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Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

I have owned the vintage Opium from the early days ever since I tried some at a perfume counter. I just had to have some.

Most of the time I considered it far too potent for casual wear, so that is the reason I still have it in nearly full bottles.

But being curious about the new formulation, I have finally decided to give it a try.

The initial blast is far different from the vintage formula. Lots of synthetic notes in there. Not the same at all.

But after 30 minutes or so, it does settle down into an exact representation of the vintage Opium.

The only thing now is to see how it stays after a few days or so. The original just keeps going and going on your clothing.
27th May, 2018

Set Sail St. Barts for Men by Tommy Bahama

I don't know why this is compared to Creed's Virgin Island Water. To me, this smells more like Green Irish Tweed. So much so that it would be a great substitute as a cheap substitute. Not that it has anything close to the same quality impact when compared side by side.

But as such, it is a very good scent for the budget minded.
20th February, 2016

Island Life for Him by Tommy Bahama

I'm getting something more piney than cedar in this. But it is more woodsy than aquatic to me. Not a beach scent. A little bit on the sweet side, so it could be unisex. More soapy sweet than floral, though. The bottle design alone is probably worth getting this for. A definite break from past Tommy Bahama products.
20th February, 2016
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Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême by Chanel

This smells almost exactly the same as L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent. If you own one, you won't need the other. The one difference is that the Chanel product has that distinct ozone, fresh air note. If you don't like that, then go with the L'Homme.

Both are very wonderful fragrances for the same reason. That being a comfy, sweet and warm fragrance that I generally classify as "yummy" (without being gourmand).
16th December, 2015

Royal Oud by Creed

This reminds me of something very old. Like an old attic stuffed with antiques that have been polished over the years with various wood oils and polish. I didn't really like this at first because it did remind me of old things I smelled at antique stores or at my grandparent's house.

After a while it did grow on me to the point where I can really appreciate it. This is not one of those fragrances to appeal to the teenybopper masses. So I can only recommend that you sample before you buy.
15th November, 2015

Lady Stetson by Stetson

I had this back in '87 when I was at college, so it has a certain nostalgic significance for me. I picked some up recently to see how it is now and I do think there is something different about it. For one thing, the opening aldehyde blast is mostly gone. It seems to be a bit softened and replaced with a floral note that makes me think of a bathroom handsoap smell. The aldehyde blast would make it seem outdated and old-ladyish, so it makes sense to tone that part down. But that bathroom handsoap note is not such a good thing. Apart from that, on dry down, I can still smell the old Lady Stetson that I remember, so I can still enjoy it. Those looking for a nostalgic blast from the past might be disappointed, but some might find it OK.
15th November, 2015

Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens

A deep and strong vanilla fragrance layered with a smokey burning incense to keep it on the mature side instead of the teeneybopper side of sweet vanillas.

Not very strong projection or longevity, but you will enjoy sniffing this one in your own space.
24th October, 2015

31 rue Cambon Eau de Toilette by Chanel

Based on reviews of this and because it supposedly has patchouli, I was expecting something similar to Coromandel. Something more modern and niche in style. Yet after a good spraying to give it a full chance, all I got was something I might smell on an old lady at church. Dry down offered nothing different. This is for the 50+ crowd on Sunday afternoons.

24th October, 2015

Coromandel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

This is what Angel wants to be when she grows up. Much more classy and refined. Yet there is that strange combination of the very sweet with patchouli which I think creates the illusion of a chocolate note that doesn't really exist. My first sniff of this, the dirty patchouli blast caught up in my nose. Then it became a very sweet and patchouli fragrance. For patchouli lovers like myself, it is the sort of thing you are always looking for. A very different diversion from the typical Chanel brand. Worthy of getting the full bottle.
24th October, 2015

Shalimar by Guerlain

A lemony, powder-sugared confection. That is how the gourmand quality hits me. Like those little lemon cookies at Easter time covered in powdered sugar. So yeah, this is very powdery. My mom always wore the very powdery Chantilly and this is also very powdery in a similar way. If you associate powdery perfumes with mothers and grandmas, then this will be one of those.

The dry down is where Shalimar really wins me over. It settles into a warmer, more vanilla scent (yet still powdery). I can't get enough of it then. At this point, it doesn't project as much, making it more of a personal indulgence of nostalgia. Not one you're going to wear out to blast the party and club scene with.
24th October, 2015