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Mûre et Musc by L'Artisan Parfumeur

A marginal thumbs up for this. It's a nice perfume, and L'Artisan Parfumeur keeps me interested. I like trying their fragrances multiple times to see how they'll grow on me.

This strikes me as an understated perfume. On a day when a person is on the fence about whether to even wear perfume, this could be a good option.
06th August, 2018

Dzing! by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I feel conflicted about L'Artisan Parfumeur. I like, but don't love a bunch of their fragrances, such as this one, Dzing.

On the one hand, it does achieve a substantial leather smell, smooth and wearable. On the other hand, it doesn't really grab me.

I can imagine, though, loving it on someone else, and thinking they have great tastes for wearing it.
06th August, 2018

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

This is nice. I think I like Velvet Orchid even more. They're similar. They both have a nice, easy wearability.

They remind me a little of Piguet Visa and V. Intense, effortlessly smooth sweet florals.

Black Orchid strikes me as more tropical than Velvet Orchid.
03rd August, 2018
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L'Ete en Douce / Extrait de Songes by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I'm feeling neutral about this fragrance, and I've started feeling neutral about the house base L'Artisan Parfumeur uses. I think I still like Safran Troublant, though, and maybe Drole de Rose.
03rd August, 2018

DKNY Delicious Night by Donna Karan

This has an easy-to-like broad appeal. It seems like an especially safe fragrance. It seems like a step up from any bath products I've encountered, but it still seems like something in that mass-market style. It's sweet and woody. I'm not detecting any of the harsh chemicals that can ruin a fragrance for me. It leans feminine for me, but I also think it could work for some men. This is the kind of thing I imagine working well for a girl in high school to wear as a daily fragrance.
02nd August, 2018

Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford

This has been my best experience with a Tom Ford fragrance. (I've given away decants of Oud Wood and Tuscan Leather).

Initially, I felt like this was on par with something like the Versace Bright Crystal line, but the development was better than I expected, and it became a sexy balance of sweet, creamy, and slightly floral - completely agreeable, somewhere in the ballpark of Coco Mademoiselle, which I also like, but even softer and rounder; lightly sweet. (I would give Coco Mademoiselle the advantage for having a more interesting opening).
01st August, 2018

Shalimar Parfum Initial by Guerlain

I could change my mind while wearing the rest of the sample and come back and make this a thumbs up, but I was disappointed during my first wearing of Shalimar Parfum Initial.

The fragrance I wore recently that it kept reminding me of is Dior Homme Sport 2008, not because the smell is similar, but because the plan for both is the same: to have a pleasant-enough, steady synthetic accord that develops only minimally.

Compared to Dior Homme Sport 2008, the opening / main feature synthetic accord wasn't as nice here, but there was slightly more development that redeemed it somewhat in the base.

This one smelled like a kind of pipe tobacco, perhaps. It smelled more masculine than feminine to me. Some other fragrances that might be somewhat in the same ballpark are D&G The One for Men, Spicebomb, L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme, and Mon Guerlain.
01st August, 2018

Grev by Slumberhouse

Grev has more of an unsweetened chai smell compared to the sweeter Sova. The clove note is nice, a soft clove.

Of the three Slumberhouse fragrances I've tried, this is my third favorite after Baque and Sova. I might have liked Baque a little more than Sova. Baque did become a little generic and/or one-dimensional in the base, whereas Sova kept up a more linear foodie smell into the base, but Baque smelled a little more ambitious in the opening and early development.

Grev doesn't have the warmth of those two, and it's less inviting in its coolness, but not altogether unapproachable.

The development isn't great. The opening holds some hopeful promise, but before a couple hours are up, it has lost its way and smells overly sharp and a little harsh.

30th July, 2018

Sova by Slumberhouse

Sova is a nice foodie fragrance. It has a nice warmth and richness, and it smells interesting. It has a sweet spiciness. In moments, it smells like a ginger snap cookie, but it also has interesting complexity, and smells like much more - a delicious stew, for example, sweet and savory. There's also a hint of leather.

A couple more thoughts on what this smells like: maybe a sweet chai, or maybe a dish of Indian food with a fairly sweet sauce, such as korma.
30th July, 2018

Insensé by Givenchy

This is nice. It almost smells too familiar. To me, it smells like an Abercrombie and Fitch (A&F) store. I believe it was a concentrated version of A&F Fierce that they used to scent their shops. I feel like Chanel's Platinum Egoiste and Bleu de Chanel also capture some of that A&F smell, but then I don't smell any overlap between Insense and the Chanels.

Aside from the memory of A&F, this strikes me as a floral frankincense. It has a unisex, or even metro-sexual feel.

It also reminds me of lotion, maybe sunscreen.

I'm giving this a thumbs up. I think it smells nice and I like it. I could wear it and enjoy it. But it doesn't rise to the level of something I would want to buy. For Givenchy, Gentleman and Monsieur de Givenchy are a couple I have in my collection, but this one and Xeryus are ones that I don't like quite as much.
20th July, 2018 (last edited: 31st July, 2018)

Ma Liberté by Jean Patou

I do think Ma Liberte smells similar to Patou Pour Homme Prive. They both strike me as unisex or even feminine-leaning. I'm finding them similar in the same way I find Egoiste similar to Egoiste Concentree, Dior Homme similar to Dior Homme Intense, and Antaeus similar to Antaeus Sport. I think I could usually tell them apart, but they're not so different that I necessarily have a strong preference.

Another fragrance I find similar to this is the first version of Parfum d'Habit (1988) by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier, in the red bottle with argyle stripes.
20th July, 2018

Pasha by Cartier

I agree that this is somewhat similar to Tsar. Comparing side-by-side, I prefer Pasha. It's warmer and woodier. Tsar seems stronger/louder and sharper/screechier. YSL fragrances such as Jazz and/or Jazz Prestige also came to mind, but I don't have them handy to compare.

This is a marginal thumbs up. I'll give it more chances, and I like it, but it's not really grabbing me. Whereas with Santos I'm on the fence about whether I should be getting a bottle, with Pasha I'm on the fence between neutral and thumbs up.
19th July, 2018 (last edited: 31st July, 2018)

Sagamore by Lancôme

The version of Sagamore I'm sampling (which I think is vintage, but not original) is predominantly an oak moss fragrance, in the same way vintage Chanel Pour Monsieur is. This might be a slightly swampier oak moss than Chanel Pour Monsieur, but hardly different. I'm not sure I could tell this apart from Chanel Pour Monsieur.

I might have a sample of Chanel Pour Monsieur labeled as Sagamore. I'm certainly not smelling any benzoin, and the references to Tiffany for Men make no sense to me.
19th July, 2018
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Santos by Cartier

Santos is a delicious, woody fragrance. I just have a little sample to dab on, likely the vintage/original version, but I'd love to have a big spray bottle to wear large doses.
19th July, 2018

R de Capucci by Roberto Capucci

This is more like Gucci Nobile to me, which I only see mentioned once below, than Antaeus, which I see mentioned several times. I can see it as sort of a cross between the two, but it's reminding more of Nobile. I also agree with the comparison to Derby - I think it's closer to Derby than Antaeus. All four are great scents I enjoy, Antaeus most of all.

The comparison to delicious, revered classics speaks well for R de Capucci. It's right in the mix. Is Trussardi Uomo (original) another one that's similar?

Into the base of this, the top notes that reminded of Gucci Nobile are gone, and it's more in the Gianfranco Ferre for Man style. I think this one is better though.
18th July, 2018

Calèche Eau de Toilette by Hermès

The opening of this reminds me of Chanel No. 22. A slightly feminine-leaning fragrance, but something I feel like I could pull off, a woody, aldehydic floral. It develops in more of a foodie/gourmand direction than No. 22, which stays woodier. This one gets a bit of a cinnamon roll vibe, which isn't great, and makes it a less attractive alternative to No. 22.
18th July, 2018

New Look 1947 by Christian Dior

The early stages and mid of this are nice and can smell like a men's version of 31 Rue Cambon. Into the base, it loses some luster, and smells like a less-inspired version of Dior Homme Intense.
07th July, 2018

Baque by Slumberhouse

This is another one in the oriental style that I associate with Opium Pour Homme edp. This smells like a great take on it. It has the feel of what I would expect, or hope for, from an independent, or niche, perfume company: a rich, complex, small-batch-production feel, more natural smelling than a mass-market fragrance.

The base isn't a problem, necessarily, but it becomes simplistically one-dimensional sweetness - benzoin, it smells like to me.
02nd July, 2018

Fahrenheit 0 Degrés by Christian Dior

This smells like a spin off of Fahrenheit Summer to me. I think Fahrenheit Summer smells more like original Fahrenheit, and I prefer it, but this is also really nice. It is similarly light, and feels like it was made for summer. It uses some typical-smelling aroma chemicals that last a long time, but they're inoffensive, and they're used in a light dosage. It gives the fragrance a more modern feel, hip and sexy.
02nd July, 2018

Chloé Fleur de Parfum by Chloé

The original (2008 version) has the peony note that makes it different. This one is just a rose. Both are good. The rose note in this is nice, a clean, feminine rose.
27th June, 2018

Cologne du 68 by Guerlain

This had a nice moment in the opening, and I thought I might like it. Then it went through a phase of reminding me of the Aqua Allegorias, with a mass-market synthetic feel. Then tonka came to the fore, making it nicer, but more plain and uninteresting than exciting.
27th June, 2018

Aqua Allegoria Flora Nerolia by Guerlain

This is my favorite of the Aqua Allegorias. It seems like more of a traditional Eau de Cologne style than the Aqua Allegoria style, which can be loud and synthetic.
27th June, 2018

Parfum d'Habit by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

I've tried a couple different samples of this now. I feel like there could be iris in this. Something, at least, maybe the leather, is giving me an impression of iris (orris root).

If I understand correctly, the oldest bottles are red with an argyle pattern (pictured above), the second version (of the bottles at least - I'm not sure about the fragrance in this case) is red with no argyle pattern, and the current version is clear glass. I see that they offer samples from their website, so I might try to get the current version to compare to the samples I have. On eBay, the second version bottles are available for about the cost of the current version.

At the moment, I feel like this is my co-favorite fragrance from Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier along with Eau Des Iles. I need to give both of them multiple wearings to see how my impressions develop over time, and there are a bunch of other fragrances from this house worth sampling and/or further sampling.

I'd like a more convincingly definitive notes list for this. The one from above is Patchouli, Vetiver, Sandalwood, and Leather. The one on their web site at the moment is Petitgrain, Bergamot, Blackcurrant buds; Patchouli, Geranium, Encens; and Leather, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Ambergris. Why do I think I might be smelling orris root? And maybe lavender?

I definitely like this, and a bottle is going on my wish list, although I'm not sure which version.
24th June, 2018

Bentley for Men Intense by Bentley

A nice, classic oriental, similar in style to Opium Pour Homme and Fragonard Siecle, and to a lesser extent, Chanel Coromandel and Chanel Egoiste.

The base of Opium Pour Homme turns ugly on me, and Fragonard Siecle is a little off / misses the mark, but I love this style, and Bentley for Men Intense seems well done to me.

It's just the right amount of sweet for the style (maybe just barely too sweet as it develops). It smells like an upgrade on Opium Pour Homme edp.
24th June, 2018

Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme by Gucci

Borderline thumbs down. This isn't something I'd be excited to wear again, or to smell on someone else. There's something interesting about it that keeps it from a thumbs down, but I didn't find it pleasant. It smells like something that would be marketed as oud.
23rd June, 2018

Le Vetiver Itasca by Lubin

I like this more than Lubin's Le Vetiver Bluff, and find it at least on par with their regular Le Vetyver/Le Vetiver, although different.

Le Vetiver was more of a soapy vetiver. Le Vetiver Itasca is more complex, and smells part classic, part well done modern niche.

Having recently sampled Le Labo's Vetiver and Dior's Vetiver, I'm feeling like this one is my clear preference over those two.

Whereas I found Lubin's Le Vetiver similar to Guerlain Vetiver, Le Vetiver Itasca is more in the style of the Le Labo and the Dior.

The Elie Saab Vetiver is still my favorite of the ones I've sampled (including others such as Sycomore edt and edp, and Malle's Vetiver Extraordinaire).

Le Vetiver Itasca has great development. It stays nice and interesting all day, completely wearable. The kind of thing that would be safe to wear in the office, but still interesting.
19th June, 2018

Vétiver by Christian Dior

A marginal thumbs up. I was disappointed in the opening, but it has developed nicely. The coffee seems to somewhat cancel out the brightness of the other notes. It might be something I enjoy more with additional wearings now that I know what to expect, but overall I'm torn between neutral and thumbs up.
09th June, 2018

Traversée du Bosphore by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Traversée du Bosphore by L'Artisan Parfumeur reminds me very much of something I've worn before, which I'm fairly certain is Drole de Rose by L'Artisan Parfumeur. They even share a hint of an almond extract note, although it is a fairly minor note in the overall smell.

This is a sweet, powdery, vanilla floral, mostly rose.

I'll try to wear it side-by-side with Drole de Rose at some point and update.
07th June, 2018

Noir Patchouli by Histoires de Parfums

Noir Patchouli puts the historical feel in Histoires de Parfums. It smells mossy to me, so I'm surprised not to see moss listed among the notes. This smells unisex to me - I can clearly imagine it working for a man or a woman. It smells natural. There's a soapy aspect, and a dirty aspect. And sometimes florals peek through (maybe as part of the soapy aspect). It smells like a nice vintage perfume, light and wearable.
31st May, 2018

1969 Parfum de Révolte by Histoires de Parfums

This is one of the more exciting fragrances I've tried from Histoires de Parfums. It has a nice peach note.

I wouldn't expect everyone to like this. The opening feels like it could go either way. I had flashes of No. 19 edp (the powdery opening blast that can almost be too much), and 4160 Tuesdays, including ones I like such as What Katie Did on Friday Night.

I like how this develops. I'm not detecting overused ingredients (aroma chemicals), which I was getting in the base of 1899 Ernest Hemingway. This smells like a quality fragrance as it develops, tasty and alluring.
30th May, 2018