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Join The Club : More Than Words by Xerjoff

Join the Club: More than Words notes: frankincense, labdanum, ambergris, fruity notes, woody notes, floral notes, oriental notes, agarwood

A fragrance dedicated to writers and poets, More than Words oddly does feel reflective and deep. I get the vision of an old-fashioned sit-down at a campus library somewhere, where a man or woman reads aloud their work to a group of eager, attentive listeners. Nothing fancy nor showy: Just a simple connection between speaker and audience.

Starts out with a strong citrus splash that instantly unveils a rich oud, reinforced craftily on its edges by pungent fruits, bright woods, and dark floral essences.
(Way later on the drydown and afterwards, all I smelled was a straight cedar-like, dry and slightly smoky oud; in my perception, it smelled like a slightly toned-down Sospiro Rosso Afgano.)

I'd classify this personally as a citrus-wood scent with a definite presence of agarwood (dry, aromatic, not perceivably barnyard nor antiseptic). In the end, this one has a Montale Aoud-like quality, fairly straight and to the point agarwood spruced up with pungence and even somewhat resinous as well (thanks to the olibanum).

I do enjoy this one, though it's not as moving to me as other Join the Club outings were. Overall, a simple, reflective EdP for men or women alike.

13th January, 2019

Join The Club : 40 Knots by Xerjoff

Xerjoff's ode to yacht clubs, Join the Club: 40 Knots is a bright, watery fragrance that's full of dignity and energy. It seems more suited for women for its seeming florals (or perhaps aldehydic notes, unlisted); but a man could easily sport this, given its truly universal feel.

Fragrance notes: Salt, green notes, woody notes, sea water, cedar

Starts out smelling of green tangy notes with several dashes of salt. Woods are the spine of this character, and it seems to emanate with plentiful splashes of clean, clear sea water (not the sort that seems loaded up with a lot of flotsam and jetsam, but the pristine Caribbean coastal waters kind). It's not an overpowering vibe, but more so it's of moderate sillage and with a more reserved, restrained marine experience.

The woody notes plus cedar do lend a sophisticated, upper-crust of society flair to 40 Knots - coming across like a group of well-to-do yacht owners quietly showing off their wares. I was expecting this to be a run-of-the-mill aquatic, but nope: 40 Knots smells bespoke, classy, dignified, and charming. I do connect with this one, though I am far from rich lol. :-)
13th January, 2019

Join The Club : Comandante! by Xerjoff

Notes in JTC: Comandante!: Tobacco, floral notes, spice notes, fruity notes, honey, vanilla, patchouli, rockrose, and leather.

Join the Club: Comandante! by Xerjoff REALLY reminds me of a now discontinued gem: L'Occitane's Amber. It's a bright, clean, well-designed ambery scent with crisp florals in the heart, a good splash of sweet honey, a really light leather, and nice dose of rockrose finish. There's a faint whisp of unlit cigar tobacco as well, which is proper as this fragrance was meant to honor cigar lovers. And after an hour or so, the drydown reminds me of another favorite, oriental scent of mine: Britto Man by Romero Britto, which has a very bright and sweet, Le Male-like edge.

Smell's a touch more of a masculine scent than feminine, but not completely beyond a woman's enjoying it as well. Comandante! is an addictive scent that I couldn't stop sniffing off of my wrist! Great outing from Xerjoff! :-)
13th January, 2019
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Join The Club : Kind of Blue by Xerjoff

Wow! Any mention of my favorite Miles Davis album in a FRAGRANCE will catch my attention for sure. :-)

Notes: Aldehydes, powdery notes, carnation, narcissus, orange blossom, iris, sandalwood, cardamom, spicy notes, rose

Join the Club: Kind of Blue is a dreamy, deep and dark spicy-boozy experience. It truly paints a picture of the ironic settings of jazz clubs: Cheerful yet morose, classy yet obscene, showy yet modest, reserved yet unhinged, consonant yet full of conflict within. The feeling of so many souls gathered for so many reasons in a show of hands on stage, designed to move them in so many ways intended or otherwise. And the puzzle of the wildly talented musical wizards who wear their masks each night, belying the often turbulent, troublesome lives led away from the white-hot spotlight they occupy. (Miles Davis epitomized this greatly.)

Kind of Blue is a truly human scent, reminding me of Stephane Humbert Lucas 777's Mortal Skin fragrance. The floral notes in here are so remarkably incorporated, resembling things like the expensive perfumes worn by women in the audience of a jazz club, or the ladies' corsages and / or flower bouquets showered on the artist on stage in appreciation. There's a bright freshness plus dark melancholy to the florals that I can connect with - as one who has performed musically on stages in my own past. Xerjoff's noses made sure not to let the individual notes overshadow each other, but instead to synergize into a truly impressionistic piece that many (not all) can appreciate.

As a whole, Kind of Blue - like 777's Mortal Skin - doesn't seem so much about identifying the individual notes outright (it can be done, with some concentration IMO); rather, it's the whole picture that's been painted and standing before you, ready for your individual perceptions and experiences to color your opinions how they will. For me, Kind of Blue was an emotional experience, where I not only connected with the likes of Miles Davis and his ilk from the annals of jazz history...but also, to my own performances as a musician.

13th January, 2019

Join The Club : Ascot Moon by Xerjoff

A very green, outdoors evoking scent from Xerjoff, in its truly marvelous Join the Club collection!

Fragrance notes: Moss, grass, sage, basil, green notes, spicy notes, patchouli, and musk

Right from the start, Ascot Moon takes you to a sublime, earthy experience with that gorgeous moss and grass combo, which feels dry, slightly smoky, and fragrant in a very natural, convincing way.

At different angles off of my skin, I detect a really light sprinkle of basil and sage (it takes careful smelling and concentration to detect it, at least on me). I can tell that the makers of Ascot Moon showed real attention to injecting just enough herbal and spice notes to dress up the mossy accord that dominates here. (For instance, patchouli is dialed down to a muted quality that is a really background supporting role versus the typical bright, herbal presence inherent in other fragrances.)

Quite a distinct, laid-back, thought-provoking ode to horse clubs (without any nasty animal stable accords, thankfully lol!) from the ever adventurous noses at Xerjoff! :-)
13th January, 2019

Join The Club : Ivory Route by Xerjoff

Fragrance notes: Spicy notes, basil, patchouli, sandalwood, allspice

Ivory Route opens with a bright, spicy-amber splash that moves gradually into a sweet sandalwood accord. Patchouli is of the wet bright herbal variety, with a welcome sprinkle of peppery allspice and an ever so subtle twist of basil leaf.

Smooth, scintillating, ambery, with a definite vanilla presence in there deep in the heart of this glamorous scent. The spice smells fresh from the tree, definitely of high-quality ingredients. And I agree with another reviewer about the perceived cashmeran vibe that floats steadily throughout the wear cycle.

Join the Club: Ivory Route is a dreamy, relaxing experience, and once again Xerjoff has created another accessible wonderful in this collection! :-)

13th January, 2019

Join The Club : Birdie by Xerjoff

Wow, this one packs a spicy punch right from the gate! Join the Club: Birdie by Xerjoff smells regal, classy, and very expensive, full of depth and ready to speak volumes to the wearer and passers-by alike!

Fragrance notes: Patchouli, grass, soil tincture, sand, sea notes, pepper, apple

Dedicated to golf lovers, Birdie (golf analogy) truly evokes an outdoors experience. It's green, spicy, smelling of dry, pine-like woods that seem to reflect a waft from the trees on the edge of a golf course. The freshness of grass comes across well here - thanks to the well-crafted combo of bitter herbal patchouli and lavender, aromatic vetiver, and green cut lawn accord. And I can perceive the presence of soil, sand, and other artifacts like a nearby pond (via the sea notes) in a successful way. I noticed that, depending on the angle at which I sniffed the sample spritz off of my arm, I can catch various notes

This one really fascinates me through and through: It reflects the art of perfumery firsthand, showcasing the possibilities that can be "painted" by the clever use of and interplay of conventional AND unusual notes. Xerjoff ends up creating a scent that can be either an impressionistic marvel, or simply a bitter-aromatic-spicy EdP reflecting a bespoke heritage that screams "Elite"!
13th January, 2019

Oligarch by Roja Dove

An offering from the "Russian" collection from Roja Dove, in the vein of a citrus-spicy aromatic.

Oligarch is a men's chypre fragrance, having oakmoss, patchouli, and bergamot (and several other notes here standing in for the classically used labdanum). The result is a very mature, gentlemanly scent that shines in especially formal evening occasions. Elements of powder, lush florals, tasty spices, earthiness, and a slight musk come together in a well-crafted way.

I do find Terre D'Hermes to resemble Oligarch in many ways. Of course, this one exudes opulence and is much more expensive per ml than Herme's offering.

Classy, elegant, and bound to draw attention, Oligarch brings yet another old-school styled fragrance to the masses from the expert noses at Roja Dove!
12th January, 2019

O - The Exclusive Parfum by Roja Dove

A beast of a woody-spice parfum strength offering from Roja Dove. Love the raspberry touch in "O", along with the gaggle of elegant woods, classy cypriol, bright pink pepper, lovely elemi resin, and a wisp of straight agarwood.

Busy with basenotes, "O" ends up smelling robust, aromatic and confident. Florals are tastefully incorporated in the heart, a reflection of Roja Dove's commitment to using quality notes in a famously skillful way.

Performs quite well, lasting all day without any cloying u-turns. "O" is a credible, well-made parfum that's worth a a sample spray and / or decant.
12th January, 2019

Nwa (original) by Roja Dove

Cumin-bomb! A love it or hate it affair, Nwa (original) is far denser and challenging vs. the reformulated Nwa that came out only a year later. The newer version can be seen as a different scent altogether, with a whole lot less cumin and more flowery.

Both are prohibitively expensive, so blind buys (even of the decants) are not encouraged! Try it out in a boutique near you!! :-P~~~
12th January, 2019

Nwa (new) by Roja Dove

A reformulation of the original Nwa from the year earlier, this ode to the goddess of Chinese mythology, Nwa, comes back in a leaner set of ingredients.

Comparatively, Nwa (new) is lighter, less animalic, and simpler in perception vs. the smokier original. The original one comes across as thicker with cumin, which has a characteristically sweaty vibe that can be a put-off for wearers and sniffers-by alike. The newer is more rosier and floral-woody in feel, with a more "updated" touch.

Stratospheric price, which often translates to pricy per-ml decants as well. Pleasant and interesting, but not worth paying so much IMO.
12th January, 2019

Neroli by Roja Dove

A feminine-leaning unisex scent from Roja Dove that celebrates the beautiful neroli accord found in many fragrances. (I would highly recommend reading articles on the wonderful world of "citrus aurantium" and its constituent and derivative parts of bitter orange, orange blossom, petitgrain and neroli to discover and better appreciate these ingredients, which are all rather common in the world of fragrances.)

Neroli proper has an intense citrus quality, slightly bitter and with a bright floral touch. Roja Dove chose to focus on this, expertly weaving its high-quality bergamot note with jasmine (which, incidentally, has a similar chemical component that neroli also contains), and dreamy ambergris into a truly special blend. Other elements in Neroli Extrait serve to accentuate the neroli flower experience, which here ends up as sharp and smooth at the same time. The heavy floral quality makes this feel more suited for women, though it can be pulled off by men who can accomodate the feminine vibe this one has.

Sure, I find BIG parallels to classics by other houses like Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino and Creed's Neroli Sauvage. Of course, Roja Dove's Neroli Extrait has its own DNA, reflecting its own heritage of no-holds-barred impeccable ingredients, and it is more laid back than the aforementioned scents. My only concern is that, for an otherwise pricy and bespoke fragrance like this, performance seems limited and below par (regarding longevity). Refresher sprays are compulsory for this otherwise gorgeous, niche extrait-strength offering!
12th January, 2019

Madison Parfum pour Homme by Roja Dove

Elegant, limited edition masculine scent of the citrus-woody-spice variety from Roja Dove - dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Madison Perfumery. This wonderful, rare scent can also be categorized as an aromatic fougere in the old-school style - with essential ingredients of geranium, coumarin (inherent in tonka bean), oakmoss, and wood (guaiac) and other aromatics (cardamom, patchouli, etc.) in place of traditional lavender.

Madison Parfum pour Homme is decidedly different than a lot of the smoky oud and other wood offerings from Roja Dove. It takes me back to fougeres of decades past, without feeling outdated by any means.

As with many other Roja Dove creations, MPpH is rife with fragrance notes. The opening is an intense citrus rush, cut somewhat by dry leafy bay leaf. The scent takes a really smooth, fresh turn with the gorgeous florals and cavalcade of spices, pungent elemi and benzoin resins, and a few tiny gourmand sprinkles from cocoa and vanilla.

Oakmoss is very evident here, lending its lichen-like earthiness which wafts throughout the scent from start to finish. Vetiver synergizes and doubtless intensifies the oakmoss accord, a hallmark of classic colognes past.

MPpH find close parallels to Roja Dove's A Midsummer's Dream, although I found Madison Parfum to be richer and deeper overall. A very warm experience, reflecting the beauty and passion of Madison Perfumery.
11th January, 2019
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London by Roja Dove

London by Roja Dove grabbed me immediately and reminded me so much of another endeared scent of mine: Tom Ford's Amber Absolute. Both are full of powdery accounts, with this one having additional sprinklings of clove, cardamom, and heavier on the lavender and rockrose. Incense plays a lasting part in this production.

Anyone who has tried out Roja Dove's Reckless pour Homme will perceive similarities to London, with this one being toned down many notches in comparison regarding projection.
Last for ages, and is a well-behaved, worthy ode to the iconic, energized city of London! :-)
11th January, 2019

Lily by Roja Dove

Roja Dove does it again with this singular white flower experience. Except this time it's Lily flower that's center stage and smelling really convincing.

A lady's perfume to be sure, Lily seems to run right to the lily accord from seconds after spray-on. I can slightly make out the carnation, jasmine, rose, and ylang; I haven't smelled tiare flower - aka monoi - which here adds a subdued gardenia-like touch within (and apparently monoi essence is a common note used in suntan lotion - so bright and shiny!).

Great sillage and longevity overall. Lily holds promise to fulfill any fan's desire to wear this lovely note!

11th January, 2019

Lilac by Roja Dove

A pretty white-floral perfume for ladies. Lilac by Roja Dove is a composite fragrance, where an image of "lilac" is constructed from other ingredients that mimic its traits.

Lilac is a fairly linear, straight scent that develops quite slowly and subtly from pure flowers to a more balsamic-woody vibe. Surprisingly not a long-lasting affair, and sillage is moderate but sufficient to leave a delicate, tender white floral trail reminiscent of real lilacs.
11th January, 2019

L'oscar pour Homme by Roja Dove

Fresh, woody-spice jewel of a scent from Roja Dove, an ode to the Hotel L'Oscar located at Southampton Row, London.

L'Oscar begins with tangy grapefruit, followed by a lush bloom of florals sprinkled with bright baies rose (pink pepper) and black pepper, tasty brown nutmeg, and various accords of greenness (galbanum), earthiness (vetiver, oakmoss), and fragrant cedar and sandal woods). The overall combination is aromatic, dancing about with spice and dry, sensual wood.

I smell opulence aplenty here! The L'Oscar is a converted Baptist church house, now a decadent, amazing 39-bedroom hotel experience. The scent itself is rife with rich, elegant notes that help me to envision that luxury place.

Quite a rare scent, hard to obtain except in decant form.
11th January, 2019

Kuwait by Roja Dove

A sensual, multi-faceted experience this one! Kuwait - a part of the "Gulf Collection" of Middle-Eastern themed scents from Roja Dove - is a laid-back affair, full of character that keep the mind engaged with every whiff!

Kuwait enchants with several accords dancing on this Gulf Collection stage: Starts with an unusual, brief citron-rosemary aroma that makes way for robust fruitiness touched with sweet vanilla (intensified by heliotrope) and what smells like caramel. The civet "cat" essence and musk cling readily to this partly gourmand slice of the Kuwait pue. Florals of only the highest quality waft in, a nice partner beside the agarwood which is straighforward and behaved. Leather is a polite basic suede-like presence, helped along by cashmere woods, and patchouli, among others.

Roja blended this so nicely, taking so many notes and managing to create a really classy, exciting oriental-fruity-amber-woody piece that ranks up there in this wonderful collection!
11th January, 2019

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Roja Dove

A oriental-fruity-spicy potion within the "Gulf Collection" by Roja Dove. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is busy with so many accords - berries, fruits, flowers, hesperides, green notes, sweet gourmand notes, smoky woods, and herbs and spices - weaving together into a complex portrait of this history-rich center of the Middle East.

A simple, straightforward agarwood essence is a featured note that dances about with the above accords, as if to showcase its ability to pair up with any or all of them. As such, I get parallels to Candy Aoud hitting me whenever oud holds hands with the sweet elements within KoSA - though not as disparate and confusing.

Not cloyingly loud, with a moderate, balanced sillage and above average longevity lasting most of the day. Full of character and a daring, interesting entry in this fascinating series from Roja Dove!

10th January, 2019

Kingdom of Bahrain by Roja Dove

An esteemed member of the "Gulf Collection" from Roja Dove. Kingdom of Bahrain is a citrus-spice fragrance, with an interesting sweet (not overwhelming) cotton candy note that actually makes sense, enhancing edges of the wood and spice ingredients. Very lush citrus trio - lemon, lime, and bergamot - starts this one out with ferocity, with sage and bay leaf tucked withing and lending a tasy. Soon thereafter, a floral bouquet (jasmine dominating) blooms the heart very nicely, followed by a chorus of smoldering woods (oud is definitely detected here), bright touches of pink pepper and saffron, warmed down by leather and smooth ambergris.

Performance is okay, with remarkable sillage in the first stages of the scent and longevity of several hours.

The scent is meant to reflect the geographical constrasts of Bahrain. In a skilful way, the noses at Roja Dove have created this ode to the Gulf, giving the masses a niche picture that is very uplifting and a provoking reflection.

10th January, 2019

H The Exclusive Aoud by Roja Dove

A gut-punch of spicy-agarwood goodness that is yet again meant for the most discriminating of fragrance lovers (read: not for casually interested folks).

Fragrance notes include:
Top - bergamot, valeria, gurjan balsam, cypriol oil (nagarmotha)
Heart - rose, geranium, jasmine, oregano, nutmeg
Base - oud, patchouli, vetiver, birch, benzoin, rockrose

H - The Exclusive Aoud is rich, earthy, resinous and no-nonsense! Roja Dove spared no effort nor expense in creating this outing in the "H" series. The use of oregano and nutmeg, for starters, was quite a nice extra touch to this already heavy, busy scent. Within H-TEA is an interplay of floral freshness, warm and pungent resins, spicy dashes, and of course comfortable wood by - most of all - the anti-septic-like oud with support from bright birch.

Wow, this one is quite decant and possibly full-bottle worthy! :-)
07th January, 2019

H - The Exclusive Parfum pour Homme by Roja Dove

Nicely done! It's a mouthful to say - "H - The Exclusive Parfum pour Homme by Roja Dove" - but it is quite pleasant.

This scent has a woody-fruity-citrus quality overall. Plum plays a big role in shaping the character of TEPpH, an unusual but workable pairing with the basic clean oud.

Starts out with a nice hesperidic splash from the trifecta of lemon-bergamot-grapefruit. This leads to a classy sandalwood-patchouli-cedar sensuality mixed with a straight, clean oud, a dash of pepper, earthy fresh green vetiver, and the always exotic airy ambergris. TEPpH ends up as an aromatic, pungent affair that is very manly and wearable.

Not a scent made for pop fragrance appeal, but a sophisticated concoction appealing to the upper-crust tastes of fragrance enthusiasts. Surprisingly laid back and simple, but altogether legitimate outing from Roja Dove's "H" line!
07th January, 2019

H - The Exclusive Black Tier by Roja Dove

Another interesting fragrance dedicated to an exclusive luxury store - Harrod's - by the niche noses at Roja Dove.

Intoxicating woody-musk-oud fragrance: H - The Exlcusive Black Tier ends up as a really classy, well-crafted oud scent in the pungent fruit and patchouli direction.

Oud scents have truly fascinated me in the past few years. I have tested (and bought) several agarwood-based scents, and from time to time I'm gripped by the formulation of a particular scent more than usual. This is one of them.

Nothing here that smells cheaply and carelessly synthesized. The thoughtful use of resins, rose, raspberry, cashmere wood, oud and light florals yield a really genuine smelling agarwood experience. Musk plays a key role in underpinning the clean, slightly smoky and non-indolic oud and adding just the right amount of animalic appeal. I find a similarity to Roja's Musk Aoud.

This one took me by surprise, as I had become inured to the listing of "oud" as a fragrance note especially with several bespoke houses that appear to throw that word around - only to disappoint with what ends up as nearly or totally imperceptible.

"The Exclusive Black Tier" makes no pretentions about being a special oud fragrance...and it ends up being one! THAT's how it ought to be more often, IMO, in the world of fragrances. >:->
07th January, 2019

Great Britain by Roja Dove

Part of Roja Dove's "Haute Luxe" (high luxury) line, Great Britain is a leather-dominant parfum strength outing that tips a hat to Great Britain as a whole.

Boy, I loved the old-school, leathery-musky quality of Great Britain! Comparisons can be made to an extent to marvels like Chanel's Cuir de Russie.

Great Britain has a lovely iris-like, sweet-powdery flair that accents the rich leather vibe inherent here. All the resins, florals, woods, mosses, and spices do a great job to create a composite of the ideal Russian leather experience that is the sum of Great Britain. On an impressionistic level, GB paints a magnificent picture of British opulence and old-school prestige like few other scents in my recent memory - and I've tested a LOT! :-)

Unbelievable, try-it-to-appreciate-it scent that is stratospherically priced; for folks like me, I can only appreciate test spritzes at fragrance boutique shops rather than try to own even a decant of it. Nonetheless, I give it high marks for its brutish good character and quality, one of the best dang leather scents I've ever beheld. :-)
07th January, 2019

Goodman's by Roja Dove

Roja Dove's ode to Bergdorf Goodman in New York in a bottle.

"Goodman's" for men starts out with compulsory citrus (bergamot and mandarin orange) leading into a very classy floral and spice brew. Olibanum's presence is noted, adding its multifaceted sweet-spicy-wood resinous goodness, along with earthy vetiver and herbal patchouli surrounded by cedarwood starchiness.

An evidently carefully, thoughtfully-made potion that is at once delicate, and on the other hitting with aromatic brightness. IMO, very wearable, moderate strength fragrance that is wearable by either gender - quite a feat that makes this a successfully constructed evocation of the sophisticaton and elegance of a typical Bergdorf Goodman's store! Bravo, Roja Dove. :-)
07th January, 2019

Fortnum & Mason The Perfume by Roja Dove

Dedicated to the luxurious British store Fortnum & Mason, Roja Dove created this citrus-floral scent - chock full of amazing resins, spices, woods, and musky notes in the base.

May rose is highlighted as the symbol of England in this scent, and it comes across as wet, lush, and amazing. Having oakmoss and vetiver creates a lichen-like earthy savor, blended well with the aromatic resins and animalic musks.

Balsamic beauty in fragrance rarely comes off as this fancy and multifaceted as in Fortnum & Mason The Perfume! :-)
07th January, 2019

Fetish pour Homme by Roja Dove

Splendid woody-citrus-leather creation from Roja Dove!!

Man, this thing is rich and lasts eons on my skin! Comparisons to Puredistance's M scent is on point, though Fetish pour Homme smells more prestigious and high-brow with its fine ingredients.

Gorgeous citrus opening goes quickly into a great mix of fig and florals plus spices, consumed by an addictive leather-musk heart that dominates this EdP. The leather is so lovely, and elements like rockrose, cinnamon, oakmoss, and other aromatic notes accent its solid presence in an almost purposeful way. And the resins deliver additional depth and darkness overall. There's no mistaking this for anything but a masculine fragrance!

Thick scent on the skin that exudes class all around. Excellent performance and memorable trail from yet another forebodingly attractive creation by Roja Dove! :-)
07th January, 2019

Enigma pour Homme by Roja Dove

A classy, spicy-oriental in a semi-gourmand vein from the master noses at Roja Dove!!

Enigma pour Homme is rich, layered in character and aroma - like a typical Amouage scent! It's sweet not so much like straight sugar, but soda-like from the elements found in the tobacco, heliotrope, benzoin, vanilla, and even the smooth cognac smells prestigious and out of the ordinary! The cardamom is a straight sell for me as one of my favorite notes in scents generally; ginger is well-placed within, which seems to pair up nicely with the citrus notes from the bergamot and even the neroli flower. All of this sits atop a sensual base pachouli and sandalwood. And it comes off as musky, though that is not listed as a note.

Very decant worthy - I went ahead and got one! :-)

07th January, 2019

Elysium pour Homme Parfum by Roja Dove

A deeper, richer, more long-lasting version of Elysium pour Homme Cologne. It's more pungent, earthier, and "bluer" overall. 'Nuff said. :-)
07th January, 2019

Elysium pour Homme Cologne by Roja Dove

Lovely aromatic fougere from Roja Dove!

Amazing citrus opening starts this classy scent out - can't go wrong with a chorus of lemon, lime, bergamot, and grapefruit?! - along with juicy blackcurrants and a touch of apple. A nice earthy, woody presence soon follows, with the florals deftly shaping things up with their freshness, without being overwhelming. Ambergris floats this in a pleasant way with added waxy airiness, with light musk not too far behind. And that cypriol - with its papyrus accord - is a killer touch!

Very Bleu de Chanel-like, though it's like 80% similar. Elysium smells richer and brighter in comparison, thanks to the flurry of fancy notes swimming in it.

The bottle is gorgeous, and the scent - while not wholly original - is genuinely pleasant to wear for casual occasions. Overall, a safe, contemprary-styled offering from Roja Dove.
07th January, 2019