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Acqua di Giò Profumo by Giorgio Armani

Normally I hate aquatic fragrances and I really disliked AdG, but I am enjoying AdG Profumo.

The bergamot, rosemary and sage seem to "adjust" the salty aquatic note and really makes it shine. Color me impressed.

Though it smells professional, this can be worn anywhere for any occasion. Even though it is an aquatic fragrance, AdG Profumo is definitely a year-round fragrance.

A solid 9/10
07th July, 2018 (last edited: 30th August, 2018)

Sinner by Kat von D

This review is for the newer 2017 version of Sinner.

I was in Sephora and noticed two very artsy bottles sitting next to each other. One had white artsy latticework completely surrounding the glass bottle and the other had black artsy latticework. Saint (the white one) seemed nice but smelled too light on my skin. When I sprayed Sinner onto my other wrist, I smelled semi-sweet and earthy port wine. Wow! I grabbed a large box and headed directly to the cashier. From what the SA told me, this is a reformulated version of Sinner that was re-released in 2017.

Sinner is a sweet & spicy oriental that projects around an arm's length and smells really good! I would recommend wearing this during the cooler months of the year - but that's just me.

07th July, 2018

Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

Being a child of the 80's, this brings back good memories. An unapologetic lightly sweetened non-hippy patchouli powerhouse of a fragrance that will not only beat you over the head, but will kick you for good measure as you're laying on the ground.

Two sprays are enough, as 3+ will fumigate the room. This is the perfect fragrance to wear heavily if you want people or any other creatures that breathe to avoid you. Don't get me wrong, this is a wonderful spicy woody fragrance and smells great but most people today are just not used to having their sinuses assaulted by the powerhouses of yester-year.

4 oz can be purchased for under $20 USD.
Great bang for your buck.
Nuclear projection.
You will be avoided by most sentient lifeforms (Perfect for introverts).

You will be avoided by most sentient lifeforms (Bad for extroverts).

A must-have for any collection.

20th June, 2018 (last edited: 21st June, 2018)
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Dark Rebel Rider by John Varvatos

Enjoyable when first sprayed on, drydown is headache inducing. Returned to store.

14th June, 2018

Encens Divin by Givenchy

Before spraying on Encens Divin, I was a little concerned about how sharp the top notes (pepper and ginger) would be in the opening but as it turns out, I had nothing to worry about. The opening was a slightly spicey resinous vanilla that reminded me of Ambre Tigré. Rose notes along with wood and incense followed soon afterwards. After a while, amber and treacle (molasses) notes came into play. A very nice olfactory experience.

Though I did enjoy Ambre Tigré, I would recommend saving your money and purchase Encens Divin instead as this is Ambre Tigré with a lot more depth.

Projection is around 6ft (2m) and is still noticable after 10 hours. Can easily be worn for any occasion - professional, leisure and intimate. During my first day of wearing Encens Divin, I received a few unsolicited compliments from co-workers.

Full bottle and signature scent worthy for both men and women.

18th May, 2018 (last edited: 21st May, 2018)

Amber Absolute by Tom Ford

A wonderfully dark, spicy, woody and resinous smoky amber Oriental fragrance that is a complete pleasure to smell.

Very comfortable for wearing in any situation and is best worn during Spring, Autumn and Winter.

If you can find it, buy it.


Food for Thought:
I would like to add that member landshark321 generally gives fragrances a 7/10 and the ones he/she enjoys an 8/10. It really says something seeing that 10/10 score for Amber Absolute.
08th May, 2018

Ambre Tigré by Givenchy

A gorgeous Oriental fragrance comprised of vanilla, and a resinous amber. The perfect gourmand for lovers of vanilla.

While wearing two sprays of Ambre Tigré, I was in a co-worker's office talking with her. When I returned to my desk, my co-worker messaged me and wrote that another female co-worker walked by her office and said

"Ohhhh someone's perfume smells good."

So projection is low (within arm's length) but apparently sillage in motion is very good.

Longevity was around 8 hours on my skin.

Ambre Tigré can be worn for any occasion during the Spring, Autumn and Winter seasons.

03rd May, 2018 (last edited: 10th May, 2018)

Oud Flamboyant by Givenchy

An opulent scent of leather, resinous labdanum and oud that seems to take me back in time to an ancient market with a leather tannery and an incense shop nearby that is sells oud. A weird experience. Oud Flamboyant is really comforting to wear. As with most Western fragrances, the oud is synthetic but it was definitely satisfying.

Projection was about 6ft (2 meters) for about 6 hours then it backed up to about an arms length for the other 6 hours.

Can be worn for any occasion, day or night and can be worn year-round as well.

This is really good, considering it was put out by Givenchy.

Highly Recommended
27th April, 2018

Le Gemme : Gyan by Bulgari

When worn, Gyan is a sexy cloud of resinous smoky patchouli with a sweet jasmine sambac radiating from the center. The patchouli is not that "hippie smelling" patchouli; this is a rich and refined patchouli.

Gyan is a smooth non-cloying fragrance (unless you really over do it) that can be worn anywhere - Black tie events, office, out with friends, or on a date with that special someone. Gyan gets a lot of unsolicited compliments and smells fantastic.

Gyan projects around 2 meters (6ft) and leaves a nice smoky sweet jasmine trail of fragrance in your wake.

As far as I am concerned, this is a year-round fragrance. Hot or cold weather, you will always smell great.

Gender-wise Gyan would smell great on men and women 25+. Younger people that prefer fresh scents will probably not appreciate this as much.

Gyan as well as the rest of the Le Gemme collection can only be purchased at a Bvlgari boutique online or in one of their brick and mortar locations.

Gyan is a solid 10/10
25th April, 2018 (last edited: 08th May, 2018)

Moonlight in Heaven by By Kilian

A heavenly tropical dessert of citrus, mango, jasmine sambac, coconut milk sticky rice and a woody vetiver. I have received many unsolicited compliments while wearing this.

Yes there are other cheaper "tropical" fragrances out there, but this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. The azure refillable bottle comes in a padded compact case with a mother of pearl inlay. Refills are about $110 cheaper.

On my skin, projection is within an arm's length, and longevity is about 10 hours.

It is not cloying, is perfect for Spring or Summer and can be worn for any occasion, day or night.

Of the many fragrances in my collection, this is one of my top 10 favorites.

16th April, 2018 (last edited: 08th May, 2018)

Dunhill Icon Absolute by Dunhill

A really nice looking metallic faux gold-plated bottle.
Can be purchased for under $50 USD.

Oud is synthetic and not the greatest - by a long shot.
Longevity is between 3 and 4 hours sprayed on my skin.
It immediately turns into a skin scent.

I feel that Dunhill could have done a LOT better with Icon Absolute, considering that both Icon and Icon Racing have a lot better longevity and sillage. I won't mention Icon Elite.

Instead of naming this fragrance Icon Absolute, they should have named it Icon Sport, because most fragrances with the word "Sport" in their name have horrible longevity as well. It would have fit right in.

On the bright side, Icon Absolute can be worn anywhere without a problem because you will be the only one who will be able to smell it.

Scent: 5/10
Longevity: 2/10
Sillage: 1/10

Final score: 2.7/10 = Negative
30th January, 2018

Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme by Gucci

A niche-like fragrance from a designer house? I am loving this!

For the longest time I have been tired of designer perfume houses playing it safe with the same old fresh and bland crap fragrances that they have been inundating consumers with. Gucci's new director is like a breath of fresh air for the designer fragrance industry.

Guilty Absolute is a wonderful and satisfying linear masculine leather fragrance that will last all day on your skin and at least a week on your clothes!

If you like fresh and safe fragrances, go elsewhere. If you like a different or avant garde leather fragrance, this is for you.

A solid 10/10
04th January, 2018

Sycomore Eau de Parfum by Chanel

I had cut and pasted this from the EDT web page:

15 November 2016

I just received my bottle of Sycomore EDP today. I purchased it on Chanel's website.

Having not tried Sycomore EDT previously, I had no preconceived thoughts about this fragrance, other than having read that the EDT is more smoky and the EDP is more woody.
In other words, this is an unbiased review.

I have been wearing Sycamore for about 7 hours now. I must say, Sycomore smells great!

It is a dark woody fragrance, with fresh green and a warm medium smoky scent. The notes seem to switch back and forth between the vetiver and cypress, with a slightly spiced tobacco and juniper poking out here and there.

Though it is listed as unisex, this is seems to be more of a masculine scent. Due to its refined scent, I would gauge this best for age 25+.

With two sprays, the sillage was about 6 feet (2 meters).
If you feel like wearing this to the office, I would suggest limiting yourself to only one spray, as it is nicely potent.

The scent had a really strong sillage for about four hours, and then mellowed out a bit. It is not as potent now, but is is still detectable from about 3' (1 meter) away.


Note: I read on the Chanel website that all the EDTs from the "Les Exclusifs de Chanel" line have been reformulated into an EDP. The only one that was not reformulated, was Les Exclusifs de Chanel Eau de Cologne.
21st November, 2017
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Yeti Attar by The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

Yeti Ambergris Attar

After swiping, I experience a very creamy and buttery sandalwood, with a slightly salty, rubbery flesh note around its fringes. Rubbery flesh is the only way I can describe it, though there is absolutely nothing weird or gross about this attar.

The sandalwood does not come across as a dry wood but more of a warm and moist woody sawdust vibe. The ambergris is definitely aged, as there are no foul odors to be found. The ambergris also gives the sandalwood a lot of depth, making this quite an amazing olfactory experience!

Rich, elegant and calming - It kind of puts your mind into a zen or contemplative state.

Can be worn year-round, for any occasion.

09th September, 2017

Musk Rose by The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

I swiped Musk Rose onto my wrists, then rubbed hands, arms, neck and hair. One drop goes a long way.

Here is how it played out on my skin:

It started off with with something that smelled like Shamamah (maybe henna?), warm musk and incense that turned into a tart & creamy floral, then boozy, then a sweet rose note, more creamy notes, then rose and boozy notes. This was only in the first hour. It was constantly changing on my skin. Loved it!

Musk Rose attar is Unisex, great for work or play and can be worn year-round.

05th September, 2017

Phoenix Fougere by The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

Though I have used a few fougeres over the years, I am not normally a fougere kind of guy - I prefer the darker scents. That being said, I am enjoying Phoenix Fougere. It was the really nice jasmine note that did it for me. Fougere fragrances, like Dior Eau Sauvage, have jasmine but it is usually lost behind the stronger, what I call, "barber shop" notes. Eau Sauvage smells more like an older gentleman's fougere. Phoenix Fougere does not give you that "Old School" feel. I would say that it is more of a "New School" kind of fougere, that any age group would enjoy.

After swiping, I got a herbaceous tart orange citrus accord. After a short time the slightly bitter floral notes came out to play. The jasmine was the most pronounced, but I did pick up some ylang-ylang and lavender in the mix. The jasmine is not the normal jasmine most people are used to. It is Jasmine Sambac. I know the smell of this one from some of Sultan Pasha's attars. Really nice, almost animalic (for lack of a better term). After a time, light bittersweet and dry earth notes take center stage. The wood notes present themselves shortly afterward. By this time, the citrus has receded into the background.

Phoenix Fougere can be worn for work or play, and would wear best during the cooler seasons of Autumn and Winter.

If you are a fan of fougeres, try this. You will be pleasantly surprised.

04th September, 2017

Green Velvet by The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

A very nice woody citrus fragrance.

After swiping, I get a very nice fresh lime note. After a short while, a woodsy cedar note with musty overtones presents itself. This effect reminds me of how the lime plays out on your skin when first spraying on Siberian Musk. As the lime note diminishes, the sandalwood becomes more noticeable by the creamy note. At this point, Green Velvet becomes a creamy musty wood fragrance with lime undertones - the lime is now complimenting the wood notes.

Not being an offensive or overbearing fragrance, Green Velvet could easily be worn for work or play. Projection is about an arms length.

Perfect for the Summer months - even those hot days.

03rd September, 2017

Afghan Smoke by The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

This is a smoky, dark, warm, slightly sweet, floral and woody fragrance.

Upon swiping it on my wrist, the first notes I detected were a sharp green note, jasmine, lavender and vanilla, that turned darker, smokier and woody as time went by.

Afghan Smoke would smell great on anyone! It is not offensive or overbearing. It is not a heavy projector (arms length), but its sillage in motion is nice. Great for work or play, anytime of the year.

This is officially on my "to purchase" list. Well done JK!

03rd September, 2017

Herod by Parfums de Marly

The perfect balance of tobacco and sweetness. This has a moist tobacco note.

Two sprays to the back of my neck and the scent was detected 6 feet away. The next day, the scent was slightly lighter but still easily detectable on my skin.


Note: If you are having problems finding Herod, Nordstrom is carrying it. It is easier to find on their website than in their stores.
25th August, 2017

Arabian Knight by Arabian Oud

A warm floral lemon amber cream enveloped by slightly sharp cinnamon/cedar notes. The cinnamon is not sweet but a dry cinnamon. The sharpness may mess with your allergies if you are prone to them. Personally, I really enjoy this fragrance. Great for any season.

Longevity is 7-12 hours. Sillage is heavy and can be noticed from about 6 feet (2 meters) away.

Signature scent worthy but may not be for everyone. If you can, try before you buy. My blind buy was worth it.

A bottle can be had at under $100 USD which is really nice!

06th July, 2017 (last edited: 12th March, 2018)

Blu Mediterraneo : Fico di Amalfi by Acqua di Parma

If you enjoy the scent of fresh figs with added notes of the white sap of broken fig branches along with light floral and citrus notes, look no further. If you are looking for something different for Summer wear, I highly recommend this fragrance.

When the temperature gets over 80 F (27 C), the scent intensifies. Hot weather really does make this fragrance shine! I would suggest using this fragrance only during hot summer days.

Longevity is 4 to 6 hours. Sillage is 3 to 4 feet.

06th July, 2017

L'Homme de Coeur by Divine

A fresh and spicy green floral with nice dark woody undertones. The floral is a wonderful Iris note that does not have that "lipstick" scent that you experience with other Iris-based fragrances. Definitely not a linear fragrance.

L'homme de Coeur (The Heart of Man) is a very nice masculine EDP that, in my opinion, can be worn year-round for any occasion.

Projection is arm's length. Longevity for myself was about 10 hours.

A solid 10/10.

Note: It is exclusively being sold by Luckyscent.
02nd July, 2017

Musk Abiyad Deluxe by Abdul Karim Al Faransi

A light scented musky sandalwood, wreathed with slightly honey-sweetened floral notes. For myself, the jasmine note stands out more than the tart taif or lotus notes. The musk is not overbearing or "barnyard".

Definitely a ladies’ scent. Musk Abiyad Deluxe can be easily worn year-round and is great for work, play as well as those intimate moments.

I was given 3ml of this for free for purchasing 2 tolas of some of AKF’s other oil blends.
(1 tola = 12ml = 12gm.)

As it is a ladies’ scent, I gifted this to a female friend who is really enjoying it. 12ml may not seem like much, as most of us Westerners are used to 100ml sprays, but fear not, this oil blend is applied with a wand, and little will go a long way for a long time. A tola will last you quite a while.

Signature scent worthy.

A solid 9/10
14th June, 2017 (last edited: 16th June, 2017)

Basenotes Kiss My Ass by O'Driù

I purchased a sample of this and I am really enjoying it.

Aside from the title's hilarious play on words, this fragrance has no base notes. At all. Only Heart and Top notes are in this fragrance.

While wearing Basenotes KMA, I smell green herbs as well as spices, with a slight floral note. Fresh, warm and spicy is the best way that I can describe this.

Unless you live in a really hot area, this could be worn year round. I wore this to the office and received quite a few compliments.

Angelo Orazio Pregoni did a fantastic job at pulling this one off.


26th May, 2017 (last edited: 30th May, 2017)

Devilscent #2: The Main Act by Olympic Orchids

A smokey, anamalic and sexy, sweet cinnamon fragrance that is great for wearing on cold Autumn and Winter nights. This is also the perfect fragrance to wear for those intimate moments.

This one has a strong scent and is not for everyone, so you might want to get the sample before purchasing the 60 ml bottle (the largest size for this fragrance).

Sillage: The fumes of Dev 2- The Main Act, will fill the room with its scent, so go easy on the number of sprays. One spray is great and two sprays is great but almost pushing it, in my opinion.

Longevity: Very, very long lasting (12-24 hours). You will easily smell this on your skin the next day.

26th May, 2017 (last edited: 28th May, 2017)

Jood by Arabian Oud

In the opening you get a strong tantalizing mix of middle Eastern spices and cedar. After a short while, a woody oud and a soft note of sandalwood creeps out from under the veil of the spices.

Longevity is around 10 hours and sillage is heavy.

Perfect for wear in Autumn. Great for wear during Winter and Spring. Due to the strong spice note, this may not be your best choice during the hot Summer months. This fragrance is very refined and masculine. Good for formal, office and day-to-day wear. I personally would not wear it to clubs or out on a date.

Jood is an exotic scent that smells like nothing else I have ever tried.

24th May, 2017 (last edited: 13th May, 2018)

Arabian Legend Silver by Arabian Oud

The bottle reminds me of a hilt. The silver adorned bottle is intended for men, the gold adorned bottle is intended for women.

The blackberry and citrus combine to give Arabian Legend a tart blackberry marmalade scent with dark oud/woodsy undertones. This is a masculine scent and smells amazing! I get a lot of compliments while wearing this.

This is a very potent EDP. Longevity is well over 12 hours on your skin, days on your clothes. Sillage is huge.

I find myself wearing this one quite often.
A solid 10/10

If you are looking for this product for purchase, search for "Arabian Legend" and look for the silver adorned bottle.
21st May, 2017 (last edited: 28th May, 2017)

Royal Blend by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

This oil blend is my all-time favorite. It is regal, sensual, power and elegance all blended in to one bottle. Royal Blend can be worn anywhere to any type of event, for any occasion. Work or play. Great for year-round wear. This one will get you compliments as well as a good amount of positive attraction.

Longevity is 10+ hours and will last a few days on your clothes. Sillage is amazing and people will notice.

Signature scent worthy.

Applying two or three drops and rubbing it into your hands, arms neck and hair, it will last a long time; which is great because that means the bottle will last you quite a while.

18th February, 2017 (last edited: 29th May, 2017)

Safari Extreme by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

Safari Extreme won the Fragrance of the Year award at the 2015, 6th Annual Arabia Fragrance Oscars.

This fragrance smells similar to the original Safari Blend; Just darker and spicier. A very masculine scent.

On wearing Safari Extreme, the notes I get are vanilla, peppery spices, sandalwood, florals (jasmine, rose and maybe ylang ylang?), oud and a woody note that smells like it might be cedar.

Safari Extreme is a versitile fragrance that can be worn at the office, on a date, a night on the town or just for daily wear.

In my opinion, Safari Extreme can be worn on Summer nights, as well as day or night during the Autumn, Winter and Spring seasons.

Enormous sillage and very long lasting. I have received many compliments while wearing this.

Blind buy worthy and signature scent worthy.

Highly recommended.

03rd February, 2017 (last edited: 14th December, 2017)

Rouh Al Aoud by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

An amazing, oud blend.

The oud is not anamalic but instead is aged and has a dry myrrh/amber type of scent. A multifaceted blend, the notes are constantly shifting. This is not a boring, single note, linear fragrance.

Though this blend's royal scent can definitely be worn to kingly or black-tie events, I feel that it can be worn comfortably in slacks or jeans as well. Rouh Al Oud just has this "easy-going" feel to it. Definitely easy to wear daily and can be worn year-round, at parties, events, the office, at home and as your own signature scent.

Sillage is Very large and trails nicely while you are moving. This oil blend is long lasting.

Blind buy worthy and great for people new to oud.

30th January, 2017 (last edited: 22nd March, 2018)