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People Are People by Christian Siriano

Jasmine, sandalwood and vanilla is oversimplified. This is a lot like other frags out there now but has nice projection within arms length and lasts nicely. It also is fruity and dark with a lot of fruit up front (maybe black currant or plum) with some light florals in the mix but it is mainly patchouli, sandalwood and musk with a bit of vanilla. I like but don't LOVE it.
08th February, 2019

New York by Heaven's Alchemy

An average perfume oil and not worth the asking prices. This is a white floral with some herbal/bitter components in the middle that turn it green with mainly muguet in the base with a little musk.
04th December, 2018

Jasmine by Madini

This jasmine is the very dry, green, pure, indolic jasmine that has NO sweetness in it. This is not the pretty, sweet floral that you are used to. this is very true to the actual flower. It's like crushing the leaves, stems and flowers underfoot on a dewy morning.
16th November, 2018
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Henna by Madini

a beautiful soapy floral that is like vintages but stronger and is NOT fruity
16th November, 2018

Tropical Iris by Jovan

The top is aldehydes and orchid. That sharp floral scent. I agree that I don't detect iris. Then, the top quickly (30-60 seconds) becomes all about the signature Jovan musk. Lovely vintage Jovan musk with a bit more aldehyde fizz and a hint of floral not present in the regular musk formulation. Worth owning for any collector, Jovan or musk lover.
21st October, 2018

Sundrunk by Imaginary Authors

people take too many words and too much space saying the simple and direct; smells like orange Pez. Like it. Doesn't last. Wouldn't buy a bottle but would wear it if it were given to me. Like the smell of it. If you like orange Pez, this is your frag.
21st August, 2018

Tempo by Avon

I can't find notes on this but it is all about the woods. It's a chypre without being bitter and somewhat smokey. I don't notice florals. It's not a spicy floriental. There are woods other than oakmoss present.
13th August, 2018

Taji by Shulton

a heavenly spicy stronger/powerful Old Spice with carnation, sandalwood and cinnamon
03rd August, 2018

Ivana by Ivana Trump

This is a big, bold white floral with lots of tuberose, ylang, jasmine and gardenia. It has nose-tickling aldehydes in the drydown and some note that I can't place that gives it a sharpness as the sweetness burns off. It's not oakmoss. There's sandalwood in the base and maybe a light hint of musk. Very pretty. Average longevity and sillage as it dries down. Can't find any info on notes. Definite oakmoss in the final drydown in the base.
12th July, 2018

Love's Frenzy by Love's

fruity floral; ylang, gardenia, jasmine, musk, maybe some peach or apricot by my guess, it's darker and richer than the other popular love's
29th June, 2018

Yanky Clover by Richard Hudnut

This is nothing like Dana Ambush. This fragrance reminds me of Lentherics, especially Miracle. It is that kind of unique, odd, interesting scent that is a powdery, grassy sweet floral like a clover field with blooms of iris and a little spice. I detect some light citrus thought the top has gone off on mine and a tiny hit of oakmoss. This is not a chypre in the classical sense. It's like a light, powdery cologne that reminds you in a distorted way of Shalimar because it has that uniqueness about it. It is a light cologne strength and a close scent. While it is a floriental, it is not of the ilk of Cinnabar, Ciara, Opium and Obsession, not a big 80s oriental but the light ambery oriental of the early 1900s.
20th June, 2018

Love Song by Dorothy Gray

The other review is spot on. This is a soft, close cologne of the time. It is a mix of florals including LOTV,carnation and rose but indistinct. There's a hint of oakmoss but this is not a chypre. There are aldehydes. It's powdery but a little sharp in the top, dry yet a hint of sweetness. Not very musky until the base. As it dries down, it becomes more of an oriental with carnation, spice and musk.
24th May, 2018

My Islands: Corfu by Colton

a bit like nail polish remover in the top but grew on me; citrus, sweet, ylang, hyacinth, rose, loved the drydown; most floral and least soapy of the group; deeper, richer and stronger in the base with oakmoss, went from okay to LOVE because in the final drydown this is an animalic musk civet bomb with spices and depth. Strongest of the group.
20th May, 2018
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My Islands: Majorca by Colton

dark, mysterious, dry, oakmoss, green, woody; this one is more for evening. I liked the top less than the others but as it dried down, it really grew on me. Very soapy and clean.
20th May, 2018

My Islands: Barbados by Colton

All of these are so unique and truly island, summer, vacation scents with a vintage feel. This one is green, woody, lime, masculine, little lavender, underlying florals but not the tuberose, jasmine and neroli feel in the notes.
20th May, 2018

Cielo by Napa Valley Perfumes

in glass bottle with stopper; old world classic floral; very green, hyacinth, jasmine to my nose but hyacinth not a note; sweet pea, honeysuckle and jasmine with some sandalwood and a sharpness that smells more like fig leaf than the fig fruit; there is nothing juicy or fruity about this fragrance
06th May, 2018

Escapade by Shulton

fantastic vintage fragrance that's a bit sweet in the top with aldehydes, rose, carnation, ylang, LOTV, oakmoss, sandalwood, musk, patch
26th April, 2018

My Islands: Moorea by Colton

A very green boozy soapy aldehydic floral fragrance with a sharp depth that includes oakmoss; wish I could find more about these!
20th April, 2018

Violet Sec by Richard Hudnut

the most lovely strong rich violet fragrance but it doesn't last more than about an hour; I have the vintage purple water and, yes, it did hold up!
18th April, 2018

Les Fleurs by Alyssa Ashley

aldehydes, LOTV, sweet, oakmoss, musk, rose, powder, iris
14th April, 2018

Cachet by Lucien Lelong

bitter, herbal in the top, goes into sweet soap in the drydown, with galbanum, bergamot, spice, ambergris and oakmoss and somewhat masculine
28th March, 2018

Platine by Dana

close to the skin but a very lovely gently almost carnation spicy cologne with some citrus in the tops and florals that blossom into narcissus, orange blossom and others with a depth of sandalwood and musk and some lifting aldehydes for a fragrance that wants to be soapy but isn't, some vetiver or oakmoss to anchor it but not noticeable
28th March, 2018

Santa Fe for Men by Aladdin Fragrances

I am wearing the vintage by Shulton/Tsumara. It is all about cinnamon, nutmeg and spice. There is no vanilla to be found. It is not like Obsession at all other than being a spicy oriental from the 80s. If you like Fahrenheit, you should like this vintage. I wear Fahrenheit too. This is spicier but also smokey.
15th March, 2018

Pain d'épices by Bernard Loiseau

This isn't even close to simple gingerbread! You can smell the musk when you take the cap off. When you spray it on, yes, the top is a ginger blast but mixed with musk and honey. This fragrance is completely animalic. There is nutmeg and ginger in the top then it dries down to a honey cake. Like if you baked a honeycake while having sex. There's a hint of lemon zest in it. A floral quality similar to frangipane. It is unlike any other fragrance I own. I would call it a floral gourmand. It is very complex and goes through stages. It is NOT like Papillon Salome but has that kind of sweet musky vibe to it all along. Salome meets honeyed ginger cake. Also, I hope this is safe to wear because these are parfums d'ambiance. They are meant to scent the home. They are room sprays that originally cost about 175 euros.
06th March, 2018

Trouble / An Invitation To Trouble by Revlon

This is a deep rich vintage floral. Guessing at the notes as my nose calls them: gardenia, jasmine, maybe some honeysuckle, musk and sandalwood.
04th March, 2018

Notoriety by A Wing and a Prayer Perfumes

I love this perfumer. That said, I hate/loathe this fragrance. This is one of the reasons I never liked natural perfumers. Herbal, bitter, ugly scent. In the final drydown it is tolerable but getting there is ugly. It smells a little like a lemon basil and amber. This is not sophisticated. It is a bitter herb pot.
07th June, 2017

Premier Mai by Houbigant

a lovely, rich, deep lily of the valley, still sweet but more complex than most; potent
03rd June, 2017

Fur by Madhat Scents

holy shit, burnt, smoke, balsamic, dry yet sweet; the base is sweet like an incense; base is a bit sour and like BO or smelly feet or a gland in an animal's butt, almost like a barnyard oud
20th May, 2017

White Witch by Parfums Jamaica

This goes on a floral chypre that has fruit in the middle and woods in the base with a soapy note. The base is unique and unlike most of the many chypres that I own. I am not an oakmoss fan but love this.
18th April, 2017

Great Lady by Evyan

totally unique; fruity, musky, metallic floral, violet smelling though not a note listed, maybe iris; as dries down woods come forward
01st December, 2016