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Horizon (new) by Oriza L. Legrand

This is quite a nice perfume, but I won't be buying more than my sample. It just got too linear and patchouli-isn at the end. I much prefer Chypre Mousse from this brand.
15th February, 2020

Megalium by Carner Barcelona

I really enjoyed this as a winter fragrance. It was mellower than a lot of the rose/modern patchouli things out there, but very much in the same vein. I happily drained my 1.7mL sample. I'd love to get a 10-15 mL bottle, but have way too much perfume to ever need more than 15mL of this.
09th February, 2020

White Linen by Estée Lauder

I like the floral notes, although the animalics can get to be just a bit too much for me. It lasts a long time, especially if it gets on clothes. I actually like the far, far dry down better than any other part--smelling it on a shirt two days later is lovely.

I happily used my sample, but will probably not repurchase, as this reminds me a bit of my mother-in-law, and I want to smell different.
09th December, 2019
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Smoke Show by Vilhelm Parfumerie

A slightly fruity vetiver that is subtle after the first couple of minutes and barely lasts even two hours. It's nice enough, and wears well in Fall/late Fall, but does not tempt me to purchase more than a sample.
03rd December, 2019

Jasmin Rouge by Tom Ford

I'd actually give this a 3.5 overall. A lovely jasmine that goes on just a little too sweet for true love. After about 30 minutes to an hour, there is a sillage of light, lovely, slightly citrus flowers (maybe the neroli listed). Eventually it fades away to nothing. I like it but can't justify the cost, especially since I don't really love it. I happily used my sample, and I'd probably re-purchase another sample if it crossed my path, but don't need to go out searching for it.
22nd November, 2019

Room Service by Vilhelm Parfumerie

I love the fruitiness of the opening, and the dry down of musk is close to the skin and pleasant. I wouldn't buy this because of the price point, but love it in the early fall/late summer and happily drained my sample in a few consecutive days. I had tried it in other seasons and hadn't liked it as much.
19th September, 2019

Artemisia by Penhaligon's

I get absolutely nothing fruity or floral from this scent. After a hint of green and herbal/medicinal in the very beginning, it turns into something powdery and vaguely vanilla, and stays that way. It is very close to the skin, thus making it an appropriate work or yoga class scent. Nice enough, won't buy a full bottle.

As an aside, I've had two different sampler bottles form Penhaligon's, both with the very cute little stoppers--both of the stoppers have broken off still half in the bottle, making it nearly impossible to finish the sample. I managed with one, but not the other.
30th August, 2019

Clémentine California by Atelier Cologne

I finished my 7.5mL sample bottle today. This is a lovely fragrance and has been on high rotation for me this summer. While the citrus up top works well in the heat, as other commenters have said, it goes a bit generic floral on me after a short time. The dry down pulls very sandalwood on my skin. It's nice, and I was happy to finish the mini bottle, but I will not be purchasing even a 30mL. Orange Sanguine is a much better citrus, and there are other better florals and sandalwoods out there too.
25th August, 2019

Un Matin d'Orage Eau de Toilette by Annick Goutal

Lots of white flowers, slightly aquatic, but no calone. I liked this, and used up a previously-owned bottle. But it sometimes got a little screechy on me and did not last long when it wasn't screechy, so I will not repurchase
27th July, 2019

Bergamote Soleil by Atelier Cologne

I love this one, it's one of my favorites from this house. It smells like sunshine in a bottle, and is perfect in late spring/early summer, or any time the temperature ranges from 70-80 degrees. I just finished my mini today, and as soon as I finish a few more summery scents, I will probably invest in the 30mL next summer. Gorgeous.
01st July, 2019

Ambra Nera by Farmacia SS. Annunziata

Inoffensive amber, but still amber. Fades quickly. Not great.
10th March, 2019

L'Eau d'Ambre Extrême / Ambre Extrême by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Kind of a dull amber somewhat powdery scent. I liked it well enough to finish a 2mL sample, but not well enough ever to buy more.
02nd February, 2019

Byzance by Rochas

This is a stunner! It smells just like 1987, in that it's one of the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink big 80's florientals, but plays much more nicely than Poison, for example. I absolutely love it, have just finished a vintage mini, and will be on the lookout for others.
06th January, 2019
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Pomélo Paradis by Atelier Cologne

This is GREAT for summer. It is (imo) so much better than Orange Sanguine--not nearly as sweet, but still managing to capture the feeling of a real grapefruit (in the way that O.S. is going for the feeling of a real orange.) The opening is sharp and beautiful. It fades to nothing on me quite quickly, which is why it only gets a 4 star overall. But I really like this one! I drained my 7.5 mL sample in about 2 months. I might have to get a 30mL for next summer.
16th September, 2018

Celtic Fire by Union

This is smoke, smoke, smoke and more smoke. I've heard others say it smells like BBQ sauce, but to my nose, it is much more like a campfire. I really like it. It is very reminiscent of whisky, and a little tiny dab will last all day. More than a dab and it would not be appropriate for work, as co-workers would think you were drunk on whisky. This is great in the fall.
19th August, 2018

Les Heures de Parfum - IV L'Heure Fougueuse by Cartier

Green, hay, slightly animalic. This is absolutely gorgeous! Best in spring/fall. I brought it with me on a trip to Scotland, where it smelled just like the countryside (full of green stuff, sheep, and hay). I've used up my 5mL sample, and am not sure I can possibly afford a full bottle (the major drawback is the cost of this scent), but I will look for another sample.
13th August, 2018

Geranium Bourbon by Miller Harris

Merely meh. Better in slightly cooler weather.
12th August, 2018

Verveine / Verbena by L'Occitane

It starts off slightly Lemon Pledge-y, but that quickly fades, and it is a lovely lemon scent thereafter. It's wonderful in the heat of summer, and I associate it so strongly with summer that it's hard to imagine wearing it any other time. I have just finished my 10mL mini bottle, and would consider replacing once I go through some more of my summer scent stash.
22nd June, 2018

Eau de Gentiane Blanche by Hermès

When I first got this, it was the weirdest thing I'd ever smelled. (Now that honor goes to Chypre Mousse, but whatever.) And the weird was vegetal, and very very green, and cool, and refreshing; the olfactory equivalent of drinking gin from a hollowed out cucumber.

But over time, the weird faded. (I had a second hand bottle, so not sure how old it was, but I had it for about 4 years before using up the remaining 80 of 100 mL) It was still nice, but not really special. Kind of green, kind of vetiver, absolutely fine and lovely in summer, but it really lost its edge.

I finished the bottle happily, but will not repurchase this. If I came across a 2-4mL sample, I'd probably pick it up.
11th May, 2018

A Lilac a Day by Vilhelm Parfumerie

This was a very realistic lilac. I finished my sample and would love to purchase a travel size for spring.
03rd May, 2018

Aqua Allegoria Tiaré-Mimosa by Guerlain

This is a vaguely acceptable bland floral that lasts about 10 minutes. Impossible to overapply, since village is minimal.
07th April, 2018

Aedes de Venustas (new) by Aedes de Venustas

I wanted to love this one--all the notes sounded good. I can do tomato leaf, and rhubarb, and berries. But. On my skin this morphed almost immediately into a bitter grapefruit. And it wasn't a good sort of grapefruit either. The bitterness was overwhelming. Eventually it dried down into "marine" notes, which might have been slightly vetiver-y. This was hideous on me, an absolute scrubber. I will be passing my decant along to someone else.
02nd March, 2018

Oeillet Louis XV (new) by Oriza L. Legrand

I don't get much of the rose that others have mentioned, but I do get a very warm, spicy, clove-y scent. It's quite linear, and lasts for many hours, easily 12 or so. It's fantastic for warming you up in the cold months.
10th February, 2018

Jubilation 25 by Amouage

There are moments of distinct pluminess, and moments of an almost-too-much cumin. It varies wear-to-wear whether it will be perfect, mysterious, unlike anything else I won, or just a bit too strong for the office. I love it.
30th January, 2018

24, Faubourg Eau de Parfum by Hermès

What a gorgeous perfume! When I first tried it, I found it way too amber-y. But over time, I've gotten used to it, and now it just smells like flowers and pure class. This is an "old-money" perfume, and smells phenomenal.
11th December, 2017

Le Dix by Balenciaga

I had a 3mL sample that I picked up at a garage sale. I have no idea how old it was, or under what conditions it had been kept. I used the whole thing, and it was...OK, I guess. It was not the rapturous experience that many have had with it. I get some flowers, and some aldehydes, and a certain plumminess that I often get with these throw-in-everything-even-the-kitchen-sink perfumes. It could well be that my sample was no longer good, but I would not seek this out, and probably would not repurchase if a small bottle came my way again.
22nd November, 2017

Chinatown by Bond No. 9

I'm not sure what can be said that hasn't already. This thing is sweet, sweet, sweet, and lasts forever. It goes quite floral on clothes the second day. It can be "screechy" and a bit too much--heaven help you if you wear this in hot weather, it would be too overpowering. But in winter/spring/fall it can be fun. I happily finished my sample, and would use another sample if it came my way, but would not buy a full bottle.
18th November, 2017

Levantium by Penhaligon's

This is a really generic, woody, traditionally-marketed-to-men scent. I used up the sample, but would not even consider purchasing a decant or bottle. Very boring.
17th October, 2017

Flower's Barrow by Gorilla Perfume

I was given a partial full 9 mL bottle of this. I'm glad I didn't have to use up the full one! This was a difficult scent, cloying, and lasted FOREVER on the skin. I found t was occasionally just right, but those moments were few and far between. Smells intriguing and slightly spicy in the bottle, but does not translate well to (my) skin.
17th September, 2017

Mediterranean Fig by Pacifica

I've had an overall positive experience with this lovely fig perfume reminiscent of Philosykos, As previous commenters have noted, it is pretty linear: fig, then sandalwood. WYSISWYG. The fig disappears pretty quickly, maybe after an hour or so, but the sandalwood sticks around for a while.

Like Kewart above, I also had the roller ball version, and that's the rollerball that convinced me never to buy another one again. I hate the roller ball applicator. If I repurchase it would be after using my Philosykos completely, and I would only get it in a spray or splash bottle.

03rd September, 2017