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Armani Code A-List by Giorgio Armani

I've been a collector of Giorgio Armani Code flankers for the most part; the original seemed okay, but nothing special in comparison to the retakes done on it.

Says Giorgio Armani about this special edition:

"Code A-List is a perfume infused with the seductive notes of the first iconic Armani Code aftershave, yet has been distilled further into a rare blend.

"Magnifying ingredients, bergamot and green mandarin blend with the smoky tones of Gaïac wood.

"A tension has been created between lavandin grosso heart and the intensity of Tonka bean.

"Due to a unique way of extracting, the lavandin grosso heart brings luminosity, opening doors to the exclusive world of Code A-List."

Armani Code A-List unmistakably echoes the original, with some notable differences: First, A-List leans towards the aromatic, smoky quality of Armani Code Ultimate. The opening citrus peel elements (bergamot and green mandarin) add a slight brightness, which mixes naturally with the full lavander heartnote. As with all the other Codes, A-List features the sensual tonka bean note that points right to the guiac wood foundation.

Compared to the original, A-List has some more depth and colorful appeal. It waxes more formal and fits with a suit, for sure. It does seem to be a bit lighter in density than the original, meaning it will require careful application of layers of the scent to avoid fading out too early.

Overall, this is a genuinely pleasant scent that I'd hasten to call "Armani Code Light", as the "Colonia" edition explores the Eau de Cologne side of Code but doesn't act the part of a "light" Code per se. (There is the Armani Code Ice version which I haven't tried.)

03rd July, 2018

Les Exceptions : Woodissime by Thierry Mugler

I'm always a sucker for a well-crafter wood scent. I was quite eager to give "Les Exceptions: Woodissime" by Thierry Mugler a sample run....

The spray-on begins with a sweet, boozy experience that reminds me of aperitifs like Gran Marnier and Disaronno (orange and almond liqueurs, respectively). It is a surprisingly simple, clean start to something I'd expected to be more woody. If there is any woody resemblance, it's in a stripped-down cedar sitting within this arguably, singularly floral quality (the osmanthus) with a moderate touch of patchouli. And being an oud note fanatic, I was sniffing and sniffing to try and detect it; I detect a smidgen of it in there, but nothing definitive. Vetiver, well...again, in very subtle amounts, if at all. Sandalwood may be the most evident wood note in this overall very simple, bare composition.

This fragrance reminds me of a close cousin to a surprisingly well-made and inexpensive scent made by TJ Maxx, called Bourbon Craft. Both are heavy on sandalwood and with an unmistakable boozy nature that renders them smooth and sensuous. Personally, I find that Bourbon Craft would be a more satisfactory experience, by no means smelling "cheap" (though it goes for US$13) yet exuding a classy character. Woodissime EdP would then seem WAY overpriced by comparison, doing just about the same thing as Bourbon Craft, albeit more subtly.

I like Woodissime, but given the inexpensive alternative that is SO similar to it, I wouldn't plunk down the serious $$$'s for it.
01st July, 2018

Les Exceptions : Fougère Furieuse by Thierry Mugler

Continuing on my exploration of the "Les Exceptions" series from Thierry Mugler, I now examine Fougere Furieuse....

The start is a strong mossy and woody mix. It seems to swirl in a vortex of natural notes from deep in a forest: Pine, oakmoss, cedar, juniper, injected with a lemony-fresh dose from the neroli and bergamot. A slight emergence of amber warms things up a bit, but the scent remains in an aromatic motion that is remarkable!

This one operates in a similar way as the original A*Men, not so much in the perceived notes, but in the whirlwind of potent ingredients that seems to "move"! Nay, this one is its own experience and identity, a restless yet tastefully crafted EdP that tilts a hat to the powerhouse fougeres of times past and present.

I would recommend this for men and for more formal occasions. Could a lady wear it? Only if she is adventurous and ready to put on this "active" natural experience, willing to suspend potential perceptions of a masculine scent. YOU be the judge. :-)

01st July, 2018
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Pino Silvestre by Silvestre

Pino Silvestre has been a cologne that I have seen either online or in person for decades now. For one reason or another, I never got around to testing this legendary scent until now.


Says the outside of the box:
"PINE GEMS ESSENCE - The purest tears trickle onto the pinecones releasing the fresh scent of the pine needles [sic] intense and balmy fragrance.

PINO SILVESTRE ORIGINAL - Created in the fifties from a blend of twelve natural oils. Pino Silvestre is still being made in Venice with the same dedication following the most rigorous methods to meet the strong, irresistible need for nature inherent in every one of us. The Original Fragrance from Nature"


Initial spray-on starts out with the strong presence of the spice (the clary sage) and flowers (lavender plus geranium); this is followed with a slight touch of the introductory citrus peel notes of bergamot and lemon. Pine definitely sticks out in my bottle of this cologne, in the manner of my grabbing a handful of pine needles and taking a direct sniff versus a clarified, refined syrup per se.

This pine essence really catches my fancy, bringing back many years of fond memories (disconnected as they may be) of whenever I've beheld this intoxicating, comforting smell of nature.

There is a mossiness that emerges soon thereafter that adds the further natural intrigue of my being in a real forest of pine trees somewhere. Musk is barely present, which is fine; amber appears to seep through the mix of spice and florals as a convincing foundation for all the notes to settle upon. And I do detect one of my other favorite wood notes, cedarwood, appearing as a laid back neighbor that doesn't compete nor try to overshadow the star of the show: Pine.

No Pine-Sol vibe at all here (I didn't say that I DON'T like Pine-Sol fragrance, lol); this is a natural pine sensation that doesn't smell synthesized. Also, there is no sweet note added in, as in Coty's Aspen cologne (also heavily pine-themed).

This is a great kicking it around the house type scent that acts like an aromatherapeutic oil. It can be used in casual outings at different times of year, and personally I admire the timeless, sincere quality of this product (and for a very affordable price in just about every venue I'd seen it sold).

Pino Silvestre isn't for everyone; it definitely has an old-school flair to it that young wearers may feel challenged by. For a middle-aged man like me, I can see myself wearing and enjoying this, whether others notice it or not.

26th June, 2018

Poppy Blossom by Coach

Bought this for my mom's birthday recently. Coach's Poppy Blossom has a hypnotically fruity and floral blend that doesn't smell generic nor brash, just clean and elegant.

Fragrance notes in the triangle include:
Head = Litchi, Strawberry, Mandarin Orange, Freesia
Heart = Lily-of-the-Valley, Rose, Tuberose, Gardenia, Jasmine Sambac
Base = Praline, Vanilla, "Woody Notes", Musk

There's a balance in Poppy Blossom that is quite pleasant, without any one note "screaming" at you. The notes are artfully blended together and form a semi-gourmand perfume that is fresh, playful, flirty, and classy altogether. (I get the same vibe from Demeter's Sex on the Beach perfume.) It may be too strong for a mere jaunt into town, maybe more suited for a longer, semi-casual evening occasion with friends.

As a man, I really do enjoy smelling this, and it was such a pleasure to get it for my mom on her birthday! :)
26th June, 2018

John Varvatos by John Varvatos

I was aware of this John Varvatos fragrance back in 2004 when it had first come out. At that time, I was so busy checking out other scents on the market that I hadn't sampled this cologne, but I was meaning to for quite a while. SInce then, I had sampled his other fragrances - Dark Rebel, Vintage, Artisan Blu, Artisan Black, Artisan Pure - and now I have finally checked out this one.

The fragrance triangle list was chock full of notes I have seldom seen in other colognes; as a man of east Indian descent, I appreciated the inclusion of medjool, date fruit, west Indian tamarind tree, and Indian ajowan into this formulation.

Subjectively, I experience a scent full of layers that are exotic, yet familiar all the same. There is a slight tang (tamarind seems to dominate) paired up with requisite spiciness from subtle amounts of coriander and sage flower.

On balance, John Varvatos' 2004 scent reminds me of a more sophisticated, watered-down version of FCUK Him: Both have a powderiness that isn't static, swimming around with other herbs, spices and foundational basenotes.

Although there is a definite bend towards Indian sensibilities in this fragrance, I actually take away a more Italian sensation in the end. The end result is something slightly higher than a skinscent that acts as a silent friend around company, versus a brash extrovert who can't stop talking! Occasions for this cologne are definitely for informal ones, warm or cold. But with a bit more heavy application, it can work in formal occasions perhaps.

I like John Varvatos' offering. Worth a try (it can be easily confused with his other scents, as they all have the same shape though with different embossments and colors).
26th June, 2018

Cuiron by Helmut Lang

A very basic, though effective, leather scent in the vein of oldies like Chaps, Stetson, and other "thick" leathery colognes.

Initial spray-on begins with an almost unconsciousness inducing assault of plain alcohol. After 15-20 seconds, that blinding brightness eases back, and then the ingredients of this classy scent start to emerge like a moderately paced sunrise.

It comes across as rubbery (like a block of brown eraser), loaded with spices, lemon peel, and a hint of musk. This then subtly transforms into the smell of a pricy leather jacket, swathed with oiled suede and rich cowhide. It ultimately stabilizes into a clean, steady expression of formal elegance befitting a man of taste and poise.

Helmut Lang Cuiron is well-made with no odd turns nor fancy moves. It is warm, dark, comforting, and a wonderful masculine scent that lasts a long time and never alters its character.
26th June, 2018

Les Exceptions : Supra Floral by Thierry Mugler

Not a bad outing in the Les Exceptions series from Mugler. I would consider Supra Floral to be more of a feminine than a masculine fragrance, though it is marketed as unisex.

Hyacinth most certainly dominates in Supra Floral, from start to finish. There is a fresh, crisp quality to this note that is artfully utilized in this EdP. Amber is of moderate strength, and the incense is as well; the result is one that I can't see myself wearing, having a characteristic strong women's floral scent quality to it. Oversprayed, Supra Floral could become cloying.

If a woman were to wear this, I'd be somewhat interested. It seems a bit flat and basic for a boutique-level fragrance, but that's just my opinion.
22nd June, 2018

Les Exceptions : Cuir Impertinent by Thierry Mugler

This is scent number three I've recently sampled in Mugler's Les Exceptions set...

Cuir Impertinent begins with an onslaught of gorgeous amber, closely resembling L'Occitane en Provence's now discontinued "Ambre / Amber" scent. Star anise is present in tasteful amounts to accent - never overtake - the amber-y goodness present here. The initial "shine" upon spray-on has the quality of a fancy aperitif drink, characteristic of a subdued, dry amaretto.

In the midst of this hypnotic sweetness emerges a slightly smoky piece of leather. Tobacco seeps in very subtly to round this beautifully rendered EdP.

Lasts a long time, and honestly, the reverie of L'Occitane's Amber scent of the early 2000's truly grabs my attention most in Cuir Impertinent. This would definitely be one of the Les Exception EdP's that I'd buy even at its boutique price.
22nd June, 2018

Rykiel Homme by Sonia Rykiel

Quite a pleasant fragrance from Sonia Rykiel; I went ahead and plunked down a premium amount for the EdP version of this now discontinued gem.

I've been a big fan of Rykiel Homme Grey for over a decade, and it's taken me a while to go ahead and check out its predecessor, Rykiel Homme. (Plus, I noticed a bottle of this fragrance present in the collection of scents that Howard Saint, the main bad guy in "The Punisher", had on his counter(!) - lol, that piqued my interest as well.)

According to what I purchased, these are the EdP notes as listed by Sonia Rykiel Parfums-Beaute itself:

"Fresh, aromatic, woody, spicy"

[Head...] Yuzu, Grapefruit, Cardamom, Wild stream Mint
[Heart...] Violet, Nutmeg, Cypress (Hinoki), Cinnamon Ceylon
[Base...] Amber, Fir Balsam (Canadian Pine), Sandalwood, Cedarwood Virginia

The initial spray hits me with strong citrus (the grapefruit and yuzu), conjoined thereafter with thick, bright mint accented nicely with cardamom. That combo seems to dominate for a while, with the heart note elements squeezing through in tiny bits to add subtle definition and never "yelling" attention to themselves.

Jasmine clearly is in the heart of all this (oddly, not mentioned in the note triangle above nor in the reference notes for my bottle), adding a tasteful floral touch synergizing with the citrus-mint stronghold. Fig leaf (also not listed above nor with my bottle) does appear in the midst of this dance, giving me brief flashbacks of Salvatore Ferragamo's original cologne. In the base of this EdP, I eventually recognize the presence of sandalwood and vetiver, also injecting themselves to reinforce the main stronghold rather than diminish / alter it. Pine and cedar are clearly emergent notes that hold it all down with confidence.

The end result: A clean, aromatic herbal citrus green scent that has a whiff of nostalgia, tipping its hat to classic scents of the distant past (like Hugo Number One, Quorum, Opium for Men, Ted Lapidus, Pino Sylvestre et. al.) as well as the recent past (Hugo by Hugo Boss, Zirh for Men, and Encre Noir by Lalique, most notably).

Rykiel Homme EdP manages to keep its own distinct character, even with commonly used notes like yuzu, mint, fig leaf, nutmeg, violet leaf, cedar, pine, etc.: Classy, steady, linear, and proud. As other reviewers have noted, the fragrance notes in Rykiel Homme EdP are well-blended and tastefully constructed. I'd wear this for casual occasions (as I have with Hugo, which is VERY similar in finish to this one), maybe more so more formal ones esp. with cooler temps. (Perhaps the EdT, which I haven't tried, is a bit more versatile in that way.) But I suspect that the EdP is good enough to wear just about anywhere and anytime of the year - it's that good.

Glad I bought this one. It's not revolutionary nor 100% unique, but it certainly does its job quite well and is worth checking out (esp. as bottles disappear and prices soar!).
21st June, 2018 (last edited: 22nd June, 2018)

Les Exceptions : Hot Cologne by Thierry Mugler

The second of the Les Exceptions EdP's that I have sampled: Mugler's Les Exceptions: Hot Cologne has such a curious name that drew me in immediately, esp. after having tried out Mugler Cologne many years ago.

Like its sibling Chyprissime, bergamot is the vehicle that gets this scent moving, paired tastefully with splashes of mandarin and lemon. It has the characteristic Eau de Cologne splash quality (cf. 4711, Imperiale de Guerlain). Green coffee is the surprise guest in this, adding slight whiffs of typical coffee earthiness that rounds the citrus elements out. It seems to last a bit longer than typical citrus-spice cologne splashes; I wish it had a bit more depth in the citrus notes, given the boutique quality and price of this EdP. I do like the presence of petitgrains, giving it a slightly gin-like finish.

This one ends up being a moderately bright, fresh warm-weather citrus scent that softens its edges in not too long a time after initial application. The final version on my skin is a nice, clean vetiver with a slight reprise of the odd green coffee note continually "browning" the experience.

I really like the composition of this one on balance, and I'm glad that this didn't end up as a "Mugler Cologne II"! Overall, I don't think I'd spend money for a full bottle; other citrus-y scents are out there doing basically the same job for far less cost.
21st June, 2018 (last edited: 22nd June, 2018)

Les Exceptions : Chyprissime by Thierry Mugler

(This is the first of Mugler's "Les Exceptions" EdP's that I have tested:)

Chyprissime has a really elegant, sophisticated quality to it from the very first spray-on. Bergamot and orange dominate in the beginning, indeed with a burst of bright pear that is a surprise! Patchouli and oak moss bring an earthy, slightly spicy edge that results in a tangy spicy creation that can be worn by either gender.

The fragrance levels out with the fruity head and heart notes subsiding and becoming even with the oak moss and patchouli. I see parallels in Mugler's Les Exceptions: Chyprissime to wonderful scents like 1899 Ernest Hemingway by Histoires de Parfums: Both have a classic fougere quality that fits esp. formal wear, but can easily be enjoyed for informal, casual occasions as well.

Really enjoyable, balanced, and not like other Thierry Mugler scents for men; a safe bet if you want to stand out and smell good doing it. :-)
21st June, 2018

Eternity Air for Men by Calvin Klein

Strong blast of mandarin starts this fragrance out with a fruity orange sensation, with a slight aromatic touch of juniper berries appearing on the edges. The slightly metallic "ozonic" note appears in the middle of the head note flurry, lending a definite light and airy quality that fits the name.

I then sense lavender and patchouli naturally creep in together, sans IMO any noticeable presence of violet. Green apple skin is now dancing gracefully about the heartnote horizon, giving the initially tangy fruity experience a more subdued apple-y one, accented by the unfading sweet and spicy partnership of the lavender-patchouli. A slight salty sea touch emerges with the sea moss, and the ambergris adds a tiny bit of animalic charm. After about 15 minutes or so, the intensity of Eternity Air fades and remains simply and subtly clean and aromatic.

A pleasant warm weather flanker of the original classic Eternity, being far less tangy but retaining much of the aromatic flair. Seems more of a mood / skin-scent by design than a powerhouse retake of the original. Though it's in a different house and category, I get a similar parallel lightness in Givenchy's Pi Air vs. the original Pi. Worth a try, though it's nothing revolutionary IMO.
19th June, 2018
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Velvet Exotic Leather by Dolce & Gabbana

(From the outset, I had anticipated quite an olfactory ride as I wore, analyzed and prepared to post a review of this one. And it didn't disappoint!)

D&G's Velvet Exotic Leather is a classy, sophisticated fragrance that is not quite like any other offering from the company. It is an EdP that exudes a rich, complex character from beginning to end.

I see some similarities of VEL to Hugo Boss' The Scent, which also has that leather-fruit-spice quality to it. Also, I saw a slight resemblance to Atelier Cologne's Tobacco Nuit, i.e. the slight smoky-tangy thing.

From the initial spray-on, I get a moderately bright booze (that rum) and spiciness (the clary sage, no doubt) with a touch of woods (something akin to Comme des Garcons Wonderwood and a bit like DSquared's He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood, esp. due to the presence of labdanum "rock rose").

In about ten minutes, the moderate pungence of wood subsides, leaving a subtle spiciness along with incense, and then the emergence of a fine leather note - like a leather that is thinly coated with a slightly spicy and musky smelling oil. At this point, parallels to Coach for Men's suede note seem evident to me.

The scent eases back into a well-blended mix of light florals (i.e., lavender), spice, leather, incense, booze and even a tangerine-like citrus tang. The tanginess wears slowly away, and the result is a long-lasting, steady leather-incense-spice finish that never ceases to smell classy and sensual. The greatly copied vibe of modern powerhouses (like Ferragamo's Uomo, Paco Rabanne's Invictus, Armani's Stronger With You and Acqua di Gio Absolu, etc.) exists within VEL in mild, tolerable amounts that adds a modern twist, but this scent is unmistakably a multilayered high-end EdP that says so much more.

IMO, this fragrance is best for formal occasions esp. in colder temps. D&G's VEL is unquestionably well-made and well-behaved; whether one would pay the boutique price is another issue. Overall, I enjoyed this beautifully crafted potion and give it a strong thumbs up.
07th June, 2018

Full Throttle by Orange County Choppers

As another reviewer did, I will review the three Orange County Choppers bottles: Full Throttle, Paul Senior and Paul Junior.

* OCC Full Throttle
A warm, anise-based scent that reminds me greatly of Kenzoair, in both quality and intensity. (It also reminds me somewhat of the clean, outdoorsy Hummer H2 fragrance.) Mild, simple scent that is slightly more than a skinscent. Safe and pleasant, though nothing revolutionary.

* OCC Paul Senior
Spicy aromatic cologne, slightly wafting of orange peel and leather. A bit reminiscent of Caron's Anarchiste, sans the metallic note. I also catch a floral note (either jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, or the like) which adds a fresh component that makes this special.

* OCC Mike
A nice aromatic herbal and spice mix with a touch of wood, reminding me of a well-made L'Occitane en Provence fragrance! Has a warm, friendly feel that I really enjoy.
12th May, 2018

Jack Black Signature Black Mark by Jack Black

A really smooth, long-lasting EdP from Jack Black! Saffron and cedar make a great pairing in this JB Signature fragrance, lending a very potent but tastefully tailored effect. The leather adds a logical dimension to this fine scent, yielding a heavy woody-leather quality that never changes unpredictably nor gets cloying over time.

It's not a totally unique concept here, as I find big parallels to Gucci pour Homme II. But compared to that one, JB Signature Black Mark lasts and lasts, maintaining its strength decently even after many hours have passed.

Well-made of fine ingredients, this one will be a scent that I turn to often! :-)
12th May, 2018

Made to Measure by Gucci

Beautiful, sophisticated, clean fragrance from Gucci!

Opening spray is full of a bright citrus peel-like quality, married so well by the lavender and strong nutmeg spice in the heart. Patchouli holds it all together, with the lavender, anise seed, cinnamon, plum, and other notes adding tasteful accents leading to an aromatic, floral-spice oriental experience grounded in amber and leather.

A welcome addition to the Gucci family of fragrances, exuding class and easily wearable in different occasions and temperatures.
06th May, 2018

Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

Just as the name implies, this is a nice and fresh cologne from Versace, suitable for warmer weather and casual occasions.

Versace Man Eau Fraîche has an aquatic "blue" quality from application to eventual wearaway. The tanginess is built up thanks to the presence of star fruit and lemon, accented by light spice and wood notes held in place by the musk accord. It is a moderate sillage scent, more than skin level but far from loud (unless overapplied). VMEF feels friendly and invigorating, a great part of my active work day that does not come across as cloying.

04th May, 2018

Terra by Vince Camuto

Pungent, fruity, musky, and woody....a combination I can work with!

You get this same vibe from many other fragrances (esp. the "red" flankers of Azzaro pour Homme, Perry Ellis Portfolio, Givenchy Xeryus Rouge, and the like). In each case, I was drawn to the same quality found in Terra.

Masculine, friendly, pleasant creation from Vince Camuto.

04th May, 2018

Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum by Burberry

A richer, deeper formulation of the original Mr. Burberry EdT. Lasts longer, shines brighter with the impressive assortment of spices, and just feels classy and well-made.
04th May, 2018

Light Blue Italian Zest pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

An interesting flanker of D&G Light Blue. Whereas several other flankers of LB have explored the aquatic, seaside quality of the original, this one capitalzes on the fruity aspects, accented by spices (pepper, juniper, rosemary) and sitting atop a warm wood-incense-musk foundation.
04th May, 2018

Eau de Mandarine Ambrée by Hermès

Nice smell of the pith and peel of tangerine oranges, but longevity is not great. And I don't know if I would want to smell like THIS necessarily; other orange suitable scents are out there, and this one seems too "kitchen" to be worn successfully.
04th May, 2018

Boss Bottled Tonic by Hugo Boss

I am a longtime fan of the Boss Bottled series. I have worn and owned the flankers with great adoration over the years, counting them as reliable favorites to wear.

But Tonic....I applied a "lot" of this one to my wrist just for it to BARELY appear, esp. when I'd stepped out of the A/C of the local mall to the very warm spring weather outdoors. I sensed the DNA of the original, which seemed not accented by but STIFLED by the ginger and vetiver. It's basically a skinscent that, as a Boss Bottled Tonic ad says, encourages others to come in closer. Whether or not they'd like what they behold is another thing.
04th May, 2018

Eau de Cade by L'Occitane

Hmmm...didn't totally impress me as I'd hoped. But I did notice and appreciate the firlike petitgrain in Eau de Cade.

Overall, Eau de Cade seems like a pedestrian mix of spices and woods that feel like a cheap aftershave than a wearable, universal scent like others in L'Occitane's line. I have to say it does feel natural, yet nothing all too memorable.
04th May, 2018

L'Occitan by L'Occitane

Really nice, basic fragrance from L'Occitane. With Eau de L'Occitan pour Homme, you will get a straightforward spicy bright scent, thanks to the healthy dose of black pepper in the head and nutmeg in the heart, mixed with cinnamon. Lavender acts as a deft "background" against which the spicy onslaught stands, adding its own spicy qualities to the melange.

The overall effect is a classy scent that feels natural and polished. Lasts for an impressively long time, staying linear and predictable. Highly recommended!
04th May, 2018

Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford

This vetiver scent definitely smells "green" to me! Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver explores the wet, slightly tangy (almost neroli-like) aspect of vetiver. It is very clean and straightforward, with the sage and nutmeg coloring this scent strongly with spicy verve. Oak moss adds a nice smoothing effect to this otherwise bright creation.

The orange flower, grapefruit, and pimento add subtle punctuations of shiny fruitiness to an ultimately clean, vegetal effect reminiscent of a green field rolling in the spring or summer sunlight. Grey Vetiver doesn't come off as pretentious nor gimmicky; instead, it gives prospective users just what they want in a vetiver scent.

04th May, 2018

Au by Ted Baker

Sophisticated, distinctive fragrance from Ted Baker!

I had a chance to try this and the other two elements ("Cu" (copper) and "Ag" (silver)) at a local Nordstrom in Maryland. "Au" (gold) is noticeably pungent, dressed up with a healthy spike of spice with the clove, and a subtle swath of jasmine as well. The musk and vanilla base adds a warm foundation that rounds this scent out nicely.

I would rank "Ag" then "Cu" as my favorites, then "Au" (which doesn't strike me as strongly as the others, but opinions will differ). Check them all out! :^>
04th May, 2018

Cu by Ted Baker

Really nice fragrance from Ted Baker London! "Cu" (copper) has a very pleasant, powdery citrus and peppery quality that immediately grabs my attention. A healthy does of patchouli holds this simple, but enjoyable, scent together.

Sampled this at a local Nordstrom here in Maryland. This and the other Ted Baker scents are worth a try, disctinctive choices in the current arena of men's scents.
04th May, 2018

Ag by Ted Baker

Fresh, very wearable fragrance from Ted Baker! Combines citrus brightness with a sharply floral note, thanks to the violet leaf, and brought to a strong, stable foundation of leather and cedar.

Although there are other scents with violet in it (including one of my treasured classics, Emporio Armani Night He), Ted Baker Ag (silver) smells distinctive doing it. Smells sufficiently different to not be mistaken with other colognes in the current arena of fragrances.

I had a chance to try this and the other two men's scents from Ted Baker at a local Nordstrom here in Maryland. This one ranks up there, IMO, alongside Cu (copper). Very much worth a test!
04th May, 2018

CH Men Privé by Carolina Herrera

Amazing scent from Carolina Herrera!

CH Men Privé is a warm oriental scent, loaded with spices and dark, inviting leather-benzoin-tonka foundation. Lavender shimmers throughout the heart of this beautifully crafted scent, and the whiskey accord adds a sophisticated, sexy touch. I did not get a lot of the citrus fruit listed in the head (i.e. pomelo and grapefruit), but those blend subtly in and add fruit accents that play well with the melange of spices (thyme, sage, cardamom).

This fragrance feels like many others I have experienced before, yet it also seems unique. Great for warm weather informal and even formal occasions. And it doesn't quite mimic the hordes of colognes currently out in the market that all smell so alike (along the lines of Armani's Stronger With You), so it has enough character of its own not to be mistaken for another.

Lovely fragrance, highly recommended.

02nd May, 2018