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Mambo for Men by Liz Claiborne

The first I tried Mambo for Men...I was expecting something completely different.I was envisioning spicy,woody,possibly some leather and really musky...nope.However, I like Sung Homme and Mambo for Men was certainly inspired by that same clean factor only a tad more colorful.It has that Sung wet/really slick lavender added with a shaving cream note mixed with just a little patchouli in it.An additional note I get is a smooth mildly spice sweetness with a green tone to it which must be the cinnamon leaf.

Clean,fresh,masculinity suave,and green.Mambo for Men was definitely crafted with appreciation to the 1970's era and could easily be aligned with a Halston fragrance of that timeframe.It's only weakness I see is it's projection is decent for the first few hours then becomes very light like an aftershave.Mambo smells pretty good at it's $15 price though and even at it's short projection (to me) has gotten compliments.
10th November, 2017

Quorum Silver by Antonio Puig

I'm going to give Quorum Silver a thumbs up for one firm reason...I can't stop wearing it.There's plenty I can criticize about it...

*It doesn't smell as slick and sophisticated as Quorum Original

*It's a very dry fragrance

*It lacks dimension or more notes to color it

But maybe that's just it...Quorum Silver isn't really modern,it's more rustic...and I like that.The best cedar wood note my nose had the pleasure meeting yet it's lightly warm and dusty to it's dry character.The spice that makes up the background seems to transition between nutmeg,red pepper, and ginger.In my opinion Quorum Silver can be worn any season but I think it's light warmth and dryness shines best in the fall and winter.
06th October, 2017

Aramis by Aramis

To me...there is nothing original about Aramis.It smells very identical to the 1930's created lemon/spice/musk/sandalwood body of Dunhill for Men by Alfred Dunhill...minus the musk.In place of that musk it seems Aramis put in rose and a lot of myrrh incense.

I take this down to a 'neutral' for being nothing more than mostly a copycat fragrance of a vintage lemon spice barbershop fragrance.It falls to 'thumbs down' for the disgustingly cloying incense and rose that makes my stomach churn.Once you smell Dunhill for Men,you'll realize Aramis should have been put down long ago.
04th October, 2017
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Lagerfeld Classic by Lagerfeld

What provoked me to buy Lagerfeld several years ago was I smelled it on someone I was conversing with and I asked was Lagerfeld Classic.I didn't buy it because I thought it was seemed like a comfortable wear scent you could wear round or anywhere.I wore it 3 times and tossed it,here's my scent experience...

A lot of cedar in this combined with probably the best orange note I ever encountered followed with a twist of amber,somewhat powdery.Essentially the same experience that my nose got from smelling it on another individual.A few hours later, a disturbing quality blossomed out and seemed to channel through the cedar note.I can only describe it as if you took the scent of orchids and mold and combined them together.It's not moss...just a very dark green and pungent/musty smell.My skin chemistry is genuinely compatible with other fragrances...but I'll never forget Lagerfeld.
27th September, 2017

Aqua Velva Ice Blue by Williams

If someone under the age of 30 took a look at Aqua Velva's Ice Blue...they'd assume it was a tasteless scent because it was cheap.Take a good whiff of it because there's no doubt in my mind Davidoff mimicked this grocery and drugstore aftershave through 'Cool Water' to a hefty extent.

Definitely a leather scent...aged/worn,not fresh leather but combined with a hint of musk.The remaining body of this is citrus fizzed over with aldehydes and a touch of mint.A very refreshing scent but hairy-chested quality to it.James Mason was probably wearing Ice Blue during his commercial for Thunderbird Wine.
27th September, 2017

Derrick by Orlane

To me Derrick by Orlane has always been a well-hidden gem in itself and somewhat of an enigma.It's not that I t

I spray this on and I get a lot of patchouli,a bitter-green moss,and the spices.The spices is a mixture of anise,clove,and cinnamon(just a little) which isn't overbearing but it's a heavy combination.But I will say comparing this to the cinnamon-y and resinous character of Red for Men is an exaggeration..Derrick is more dark and bitter from anise.Underneath this green,bitter,and spicy fragrance you get a creamy kind of note.It's hard to define other than a shaving cream with a lot of musk mixed in it.

At 2-3 sprays I get 6-8 hours from it...I'd call it decent projection.You'll be able to smell this coming up from your shirt collar for the first 4 hours then it becomes lighter,but it's still there.The next day I can be getting ready to shower and get ready for work and my wife can still smell it on my skin.I would label Derrick by Orlane as a hairy-chested,serious,yet very sensual cologne worn by people who love patchouli.Obviously a 1970's to early/mid 1980's fashioned scent.Not a clue why Derrick gets so overlooked because it was well done yet seemed to get shoved to the back of the line in advertising by wearable yet not as interesting fragrances.
06th July, 2017 (last edited: 08th July, 2017)

Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

A very 'different' cologne that no doubt through it's grape-like sweetness mixed with lavender obviously inspired Joop! Homme a few years later.

Lapidus Pour Homme to me smells like a pile of pipe tobacco lightly cased with vanilla.In that pile is some pieces of dry and dusty sandalwood.Sprinkled on that on top of that tobacco/wood pile is a powder of lavender with a heavy grape sweetness(much heavier than Joop! Homme).I remember smelling this a lot in my youth passing through the anchor department stores in the mall or in restaurants with my family.Before the aquatics started creeping in and marketing so heavily in the late 80's/early 90's there was a lot more creativity going on in the fragrance industry and Lapidus Pour Homme was one of them.

So why a neutral rating?
As much as I find the scent of Lapidus to be interesting, it always had an impact of a 'powder bomb'.I would belt out several good sneezes every time I sprayed it on.Until it dried down I felt like my nostrils were coated in a cosmetic powder.I couldn't help but wince and make faces of suffocation like I was trapped in a room with five people applying hairspray all at once.It's pleasant but also very loud.This cologne I'd say proceed with even more caution than Joop! Homme.
30th March, 2017

Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren

To be very direct about Safari for Men my thumb is waving between thumbs up and neutral on this scent by Ralph Lauren.In my opinion if you like Polo Original then Safari for Men is a wonderful contribution to a mature man's fragrance.It's non-sweet and very sophisticated...

This cologne is very heavy of eucalyptus and leather.Over time it opens up a little more revealing some clean citrus quality and a light tinge of spice and wood.A bit of lavender adds to this giving a soapy quality...but not shaping the cologne into a soapy fragrance as a whole.But overall it's just a really slick and clean scent that's wonderfully masculine.Something tells me when Safari was created they were working on a upscale competitor to English Leather and toiled day and night to find a note to shape it drastically without sacrificing it's style.Then someone caught a hint of someone wearing Proraso aftershave and found eucalyptus pairs nicely with the blend.

Why this cologne sits on the branch of neutral for me is longevity.4 hours later it's gone like a fart in the wind.Can't smell this cologne on myself after that timeframe...not even a hint.It's awful that a $60+ cologne that smells so good dies out as quickly as a $10 bottle of Coty Musk for Men.Back when Safari first came out I got 6 hours from it,so the strength of the vintage is exaggerated in my opinion because this wasn't a powerhouse scent.It always has been a low projection scent that someone can notice if they are right beside you.For it's cost though Safari should hang on at least 8-12 hours at it's excuse.
25th March, 2017

Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels

When I was young and naïve I used to like Tsar.One of my uncle's worked in a department store so he would usually gift me a small bottle of the latest scent their store promoted which at the time was Tsar.No idea what the reformulation smells like but the old ribbed bright green glass/copper colored bottle's look fit accurately...this was a bright green scent.

It's masculine but not burly as it has some elegant quality to it.It's soapy with a hint of sweetness to it.Behind that is a big green haze that comes off as pine-like and moss.Nothing wrong with these notes alone but it's perfumed over with a cloudy/synthetic chemical sharpness I guess that's supposed to smell 'fresh'.Aspen has a similar approach on this synthetic level but comes out better crafted in my opinion.

Not much point in praising the original formula of Tsar if it was never good to begin with.

22nd February, 2017

Halloween Man by J del Pozo

I really don't know where to start on Halloween Man it's such a mess.I get a lot of apple and leather in this.Behind that a mixed up synthetic haze that smells highly cosmetic and aerosol hair spray like at the same time.It seems like this mess tries to copy Joop! Homme aside from the leathery quality and apple.I'm seeing a dominatrix or goth chick wearing this or getting their boyfriend/husband to wear it as it could be unisex.Very tacky and urban garbage bearing an interesting name that lures in those who like the fall season.
18th February, 2017

Preferred Stock by Coty

From what I remember of Preferred Stock (through the 3.4oz splash bottle I still have) this was a contender scent in the early 90's.It was competing against Drakkar Noir's dark and leathery trademark and the cinnamon woodsy side of Red for Men by Giorgio.Many working class men bought it for the great price and it became a staple gift under the Christmas tree almost as common as English Leather.

This cologne smells of rough cinnamon and a pinch of violet.Citrus soaked tree bark and leather.A bit of white soap and a dash of vetiver to give it a little green quality.Preferred Stock was fairly harsh and synthetic...I'll agree to the judgement on that.But I got complimented on it now and then.And even when I smell it on someone passing by? I praise it over Drakkar Noir.Not perfect but Preferred Stock still smells good.It just might be something don't want to wear all four seasons of the year.It's a 4-6 hour cologne with fair projection.
18th February, 2017

Dirty English by Juicy Couture

Not bad..not bad at all.In a time of fresh,fruity,testicle-stomping so called 'fragrances for men'...Dirty English resurrects some hope.Still doesn't top the older fragrance's(referring to notes list) but it's got class.The only thing lacks creativity.It's woody,boozy,kind of spicy,with a tiny hint of leather and that's it start to finish.No musky edge,soapy, or powdery dry down...maybe Juicy Couture though they'd be backing 30 or 40 years by doing so.Dirty English I'm keeping a neutral...reformulation would actually keep this scent from being too monochromatic.
17th February, 2017 (last edited: 05th October, 2017)

Kanøn by Kanon

Awful stuff in my opinion.

The wood note is cedar which isn't bad,but it's a bit bright.There's a powdery note in this cologne that to me is unscented...not barbershop talc,baby powder,or vanilla just no smell.The powder serves as an absorbent to this disgusting green note that resembles a bland and dissapointing patchouli,but the other half of the green counterpart reminds me of a weakly pickled cucumber.

Spray it on and just it's a pungent green powder with a bright wood note.Took me 3 or 4 sprays on initial try to get anything beyond a skin scent from it and lasted 2 hours on me...I considered that a personal favor.You get what you pay for at $10 on a cologne with free shipping but Kanon is the worst value cologne to me.
21st January, 2017
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Gianfranco Ferré for Man by Gianfranco Ferré

I can't stress this enough to say if you come across a tester of Gianfranco Ferre for Man...don't pass it by...relieve your curiosity.A lot of very well praised reviews let me to blind buy this scent.I can say it's enjoyable and masculine.But not even remotely as beautiful and poetic of a green,dark,leather,and mossy cologne as others claimed.Before I go further,keep in mind Gianfranco Ferre for Men doesn't have a cap to cover the sprayer/prevent evaporation...this was a very thoughtless move.

I spray this on and it does come off as a very damp moss note with a mellow bouquet of florals...initially.No, I don't get any leather in this.It gets interesting though as it transitions to a semi-sweet pipe tobacco note,bergamot,amber and musk that seem fused together.For the first few hours it seems to retain all these notes occassionally bringing back the florals and a clean powder structure and fades out.By my third to fourth hour,all I smell is the pipe tobacco and bergamot as the projection went down a lot from very moderate to sniffing under my shirt collar to pick up anything.By hour six?it's a fart in the wind...nothing.Gianfranco Ferre for Men is a tobacco cologne that I could wear daily and live with it's imperfections if it were $20 for a 4.2oz bottle...sure as heck wasn't worth $44.I think people exaggerating this scent were wrapped up in Rudyard Kipling poetry and reading the scent notes list without actually buying and smelling it.Or at least that's the impression the well written propaganda suggests.
20th January, 2017

Royal Copenhagen Musk by Royal Copenhagen

If you're a musk fan...there's an awful lot out there to try.The Musk genre was very popular of uniquely masculine yet clean scented colognes of the 70's and 80's.Some may disagree but I think Royal Copenhagen Musk is the best.

When I splash this on I get a light barbershop talc powder(Pinaud).Florals that come off as effervescent/fizzy or soaked in aldehydes.This gives a fresh,cool,and clean sensation.Strangely I've splashed this on after being chilled to enhance the coolness this cologne has to it.There is musk in this but it seems to cling to the talc so you'll get only a light hint of it.To compensate I do detect a hint of leather in the blend that adds some interest.

In my opinion this is a very cool running Musk...possibly an old idea on a blue scent that influenced the aquatics genre of the late 80's/early 90's many years later.My only problem with that is Royal Copenhagen Musk was a stroke of genius because it tapped into an older style that is considered by some to be 'outdated' or 'old man' in taste.Heck no...the scent of a distinguished male.In fact this makes me think of why I like Royal Copenhagen Musk so much but spit on aquatics...completely original scent by Royal Copenhagen.I can't speak for the original formula,but I think Five Star Fragrances has been doing a good job with it for the past few decades.Fair longevity and projection through the spray...a bit better from the splash.
19th January, 2017

Salvador Dali pour Homme by Salvador Dali

I'm very glad that Cofinluxe decided to bring back their prized fragrance, Salvador Dali Pour Homme.It's been too long that it's served as a marked up cost of a cologne due to it's years of being discontinued.All fragrance retailers need to do now is getting the ball rolling and make it common again.I fear this is because it's become 'forgotten' as tastes in the scent genre have changed over the decades.Still smells like I remember though!

To me this EDT creates an image in it's dark character.A base equally rich in patchouli and warm sandalwood,invoking an earthy yet highly woody quality to it.Doesn't sound threatening yet until you get to the leather teased with a little anise that comes over these two notes like heavy storm clouds.Really dark with a touch of bittersweet tone that gives some growl to the leather in a beautiful way.I wouldn't fresh say incense,more like the ash of a burned stick of incense that comes in a faint breeze across the patchouli.This pairing up with the anise/leather aspect creates more darkness.Seldomly do I get florals but when noticed they are mildly sweet,almost as if they blossom from the ground for a brief period and then die.Lastly along with the scent altogether I get a very primal musky tone of civet.Someone was right to call out Kouros,not in scent similarity...but in the facsimile through sexual properties of the musky note.

I only get 6-7 hours from Dali Pour Homme giving moderate projection for that time frame.After that it's merely only detectable under my shirt collar...but it's still there when I get up the next day.I can't really see a metrosexual guy wearing this because this smells hairy-chested and musky.Not really for the feminized male raised on the views to younger people of the 21st century.Dali Pour Homme Id say is more for men 30 years and up.
18th January, 2017

Devin by Aramis

I was gifted Devin one year as a hint to step outside the classic Aramis EDT as a relative of mine claimed that Devin was a finer it isn't.A very heavy base and amber,with cinnamon submerged in it.Carnation and moss but fused together it smells off-putting,damp, and rotten.There is an animalic quality to Devin a little too rich but that green/floral rot just makes you want to scrub this cologne off.

Two wearings and I chucked it...couldn't stand the stuff.
16th January, 2017

Adidas Ice Dive by Adidas

I've only had the aftershave of Ice Dive by Adidas.What I pick up is sharp,but clean grapefruit.Something lightly green (a pinch of mint perhaps) and a light leather.This was tolerable and at least fresher versus the metallic bomb known as 'Moves for Him' by Adidas.
16th January, 2017

Nautica Classic by Nautica

One thing I'll never forget about Nautica Classic is just how much it was advertised.A lot in department stores and probably commercialized on TV more than a Skin Bracer commercial.Time has made this scent very affordable,back then it wasn't though

This stuff was the gift to upper middle class kids by parents who bought them what was in vogue at that timeframe.Tommy Hilfiger Jeans,Reebok Pump sneakers,a Vanilla-Ice haircut,and this cologne.They weren't speaking in Ebonics yet but you see where trends go mapping whom you are through mainstream media trends.So yes Nautica Classic invokes a memory lightly smelling this on people.

It wasn't until eight years ago that I bothered to try a sample of this scent.I got an oceanic scented laundry detergent from it as the base...highly synthetic.A chemical-washed sandalwood and a bitter citrus.It smells more pleasant on someone than it does actually wearing it in my opinion.It lacks creativity though as I feel aquatics seem so elementary to design versus actual craftsmanship in perfumery.Ice Blue by Aqua Velva smells richer than this stuff...but not as airy or windy like Nautica captures.On myself it doesn't seem to hang on more than an hour with low projection.No love lost there since I have no intention of buying it.On a side note it's crazy how pricey this cologne by Nautica used to be back then versus how cheap it is now.Amazing how trend can make people overlook scent quality.At least it's cheap now for those who like it.
16th January, 2017

Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur by Pierre Cardin

The scent of Pour Monsieur EDT by Pierre Cardin has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.I'd wear it a lot then need a break from it.Even though it's an EDC now,and made by Five Star Fragrances...I don't catch any change.Still strong and very familiar,and it does have pretty good longevity.

This cologne has a base of resinous amber and earthy patchouli.That alone has a deep and raw sensual feel that may be outdated to some and others may say 'now that's where patchouli shines the most'.There's a little bit of orange,leather,a light teasing of cinnamon.A little bit of carnation floats up through the amber now and then with the cinnamon.These are all lighter notes while a few remain constant and light,some rise up and stand out wonderfully for a short time.At the time though Pour Monsieur was more costly as a made in France product (it's USA made now).That gave Coty a green light several years later to whip up a cut down version of it called 'Sex Appeal for Men' by Jovan.
15th January, 2017

Old Spice Herbal by Shulton

Back in the mid 70's up until 1980..several companies tried to make herbal colognes.I recall Max Factor having an Herbal Musk cologne.I recall Aqua Velva having an Herbal after shave.Both of these scents had a very orchid or plant like quality to them.Old Spice Herbal is the most different and pleasant from it's competition.

To me this cologne was both equally heavy in white soap and tree moss.I get a little bit of sage from it...that's about it.Sharp,clean,and highly green.It never struck me as 'herbal' so this is a sub genre that may have to be revisited one day.But from Shulton it was a good smelling cologne through few notes.Nice and strong too!
15th January, 2017

Witness by Jacques Bogart

Despite the notes and high appraisal on Witness by Jacques Bogart please keep in mind that I'm a fan of this stuff.I wish Bogart would bring back this scent.BUT a few things to know about it...

*It's well crafted but a linear fragrance

*There is a sweetened chemical tone in this to the cinnamon...reminds me of nail polish(from the bottle).This could be the alcohol tweaking some edge in there but it's something people will like or find off-putting.

When I splash on Witness I get a really good cinnamon...probably the best cinnamon note I've ever smelled.It is very woodsy but think of late fall to early winter, as the leaves have died and fallen.You do get a little bit of florals that seem to sweep through the cinnamon.Occassionally there is a faint patchouli in this but I wish it came out more to lendy more muskiness.Witness isn't sharp of citrus,juniper,or built on a base of leather like Preferred Stock or Drakkar Noir.It could be formal if pulled off with the right look,but it's definitely aimed at casual wear.You can wear this on warm seasons I'd say go light on it.No clue why the house of Bogart discontinued this cologne other than more mainstream popularity came it from being recognized.
15th January, 2017

One Man Show by Jacques Bogart

One Man Show starts out nice with a very green and soapy quality to it.Then it begins to grow-the rose comes out heavily and the green side weakens.The soap grows to a stronger level and forms this rose soap character.It's not bad,but this soap is pulled off better as a body cream or lotion for women. Then the myrrh incense comes out and darkens things up a bit,but in a stuffy and cloying way to my nose that's intolerable to wear.

This EDT by Jacques Bogart I'll give props.For how cheap it is,it's strong and lasts at least a good 8 hours with moderate to high projection.Every time I come across this makes me miss the scent called Witness by Bogart even more.
15th January, 2017

Sex Appeal for Men by Jovan

Well I'll say this for Jovan's Sex Appeal for Men...

Through merging patchouli and amber,this does make a very sensual base to a cologne.I get a light sweetness to this cologne that smells similar to cinnamon...but in a gummy way.It seemed to only last about 3 hours on my skin.Starting out with medium projection and rapidly declining after a little over 30 min. of application.I quit wearing it at work and saved it more for social gatherings.

Point blank:
This cologne under the Jovan line by Coty,I used to be content with despite poor longevity..I liked the scent.After all Sex Appeal for Men was commonly seen in drugstores and it stood out in its scent among the other colognes enjoyed by fellow working class men in a rural community of the pre-internet era.I learned many years later this was nothing more than a later released and scaled down in notes version of Pierre Cardin's Pour Monsieur cologne.Pierre Cardin is now cheaper than it's Jovan competitor.It smells much more colorful,last much longer,and cheaper than Sex Appeal for Men...get the Pierre Cardin.
14th January, 2017

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

As a scent from the late 70's I was eager to try Azzaro Pour Homme...I didn't like it at all from the department store's tester.Mostly just a white cloudy(vanilla?) like base to it with a dash of musk.This struck me as a Vanilla Musk women's body spray.A little bit of anise and a really sweet mint note that smelled like a handful of crushed up wintergreen mints.Most likely that was the basil.Azzaro PH smells fresh but it smells of really lo-fi ingredients and lacks imagination.How anyone can sit this beside the classics and praise it highly and call it a milestone?..not in my book.And I sure as heck never smelled this in the air in my youth.
14th January, 2017

Jovan Musk for Men by Jovan

In all the years I've enjoyed this linear fragrance I can't help but slap my forehead in shock and say 'man I'm reading some serious exaggeration on Jovan Musk for Men (scent wise).I don't get spearmint,spices,woods,lemon,lime,pepper,carnation..none of that.Here's what I smell...

I get through the splash a similar sensation to the lemon/bergamot/lavender foundation of Tabac Original and Vetiver by Guerlain.Switch out the lemon with clean and juicy orange though.Turn down the bergamot a bit to let the lavender cut through which brings out the soapy quality more and gives a brighter/cleaner structure.There is musk in this scent but I feel it slithers it's way through the bergamot note,so it's light.No this stuff isn't anywhere near as deliciously musky as an old Halston Z-14/1-12 scent...but it's there.It doesn't evolve or morph,notes don't blossom out on drydown...smells the same start to finish.

If you try Jovan Musk for Men and like it?I wouldn't be surprised.In that regard it's a pit stop on the road to something more interesting for your nose.To others it just smells good and is wearable year round.Not loud or overpowering,not hard to find...just nice smelling for it's price.

11th January, 2017 (last edited: 22nd February, 2017)

Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

When I was a kid my grandfather had Old Spice and Skin Original beside the bathroom sink.Whenever he splashed some Old Spice on it smelled very good.As an adult and wearing it though...opposite feelings.

From an old bottle by Shulton circa 1993 this stuff is just rough.Bitter cinnamon with a character that feels like someone mixed black pepper in it and shoved it up my nose.A creamy vanilla but strangely smells like popcorn dipped in vanilla.The anise can smell pleasant but the heat amplifies the hell out of it...smells like a whole anise star constantly under my nose.Wearing it is a dare to me,but to others around me it smells good.On a pleasant note I do like that burn of the cinnamon in the aftershave.But yes as much as I like the old-school scents?Old Spice was hard to enjoy.
10th January, 2017

Original Penguin for Men by Original Penguin

Penguin Original is a cologne I like a lot.It doesn't speak much to me as an adult...but it's a comfort scent as it strikes a childhood happiness.

I get apple,smooth/creamy vanilla,and a delicious amount of musk in this scent.A little wood that serves as a vague background note though.Fall is what I smell but not the season mentally.More like the goodies from a Fall Festival blowing through the wind and pass through the dying trees before it hits my nose.It's warm and makes you smile!On my skin it's about 6 hours and projects rather decently for being so cheap.
10th January, 2017

English Leather by Dana

A relative of mine gave me an English Leather(by MEM at the time) giftset one year for Christmas.They wore this cologne and I thought it smelled good,so it was to be my first scent.So likewise, probably five or six years in a row...always an English Leather giftset was under the Christmas tree.Looking back on English Leather I'd say men born between 1950-1985 came in contact with this cologne from their dad,uncle,or grandfather.Though it was significantly cheaper than say Aramis,Dunhill for Men, or Polo's still in the foundation of masculinity that forged a man's fragrance.

English Leather by MEM:
Out of the bottle and when this cologne dries smells very nice!Drying down though it's one to be patient with.On initial splash you'll get white soap and aged leather,a bit of lemon oil,and wood.But you get this odd smell in the mix that reminds me of a cross between a rubber band and hay until it dries.After that it remains constant of leather and gets much lighter in soap and the citrus becomes a ghost so to speak.Develops a warmer character to the wood and gets a little powdery.Not baby powder though as it gets a little sweet...possibly a hint of vanilla.Strangely with the wood it has a kind of pipe tobacco tone to it that reminds me of an old smoke shop.I got about 6 hours from English Leather,but it was a low projection scent.I could smell it very faintly,if the breeze hits just right,or someone close was beside me.

English Leather by Dana:
I don't get soap from this one,but a base of lemon oil.Still a good amount of leather and wood though.The Leather is a tad different as it seems to be fresh and new leather rather than an aged form like the MEM formula had.Either that or the lemon oil lends a cleaner form to it.It still develops the wood and slightly vanilla powder stage,but I think the leather gets a little lighter in the background...yet the citrus is still detectable as a light note.In my opinion Dana's formula doesn't last longer than the MEM formula.But I do find the juice is just a little bit stronger in projection.Dana's formula has a different feel.You're in a empty Victorian era house and the hardwood floors were just cleaned with lemon oil.You sit in a leather chair and notice the end table's finish is worn off and can smell the wood with the sunlight beaming down.On that table is a marble ashtray supporting a pipe with freshly lit Captain Black pipe tobacco in it that you smelled the moment you entered.

I think when it comes to both versions of English's hard to say which is better.If Dana's formula was the original English Leather?I'd be just as happy with it.The MEM formula though I liked that under the soap resided a dirty and dark leather.Dana's formula is fine...but try the original English Leather by MEM if you get the chance.
10th January, 2017

Stetson by Stetson

As a wearer of Stetson let me say I used to dislike this cologne.Let's roll back the clock shall we?...

It's around 1989/1990 and I'm in a Woolworth's.I had my birthday card money in my pocket set to buy a new bottle of English Leather...then I get distracted by the tester display.There's Stetson- a popular cologne marketed for its masculinity and sold well in that decade.I dabbed it on from the tester and found it to be reasonably musky( or a manly vibe as a kid would put it).But also a very warm semi-spicy sweetness(amber) that was pleasant,but strong..too strong.Lavender is present and noticeably floral but yields a hint that its soaked in the sweet/spice vibe.I still bought my English Leather but the scent of Stetson of course followed.The car ride home and the sunlight's heat blazing on me through the passenger window...that heavy sweetness was radiating on me.Stetson itself is an interesting scent but just too sweet and more unisex really versus a very masculine fragrance it was marketed to be.

Fast forward 20+ years later, an in-law bought me a giftset by Coty for my birthday which happened to contain a small bottle of Stetson.Curiosity hit and I gave it another go.It still smells like Stetson but a clean gentleman character consisting notes of barbershop talcum powder and a little white soap literally have cleaned this scent up...or should I say filtered.The sweet amber and spice is present but not cloying.The lavender note seems to have more clarity, but the talc seems to fuse with it rather well.Still animalic musky which I pondered if reformulation removed...nope...still there.This is how Stetson should been formulated in the 1980s because now it's dead on.
09th January, 2017