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Very Sexy for Her by Victoria's Secret

For the price, this is a workhorse. lasts on skin and clothing, projects nicely without being overwhelming.

I feel very pretty when I wear this. It's not quite as sexy as the name would suggest, but it definitely is a darker scent than most VS perfumes.

I like that it smells young enough without smelling like a cheap body spray.

03rd February, 2015

Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford

I love the scent of this, but I wish it lasted on me and projected at all. The initial spray smells delectable, but the dry down smells weirdly like A&D ointment. I don't find that to be a negative, though, because it makes me think of my children.

All in all, I'm rather ambivalent about this one. Glad I did not purchase it.
03rd February, 2015

No. 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk by Trish McEvoy

This is a great scent. I want to eat my arm when I smell it, but unfortunately it isn't very strong on me, and it doesn't last for long. I have to spray multiple sprays, and then after a few hours, it's gone.

It is a good date scent because obviously, you will smell delicious, and only the person very close to you will smell you.

For the price, though, I like for it to last a little longer on me.

I cannot reiterate enough just how delicious this smells. SO delicious.
03rd February, 2015
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Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

This is my signature scent. It smells heavy but clean, and it is difficult to say any one thing it smells of.

I enjoy wearing it because it's a simple, good scent that smells both sophisticated and young. As a professional, it works because it smells expensive while not smelling over the top glamorous (which I find problematic in the work place).

It lasts all day and into the next day on clothes and on skin. It can be a little strong, so one squirt is plenty for me. Otherwise you get people saying that you smell good from across the room. Nice compliment, but not exactly what I'm going for.
03rd February, 2015

DKNY Be Delicious by Donna Karan

I like this scent in general, but it smells a little young for me (I'm 34). I like it for jeans and a tee shirt in the summer time. I prefer less fruity and loud scents over this type, but it's an easy wearing scent. I'd put it on the level with a bath and body works scent. Not bad, not great.
03rd February, 2015

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Upon first spray, I was hit with a very almost pungent smell I couldn't identify, and then after about ten minutes, it mellowed some.

I am no fan of the initial scent, but as it dries down, it smells amazing. I'm not so great with explaining specific elements, but let me paint a picture of it for you.

Imagine that you are wearing a lovely, simple, and elegant vintage black crepe gown. You'd have on pearls and you'd be the type of person who wears fur.

You're riding with a handsome man in a very lovely car, luxury but not conspicuous consumption. He's old money, and he smells like leather, tobacco, and trees. He probably smokes a pipe, but he's no hipster.

You're wearing red lipstick, but your hair is just disheveled enough to indicate some dirty fun prior to your event. And you're just edgy enough to have on black nail polish with the very classic look.

You check your lipstick one last time before you leave the car, and you see that you've had to reapply because your little tryst may have smeared it a bit. Your date would just wink at you, and the two of you would snicker and go have a good 15 year scotch at the bar. You're definitely a woman who loves a good scotch.

That's how it smells.
03rd February, 2015