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Byerley by Parfums de Marly

You’ll be tuff pressed to find a better woody fragrance than this. Lots of Cedar and Vetiver.
Although Sandalwood is not listed you can be sure it’s in there.....along with Malted Barley?
I kind of get a bourbon barrel thing happening.
Almost like all of the bourbon has been drained out of a barrel and all you can get us faint hints of it beneath the wood of the barrel.
Reviewers below suggest that this is a soft one. I don’t necessarily agree that it’s soft so much as I feel Its smooth.
I also don’t get the comparison to Equus. I loathe Equus.....I love Byerley.
A winner for sure in my opinion
08th August, 2018

Cedre Blanc by Creed

Cedre blanc has a beautiful citrus over a creamy, woody base that hides behind whiffs of ocean air.

Something fruity and sweet lurks apple?

How is ambergris not listed in the notes? It clearly has a PROMINENT role.
I get an aquatic, woody aromatic. Like a log of Cedar washed up on the beach.

While I feel it may lean a tad masculine, Florals soften up the composition enough to make it fine for either sex.
(As a plus, my wife loves it on me)

You will certainly notice the cardamom (and even more so Bay leaf) but this is all about the Ambergris and Woods.
As it develops you are able to pick out some of the individual Wood notes more clearly.

Maybe imagine a mix up of Millesime Imperial, Viking, and Spice and Wood. That could get you close.

This is more deserving of the name Viking than the one who received it.
Had it been released into the main line under that name it certainly would’ve been better received.

Performance is about average and while it leans towards the summer months in feel I believe it could also work in cool weather.

In conclusion:
Very versatile and curiously overlooked member of the Creed lineup.
It’s unique yet has that familiar Creed DNA
At the prices this can be had for on the discount sites I’d recommend giving it a shot, you may just find yourself a gem.
04th June, 2018

Pour le Jeune Homme Extravagante by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

This is simply the best neroli dominate fragrance I have tried.
Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier does it again.
Certainly better than Neroli Portifino, Eau De New York, etc.

The opening is a bit sharp, very lush, and enormously juicy.
There's a spicy aspect that sneaks in after about 5 minutes in that builds throughout the wearing but never dominates or detracts from the overall fresh feel of the composition.

There's certainly a beautiful citrus courtship between the bergamot and lemon and a bit of bitter greeness settles in the backdrop.

The citrus/Neroli mixed with the spice in such a refined manner is what makes Le Jeune Homme Extravagante so unique.

Dashing would be a word that comes to mind.

A very classy modern release with a very classic overall touch.

Performance wise a few sprays last all day and projection is above average.

You'll be sniffing your wrist all day
13th July, 2017
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Wall Street by Victor

Crazy how good this is!
Truly one of the most masculine and cool scents ever. Makes me smile with every wearing....
Dominated by Fresh pine and leather
Put on a white Tee with a pack of camels rolled up in the sleeve.
Throw on a leather jacket.
Now jump on a Harley and take a drive through the country and breath it all in.
the pine
the Leather
the oakmoss
the dry tobacco....
Yep, you're cool like Fonzie.

On the other hand:
If you're looking for something to wear while driving your Vespa to the local Starbucks to enjoy a non-fat, vegan, half cal frapuccino with the rest of your skinny jeans/dress shoes with no socks buddies this is probably not for you.

27th March, 2017

Tan d’Épices by Andrée Putman

This is incredible
It's like "a mixture of gingerbread cookies and Big Red chewing gum"...probably the best description I've heard. There is nothing I own quite like it.

Probably the next big Fall/Winter Fragrance.

Projection, Sillage, and longevity are all very good.

01st October, 2016

Formidable Man by Andrée Putman

Bright citrus opening with a very natural and earthy Vetiver but after a few minutes the patchouli begins to shine through with an incredible cedar base.
Though not listed in the notes Cedar is certainly a major player but the Vetiver and Patchouli remain the Stars throughout.

Projection and Silliage are above average and I get 7 1/2 hours or more on my skin.

Perfect for the office but it also retains a very adventuresome feel and while it shines in the summer and spring, as do most vetivers, I can see this easily being pulled off in the fall as's just dirty enough.

My new favorite Vetiver? Time will tell but it is flying up the rankings.

Character: Jack Colton played by Michael Douglas "Romancing the Stone"
20th July, 2016 (last edited: 03rd August, 2017)

Shooting Stars : Oroville by Xerjoff

I received Oroville as part of the Xerjoff Shooting Stars 2 Discovery set. The set included 6 fragrances: Nio, Uden, Kobe, Modoc, Dhofer and Oroville. When it arrived, to be honest, I was least excited about this one. To my surprise, this is possibly my favorite of the collection and easily the most Versatile. While the heavy hitters of the collection (namely Nio, Uden, and Kobe) are outstanding Oroville seems the underdog and often overlooked. A word I do not throw around often is Masterpiece but there is no more appropriate adjective when reviewing Oroville. One of the most versatile selections in my collection, it opens with neroli and another citrus....possibly blood orange?? This isnt citrus how you are thinking, it's not a "juicy" citrus, I mean don't get me wrong it's fresh but it has more of a dryness to it at the front with the neroli taking center stage and the tobacco drying it out. 20 minutes in is when Oroville really starts to shine. The citrus is still clearly present but the Tobacco is now the star and now it's joined by a very creamy Sandalwood/Chamomile combo with just the slightest hint of vanilla. There is something slightly floral happening too? Not flower shop or decaying flower's much more fresh than that. It's more like a walk outside through a flowery meadow in the spring as the sun is going down floral!!! As it evolves a boozyness starts to come into play. Wow is this a Beauty!!! Wear it day or night any season but it probably leans more toward evenings when it's super hot. While Oroville seems a bit formal it is also a phenomenal date night option that can easily be pulled of at the office as well. My wife loves it on me she says it "makes her linger." So well blended I truly don't understand why this one hasn't received more attention. The secret is officially out.
27th June, 2016 (last edited: 13th July, 2016)