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Givenchy Play Sport by Givenchy

I'm actually 'Lespritz' but have a new account now. I'd like to add that I have since fallen in love with the scent, and now own it. It is indeed, very mild, but reminds me of either Clinque Happy for Men, or Tommy T(which I've owned). If mint exists, it's not overbearing and gross like Lacoste Booster or something like that. Fresh, clean, fairly innocuous, good for office use.
02nd October, 2016

L'Homme Ultime by Yves Saint Laurent

Sprayed this on in a pharmacy generously...smells good, but like a plagiarized Dunhill Desire. You don't need this.
21st June, 2016

Sentiment for Men by Escada

Smells unpleasant & cheap. Magnetism is WAY better.
20th June, 2016
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Amor Pour Homme by Cacharel

Forgettable headache that's not unique at all. Had a 30ml of it and didn't need it again. It pretty much plagiarizes Chanel Allure sport or w/e it is...but it doesn't smell gross.
20th June, 2016

Sunset Voyage by Nautica

Faint, cheap & forgettable in short. Sweet and tropical for two seconds and then gone to cheap and then gone.
20th June, 2016

Horizon by Davidoff

Bought a 75ml bottle for $20.00 at Shopper's Drug mart because I had never heard of it or smelled it ever. I have worn it many times and I can't form a valid opinion...yet...maybe it is more appropriate in winter? Something about it smells weird, cheap, old man ish...but something smells unique and distinctive. Glad it wasn't more...though aspects of it around the cheap smell expensive(should that make sense, lol)
20th June, 2016

Emporio Armani Remix He by Giorgio Armani

I only had a 30ml of it...but I enjoyed its smell and(and portability) longevity could've been better though..they should still make it ! :)
20th June, 2016

Lacoste Elegance by Lacoste

Kind of good for Lacoste...but close to
Baldessarini Ambre also from that year. Would have grabbed it for cheap but just too forgettable & boring-ish to pay lots for...discontinued or not.
20th June, 2016

cK one Shock for Him by Calvin Klein

Smells great for being a CK scent...great longevity/power, and awesome in winter...sugary & memorable! :)
20th June, 2016

Truth Calvin Klein Men by Calvin Klein

I absolutely love the smell, hence the thumbs up, but the numbered ranking isn't higher due to the insanely poor longevity. Apply often and enjoy! The price is right.
20th June, 2016

Reveal Men by Calvin Klein

First time I smelled this, I liked it...second time I hated it(was it reformulated, or does it change color?) I got a sample sometime and fell in love with it...and missed out on a cheap gift scent of it...and regretted not getting it when I saw it. I like it because it smells almost peculiar...sugar tropical booze? i dunno. good though!
20th June, 2016

Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

It does, or used to carry(massive longevity...could wash shirts and they'd come out smelling like this. Kind of smells dated(it is) cheap, and old man ish. At xmas, or in the cold 'round there, can be tolerable. The odd time I've purchased those l'il travel sets that have it, so I guess if I do again, I'll notice if it's been reformulated.
20th June, 2016

Cool Water Exotic Summer by Davidoff

Saw this for $19.99 at a Shopper's Drug Mart, had never heard of it, so I rushed home to google it, as I was uncertain if it was a men's or women's scent. The 'net showed they make one for men and women, with the boxes only varying slightly. Saw the men's today, and actually opened it in the store! :O LOL, well I had to know...sprayed, it's not bad...but very, very close to the 90%...but milder, without the headache. Might go back and get it, i dunno...have so much, and it's semi-forgetable IMO.
15th June, 2016
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Gentlemen Only Parisian Break by Givenchy

In short, your experience with Parisian Break will be just that. I've tried this a few times in the Dept. Stores, and bathed in the's like sexual toothpaste for seconds. The bottle looks so much more inviting than the previous 'Gentleman' Only. If you don't mind having this in an atomizer for all day(hour, lol) application, than this might be for you, but it actually is unreasonably mild. They don't even have it in the Dept store anymore, but they do have Casual Chic(another mild, but likeable flanker) :(
11th June, 2016

Obsession for Men Summer by Calvin Klein

Big blind-buy disappointment...smells like a cheap dollar-store fragrance. No one buy this ever! Best analogy? Wet change-room floor at a splashpark. Fades insanely quickly and near-nothing for projection. Sad shopper. :(
05th May, 2016

A*Men Pure Tonka by Thierry Mugler

This smells good, has great longevity, probably worth the money...BUT(to me anyways) this smells like a STRONGER Angel B*men...maybe mixed with malt, I dunno...but I'm shocked no one else has compared this to B*men(red-starred bottle), so because it's that close, it's not unique, so that makes it neutral. Can Mugler get charged with plagiarizing themselves? LOL.
13th April, 2016

Corduroy by Zirh

Unbelievably yummy gourmand-ish smell...but you gotta sarcastically bathe in it! Gone in mins. :(
17th February, 2016

Calvin Klein Man by Calvin Klein

Great smell that has constantly gotten me more compliments then you'd imagine...but that could be because I'm constantly applying tons of it, as it fades REALLY least on me. A few mins...then can't smell F**k all. "Used to it" or not, I wanna be able to smell what I'm buying! I can't always find an atomizer to bring with me, so I'd ideally like to not to have to spray fifty sprays to be able to smell it all day...which it would probably have to be. Sad, 'cause it does smell sexy! Also, does have that headache vibe 'bout it.
17th February, 2016

Contradiction for Men by Calvin Klein

So disgusting...worst Calvin Klein scent EVER. Can't even describe the scent. A dumpster of hell filled with grass? idk, but yecch!
17th February, 2016

Z by Ermenegildo Zegna

Can't believe they would continue to make a terrible, terrible cheap, forgetable scent like this, but discontinue essenza di zegna, a dream-come-true/bring it back now scent
16th February, 2016

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

3rd time owning...seems to smell different each time. Formally more chocolatey, now seemingly more tarry? IDK. Still good though. I don't know if I want a 4th. Probably another flanker first.
16th February, 2016

Joop! Splash by Joop!

I'm a cologne fiend...never usually hate, hate colognes...but this is nasty and bizarre. I gave it to someone who in turn used it as room deodorizer. Worst Joop! I guess a chick could wear this...if she wanted to! It's that gross. What was I to do? It was in the Wal-mart case, I had never smelled it, they don't let you open it...and the internet said it was gonna be discontinued(then upon buying it, a week later, a larger size for ten dollars cheaper appeared at a pharmacy to mock me, LOL). Glad I didn't get a larger size. Groan! Big waste of $ since I wanted it gone. I hope the flankers fixed this disaster(and hopefully canada gets more Joop fragrances). My faves from them so far the normal one, Nightflight, and Go and Jump aren't bad(though are very similar-smelling). (I was lespritz on here till my account got hacked)
15th February, 2016

John Varvatos STAR USA by John Varvatos

This was like $15.00 tops for a massive bottle and I gave it away promptly. Even too gross in my gross smelling shoes. Bothersome bottle, and incredi-cheap smell. Don't consider.
15th February, 2016

Artisan Black by John Varvatos

Well, I got the gift set with a 125ml bottle and an after shave lotion for $30, so I should be gleeful. It was a semi-blind buy(i had bought a few months before a set of 5 little john varvatos travel bottles...but at that time of spotting this deal, i couldn't recall which one(s) I liked. I right off the bat knew I liked the normal john varvatos one, and didn't like artisan. This smells both compelling, boring and sickening at once...also similar in that grossness to versace dreamer. How? Which note? Any? LOL. Buy it CHEAPER!
15th February, 2016

Artisan by John Varvatos

Smells like Versace Dreamer and Burberry Weekend mixed together. Horrible longevity(barely any, but strong all at once, then fades) :(. Almost smells like Play Doh. Not gross, but not purchasable(unless it's pennies).(I was lespritz on here till my email got hacked. :()
15th February, 2016

Pi Neo Tropical Paradise by Givenchy

I wanna make this a really high rating because of the smell, which is indeed sexy, but instantly flies away. I paid a lot for this "exclusivity" and it's watery trash. Not a fake either. Other reviews seem to verify this, which I guess I saw before(assumed with a summer fragrance). Maybe I just expected more with the product. Don't keep the snazzy boxes(this time, with palm trees) but I do collect the bottles, and this one is a nice blue with leaves on it. I guess it has more character in the smell than the previous neo(but it's been a while) I do know it had way better longevity.
15th February, 2016

Givenchy pour Homme by Givenchy

A really good smell, kind of like Dunhill Desire a bit. Sort of medicinal & sexy, but also lacks projection, prompting heavy application. Headachy-ish.
15th February, 2016

Gentlemen Only by Givenchy

Have tried lots, would buy it, though it seems to smell different every time I smell it(reformulated?)Also, doesn't have very good longevity(this determined by bathing in it a the dept. store(s).
15th February, 2016

Kenneth Cole Signature by Kenneth Cole

Not offensive, but slightly boring, and slightly girly. Apples and spicy for a few secs if I can recall(has been maybe 9yrs since I owned it). Wouldn't buy again.
15th February, 2016

Davidoff Adventure Amazonia by Davidoff

Amazed that no one said this smells like Davidoff's own 'Good Life', though the notes supposedly aren't remotely it...well think that and the normal adventure is this in a blender...and way milder, and still iffy. Dunno if it smells cheap glassy...or good? Hmm.
04th August, 2015