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Antaeus by Chanel

Wooo!!! Is this a powerhouse or WHAT! I'm 21 years old, like to wear suit and tie occasionally and this tough guy DOES NOT disappoint. This makes me feel like "Mess with the bull and you GET THE HORNS!". I'm sure the vintage version that was even stronger was more amazing but even the reformulated version is really good.

May not be a crowd pleaser to everyone, this is either a TAME IT OR BE TAMED fragrance so use with caution. You don't have to be huge to wear this, it's the attitude and how you own it.

For me this fragrance gives confidence, more sexual heat, beast mode on, the "I have ARRIVED" smell!

30th April, 2015

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

It smells fresh and aquatic, it's a straight up no mystery cologne, like "Oh, hey, I smell pretty good.. what's up...hello?" This fragrance does have a nice scent to it with some distinctive masculine scent but it just doesn't project enough.

It tones down to bare arm reach so quick, I guess this is if you want to get all up close and personal but want to have clean morning sex at the same time.

Inoffensive, a crowd-pleaser, I would say generic but it has just like two notes that make it standout, projection is medium, longetivity is good, laid back. Good but pass for me.
30th April, 2015

Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

I honestly want to give Bleu a terrible review so no one else uses it because me and Bleu are One. It might be a generic smell on most because it is not for all, on me it smells exquisitely mysterious.

It has a noticeable three stage growth, the medium citrus strong amber comes off as youthful, confident and immature, the minty vetiver incense comes off as sexual desire, then lastly the woody jasmine nutmeg comes off as a night-after mature sensual smell.

I open her mind and senses with the first over-excited stage, the second stage I tear her clothes off by breaking resistances, and the third stage she owns the privilege to wake up to her sweet smelling sensual man that she just shared another amazing night with.

I used to use Platinum Egoiste but my personality has a timid/intense hint to it so the cologne came off too strong like I was stepping over people with my smell, yet with Bleu I'm able to project my intensity with a sensual side.

EDIT #1:
I don't know where these haters are getting fly-spray/bug-spray/ supermarket aisle smell from.. but they must have smelled the EDP because EDT is way different. The 3 day after smell can make me feel a little nauseous because of how sweet the end game smell is.. but that's why you just wash it off and spray again for the citrus wood panty dropper smell.

25th April, 2015 (last edited: 29th April, 2015)
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Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

This cologne is bittersweet, as soon as I smelt it there sweetness overwhelmed my smell and taste. Then this sweet bitter taste and smell came .3 seconds after and I had to put it back right away.

I'm probably a bit bias because I hate colognes that are too sweet right away so I didn't give it much chance, it had quality and portrayed exactly to what it was trying to be a SpiceBomb. I guess I can't complain about the smell I did not like since it smells exactly like the name.

The container is cool but your personality better match this smell otherwise you'll look like a douche that smells too sweet and comes off too strong.

25th April, 2015

Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

This fragrance is me in a bottle, although I switched to Bleu due to me being too timid to wear Platinum. It gave off the impression of me fighting versus the world. This fragrance owns the metallic, dominant "Platinum" scent, it comes off very strong at first and tones down to a genuine smell shortly after. This is for a man who keeps a medium amount of testosterone in him, it projects your manliness with a delicious mystery.

It doesn't make you happy and friendly. It allows you to be more timid, official, classy, and really strong.

The lavender and rosemary make themselves known right there and then, the first scent doesn't allow you to escape its presence, everyone notices. Sage and geranium tone down to a scent that doesn't allow just anyone to approach you, they have to be granted access, people can't bite. Lastly it goes down to tree-moss labdanum cedar-wood genuine after-work smell that will give your woman a hint of what you want to give her tonight, but is it roughness to show dominance... or is it softness to show that you're ready to spend the last bits of your energy to satisfy?

-Do not use if you're a laidback person, a non-confident person, or an unsure man.
-Spray ONCE and PRESS HARD for a good mark.
-Spray on backhands+neck to portray clear dominance
-Spray on neck+chest to create your own aura that only some can enter.

All in all, you can smell the Chanel quality in this piece, the container has obvious class which brings me nostalgia just looking at it (I collect the containers), UNIQUE and NOT FOR EVERYONE, for the man who knows what he wants and is going to go extra mile to get what he desires.

25th April, 2015