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Eau de Guerlain by Guerlain

I'm very satisfied with the longevity of the current 2016 formulation of Eau de Guerlain. It is quite ugly straight out of the sprayer, with citrus freshness mixed with what I think smells like rancid mould-pocked lemon peel, but I love that about it. Somehow the citrus stays on me and becomes creamier, which is remarkable for a cologne. I think it's undeniably classic or retro, simple, direct and hits the bulls-eye. I bet the contemporary materials Guerlain are using have helped make this robust and seemingly natural.

For example, it lasts way longer on me than Chanel Pour Monsieur, which is smoother and woodier, and at times I prefer the relaxing nature of the Chanel. Guerlain's Eau can strike me as brutish to begin with, but it's an invigorating morning scent, develops and never, ever bores me in the daytime, whilst on the other hand Chanel Pour Monsieur is so beautifully refined to begin with but fades quickly to more of an aura. Eau de Guerlain doesn't have Acqua di Palma Colonia's heavy and dark undertones either. Also I think I'm picking up on the sandalwood and later on I start looking forward to layering some Hermessence Santal Massoia for the evening, another one I'm loving this summer.
26th July, 2016

De Profundis by Serge Lutens

This is a happy perfume, able to breathe atmosphere into a blue skied and fairly hot day. I don’t find the marketing spin at all helpful, obscuring the perfume’s effect for me. The name, the story attached to this name, vibrant purple dye, none of it seems to fit my experience of the smell.

De Profundis is deceptively light at first, but soon blooms into a huge and long-lasting haze. When I decant some drops from my 2011 bell jar into a vial and apply a couple of sprays, it is like sitting on a stone bench under a blossoming tree whilst I rest my back after attending to a flower bed. The flowers are neither sweet or sharp, and this bit is in sync with the perfume’s name, a turbid accord takes up a prominent place amidst the floral sunlight medley, that successfully conjures up the idea of the smell of fresh soil, a moody presence adding an undercurrent of sulkiness. There is subtle frankincense low and creeping in the shady corners. The description melancholic could fit here.

This perfume is tenacious, and that is what I don’t like about it in the far drydown, which is a monotonous greenish floral, not unpleasant or a scrubber but surprisingly weedy, and tiring, with an aquatic transparent feeling, like water left to stagnate in an old vase or collect in rain barrel. When it reaches the last stage I layer on a different perfume. A seasonal wear so doesn’t receive much use, but I choose it some mornings in the Spring.
23rd May, 2016