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Mandarino di Amalfi Acqua by Tom Ford

Mandarino di Amalfi Acqua smells amazing! I fell in love with it at first sniff and I went back to Nordstrom a few weeks later and bought it. I should have picked up a sample for testing first though. As good as this smells, I found the performance to be pretty disappointing for the price. I sprayed some on my arm, within 30-45 minutes it was a skin scent and I couldn't smell it at all after about 2 hours.

I ended up returning it and for an extra $20-25, I bought a 3.4 oz bottle of Valentino Uomo Intense for myself and a 5 oz bottle of Chanel Chance Eau Tendre for my wife. If you can find a good deal on this, it may be worth it as it smells amazing. I really enjoy the smell, but I couldn't rationalize paying the retail price for something that doesn't really last.
12th June, 2017
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Derby Club House Blanche by Armaf

First Impressions:

This reminded me of Silver Mountain Water for a few seconds after spraying it, but then that similarity started to fade to my nose.

This is what I expected Al-Rehab's Silver to smell like, which was actually much better than I expected. Silver Mountain Water has become one of my favorite fragrances, so I've been wanting to check out fragrances that are similar. I have found some gems that way like Rasasi Al-Wisam Day and Entebaa. Al-Wisam Day could be considered an alternative to SMW, Entebaa is not.

Anyway, Armaf Derby Club House Blanche is missing the magic of Silver Mountain Water. The most volatile top notes are similar. It doesn't have the inky note, which is something I love. Derby Club House Blanche also leans more masculine. I really like the unisex quality of SMW, so if I were looking for a SMW replacement (I'm not) I would miss that in this fragrance. It is different though, which is nice on it's own. As it starts to dry down (around the 30 minute mark) this stuff gets better smelling. I still find it the least similar of the SMW alternatives I have smelled.

I may still wear this, but I won't be buying a second bottle of this stuff. If you're looking for a Silver Mountain Water alternative, you will be much more satisfied with Al-Wisam Day.

Here's how I'd rate the alternatives or "clones" that I have tried from best to worst:

Silver Mountain Water
Al-Wisam Day (On some days, I would say that AWD is as good as SMW)
Al-Rehab Silver roll-on
Al-Rehab Spray
Armaf Derby Club House Blanche

Of the Armafs I have tried, here's how I would rank them by quality from best to worst:

Club de Nuit Intense for Women
Tres Nuit
Club de Nuit Intense for Men tied with Derby Club House Blanche

I've purchased all of my Armaf fragrances for $20 or less. For the price, you get great quality, much better than what you'd get for $20 from a western house. I definitely prefer Rasasi over Armaf from what I've smelled though.
23rd May, 2017
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Tres Nuit by Armaf

A little background first: I used to wear Cool Water a lot when I was younger. I currently own a bottle of Cool Water, as well as a 4 oz bottle of Green Irish Tweed from 2014.

I've been exploring some of the Middle Eastern houses because they have some quality fragrances for a good price. I should make it clear I am not interested in these fragrances as replacements or substitutes for more expensive fragrances. I'm interested in different interpretations of fragrances I love.

So when I bought Tres Nuit, I was not looking for a cheaper replacement for Green Irish Tweed. I was looking for a variation of an amazing fragrance.

I wasn't sure what I was going to get when I sprayed this since I've seen some people say this smells amazing and is close to Green Irish Tweed. I've seen others saying it is much closer to Cool Water. To me, it is both.

When I first sprayed it, I immediately thought Cool Water. My initial sniff reminded me of the top notes of Cool Water; however, they were gone within 1-2 minutes. After those first couple minutes, Tres Nuit smells like the heart and base of Green Irish Tweed. I'd say it almost smells identical to Green Irish Tweed, except the sharp lemon top note is missing from Tres Nuit, along with some of the depth found in the original.

I am very impressed by the quality of this fragrance and it has amazing longevity on my skin. This will never replace GIT in my collection, but I found a nice variation to Green Irish Tweed that will get lots of wear as well. This was a great buy and I am pleased with this purchase.

By the way, I've seen complaints about the sprayer, but I have not noticed any issues with it so far.
16th May, 2017
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Entebaa by Rasasi

This should've been called Al-Wisam Night. Entebaa smells a lot like Al-Wisam Day, only sweeter and with a bit more spice. A few days after this arrived, I saw FragBoy Stewie's review hyping this stuff up. I have to agree with his take on Entebaa. When I first smelled it, I thought to myself, "This smells like La Nuit de L'Homme!" which I was not expecting.

I was expecting this to smell closer to Creed Silver Mountain Water or Rasasi Al-Wisam Day. The top smells like the top of Silver Mountain Water (Al-Wisam Day) with a heart like YSL La Nuit de L'Homme. FragBoy Stewie says the dry down on this smells like Dior Homme Parfum, which I am not too sure I agree with. In the mid and drydown, I actually get something closer to Original Santal. Entebaa definitely has the same sweetness as Original Santal plus La Nuit de L'Homme. I would never say that Entebaa smells directly like any of these fragrances though.

In the testing that I've done, I found I get olfactory fatigue from Entebaa pretty quick. That makes it easy to think this doesn't have good projection or longevity, but I've found it lasts and projects. Several hours after spraying Entebaa, other people could smell me from several feet away while I could no longer smell it on myself. I was only wearing a few sprays, so it's safe to say that this has decent projection and longevity.

I wore this to a wedding reception over the weekend and my friend's wife asked "What are you wearing? It smells amazing! Can you text me the name so I can buy it for (my husband)?" My first time wearing this out and I received a compliment, so if that's what you're after, this is a good fragrance. I could see this being used mostly for dates, but also for night out and even casual situations where it's okay to wear something that's a little sweet. I'd say this is best for fall, spring, and cool summer nights.

I would recommend this fragrance to men in their 20's and 30's. I feel like most guys could pull this off except super masculine, lumberjacks that would rather wear Fahrenheit, Kouros, and Antaeus.

In my opinion, Rasasi Entebaa is great juice. I would label this as a love. I've been really impressed with this house so far. They make quality fragrances at great prices. I would be happy with my purchase, even if Entebaa cost double what I paid. The packaging wasn't quite as nice as other fragrances I've purchased from Rasasi, but that's not a big deal to me since I do not keep my bottles in the box.

Here's how I would rate Rasasi Entebaa on a scale of 1-10.

Scent 10 / 10
Projection 8 / 10
Longevity 8 / 10
Presentation 7 / 10
Originality 6 / 10
Price/Value 10 / 10

Since originality is not a big deal to me, I am going to omit that rating from my overall score.

Overall Rating 8.5 / 10
08th May, 2017
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New York Patchouli by Bond No. 9

The notes I pick up on most are bergamot, rose water, litchi, lilac, and musk. These notes are supported by the typical Bond No. 9 amber, woody, musk base found in most of their fragrances.

Ironically, I do not smell much patchouli in this composition. For me, this is actually a good thing. I associate patchouli with head shop incense and cheap essential oils. I realize there are different aspects to patchouli; however, when I think of patchouli as a note, I tend to think of dirty patchouli, so I ignored this scent for a while. The patchouli used in New York Patchouli is a clean, leafy patchouli, but it is not very noticeable. I finally tried this fragrance after a Bond No. 9 sales rep gave me some Bonbons and this was one of them.

When I first sprayed New York Patchouli, I was instantly reminded of another fragrance, but I couldn't put my finger on what is was. I still cannot quite figure out what this reminds me of. It bears some similarities to Creed Himalaya, but I wouldn't go as far as saying they smell alike or that this is Bond's attempt to clone Himalaya. When you first spray this, it does have a fresh, generic smell that is most likely why I find it familiar. The top notes remind me of Himalaya, although Himalaya's top is all citrus so it has more bite to it. With New York Patchouli, the rose water and litchi give it a richer, more rounder opening. The similarities to Himalaya end at that point.

The heart is where the fragrance has more of a green, floral quality, although I find the heart somewhat difficult to identify. There is a clean patchouli note and lilac. I don't pick up on the lily. The base has a similar vibe to other Bond No. 9 fragrances. It is mostly musk, with some cedar, a touch of amber and sandalwood.

At first this smells like something you would wear in warmer weather. It gives off that kind of vibe, but this is a thick fragrance. It would best for cooler weather, like spring and fall. You could also wear it in winter if you wanted a fragrance that smells like a warm weather fragrance, but will hold up in winter. I personally do not wear this in the summer, it is too dense and thick for the summer heat.

I bought a 100 mL bottle of this about a year ago and it is one of my most worn fragrances. I find it can be worn in any situation or occasion. The longevity is actually very good on me, which is to be expected with a parfum concentration. I get great performance from all of my Bond No. 9 fragrances, but this one beats all of them except for New York Oud and Scent of Peace for Him.

This fragrance marketed for men and women, but I find it to be more on the masculine side. I have received more unsolicited compliments with this fragrance than I have with any other in my wardrobe, including Aventus! One day at work, I received 4 unsolicited compliments from women in a matter of about 2-3 hours. Until that point, I'd probably gotten 4 compliments from coworkers on all my fragrances. I was shocked to get that many in just a couple hours. Each of these were from women passing by me, then walking back over and telling me I smell really good.

I do not understand all the bad reviews this fragrance has received. I enjoyed this before hearing women tell me they like it. After the reception I got with New York Patchouli, I like it even more. I think it has a great scent, with good performance, and it's incredibly versatile. The only area that this fragrance suffers is that is not that original.

I took another reviewer's suggestion and tried layering New York Patchouli with Sag Harbor. This brightens up the New York Patchouli while making Sag Harbor a bit more masculine. Sag Harbor is one of my favorite warm weather Bond No. 9's, but I find it a little on the feminine side. When they are layered, it smells like a new scent rather than two scents blended together. I have seen other layering suggestions with New York Patchouli, but I have not tried them.

This is one of my most worn Bond No. 9 fragrances. The only one I have worn more is Scent of Peace for Him. My favorite Bonds for the cooler weather include this one, New York Oud, Signature, and New Haarlem. You really have to try this on your skin to see how it evolves. When I sprayed it on paper, it didn't last too long. On skin, it the projection and longevity is greatly improved.
30th September, 2016
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Ombré Leather 16 by Tom Ford

Many people have drawn comparisons between Ombré Leather 16 and Tuscan Leather. These comparisons are pretty accurate. The leather in Ombré Leather 16 is quite similar to that in Tuscan Leather, but it is drier and a bit more subdued. Tuscan Leather is one of my favorite scents and unfortunately, it is one of my wife's least favorite scents of mine. She likes Ombré Leather 16 though. There is a cigar-like note in Tuscan Leather that she despises, which thankfully is not found in Tuscan Leather.

To me, Ombré Leather smells like leather with a touch of suede and some light florals. I would tell most people they do not need Ombré Leather 16 if they already have Tuscan Leather; however, if there are situations where Tuscan Leather is too much, or you have a loved one that doesn't like Tuscan Leather, there is definitely room in your collection for both. Tuscan Leather is best for cold weather, while I could see Ombré Leather 16 being wearable in any weather except the high summer heat. I purchased a decant of Ombré Leather 16 and presuming my feelings about it do not change, I will purchase a full bottle.
26th September, 2016
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Enzolie by Enzolie

I discovered this fragrance in my first box from Scent Trunk. I sprayed some on my wrist and at first sniff I wasn't too fond of it. The next morning I caught whiffs of a wonderful combination of leather, musk, and amber. It took me a minute to realize it was Enzolie's dry down.

I decided to give Enzolie a second chance and each time I wear it, I like it even more. I wrote to Enzolie and requested a bottle to review. Stephen was kind enough to send me a bottle at no cost in exchange for an honest review. I am not receiving any compensation for this review and it reflects my honest opinion.

When sprayed, I pick up citrus and jasmine. A few minutes later, the rose comes through with a hint of neroli. I never picked up on the fruit note and I don't know what ozone smells like, so I couldn't say if I pick up on that or not.

After about 20 minutes, the leather starts poking through and by about 90 minutes, I smell leather, rose, jasmine, musk and amber. The longevity of this fragrance seems to fluctuate, where some days it lasts a really long time (10+ hours) while other days it's closer to 5 hours.

Enzolie doesn't have a strong sillage, so it sits pretty close to the skin, making it an ideal fragrance for the office, dates, church, or casual wear. I think it is best worn when slightly dressed up, like business casual clothes, but you could definitely wear Enzolie with formal attire or completely casual attire. I think Enzolie could be worn by any age; however, the leather, amber, and jasmine notes give it a slightly mature vibe. I think this would be best suited for men age 25 and up.

The bottle is a nice design of black glass with the letter E raised from the middle. The atomizer is decent, but nothing super great. My only criticism is the cap, which is a light plastic. The cap just doesn't seem to match the bottle that well, as the bottle design is very nice and the cap is kind of flimsy in comparison.

As far as ratings go, I gave Enzolie 4/5 stars for longevity, 2/5 stars for strength of sillage, but I think this scent is suited better to staying close to the skin. I feel a strong sillage would clash with Enzolie's confident, laid back vibe. I gave Enzolie 4/5 stars for an overall score. I definitely think Enzolie is worth a try!
22nd May, 2016
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Gentlemen Only Casual Chic by Givenchy

I really enjoy Givenchy Gentlemen Only Casual Chic. When you first spray it, the opening smells like ginger mixed with pine, which I later found out to be juniper and cardamom. The Ginger note reminds me of Dior Homme Sport, although I would not say Casual Chic smells like Dior Homme Sport.

The juniper and cardamom notes give Casual Chic an entirely different character, which I find unique and well done. There are a lot of juniper trees in western Colorado and this smell reminds me of hiking around in the canyons by Monument National Park in Grand Junction, CO. (Junipers have a smell reminiscent of cat urine, which thankfully is not reflected in this fragrance.)

In addition to my appreciation for Casual Chic, my girlfriend also really likes this scent. I was surprised the YouTube reviews I have seen were not more favorable. It is similar to Gentlemen Only, just with ginger, cardamom, and juniper, so perhaps the similarity to an existing fragrance is why people aren't really raving about this scent. Casual Chic is technically a flanker of a flanker, so it could be a victim of the flanker prejudice I've observed in the fragrance community. Casual Chic is a very safe scent, it can be worn to work, school, wherever. You can wear this in the day or night, but I think it lends itself better to daytime wear. The best time to wear this is in the spring, fall, and it can be worn in summer if you do not live someplace that's really warm. (I live in the North American Midwest.) Casual Chic is not groundbreaking, but it doesn't smell much like anything else in my collection. I receive a compliment nearly every time I wear this stuff.

The projection is decent. I picked up a sample from Sephora and sprayed some on my hand. Hours later in a movie theater, I kept catching the fragrance drifting to my nose and when I brought my nose close, it was still strong smelling 4 hours later. That was when I first noticed the beauty of Casual Chic's dry-down.

The heart and base is where this really shines. The Citrus and Juniper fade away and the woody notes come into focus. I smell Cedar and Birch to a lesser degree. There is also a warm (for lack of a better word) smell that I really enjoy. From looking at the notes, it's not Vetiver, Vanilla, or Sandalwood. I suspect it to be Ambroxan, Coumarin, maybe both. Not sure how different Coumarin is from Tonka Bean, since Coumarin is derived from Tonka Bean, but the smell is not like any of my fragrances utilizing Tonka.

I had been really into fragrances for about a year when I bought this, so I was still getting over the impulse to buy a fragrance based on the top notes alone. I think this is the first cologne I purchased because of the heart and base notes over the top notes. I bought a full bottle and I plan on buying another when I run low presuming I don’t find something similar I like more.

Seven months later, I still like this stuff, but I wish I had waited a while before buying it because it is available online at half price. I paid full retail for it shortly after it came out.
25th March, 2016
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Mountain Frost by Bath and Body Works

I had this in my senior year of high school in 2001. It smelled good but didn't last long. I don't remember specific notes, but this was a fresh generic-aquatic with some woods. I bought this before I knew much about fragrances, having only owned Joop Pour Homme and Cool Water.
18th December, 2015 (last edited: 05th June, 2019)
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L.12.12 Jaune / Yellow by Lacoste

This is like a cheaper version of Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche, but without the creaminess. I really like the scent, but it has poor longevity. I wore this a lot until I bought Edition Blanche.
18th December, 2015