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Viking by Creed

I LOVE Viking.

It's not a unique scent: Clive Christian's X is an example of another pleasant peppery-citrus scent that I really enjoy. But overall, Creed's Viking really smells fresh, bright, and pleasant to wear.

From start to finish, Viking is chock full of fancy pink pepper goodness, pairing nicely in the initial spray-on with the bergamot and lemon to create an enduring citrus plus pepper combination, accented by rose and mint. The base is an unpretentious, basic vetiver-patchouli-lavanderish foundation where the characteristic pepper-citrus lingers, though in a more muted fashion.

I personally love Viking's bracing quality, echoing classsics like Old Spice with unmistakable masculinity.
For me (and I speak only for me), I can see myself getting a full bottle of this Creed scent because of how strongly it connects with me. I HIGHLY recommend a test spritz at a local high-end department store near you, or a decant sample online, in order to see if Viking connects with you.

08th September, 2018

Himalaya by Creed

A half-hearted thumbs up. Not because Creed's Himalaya smells bad to me, but because it's too understated and simple for my tastes.

Take perhaps four parts Escentric Molecules 01 and six parts Escentric Molecules 02, mix together, and...
Voila, it's Creed Himalaya! I do detect a few other notes in there, but for the most part, these seem to dominate: Iso E Super and Ambroxan.

Opening spray is a light citrus peel sensation that immediately goes into skin-scent mode. Ironically, after about 15 minutes this initial sheen dissipates, and the iso e emerges quite clearly, along with the unmistakable musky Creed ambergris accord (partly reflected in Ambroxan, one element in ambergris).

Now the question is: Do you like loud, straightforward and assertive colognes? Then Creed Himalaya may not be for you. This scent is airy, aromatic, woody, slightly citrus and musky with moderate sillage. It seems meant for the enjoyment of the wearer than those walking by or around the wearer, unless he (she?) had decided to layer Himalaya on himself three times or so.

Sandalwood's musky-creamy presence works well to add a bit more complexity to the cedar in the base; else, if it was strictly iso e super, this would be a more sterile scent from Creed. Overall, there is an atmospheric, natural vibe that Himalaya communicates, and those who like subtle, whispering soft fragrances, this may be the scent for you.

Great casual outing fragrance, also suitable for daily informal wear and for the office. Creed's Himalaya is a safe, pleasant, clean and basic scent that shouldn't offend any but the most sensitive smeller.
08th September, 2018

English Leather by Dana

One of the first leather scents that I had discovered growing up as a kid. I would sneak into the medicine cabinets of family or friend's fathers to unscrew that sexy wooden cap and tap some of the liquid onto the back of my hand to sample. Truly a bold, aromatic musk with the starchy goodness of cedar to evoke a leathery sensation that I as a kid was fascinated by!

Since then, as a teen I would apply a couple dabs of English Leather on my face and revel in the "grown up" charm of this aftershave. A chypre par excellence, moving from citrus to mossy goodness and into a warm foundation.

As an adult, I have plenty of personal choices in my collection to use following a shave. However, whenever I want to enter into reverie for the days of old, I'll splash on some English Leather and reminisce to when my cologne sensibilities were young and developing. I'd say this is still a great, no-nonsense masculine scent even for today's man.
04th September, 2018
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Chantilly by Dana

I recall buying this perfume for my mom several decades ago.

Chantilly is a warm, sweet and spicy floral fragrance that wasn't loud and had a nice, lingering ambery finish.

I don't know if what I gave her in the mid-1980's was the reformulated Dana version or not. Whatever it was, I happened to find it to smell really friendly and exude a laid-back charm to it.
04th September, 2018

Hai Karate by Healthpoint Ltd

Oh boy, I admit that I had to get a bottle only a decade or so ago just to have said, "Yea, I tried it." :-)

Once I got past its fully pretentious name and adolescent marketing strategy, what I got was an okay, non-cloying, non-beastmode aromatic oriental musk scent that I can imagine that a lot of teens / teens at heart would wear with a bunch of crazy notions in mind about what was to come next! (Some of that was reflected in the "pheromone" scents that came out in subsequent eras, meant to promise all kinds of luck with the opposite sex.)

Hai Karate is inoffensive but not revolutionary (sorry, Pfizer!). It starts with a sharp, bright citrus slap, then it warms down to something like a warm, musky Old Spice or Brut scent (contemporaries to it) with some oriental sweetness (amber, maybe). It has average longevity, maybe to reflect the brief but intense encounters that young guys would have wearing it!

I give it props for being good enough to get relaunched even after FIFTY years since introduction. Hai Karate is interesting, nostalgic, and full of laughable but benign gimickry echoing what a whole bunch of us men probably wanted as far as a sure-shot tonic to draw the ladies LOL!
04th September, 2018

Casamorati 1888 Mefisto by Xerjoff

Yup, I agree with so many reviewers here at basenotes and elsewhere that Casamorati 1888 Mefisto does bear a strong resemblance to Creed's Silver Mountain Water, yet it retains its own identity so as not to be an unwitting total clone to SMW.

No harsh metallic note in Mefisto (a near-deal breaker for me with SMW, which I otherwise enjoy UNTIL that note rears its ugly scent). Casamorati's bespoke scent prjoects very nicely, has a quality-made feel to the ingredients used plus the mixing process, and it's an aromatic citrus woody scent that is suitable for near middle-aged to older wearers.

Beholding my bottle of Xerjoff, I know I am holding a scent of great craftmanship and uncompromised standards. It is a lesser-known uber-niche brand, but it's just as credible a brand to explore as Creed, Clive Christian, and others.

Big confident feel good thumbs up for this! :-)
04th September, 2018

Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford

Beautifully crafted Neroli scent, characteristic of Tom Ford's elegant style and adherence to high standards in his production of the Private Blend Collection.

Neroli Portofino has a classic eau de cologne quality, made fancier by the inclusion of fancy supporting notes that all create a fresh, bright, clean lemony citrus and spice effect. I feel transported to a sunny Italian portside, feeling the warm breeze and smelling the seaside beckoning me to explore it.

Amazing how sharply divided reviews have been for this one! It seems to be based on what one's expectations are for this EdP compared to other such fragrances each one has experienced, as well as the longevity issue of Neroli Portofino.

As for me, I enjoy this elegant, alluring scent and give it a strong thumbs up!
01st September, 2018

Mandarino di Amalfi by Tom Ford

Love this scent from Tom Ford.

Mandarino di Amalfi provides a healthy dose of tangy citrus fruitiness, accented by a slew of fancy spices and set upon a balanced foundation of solid rock rose, amber, vetiver and light animalic touch of musk + civet.

Great for moderate to hot warm weather, fit for active casual occasions. Longevity is okay; layering this or having a mid-routine refresher spritz will help out.
01st September, 2018

Patchouli Absolu by Tom Ford

Very pleasant, smooth and classy take on patchouli by Tom Ford!

Tom Ford's Patchouli Absolu has a fresh, mossy flair to it that lasts a long time on my skin. It has a rich, sweet grass like quality that I enjoy sniffing, without any unpredictable nor unpleasant changes throughout.
01st September, 2018

Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme by Van Cleef & Arpels

Loud and proud, Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme represents the higher end of the heavy colognes that have entered into legendary status.

Rich, loaded with character, and rife with the typical brashness of the era from which it comes (and a perfect predicter of all things 1980's beast-mode quality!). VC&A is classy, a loud chypre scent that is fresh, aromatic, spicy, and sweet. Not for the faint of heart nor for those spurning vintage powerhouse scents, VC&A takes time and patience to truly appreciate, given the montage of fragrance notes in its triangle:

Top notes...basil, bergamot, green notes, juniper berries, marjoram, thyme and lavender;
Heart notes...guaiac wood, patchouli and vetiver, tender floral and sensual spices;
Base notes...amber, castoreum, smoky incense, dark leather, oak moss and musk

A lot going on here, which is a hallmark of so many men's colognes of that era. Seems like companies back then were competing to see how many spicy, citrus, floral, wood, musk, and other notes they could load into a scent and still come out above the competition. (I would be interested to see an article listing all the "fails" of men's colognes that tried but failed to deliver, even with a huge cornucopeia of notes packed into their formulations!)

VC&A is an arguably legendary scent which, though many may not fully appreciate nowadays in the crowded and diversified field of available scents, still has its followers who can understand its appeal even after forty years since its introduction.
30th August, 2018

Montana Parfum d'Homme (original) by Montana

A definite time-capsule fragrance to reflect the 1980's from which it hails.

Montana Parfum d'Homme (original) is an aromatic woody and spicy cologne in the same category as scents like Quorum by Puig, Havana by Aramis, Trussardi Uomo (original), Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills, Polo (green) by Ralph Lauren, Halston Z-14, Van Cleef and Arpels pour Homme, Chanel get the picture!

MPd'H is full of strong spicy, smoky vintage goodness, with the following notes representing:

Top notes...aldehydes, cinnamon, lavender, mandarin orange, tarragon, pepper, bergamot and lemon;
Middle notes...carnation, jasmine, sage, nasturcia, rose, pine tree needles and geranium;
Base notes...labdanum, leather, sandalwood, patchouli, oakmoss, vanilla, incense, cedar and ambergris

MPd'H comes across as being well-made and of quality ingredients, adding to its masculine, no-nonsense classy character. There is a definite lean in the leather direction with this cologne compared to many other of its contemporary scents (Trussardi Uomo (original) comes close).

For nostalgic cologne fans who can appreciate and accomodate the characteristic aromatic fury of a typical beast-mode 1980's fragrance!
30th August, 2018

Trussardi Uomo (original) by Trussardi

A powerhouse Italian men's cologne that is a timewarp to the heart of the 1980's. It lies in the aromatic spicy family of fragrances.

What makes my bottle feel special is that I had recently purchased the vintage version from an Italian vendor online for a decent price! :-) This comes with the gold greyhound logo and gold bottle cap on a beautiful leather-covered bottle. It's like unearthing a perfectly frozen person preserved for the past 30 plus years!

Trussardi Uomo (original) starts with a loud citrus and spice hit, very reminiscent of Polo (green) by Ralph Lauren, of Havana by Aramis (though a bit simpler and less chaotic) and of Quorum by Puig (albeit cleaner and better formulated). It is bright, bold and brash, hearkening to the decade of excess from which it originated. This initial brightness tells you immediately that Trussardi Uomo is about business, unashamed and ready to go toe to toe with its peers in whatever setting (i.e. evening formal or casual or party scenarios).

Over time, Trussardi Uomo settles into a mellower, still quite aromatic spicy, character where subtle notes of leather and tobacco start to appear. Jasmine mixes with oakmoss, nutmeg and pimento to continue the thick spicy sensation present in uber amounts on the opening. The base seeps in with a medium strength incense interplaying with a slight smoothing sensation of patchouli and sandalwood. Cedar is nested deeply in there to prolong Trussardi Uomo's sensational brashness.

As a 40-something scent collector, I see myself sporting Trussardi Uomo (original) once in a blue moon for evening outings where I want to communicate an old-school, bold aura among others of near-age. Given its heritage, I cannot see millenials and beyond automatically enjoying this cologne unless they have a nostalgic spirit that can willingly accomodate and appreciate such a wild ride (they're out there!).

I haven't tried the reformulated version, and I will withhold judgment until I try it and assess it on its own merits (versus "aw, this is not like the original, and I don't like it for that reason alone").

Bravo, Trussardi, for having created the 1983 legend!
30th August, 2018

Cool Water by Davidoff

Undisputed living legend of a fragrance (it's #9 on the "Top Reviewed Men's Fragrances" list). Davidoff's Cool Water - like it or hate it - is everywhere from department stores to discount marts and a true classic.

Cool Water is a fresh, spicy aquatic scent that can be compared to the uber-cologne Green Irish Tweed by Creed: Tart, rich with spiciness and a slight sweetness. The sea accord plus calone (environmental fresh note) bring a delightful outdoors casual vibe. Cool water is simple and satisfying for everyday wear.

29th August, 2018
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Reserve for Men by Perry Ellis

Despite the long list of promising and exotic notes, Perry Ellis Reserve for Men ends up being a middle-of-the-line average scent with similarities to Calvin Klein's Eternity for Men as well as Platinum Egoiste by Chanel.

It appears that Reserve for Men was meant to be a classy and more formal flanker in the Perry Ellis 360 series. It is more restrained than most of the others (i.e. 360 original, red, green, black, white, etc.); but its mildness takes away from a promising list of ingredients.

Reserve for Men is meant to be an aromatic fougere, which would usually lead to a more formal, even old-school, men's cologne vibe. Overall, I find it plain, uninspiring, and without character, though it has a freshness that isn't altogether bad for informal days out on the town.
28th August, 2018

Santos Concentrée by Cartier

A richer version of the original Santos by Cartier.

Santos Concentrée is a definite period piece, reflecting the wild, expressive, and experimental 1980's. Starting with the nice citrus-peel and spice opening, Santos Concentrée ends up with a slightly spicy-woody-sweet quality that is best suited for evening wear, esp. formal.

Comparisons can be made to Antaeus by Chanel and Oscar de la Renta. Santos Concentrée, like the original, have a vintage, older and more mature man finish that will doubtlessly alienate many but also draw reverie in more mature wearers.
28th August, 2018

Tuscany / Etruscan by Aramis

As a teenager just beginning my men's fragrance exploration hobby in the 1980's, I would come across Tuscany for Men by Aramis at the fine department stores in the area, sitting on gilded platters next to the original Aramis and distinctive scents by Paul Sebastian, Polo, Fahrenheit, Obsession, Perry Ellis, Fendi, Givenchy, et. al. I loved the bottles next to Tuscany, and eventually it would get its turn in my testing rounds.

I always found Tuscany to be one of the more bold men's colognes on those counters! There was an exotic Italian vibe that it had which fascinated me to no end: Rich, bracing, and so masculine! I knew to wear this one in moderation, as "too much of a good thing" applied to its beastly sillage!

Bravo to Aramis for creating a scent which arguably is relevant even today. Classy, friendly, confident cologne; I bought the "Uomo Forte" intense version, which adds a shimmering woody strength while keeping true to the Tuscany original's dna.

I'm sure this one isn't for everyone, but it's sure worthy of a sample spritz even for the new generation of wearers, if not to experience the low-key gripping fragrance that dotted the shelves of stores in decades past!
28th August, 2018

Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne

As some have said, Curve for Men is a budget version of Creed's Green Irish Tweed: Green, bright, and nearing a sort of understated legendary status, IMO.

Curve for Men has ended up being the foundation for a large number of flankers, several of which I have tried and have enjoyed (i.e. Liz Claiborne Curve Black / Crush / Soul). It is a suitable source for these, as it has a solid, flexible base from which to experiment on.

To categorize the original, it's an aromatic, fresh spicy, woody, citrus, sweet, green scent. Curve for Men is indeed a compliment-getter, which may explain why, despite its lowered price in recent years, it has a faithful number of wearers.

I find it to be multi-layered, pleasant, and long-lasting. It has a friendly aromatic sensation to it, traveling between citrus and sweet and woody and floral in a memorable way. Although I have many, many high-priced classics in my collection, I give props to Curve for Men for offering a high-end experience and for being widely available either at higher-end stores like Macy's to discount places like TJ Maxx.

28th August, 2018

Red Aoud by Montale

Oh wow, Montale's Red Aoud is a no-nonsense agarwood formulation that needs discretion in application.

Fragrance notes:
[Top] - agarwood (oud), pepper
[Heart] - saffron, rose, cumin
[Base] - orris root, vetiver, sandalwood

Red Aoud is a thick, heavy rose-centered oud scent that works really well ESPECIALLY if you limit sprays to two at the most. Saffron is also quite prominent in this EdP strength potion, adding an exotic, leathery floral hit within this fiery formulation.

Red Aoud leans masculine and gives the wearer a long, long pleasant oud ride. As each of Montale's "Aoud" flankers are very distinctive in highlighting different aspects of the agarwood experience, I would highly recommend trying sample decants of a number of them until you can pinpoint the one that fits YOU best.

26th August, 2018

RSVP by Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole's RSVP has a really special quality to it which I gleaned from several reviewers on this and another site, and when I bought and sprayed this, I got the same experience.

RSVP does have a woody, creamy and spicy quality that is quite pleasant on my skin. Lavender, iris and orchid provide a brighter floral-spice lift, and the finish is fantastic with the smooth, warm touch of cashmere woods, sandalwood, patchouli, and lavender. It makes me feel at ease, never becoming cloying.

RSVP is friendliness in a bottle, welcoming the prospective user to its world of woody-spicy-creamy delights. Glad I got my bottle (opinions seem sharply divided on this one: C'est la mankind :-).
26th August, 2018

Icon Racing by Dunhill

A wearble flanker of the original Dunhill Icon fragrance.

I wasn't sure why this one was needed, given the existence of three total "Dunhill Icon" men's fragrances. At any rate, Icon Racing is a woody-aromatic scent that seems to fit somewhere between the original Icon (silver bottle) and the Icon Elite (black) one.

My only guess, based on my test of Icon Racing, is that this flanker is attempting to line up with the "modern melange" men's colognes that seems to be chic today: Ferragamo's Uomo, Rabanne's Invictus, Armani Stronger With You / Acqua di Gio Absolu, JPG's Le Male Ultra, Herrera's CH Men Prive, YSL L'Homme Ultime, et. al. There is that requisite pungence, freshness, and sweetness, which younger wearers would definitely appreciate.

Icon Racing has nearly no connection to the original, and that seems to be the point. It is squaring off against an increasingly larger array of scents aimed at the younger deomographic wanting a part-beast mode scent that fits their lifestyles. For me, I appreciate its place in the field, but I feel no compulsion to have it in my own collection (esp. as I happen to have all the scents that I'd put in my "modern melange" list above!).

26th August, 2018

Desire Blue Ocean by Dunhill

Smooth, minty fresh oceanic aquatic from one of my all-time favorite fragrance makers, Dunhill!

There are wisps of fruit present in this latest flanker of the Dunhill Desire Blue original. Desire Blue Ocean inspires the senses with a watery voyage also containing the sweet muskiness of ambroxan plus patchouli and tonka beside the dry musty vetiver.

It smells natural and pleasant overall, with a bare resemblance to Desire Blue (itself a flanker of Desire Red). Desire Blue Ocean remains true to the marine aesthetic that Blue original aimed to honor so many years ago, with a fancy updated twist to inspire the new generation of fragrance enthusiasts.
26th August, 2018

Desire Extreme by Dunhill

An amazing turbo-charge of the original Dunhill Desire! Just as Ralph Lauren took things to the "extreme" by intensifying its Polo Red scent one step higher, Dunhill Desire Extreme achieves a near-parallel result here!

The dna of the original Desire Red is here. Desire Extreme is thick, pungent, dry and powdery; the original Red has a much more "wet" sensation, but with quite the similar tanginess.

I see the red orange, saffron (a Polo Red staple note), and leather in the base cling to each other synergistically creating a heavy fruity punch, rounded out subtly by the sage and cypress deep within. Patchouli's inherent sweet nature paints the picture of this one having coffee or chocolate, though neither are in the mix.

I can't help but think that I'm wearing Polo Red Intense / Extreme when trying out Desire Extreme. Perceptually, this flanker is in between the Polo a Polo Red Intense-and-a-half or three-quarters-Polo Red Extreme.

At any rate, I happen to have full bottles of both Polo Red Intense and Extreme, as well as a decant of Polo Red Rush. Time will tell if I believe that getting Dunhill Desire Extreme would make sense in light of what I already own of those other two. Nonetheless, Desire Extreme is AWESOME and has attitude that I really love!!
26th August, 2018

Fendi Uomo by Fendi

A thumbs up given mostly out of respect versus any serious intention to wear my bottle of Fendi Uomo anytime soon!

As a teen growing up in the 80's, Fendi Uomo stood out as one of the most interesting men's colognes on the department store tester counters. The bold bottle design was like a trumpet call, prompting me to set aside any shyness and just revel in the powerhouse potion within! Every time I would spritz this cologne on my hands, I would feel like a million bucks! Even in my youth, I knew that Fendi Uomo was too loud versus, say, my then go-to oriental scent Obsession. Fendi Uomo felt more like a curiousity fragrance meant to draw attention like an electromagnet...more so than I was comfortable doing.

And here I am, close to thirty years since experiencing a cologne which has long since been discontinued and totally absent from fragrance counters today. I tip my hat off to what was a credible contender in the crowded men's powerhouse scent field. Beholding its bold manly woody-fresh-spicy character now is like taking a trip in H.G. Well's Time Machine to the heart of one of the most gaudy, hedonistic years of my life.

A great period piece exhibit of a time so full of energy and self-expression, Fendi Uomo would be worn by me to relive the days when men's fougere's were like lions roaring around in the latest party scenes, of which I was still too young to experience. I like others bemoan the demise of the Fendi label as matter of principle, a handsome label representing men and women in those wild times. It's all over but the shouting of Fendi's relics.
25th August, 2018

Davidoff Adventure by Davidoff

Not a bad spicy-woody scent, but nothing revolutionary nor memorable per se.

Davidoff Adventure has a fresh, woody and light musk quality that seems to have been thought up before by many other companies, but it manages to retain its own identity that is okay. It is a medium sillage potion, and it seems to have an average longevity of a few hours (I'm sure that will differ from person to person).

Pleasant, earns some attention but isn't groundbreaking in the least. Davidoff Adventure can be a safe, classic casual wear scent and not become cloying.
25th August, 2018

Dark Rebel by John Varvatos

John Varvatos' Dark Rebel was an accidental find on my part.

I noticed that the vast majority of Varvatos' colognes were in the same shape of bottle, many having the interesting weave designs and differing only in exterior part color schemes. Of course, his flankers are quite different from one another, but I was overwhelmed by how similar the bottles looked and just shied away from comparing them for a while.

At a local Lord & Taylor's fragrance counter, as I was investigating the other scents there, I noticed the simple, twiny black outer weave of Dark Rebel that made it stick out more than the other JV scents. I was curious, noticed the cool name, and felt compelled to give it a sample.

What I discovered was a scent that matched its name: A "rebellious" concoction that was both boozy and smelled of tobacco, with a healthy dose of rich dark leather spiced up with black pepper. I had images of a small town derelict, unshaven, long-haired, wearing a black leather jacket and cowboy boots, riding his worn-out Harley Davidson around town like a lone wolf who liked to keep the townfolk guessing.

A few years later, I managed to find a great deal on a John Varvatos Dark Rebel gift set at the local TJ Maxx. Since then, whenever I wanted to wear any scent at the very last minute that wouldn't disappoint, I'd grab the mini-dispenser of Dark Rebel and confidently apply the potion, enjoying it without end.

There is a definite "smoky" element in Dark Rebel that reminded me of another scent I own, Bulgari's Black. That one relies on the unusual smoked lapsang tea, whereas this one seems to lean on the resinous woods and tobacco. Overall, I feel confident and fascinated by this formulation, a definite standout from Varvatos.
25th August, 2018

Background by Jil Sander

Fragrance notes for Jil Sander's Background:
[Top] - bergamot, lavender, tarragon, raspberry, anise and lemon;
[Heart] - carnation, cinnamon, jasmine, heliotrope, lily-of-the-valley and rose;
[Base] - sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, musk, benzoin, vanilla and cedar.

This is a really atypical scent in today's arena of men's fragrances. An oriental fougere that has a lot going on!

The stars of this cologne are the anise, vanilla, benzoin, cinnamon and lavender; with the intro blast of bergamot & lemon citrus plus luscious raspberry, the aforementioned notes shape the scent with spicy sweetness accented with unusual tarragon and florals. The sweet character is upheld by amber and tonka, soon wrapped up in warming sensations from sabdalwood, cedar and musk.

This is an early 90's scent that reflects a more experimental, yet bold, approach to men's colognes. Background ends up scintillating, mellow and personality-rich.

I don't get why Jil Sander chose to discontinue this one (same goes for their amazing "Feeling Man" scent); but in retrospect, Background spoke its peace for a time and wasn't meant to take the standard far into the new millenium.

25th August, 2018

Animale Intense by Animale Parfums

Alas, I was confused when purchasing this scent. I had a very positive experience with the fragrance "Animale Animale" by Animale. I loved that one so much that I had overlooked the existence of "Animale" by Animale, which is a very different scent made by that company.

When I discovered "Animale Intense" recently, I thought I was getting "Animale Animale Intense" by Animale; but instead, I got a turbocharged version of their OTHER scent which I had never tried nor owned.

(Anyone's head spinning yet? :-))

So when I had blind-bought and tried "Animale Intense", I was very thrown off. It smelled NOTHING like the one I had liked, being a strong citrus-spice fragrance that was okay, but nothing remarkable.

I had learned the hard way that with some scents, it's important to double- and triple-check the fragrance notes as well as user reviews in order to confirm what I am wanting to get. If "Animale Animale Intense" were to somehow appear, I imagine I'd be greatly pleased. :-)
25th August, 2018

Original Penguin Nightcap by Original Penguin

Clean, classy, mature "night" scent from Original Penguin!

Nightcap is chock full of sexy, memorable notes like star anise, cardamom, and nutmeg (not listed above) that undergird this spicy wood scent. Opening citrus notes are pleasant (blood grapefruit and Italian mandarin) and mesh well with the remaining leaf and spice notes (e.g. juniper, fir leaves, etc.) Patchouli (not listed), vanilla, musk, and creamy sandalwood reinforce the warm, smooth, evening cologne vibe of Nightcap.

OPN doesn't seem to last very long, so layering and / or mid-occasion refresher spritzes may be called for. I enjoy the quality of this scent, a great value wherever you may end up buying it from.
24th August, 2018

Original Penguin Original Blend by Original Penguin

Fresh aquatic fougere that is well-blended to create a pleasing marine experience. Original Penguin Original Blend may lack some of the specific ingredients that make Premium Blend and Signature Blend scream "water!", but Harry Fremont manages to capture the same vibe here.

OPOB opens with clean citrus salvos of Italian bergamot and Kaffir lime - a lovely lemon-lime combination - along with delicious apple. Enter in a bright, lovely spice mix of crushed lavender and nutmeg atop a sexy suede-sandalwood-amber-musk foundation. Great for moderate temperatures all year round and for casual occasions.

OPOB is potent, so don't overdo it when applying!
24th August, 2018

Original Penguin Premium Blend by Original Penguin

Like its successor Original Penguin Signature Blend, Premium Blend is a heavily waterside-based scent that is influenced by the perfumer's personal experience on a coastal road trip with his car windows down.

This cologne, which can be purchased for low prices online and in select discount stores, is a wonderfully blended scent that paints an aquatic picture, using citrus peels, mint, salt, and spice notes to great effect. A touch of musk reveals itself marvelously in the base, rounded off with unusual "driftwood" wetness and vetiver.

Echoes the scents of Tommy Bahama's "Set Sail" series as well as Nautica, but for less cost. Feels pricy and comes off as classy too, Original Penguin Premium Blend is a pleasant experience in a handsome, though budget, package worth exploring!
24th August, 2018