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Derby Club House Blanche by Armaf

Best clone of Creed Silver Mountain Water. I really like it quite a lot. You can get this for about $20 on ebay, well worth the money.
10th November, 2017

Man.Aubusson Intense by Aubusson

Bought this at TJ Maxx a while back for like $7 for a 100ml bottle. Rather nice fragrance. The longevity is about 6 hours which is more than I expected for a fragrance of this price point. Some folks think it smells like Joop Jump, I disagree. Worth the money.
10th November, 2017

Cadillac Black by Cadillac

I bought this fragrance a while back and I really like it. I had not worn it in sometime, but I tried it a few weeks ago and was surprised how nice it was. In my opinion this fragrance closely resembles Creed Original Santal or Mont Blanc Individuel. This fragrance can be had for about $12 online. For the price it is worth the buy.
06th May, 2015
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Guess Night by Guess

The cedar note is really nice and refreshing. The only downside if I only get about 4 hours of longevity on my skin.
22nd March, 2015