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Shalimar Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

I am really in two or even multiple minds on this one. Had a test spray on a strip last summer, liked it enough to spray some on me. Lovely, and not like anything else in my wardrobe. I read all the blurb, info and reviews, and added it to my birthday wish list. Hmm. Be careful what you wish for. Like a summer romance that fades once back in the real world, I wonder if I'd mixed up the scents I tried that August afternoon in Brighton. Or maybe the air is different in the South West.
This smells gorgeous on the dry down, but the couple of hours to get there? A heavy traffic journey in an overheated car with a fractious under- 4 screaming "are we there yet?" Way too intense.
I have to be really careful not to apply more than 2 sprays, or I get burning eyes, instant head ache and can barely breathe. Aldehydes? But my skin always absorbs fragrance very fast, so I have to apply at least 4 sprays to get it to last over two hours. Ok; so a smart exit from the bathroom away from the fog of choking scent, and the first strikingly good and weird stuff starts happening within 10 minutes. A huge burst of cut lemons right next to a smoking wood fire, without any blending of the two. They are absolutely distinct in a way I've not experienced in any other scent. So good, yet so scary. This perfume is taking no prisoners. Something dirty-sexy bleeds through about half an hour later, it's very animalic at this point, bordering on the unpleasant, and I hate it. This feels far too strong to be on me at all, and definitely not out in public, but by then, I'm leaving the house, so too late to back out.
However,....I can't stop sniffing my arms. After an hour the lemons and smoke and dirt have come together to make a truce, and an uneasy peace is agreed. Some days the ceasefire holds and I love wearing this,it's earthy, smoked-lemony and gorgeous. Some days though there are nasty skirmishes and the smell remains over-strong, unblended, raw and industrial.
Some fragrances can only be worn when I am in the right mood for them,(such as Cliquat de Lancome or Ivoire de Balmain), and that always works. The problem I have with Shalimar, is that I can't guess whether its going to be a day of war or peace- the scent reaction to my skin seems to be completely out of my control. Mood doesn't affect her. Overall a bit of a loose cannon. When she was good, she was very, very good; and when she was bad, she was horrid.
09th April, 2018

Agua de Vetiver by Angel Schlesser

I think this is much more unisex, a lovely soft nutmeg vetiver, not enough depth to be great, it could benefit from a touch of patchouli perhaps. I don't detect any of the elements listed in the top and mid notes at all. I like it enough to buy it again, but there are other vetivers I prefer that cost less,
31st August, 2017

Jade by Yardley

This is an inexpensive cologne and I only tried it because I used to like their SEA JADE in the 70's. This isn't the same, it is much better, because it is much less sweet. I wear this most days in the summer and it punches way above its weight: a colleague asked me if I was wearing Givenchy III. It really is that good.Smooth,cool, green but not sharp and none of that irritating watery smell that seems to haunt so many fragrances these days.
31st August, 2017
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L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci

I used to wear this as a teenager in the 70's . Absolutley loved it and was one of my favourites. Sadly I found it just too sweet last time I tried it about 5 years ago, unless it was just the old reformulation trick.
31st August, 2017

Jasper Conran Woman / Signature Woman by Jasper Conran

This is increasingly hard to find, the Jasper Conran Woman is discontinued I believe, and I've never seen the signature version. I usually manage to pick up a gift box at Christmas from a department store.
I like pretty much everything about this, a very unusual scent, almost but not quite chypre, not aldehydic or floral on me. Not sharp either, just a great combination of crisp clean but warm loveliness. More please. Oh, and I like the bottle as well!
31st August, 2017

Alliage by Estée Lauder

I made a point of tracking this down on a holiday to New York 2012, as it is almost unobtainable in the UK now. Purchased blind, as no tester available. I love this scent but it is just way too strong. Sillage about 1000 yards. I really have to be going outdoors to wear this, not one for the office. I still have half the bottle, which is a testament to how rarely it feels appropriate to wear a belter like this.
22nd June, 2015