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Dunhill Icon Elite by Dunhill

An honest to goodness scent from Dunhill, Icon Elite comes across as a green fragrance, with the vetiver, cardamom, and pepper being quite noticeable, with a tasteful touch of smooth woods in the foundation.

Works in cooler weather and in casual occasions.
15th March, 2018

Oud Wood Intense by Tom Ford

Oud Wood Intense is definitely an "extreme" take on the other Oud selections by Tom Ford. It comes across as a heavy, woody, smoky patchouli frag, chock full of leather and hints of tobacco. It is not for everyone: Try it on before purchasing!

07th March, 2018

Coach for Men (new) by Coach

At first, Coach for Men (new) strikes me as a retelling of classic scents of decades past (first to come to mind is Azzaro Onyx): Smooth, amber-laden, and classy. Longevity is okay, but I did find myself drawn to its moderately fruity-spicy-smooth and sniffed my wrist many times since application.

Overall, Coach is a scent for the present era, a fresh, pungent cologne that reflects the age we live in: Brash though introspective, compassionate but fiercely independent, and outgoing yet with reserve.
06th March, 2018
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Invictus Intense by Paco Rabanne

A moderate thumbs up for this turbocharged flanker.

Invictus EdT codifies the direction that many newer scents have taken from several different houses: A bold tanginess accented by spiciness and held together by variants of amber. The EdP takes what seems to have worked well with the EdT and just SMACKS you in the face with a noticeably amped up, boozy quality.

I have opted to use the Aqua version of Invictus, only because 1) it contains the typical salty-airy character that I like in scents by Nautica and Tommy Bahama, and 2) the usual punch of the original EdT is pleasantly toned down by the fresher aquatic notes

If you like the EdT, of course the EdP will probably grab you. All in all, the Invictus series seem to define all that men's fragrances have been moving towards, and if that interests you, then this flanker won't disappoint.
06th March, 2018

Prada L'Homme by Prada

Wonderful, clean scent from the house of Prada. L'Homme EdT has several similar notes to its powerhouse flanker, the Intense version. But the EdT seems wearable for most occasions throughout the day, vs. the mainly formal evening vibe of the Intense EdP.

What strikes me about Prada L'Homme EdT is how sincere, classy and well-formulated it comes across. It hints of oriental classics like JPG Le Male, but with added depth thanks to the iris. Patchouli is a great foundation for the whole scent, and the neroli note adds a surprisingly nice "pinch" of freshness and slight floral tang that rounds out the EdT very nicely.

Enthusiastic thumbs up!
06th March, 2018

Missoni Parfum pour Homme by Missoni

Not a bad scent, but I have a hard time figuring out how Missoni Parfum pour Homme would fit in my collection.

Missoni PpH is definitely a rich, pungent Italian fragrance that differs from the typical scents out today; I'll give it that much. It has a lot to potentially communicate, given its heavy dose of green fruits, spices, and patchouli-sandalwood-musk base. Seems suited for 20 to 30 something casual wear, though I can't catch anything outstanding nor unique about MPpH.
06th March, 2018

Obsessed for Men by Calvin Klein

An interesting retake on the Obsession mystique, though smelling more like Eternity Now than the original Obsession.

Obsessed comes across as resembling Sweet Tarts candy and tangy floor cleaner. The list of notes are quite compelling to read, yet the result is a somewhat pedestrian aromatic citrus scent more fit for younger wearers.

A daring inclusion in the Calvin Klein collection, but a bit average and meh.
06th March, 2018

Prada L'Homme L'Eau by Prada

A "blue" version of the original Prada L'Homme, softened up and fit for warmer weather and informal occasions. It's sweet like the other Prada L'Homme scents, with added airiness and tang.

Quite pleasant and evokes a smile in me every time I sniff it. :^)

06th March, 2018

Prada L'Homme Intense by Prada

A formal scent which has great depth and elegance. Prada L’Homme Intense EdP has a lot going on within it, yet it comes across as simple and predictable. Iris is definitely the star of this show, heavy and moderately accented by the other notes (esp. the patchouli).

Overall, this EdP is sweet, spicy and floral; it won’t appeal to everyone, and it seems fairly constrained to be worn in high-brow occasions, given its sweetness and intensity (the way that classic Chanel Egoiste does). Christian Dior’s pour Homme Eau also is an iris-laden gem, yet by comparison it can be worn on different occasions all day long.

But I truly appreciate the composition, containing notes which I have come to like in many other fragrances. It builds upon the EdT with supercharged results, and I’d say give it a test and compare it to Prada L'Homme EdT before buying. Thumbs up for me at any rate. :^)
06th March, 2018

Wonderwood by Comme des Garçons

Not just an overly woody concoction, Wonderwood comes off as a fragrance that mixes a strong but balanced cedar + guiac + sandalwood as well as a whole host of other scent-enhancing stars, such as pepper, incense (VERY evident in this one), cashmere, and vetiver.

Synthetic as Wonderwood is and feels, it is by no means poorly constructed. It is smooth, deep, and evokes the sensation of an incense shop rife with musks, oud, and exotic spices that make me feel confident and happy.

Understated but still gets noticed when worn, Wonderwood is certainly worth a try for lovers of smooth woody and spicy scents.
05th March, 2018

Kiehl's Original Musk by Kiehl's

Although I am open to and appreciate "old school" fragrances from decades past, Kiehl's Original Musk comes off as too animalic and floral for my tastes.

KOM is too disconnected from what I would normally enjoy, perhaps due to its being around almost 50 years and seeming more like a quick splash than a more wearable scent.

It is not a bad scent per se and has its place as an understated reference musk scent, but I would rather turn to more "refined" fragrances utilizing musk, such as L'Envol de Cartier EdP.

Try it out at your local Nordstrom, near the men's shaving counters, and you be the judge....acquired taste fragrance is my final word.
05th March, 2018

Potion by Dsquared2

Wow! Just blind-bought a very reasonably-priced bottle of Potion EdP by dsquared. After a positive experience with dsquared's He Rocky Mountain Wood, trying Potion EdP didn't seem too risky for me.

Upon initial spritz, I get an intoxicatingly sweet cola-like quality that reminds me of Dark Obsession by Calvin Klein. Within is a flurry of wonderfully blended notes that bring up other favorite scents to mind, as mentioned by other reviewers: Body Kouros by YSL, KenzoAir, Lolita Lempicka pour Homme, and just a bit like the discontinued and legendary Gucci pour Homme (not in the woodiness, but in the aromatic spicy aspects). The cinnamon is tempered well by the patchouli and subtly by the cashmere woods, so it isn't cloyingly sharp as, say, Diesel Zero Plus (that Big Red chewing gum quality!). Dare I say, the pleasant, welcoming nature of the scent reminds me of L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer - also a really addictive scent that I swear by.

So glad that I discovered this scent. Will see how it does in everyday usage.
04th March, 2018

Replica By the Fireplace by Martin Margiela

Great entry in the Maison Martin Margiela line; generally, this house has very creative, thought-provoking scents that are a great alternative to the usual fare available out there.

Replica by the Fireplace sure resembles its name: Moderately smoky, warm woods with chestnut accord that is an experience more than an impression scent, IMO (although it can achieve the latter as well). As one reviewer pointed out, this fragrance doesn't smell like a typical indoors fireplace per se; I liken it to an outdoors campfire vibe, livened up with vanillic sweetness.
04th March, 2018
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This Is Not A Blue Bottle by Histoires de Parfums

Remarkable, unique fragrance that continues to grow on me throughout the day after spritzing.

The combination of orange, geranium, honey, musk, and patchouli make for a sharp, bright fragrance that defies description. Aldehyde note keeps this one dancing and fresh. Overall, it does have a clearly synthetized quality to it, but IMO not in an offensive way. I liken it to an avant garde composition that isn't cacophonous as much as it is pleasing, differing from the typical scent in that it INTENDS to stand out and defy usual expectations.

For me, TINABB is surprisingly wearable, long-lasting and complements my casual day or night activities like a friend who doesn't judge nor complain. Opinions differ greatly to be sure; a blind-buy of this one is NOT recommended, better to test it first and decide for yourself if TINABB's daring composition suits you or not.
04th March, 2018

Polo Ultra Blue by Ralph Lauren

Bottle arrived today (3-3-18): Just spritzed the scent on my hand, and my first impression of Ralph Lauren Polo Ultra Blue
is airy, sea salty, not as pungent as the original nor EdP versions. Polo Ultra Blue EdT is definitely fresh and aromatic,
quite typical of aquatic outings from Nautica, Tommy Bahama and D&G Light Blue. Very wearable for the beach as well as
for casual daytime occasions. Longevity seems acceptable, though I can probably gauge better after I shave and shower
prior to application on the face and neck (versus the top of the hand, which doesn't always reflect how the scent could play out).

Evokes scenes of crystal blue waters and slightly humid days walking on the beach....very fresh and a nice alternative to its
older brothers, the original Polo Blue EdT and the EdP. Thumbs up from this devoted scentaholic! :^)
04th March, 2018

L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer

A real work of art that I have placed in my all time favorite list!

L'Air du Desert Marocain isn't 100% different from any or all scents out there. Matter of fact, I immediately catch whiffs of other rock rose, coriander / cumin, patchouli and oakmoss (not listed in Marocain's pyramid of notes) and vetiver fragrances I have come to love, as present in Cartier Roadster, dsquared He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood, Chanel pour Monsieur Concentree, and Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu.

What sets it apart are the faint notes ambergris accented by the spices in the head notes, mixing deftly with the jasmine in the heart and cedar in the base to give it a really special quality that words can't describe. Definitely L'Air du Desert Marocain does a great job evoking distant desert lands in exotic locations that beckon the imagination to dream, to reflect and savor this wonderful EdP. I prefer to wear it on occasions where I won't be moving around too much, as I want to experience this lustrous fragrance without hurry nor with distractions. Perfect for casual and formal occasions, ultimately Marocain is smooth, refined, exotic, and full of stories that unfold expertly within the heart of the wearer and smeller alike. BIG thumbs up! :-)
03rd March, 2018

Uomo by Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo's Uomo strikes me as copycat and unique all at the same time: A mix of woods, spices, tangy citrus, and sweet gourmand notes that seem quite common a formula nowadays (one recent similar outing is Armani's Stronger With You; another albeit not quite as similar is Yves Saint Laurent's Y pour Homme); yet Uomo exudes its friendly casual masculine character in a special enough way that is not pedestrian.

The presence of tonka in Uomo understandably draws comparison to the A*Men Pure Tonka scent, which I have grown to appreciate. Yet Uomo has so much more going on, and the tonka is a strong supporting part rather than the dominant, bottom-line note in this fragrance.

Personally, I have found that Uomo fits my fast-paced restaurant work environment and appears to be appreciated by my fellow co-workers. It is a balanced potion that lives up to its press release:

“A sense of elegance and beauty. All the optimism and joy of a real smile. The ability to be modern, yet also timeless; to seize the day. All of this is part of the story of Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo, the new fragrance for men. A potion of pure Italian style.”

Definitely worth a sample spritz and consideration as a part of ones daily wardrobe.
02nd March, 2018

Tom Ford Noir Anthracite by Tom Ford

Smooth, laid back scent (atypical for the Tom Ford line!) that echoes scents like Rykiel Homme Grey, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, and (as "alfarom" mentioned in his review) any oakmoss-type scent out there. I like its classic, understated tone that wears nearly like a skin scent and is never cloying.

15th February, 2018

The One Gentleman by Dolce & Gabbana

Hard to find at most cologne testing counters, D&G's The One Gentleman is one of the most well-crafted flankers in the series.

It hearkens back to sweet-musky powerhouses like Alexander Julian's Colours or Lagerfeld Classic, staying predictable and emanating a warmth and class that just makes sense. The fennel is a key note that defines and holds up The One Gentlemen, accented tastefully in the foundation by the vanilla and patchouli accords. The result is a fragrance that is classy and easily worn for different occasions with ease. Not complex nor chaotic (as with the other "The One" outings), it stays stable and does just what it seems designed to do: To delight both wearer and beholder. Glad I have a bottle, seeing as how it was discontinued.

15th February, 2018

Perry Ellis Oud : Black Vanilla Absolute by Perry Ellis

A sweet, spicy tobacco like interpretation of the Oud mystique, done tastefully and taking the usual deep smokiness of oud to a different, vanilla rum level.

More wearable for casual occasions, yet easily worn for formal ones as well. Perry Ellis' take on oud is akin to the explorations done by Atelier Colognes, where different angles are injected and presented as "cousins" to other oud flankers they do. That gives the buyer more options and more likely to find an iteration of oud that suits them. After all, as much as I am a HUGE fan of oud scents, I realize that not everyone wants to smell so smoky and sublime as the typical oud fragrance. Great outings from Perry Ellis!

15th February, 2018

Le Mâle Essence de Parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Mâle Essence de Parfum feels like a refined retake of the original Le Mâle, without being overdone and too loud like the Ultra Male edition. It is wearable both for formal and everyday casual, although - like Ultra Male - overapplication is not recommended.

As several reviewers have opined, there is a woody dimension present here that reminds me of what Gucci Pour Homme II and Givenchy Pi Air do, incorporating a cedar quality that I really can get into. It elevates that legendary vanilla mint sweetness of the original Le Mâle to a sophisticated direction, which is greatly hinted at by the design of that gorgeous clear bottle!

Not sure where one can go to get a test spritz of this scent nowadays, but if you're able, go and spray some on your wrists and see how it relates to you. Else, if you're up to it, get a sample online and see for yourself how JPG's creation is.
15th February, 2018

Fan di Fendi pour Homme Assoluto by Fendi

A really rich, sweet spicy peppery concoction from Fendi. Full of woody emanations and a nice touch of oud, Fan di Fendi has an accented quality that is at once bold and also laid back. The Tonka note rounds out the scent in familiar ways (somewhat like A*Men Pure Tonka, though dialed down several notches).

Layered, daring, and very interesting scent that, alas, has been discontinued.

06th February, 2018

L'Envol by Cartier

A really classy, distinctive offering from the house of Cartier. At first, I was quite confused and even a bit turned off by L'Envol EdP; it seemed too simple and unpleasantly sweet and animalic a fragrance to appreciate. But I continued to sniff the sample that I had sprayed on my wrist throughout the day, and it grew on me greatly. Suddenly, I started to appreciate the understated, sophisticated simplicity of L'Envol as another worthy carrier of the Cartier name: It is a formal scent that exudes dignity and carries itself in a staid manner, reflecting the simple but ultimately effective mix of honey, musk, and guaic wood.

I would recommend testing before buying this exotic offering, as a blind buy may catch you off guard esp. if the notes don't quite "click" with you.
06th February, 2018

A*Men Pure Coffee by Thierry Mugler

Not a bad entry in the A*Men "Pure" series, though not one I'd call my favorite. It takes the vanilla-patchouli vibe of Pure Tonka and adds a noticeably bitter coffee-like note married with vetiver, that was tough for me to really get into. Versus some of the other "Pure" flankers - namely, Pure Tonka, Pure Havane, UltraZest, and Pure Wood, for instance - this one has a stronger nod out to the original A*Men's distinctive coffee presence (by design), and it similarly rich and sharp like the original.

Pure Coffee is nice overall, but I think I am more sold on the effects of the aforementioned flankers (as well as their long lost relative, B*Men).

06th February, 2018

A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

Pure Havane is a wonderfully sweet patchouli fragrance in the A*Men series that bears only a slight resemblance to the original powerhouse. Honey is evident in this one throughout the wear cycle; I couldn't stop sniffing my hand even after many hours had passed since applying a test spritz on it! Also, I liken it to a toned-down version of another favorite of mine, Pure Malt.

Will get a bottle soon. :-)

06th February, 2018

Dior Homme Parfum by Christian Dior

I must heartily agree with several of the prior positive reviews, i.e. "mattandhiscat" and "Buzzlepuff" really capture much of what I have to say about this marvelous scent. In addition...

Amazing flanker of the now legendary Dior Homme. This spinoff adds dark notes of leather and woods to build upon the unmistakable oriental scent goodness of the original.

Compared to the Intense version, Parfum stands out with an exotic, classy character which is heavy, strong, and not for everyone (think of the thick, sweet brown prayer oils that some may wear, which may give an idea of the depth and breadth of Dior Homme Parfum).

I liken this flanker in this way: If Dior Homme is the young 30 something fellow, Dior Homme Eau would be slightly older sibling, Dior Homme Intense would be the older more refined cousin, and Dior Homme Parfum the slightly grey-haired, wise uncle.

I’m content with putting this on aound the house or just for the rare formal night out on the town during chilly weather…maybe not for daily informal wear, unlike Dior Homme and Homme Eau, which work well for that.
10th May, 2017

Hugo Red by Hugo Boss

Nice flanker from Hugo Boss. Hugo Red may not be altogether revolutionary in its overall character, but I do like the mysterious, subtle nature of it.

Hugo Red definitely starts out with citrus that mellows out not too long into the interesting rhubarb heart note. Pineapple didn't really stick out, but the grapefruit is pretty evident from spray-on. Cedar is barely discernible, holding the foundation down to this warmer weather, informal occasion cologne.

I don't sense the dna of the original Hugo in this one; Hugo Red seems to stand out more on its own merits as a refreshing retake in its own direction.
07th May, 2017

Hugo Just Different by Hugo Boss

Classy, friendly, vibrant....just some of the words that come to mine when I wear Hugo Just Different.

The mint and basil are quite dominant in this scent; it does seem to change character from informal to more formal, with the spicy drydown. But it definitely has the dna of the original Hugo by Hugo Boss, though it takes a more refined and subtler turn.

This strikes me as a semi-formal, even formal, cologne for most seasons of the year. Hugo Just Different is, as some other reviewers have said, a safe scent to wear, but IMO it is one of the better of the Hugo flankers.
07th May, 2017

Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

Old-school men's powerhouse scent that is quite fresh and enjoyable.

I thought I'd pass out from the initial spray-on's intensity, but Boss Number One mellows out into a powdery sweet-spicy fougere meant for older wearers.

Not totally dated, Boss Number One is still a fragrance worth checking out.
04th May, 2017

Set Sail Martinique for Men by Tommy Bahama

Imagine taking Chrome by Azzaro and adding more sea salt and a richer finish. That's the impression I get of Set Sail Martinique for Men by Tommy Bahama.

Very pleasant for warm, balmy weather (like at a beach, a marina,, with a clean, refreshing effect. I'll have to try out Tommy Bahama's Set Sail St. Barts to compare with this really enjoyable fragrance.
04th May, 2017