves Saint Laurent bottle yielding a $50+ price tag it would be praised highly.Amazing how people rank fragrances based on dollar cost.

Ulysse has a very dimensional smell that reminds me of Europe in the spring,You just stepped out of a museum and instantly stepped into a field with everything in blossom courtesy of the mignonette and yuzu.Lime-like,mildly bitter,smoothly floral and not pungent.A light sprinkle of lavender powder throws a mildly cool breeze.You catch on pretty fast that there's a spicy finish in this through nutmeg.Over a few hours this spring-related work of art dies down to a mild but detectable level and the nutmeg is hiding several notes it releases.This nutmeg opens and becomes a spicy musk with hints of sandalwood and a fair amount of vanilla.The vanilla is very different in the sense that it's marshmallow like and is familiar in a dessert way.Ah...ambrosia(food of the gods) very clever.

First wearing on Ulysse I gave it 4 sprays and I could smell this drifting up from my shirt collar my entire 8 hour work day.Seemed to die out after that but the next morning I could still smell the spicy musk doing a light fanning of my collar.Really nice packaging and artwork from the box to the bottle for a $14 fragrance.

Strangely I have a theory about this fragrance.I think Vicky Tiel might have had Aubusson Homme on her mind when designing this.Another green colored scent from the early 1990's that was woody,light floral,and pretty spicy.Ulysse doesn't smell directly like Aubusson Homme obviously...but they're definitely related in kinship of artistry as obscure scents of the 90's era.
06th April, 2018 (last edited: 11th April, 2018)

Taxi by Cofinluxe

As the first to review Taxi by Cofinluxe this fragrance was created in 1984.I took an interest in getting a bottle as others claim this akin to Drakkar Noir as an alternate or 'for fans of'.I don't see that.You know what Taxi has in common with? Azzaro Pour Homme.

Here's the notes I get:lavender,anise,spearmint,moss,tobacco,and musk

On spray I get a very soapy blast which at first struck me on the level of Quorum or Sung Homme.The soap quickly settles down to a mild state and a lot of warm anise and spearmint comes right out. Moss comes out under the spearmint delivering lightly bitter undertones. Lavender keeps this fragrance clean and the spearmint enhancing freshness from it's clean side while keeping the hefty amount of anise tame and cool. Over a few hours this lavender/anise/spearmint trio creams down to a softer state, the moss becomes stronger, and a little musk and tobacco blossoms out. Cigarette tobacco not pipe tobacco. The combination doesn't really dive towards delivering a sensual quality...just a masculine 'guy vibe'.

As a $10 fragrance Taxi is definitely a daily casual or work wear fragrance.It's projection is light at 4-6 hours so I don't think you'd have to worry about the anise being too heavy or bothering people around you...but it is rich.This is definitely a modified but inspired take on Azzaro Pour Homme.I really like this hidden gem..thumbs up in my opinion!
24th March, 2018

Bulgari pour Homme by Bulgari

If I had to rate Bvlgari Pour Homme I'd gave it a neutral...UNDER certain conditions...if this were a $15 fragrance.I got lucky when I got a 3.4oz bottle at $35 from a store closing up and selling off their stock...this goes more commonly for late forties in dollar range.The dollars just aren't there with this fragrance,even at $35....

It's very weak...others will use the word 'subtle' to dodge around the dollar cost and avoid the topic altogether.If this were a $10 fragrance though and it were weak?...people would say 'figures it's a $10 fragrance'and actually call it weak.This was a 5-6 spray deal and low projection.3rd or 4th hour this became hard to detect at all.

It's a clean and conservative fragrance so it is wearable.It's a little green and citrusy clean.Bitter from tea with a little peppery edge in there.There's a 'fuzzy sweater' vibe to this fragrance-interesting but a little off being this is a spring/summer scent and this puts a little winter wear out there.But the tea and pepper I could see emphasizing a little fall and winter to support this sweater note.I never catch the musk initially in spray or developing in the dry down and is pretty inconsistent.Basically it hides out in the blend and farts out musk randomly.I wouldn't really call the musk sensual because it veers in the direction of old,cheap,and synthetic fragrances producing a 'laundry musk'...musk mixed with a dryer sheet note or in this case that sweater note.

Shortly put if you threw this fragrance back into the 1970's and it didn't bare the Bvlgari name? it would be a $10 fragrance today.It's more retro than modern and I don't mind that.As a cheapie it fills the gap of a pleasant but cut and dry/non complex daily fragrance.It would be liked today but not even the most imaginative thing from the 70's a mere $25 can buy in complexity and strength.


17th March, 2018 (last edited: 13th April, 2018)

Burberry for Men by Burberry

If I had to describe this fragrance through less wording I'd call it 'a modernized take on Black Suede'.It's the smooth,clean,and sweet facsimile that Burberry for Men has with a little more color to it.

I'm getting mildly soapy lavender and just a little amber and vanilla.Dipped in that amber/vanilla combo are the larger apple and black currants notes which comes off nicely as a fall reminder and tart.Mint comes out in this but seems to dwell within the lavender and restraining it just asa mild sense of freshness.Fair amounts of sandalwood and musk in the finish.

No, Burberry for Men isn't an edgy cologne.But it's smooth,clean,and despite being's got a conservative quality to it.I really like it because it's cool running,but the blend makes you think of a 'fall spice' type of scent.It's a light projection fragrance at 3-4 sprays going 4-6 hours at best.Except in spring and summer where it hangs in 8 hours roughly on me.There's a really short list of good stuff from back in the 90's in my taste that I like.A lot of scents were so synthetic,sporty deodorant fresh,aquatic, and tacky.Burberry for Men makes a spot on my list.
17th March, 2018

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

This and Polo Original were considered the epitome of a men's fragrance from the 80's to mid 90's...fizzling out quite a bit from the aquatics era takeover or should I say trend. The purpose behind Drakkar Noir was a black leather fragrance that gave fresh/invigorating qualities.It's dark but cool and transparent in it's sharp finesse.

Here's the notes I always detected:
Black leather,patchouli,lemon,moss,juniper,lavender,and sandalwood.

With that being said I was a little let down initially that the patchouli has been whittled down to a much lighter note in the current formula.It doesn't play that role largely as it used to since it 'drenched' the black leather in patchouli oil.It's still there giving a light twist but thankfully but took some weight from the original formula.Hints of moss and sandalwood drift in the background accenting hints of bitter-green and wood.The soapy side though is nice.Juniper and lemon channeling straight through a bar of lavender soap making a slick,refreshing,and sharp soap smell that downright adds slickness behind Drakkar Noir.

The longevity does lack versus what Drakkar Noir used to be, but I get roughly 8 hours from it at 3-4 sprays.Low projection but to me it was back then as well.Someone coming back to this fragrance will encounter that it's lighter or not quite as rich...once again...the reduction of patchouli.If Drakkar Noir still wore the $45 price tag today for a 3.4oz bottle under this current formula this would be a neutral.As a $25 fragrance today it still deserves a thumbs up because it still smells great and not different enough to snub nose this leather fragrance.

14th March, 2018 (last edited: 20th March, 2018)

Pino Silvestre by Silvestre

I get merely just a base of lemon and amber to build that sharp and resinous/sticky body.Tweaks of dry herbs give it a green side while the lemon draws out more clarity.It's a pretty good take on a pine-cone I'll give it that to Pino Silvestre.Despite it's almost skin scent projection and 2-3 hour longevity that bitter/resinous sap smell(amber and herbs) can get to you at times in warm weather because amber is also sweet...comes off kind of odd and hard to wear.

I love the bottle though!
14th March, 2018

Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren

Nothing special about Polo Sport.Half aquatic and half fruity fresh 'sporty' scent.It's clean and's just boring yet expensive.You could probably blend Nautica Classic and any Adidas fragrance with it and make your own little 'mongrel' of a scent that would be more creative.
14th March, 2018

Adidas Moves by Adidas

Horrible...absolutely horrible.A very transparent fragrance that was clean in a laundry detergent way but highly metallic..I'm claiming grapefruit was in Moves.A light note of leather and pineapple in this cold and metallic garbage.
13th March, 2018

Cool Water by Davidoff

The GOOD behind this fragrance:hints of tobacco,musk,citrusy fresh,and peppermint.

The BAD behind this fragrance:It's not original and copied from a fragrance made in 1935.It's $5 and found in the grocery's called Ice Blue by Aqua Velva.

Not many people made the connection yet.Or at least pretend they haven't.A little sad that people were dropping $45 back in 1990 on a $5 aftershave scent with mildly higher quality of the same notes structure.
13th March, 2018

Burberry London for Men by Burberry

It's an enjoyable tobacco fragrance but has very few notes.Smells like a natural cinnamon cased pipe tobacco with hints of leather and cherry wine note.Unfortunately it doesn't remind me of a port...reminds of Night Train which is a cherry flavored bum wine.A cheap drink that that was found in any rural area gas station and the strongest buzz you could get since the closest liquor store was at least 70 miles away.

The cherry note isn't depressing as it fits to the holiday and winter feel of Burberry's the wine part and the familiar cherry combined.It's Christmas Eve and mom is sprinkling cinnamon on a mince fruit pie she just baked.Dad is found in the living room passed out,slouched in his leather chair and just finished his pipe.Beside his pipe on the side table you see a partial bottle of Night Train and an envelope.It's a foreclosure notice from the bank on the farmhouse...Merry Christmas.

Aside from how this fragrance rubs one on it's winter and Christmas memories...It's pretty stripped down in notes and in projection it starts out decent and goes to low.By the 6th hour I can't even smell it on me.Burberry London used to be pretty expensive which I would have gave it a thumb-downs easily at it's $55-$60 price tag for a 3.3oz bottle years ago.I waited until it was acquirable at the $30-$35 price range and blind-bought it.It's a mixed recommendation.
13th March, 2018

Black Suede by Avon

One reason I think that someone would not like Black Suede by Avon is because it's a smooth has no veriable 'edge' to label it.Cedarwood,amber,lemon,nutmeg,lavender,and musk...that's it among the notes.

Strangely when I spray this it fools me for a second because I initially detect lemon with the amber and nutmeg.The lemon 'ghost note' dissapears as the cedarwood surfaces right out though.The amber in this isn't heavy and seems to be scrubbed by the lavender rendering the cedar lightly soapy and the sharp edges smoothened on the amber keeping it calm.The nutmeg is branched to the smooth/clean amber granting a little sweetness to it's spice without being cloying.The nutmeg branches out and also latches on to the returning lemon note creating a 'spiced lemon'.I'm going to quote this similarity to Aramis per a thumb-down reviewer and say it reminds me of something older that Aramis copied... Dunhill for Men(1934).Light hints of musk accent the fragrance a little.

It's a 3 spray enjoyment for me but fair projection and 6 hours of enjoyment.For an amber and spice fragrance this is only mildly warm so I'll give it props for being able to work all 4 seasons of the year.As a conservative scent it's not the most interesting thing I have.But it is comfortable to wear in anything casual or formal because it's smoothly blended.
11th March, 2018