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Black Gold by Ormonde Jayne

This is an interesting fragrance, a better fit for a woman, to my nose. I'm happy to smell this kind of smell around, but it's not really for me as something to wear.

I do smell the connection to Jubilation XXV, although this is a more feminine fragrance, a fruity floral, but backed with dark woods and/or resins somewhat similar to Jubilation XXV.

Deep into the wearing, I got some great moments in the projection from the base.
23rd December, 2017

Lui by Guerlain

Lui is fragrance running counter to the market trend (unlike Mon Guerlain, which has taken up the baton of the market trend). Lui is subtle.

I applied a heavy dose, and felt somewhat anosmic to it at first, but it eventually warmed its way into my affections, eventually smelling like a sweet, smoky vetiver, although I see now that vetiver isn't listed, so make that woods.

I got great longevity from it, and was excited that Guerlain had produced something this nice.
23rd December, 2017

Tribute Attar by Amouage

Wearing Tribute Attar (from the black box, at least) makes me smell like a cigarette smoker, but an especially good-smelling one. I like it.

It's not perfect, but it's quite interesting. It is something I would be interested in wearing from time to time. I would feel confident of making a positive impression wearing this. It's strong and memorable. It's an exciting sampling experience. It is crazy smoky, in a good way, borderline overboard, but just the right side of tasteful. An enthusiastic thumbs up for this nuclear-strength, smoky, tobacco bomb.
23rd December, 2017
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Essence No. 6 : Vetiver by Elie Saab

This is a great citrus vetiver, on par with the best vetivers I've tried.
22nd December, 2017

Peau d'Espagne / Spanish Leather by Santa Maria Novella

This leather is a little too much on the raunchy side for my tastes, although I appreciate its boldness.
15th December, 2017

Be the Legend by Oriflame

I'm a naysayer for a lot of modern perfumes, including this one. I'm fairly confident this uses the same aroma-chemical featured in Dolce and Gabbana The One for Men, which I prefer over this. In both cases, the aroma-chemical induces a weariness, despite smelling ok in moments. My sense of smell is initially drawn to it, and somewhat interested, but then concern sets in - that it might be harmful, perhaps headache inducing, and the association with potential harm is a deal breaker. Ultimately, it smells too harsh for me.
14th December, 2017

JHL by Aramis

I'm sampling what I think is vintage Aramis JHL, and enjoying it tremendously, which is typical for me sampling Aramis fragrances. I don't know if it's something I would wear often if I had a bottle - maybe - but it's a delicious, mouthwatering sampling experience. Old-school goodness, warm and spicy, masculine floral. I don't see moss listed, but it smells mossy to me, with its luscious texture.

Not to detract from how fantastic this is, but to remind myself what it smells like, somewhat: the best-smelling mens' deodorants from the 1980s smelled like rip offs of this, or tributes to it - the Speed Stick by Mennen with the brown cap, the spicy one, comes to mind.

What seemingly makes this perfume so great is some animalic component, I think musk. As much as I like this, I would want to get a great deal on the original version to buy a bottle - I don't think it's something I would wear often. I get more joy from the opening and early stages than the base.
13th December, 2017

Mon Guerlain by Guerlain

Mon Guerlain doesn't smell too bad up close. It's not great, but within the context of modern trends in perfumery, it smells typical. It even reminded me slightly of Guerlain Iris Ganache or perhaps even Dior Homme Intense, in its best moments. The smell it was projecting, however, did not work for me, and it was striking me as a scrubber.
11th December, 2017

Armani by Giorgio Armani

Thumbs way up for this delicious animalic floral. The early 1980s is a favorite period of mine for perfume, and this is a quintessential example of what was possible back then.

The floral-animalic combination is somewhat like the original Boss (Boss No. 1), if it reminds me of anything from my collection, but this is a bigger floral, also bringing to mind Chanel Coco, although I think I like this Armani even more.
05th December, 2017 (last edited: 09th December, 2017)

Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland

Classic smelling in a nice way, the smell of know-how, citrusy - not too dissimilar to an Eau de Cologne - with the warmth of other notes adding depth and complexity. Easy to wear. Nice from the first spray.
03rd December, 2017

Gianfranco Ferré for Man by Gianfranco Ferré

I have a decent size spray sample of this, and it reminds me quite a bit of Patou Pour Homme, a lighter citrus version, with a smoother leather texture, a beautiful, complex fragrance.

Update: Having acquired a bottle, I'm not getting much connection to Patou Pour Homme anymore. It's a nice fragrance, just slightly sweet, agreeable, and wearable, but arguably on the tame side.
02nd December, 2017 (last edited: 03rd February, 2018)

Francesco Smalto pour Homme by Francesco Smalto

A bit ‘Lectric Shave, a bit Gucci Nobile. A nice scent, bold and billowy.
01st December, 2017

Moustache by Rochas

It smells like a modern salon, with the typical dash of coconut. Borderline thumbs down - the hairdresser vibe is overplayed. Remainder of the sample to be binned.
15th November, 2017
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Joyeuse Tubéreuse by Guerlain

Tuberose isn't as dominant, to my nose, as the name would suggest. I smell a nicely sweet floral. The listed notes of honeysuckle, orange blossom, and vanilla sound right to me. It smells impressively refined with an exciting opening.
03rd November, 2017

Eau d'Hadrien by Annick Goutal

Starts with a big, concentrated lemon, and fades into a nice creamy heart.
31st October, 2017

Oud Essentiel by Guerlain

This reminds me of Songe d'un Bois d'Ete. Cedar and leather are the common notes I see listed. Both of these Guerlains remind me of cumin. This isn't my sort of thing, and wearing it feels like a lost day of enjoying perfume.

Frankincense becomes more prominent in the base, and it's nicer than the first several hours.
09th October, 2017 (last edited: 10th October, 2017)

Reflection Man by Amouage

It smells bitter in the opening, which could be the bitter orange leaves. The woody base doesn't smell very well done. It gets more powdery over time. I threw away the second half of the sample.
30th September, 2017

Memoir Woman by Amouage

This is a decent woody fragrance, but not too exciting.
29th September, 2017

Fate Woman by Amouage

This is a complex perfume, sweet, perhaps from the benzoin, with notes such as the listed frankincense, cinnamon, and chili pepper adding character. The frankincense is light - just barely peeking through. It has a powdery aspect, which could be a natural floral smell, and it has a warm, delicious leathery aspect.

I'm getting a sweet cola smell. I like this. It's nicely agreeable, and complex enough to be something I'm excited to wear.
28th September, 2017

Sycomore Eau de Parfum by Chanel

I'm neutral on Sycomore edp, and I was also neutral of the discontinued edt version. Both versions give me mixed signals: I like them from the perspective of a perfume enthusiast for being bold, unique, and even artistic, but from a utilitarian perspective, I'm not that excited to wear them.

I'm not that excited to sniff my wrist where I've sprayed this edp. It doesn't quite work for me.

27th September, 2017

Gabrielle by Chanel

I'm a big fan of the new Chanel, Gabrielle. I've worn it a bit, and I've also spent time with someone wearing it, and I have liked it both ways. It smells like a typical Chanel to me, and I like the house style. It initially reminded me of Cristalle edt, a crisp floral. It's fresh and playful. It smells like a picture perfect Brasserie in Paris, on a day with perfect weather, with people in good spirits, and perfume in the air.
26th September, 2017 (last edited: 27th September, 2017)

Beige Eau de Parfum by Chanel

I scored a sample of Beige edp and I'm trying it for the first time. I'm giving it a thumbs up, it's fine, but, from memory, it's not as good as the discontinued edt. I was a big fan of the edt, though, and this is a different perfume with its own merits. The listed notes sound right.

The listed notes are quite different from the edt, which were aldehydes, hawthorn, freesia, and frangipani.

After being surprisingly different from the edt in the opening, as the edp develops, it does seem to largely merge with the essence of what the edt had been.
26th September, 2017

Bahiana by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

This is not my genre. The woods in this do not work for me.

I cannot shake the association of the synthetic smell from the Guerlain Aqua Allegoria fragrances.
22nd September, 2017 (last edited: 01st October, 2017)

Sables by Annick Goutal

Sables is French for sands, and this does promote an association with a sand-like beige color. The listed note of everlasting flower (immortelle) is prominent. Other than that, it's savory sweet, nicely warm and agreeable - maybe with a hint of the listed tea note.
11th September, 2017

Stella Eau de Toilette by Stella McCartney

A nice, wearable, fun fragrance; fresh and modern, a fruity floral that smells in style and sufficiently complex to be interesting.
08th September, 2017

Ivoire (original) by Pierre Balmain

Green (herbal) notes, carnation, and oak moss, from the listed notes, seem to match what I think I'm smelling. This has some overlap with some of my favorites that were also released around 1980.

This one reminds me of a sharp, skin-drying soap, although the smell is sharper, higher-pitched, and stronger than a soap would be.

This develops quite a bit. During the mid, I often thought it smelled better up close than it smelled projecting. The base is woody, just slightly sweet, free of the soapy top, but still retaining the green, herbal notes.
29th August, 2017 (last edited: 30th August, 2017)

Infusion d'Iris Eau de Parfum Absolue by Prada

This is on par with some of my favorite iris fragrances such as Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist and Xerjoff Irisss, with a definite, pronounced iris; soft, wearable, and almost edible.
26th August, 2017

Oud by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

This uses the same saffron as L'Agent Provocateur, which can be fun. They're similar enough to be confusing during moments when the saffron is strongest, but the general feeling of the opening of L'Agent Provocateur is better for me, with its rose notes. I don't think there's much oud in this, but what there is doesn't work as well with the saffron.

The base is the scratchy synthetic ambery woods I dislike, and it will not wash off.
19th August, 2017

Aqua Universalis by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Not terrible, fine even, but on the boring side, fresh and summery. The listed note of musky woods sounds right, something to hang the citrus on, but uninspiring, maybe even slightly cloying.
18th August, 2017

Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

I do not really enjoy wearing this one. There something interesting in the smell that keeps me from giving it a thumbs down. I imagine I might like the smell coming from someone else. On me, it's too much, and not pleasant. It's sort of a slightly-burnt caramel smell, with something such as the listed balsam fir note mixed in.
15th August, 2017