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Gold Man by Amouage

Stardate 20171120:

A floral of bygone era. Lots of white flower and indoles. Aldehydes are the right amount here (not crazy like No 5).
A great solid juice.
Not going to be popular with men for sure.
Reminds me a lot of Joy
20th November, 2017

Essence No. 7 : Neroli by Elie Saab

Stardate 20171115:

A well constructed orange blossom fragrance with some musk. Simple comfort like mac and cheese.
16th November, 2017

Tribute Attar by Amouage

Stardate 20171115:

I was looking forward to this. I think my expectations were way too high as this did not meet them.
Smoke and cedar without the dryness. And after a while rose shows up.
A very well constructed attar but I do not feel the urge to wear it. No chemistry with me.

16th November, 2017
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Black Velvet Café by 4160 Tuesdays

Stardate 20171110:

Mrs: Why did you get the hospital Phenyl?
Me: What?
Mrs: The phenyl, antiseptic cleaner.
Me: I have no idea. Oh wait I am wearing Black Velvet Cafe. Here smell it
Mrs: Eewww. Why would you wear it
Me: errr. It is kinda good.
Mrs: Don't wear it to bed

This one is oudy, band aidy. Very similar to Gucci Guilty Absolute (which is not doing well but should). Very unlike 4160.
It is better than GGA.
The oud and smoke are more prominent and the balance with coffee is good. Not many can do coffee well - this and AMen Coffee are the only 2 that I can recall.

10th November, 2017

Silk, Lace & Chocolate by 4160 Tuesdays

Stardate 20171109:

This one is exactly like the description - Silky and Chocolaty with added strawberries.

I don't think anyone has done chocolate well. Almost all the chocolate frags have been scrubbers. Not this one. It captures the texture and smell very well. Kudos to Sarah.

A masterpiece.
09th November, 2017

Montecristo by Masque

Stardate 20171109:

Dirty Cuminy leather balanced very well with amber.
It is animalic (not the ass kind, more of the BO kind).
I prefer the ass and so probably can't pull this off. But this is a good composition.
People who like vintage Eau d'Hermes should try this one.

09th November, 2017

Centrepiece by 4160 Tuesdays

Stardate 20171108:

Reminds me of a vintage Guerlain. Jicky perhaps. Or Mouchoir Monsieur perhaps. I will update when I go to a Guerlain boutique.

Woods, Vanilla and something dirty. Whats not to like.
Has vintage vibe.
09th November, 2017

Crimes of Passion: Maxed Out by 4160 Tuesdays

Stardate 20171107:

Smells like hasish for a while. Cumin comes to play and soon this enters the Songe d'un Bois d'Été phase.
Leathery, cuminy - animalic.
Not my favourite type of animalic but very well done.
08th November, 2017

The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (IMHO) by 4160 Tuesdays

Stardate 20171107:

Plain cedar. Dry hot wood.
Really meh but then later on some vanilla comes in to take away the dryness.
I expected more from 4160

Not sexy. Not good.
08th November, 2017

Crimes of Passion: Dirty Honey by 4160 Tuesdays

Statdate 20171106:

I do not understand the modern honey accord. I get it in vintages (Antaeus,Boss) but not in L'envol or this one. I find it too sour. Perhaps they are using a new captive.
I don't like it.
But this fragrance does redeem itself in dry down. Soft ,sweet and dirty.
06th November, 2017

Who Knew? by 4160 Tuesdays

Stardate 20171105:

Vanilla with tea makes it smell like chai which is not a note I like to smell. And then berries and rose on top makes it a weird concoction.
Composition is good and has the vintage vibe and quality but I cannot wear rose chai. Sorry.

05th November, 2017 (last edited: 06th November, 2017)

Crimes of Passion: Goddess of Love & Perfume by 4160 Tuesdays

Stardate 20171104:

The strawberry raspberry is very Jolly Rancherish. Rose, Musk and vanilla add a vintage dimension to it but too little and too late. Berries are way too overpowering. On the whole meh.
05th November, 2017

Mother Nature's Naughty Daughters by 4160 Tuesdays

Stardate 20171103:

This is what the daughters should be getting as their fragrance and not those candyfloss Barbie scents.

Berries, rose and musk at the end.
Simple, effective and pleasant.
04th November, 2017
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The Vintage Cities: New York 1955 by 4160 Tuesdays

Stardate 20171101:

Blue raspberry, cream and musk.
02nd November, 2017

Désarmant by La Parfumerie Moderne

Stardate 20171026:

Have you heard the one about "Ylang, Orange, Styrax and lilac go to a bar".
Well neither have I and there is a reason for it.
They just don't work well together.
There are flashes of a good fragrance but they don't stick.
The styrax up top just messes up the whole thing.

Too confusing and lacks direction.

26th October, 2017

No Sport by La Parfumerie Moderne

Stardate 20171025:

Spicy Rose Patch combo.
I think I like this one. There are a million rose-patchouli combo but this one has an extra dimension to it. There is leather(more like Suede) that makes it more"modern".
The leather is not seuderal or birch but Cuiron type.
Maybe it is the Geranium-Vetiver combo giving this accord.
Up top there is some citrus although pyramids don't list that.
I like this fragrance - a modern day rose-patch that has great longevity and sillage
25th October, 2017

The Buddhawood Box by 4160 Tuesdays

Stardate 20171025:

Popcorn butter and pineapple.
Woods come to play too as the fragrance goes to basenotes.

Reminds me of Jeux de Peau.
Perhaps it is the Australian SW that gives it that popcorn accord.
Mysore SW is buttery but not popcorn buttery.

If there is ever a movie made on Erwin Creed, the concessions will smell like this.
25th October, 2017

Phoenix Fougere Eau de Parfum by The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

Stardate 20171024:
A great modern take on fougere. Starts with a blast of lavender and some citrus. Lavender is front and center for first few minutes and I love this lavender.
Moss and Citrus do make their appearance - slowly. And the composition turns a bit soapy.
This stage is reminiscent of the 70s-80s fougeres. Manly. bracing and biting. But it is not old school. The Orange and the florals make it this century's answer to those fougeres of yore.
I do not get much SW here. A surprise since it is in the pyramid and JK is good at it.
I like this fougere very much
24th October, 2017

The Vintage Cities: Rome 1963 by 4160 Tuesdays

Stardate 20171022:

I am not sure i am smelling same things as others here.
I get no chocolate or leather.
All I get is Neroli type cologne with musk and some tobacco.
Nice construction and not much development (uncommon for 4160).
23rd October, 2017

Sex Goddess by 4160 Tuesdays

Stardate 20171022:

Tocade with tart berries.

The candied berries and plum adds a nice sour candy accord to the rose+vanilla (Tocade) accord.
The development is minimal but the effect is good
23rd October, 2017

Yeti Attar by The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

Stardate 20171013:

I smell the animalics up top for a few minutes and then all I get is beautiful SW. I do not get anything else (other than SW) after first few minutes. Maybe I am anosmic
I love this
13th October, 2017

Musk Rose by The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

Stardate 20171013:

This is Kannauji style Attar. Unfortunately I do not like this rose. I do like Champa but do not smell it here. This one gets a neutral from me but those who want to smell Kannauj attar, this may be a good proxy.
13th October, 2017

A Kiss By The Fireside by 4160 Tuesdays

Stardate 20171010:

Smoky clovey rose. The synth rose is a bit too much up top. The rose here is very similar to CdG 2 rose. But then it settles down well. Clove and smoke play very nice with this rose. I like it and would recommend it. Much better than CdG2.
10th October, 2017

Tokyo Spring Blossom / Urura's Tokyo Cafe by 4160 Tuesdays

Stardate 20171009:

Trying the Tokyo Today. It is a weird one. Very similar to Blue Raspberry Jolly rancher. Which I do love.
And some salty orange.
I do like it but smells too similar to the candy to be wearable and too strong (I guess it must be that raspberry leaf)
It does get much better as it develops. The blue raspberry note gives way to grapefruit,salt and something sweet.
Dont get me wrong, this is good but that Blue Raspberry note just does not work for me.
Neutral to Thumbs Up.
09th October, 2017

Oro 1920 by Bois 1920

Stardate 20171005:

Tuscan Leather started the seuderal trend. La Yuqawam, AdP, PdM followed suite. But Bois 1920 got it right with Oro.
The tenacity of seuderal was a PITA. 1920 tamed it and now it has a TL clone that is better than the original. And it has some development unlike others.
At the current prices, Oro is the one to get.
06th October, 2017

Twilly d'Hermès by Hermès

Stardate 20171005:

There seems to be a tuberose rush in feminine fragrances.
This tuberose accord is not the light soft traditional kind but thankfully it is not the current "Black orchid" type either.
It sits in the middle with ginger adding a bit of zest.

Again, like Gabrielle with Chanel, I expected more from Hermes and like Gabrielle this is a decent fragrance.

Neutral to Positive
05th October, 2017

L'Homme by Roger & Gallet

Stardate 20171004:
Vintage Version:

This genre is one of my favourites. On one end it has the very soapy Worth PH and on the other aromatics like Ebene, Azzaro, Tuscany. PRPH is somewhere in the middle closer to Worth.
L'homme is kinda best of both worlds, it has the soapiness of Worth and Aromatics of Ebene.
Very well constructed and blended.

Highly recommended.

04th October, 2017

Italian Leather by Memo

Agree with nsamadi. A scrubber.
03rd October, 2017

Dunhill Icon by Dunhill

Stardate 20171002:

There are a few who are trying to do a modernist revision of old school perfumery.
L'envol and L'Hommage on violets while this one is a nice modern take on neroli centric eau de colognes.
I am not a big fan of Neroli but Icon has more to offer than just the likes of 4711. And I think this is what it shares with the other two - a certain extra oomph. Mostly done with modern ouds and musk.
Recommended if you like Neroli
02nd October, 2017

1000 by Jean Patou

Stardate 20170929:

Vintage EDT 80s.

For those who want to know what "Well-blended" means - just try this. One of the best classic floral I have smelt (I do need to get my nose on vintage Joy)
I would say again that vintage Patou and Kerleo are amazing and gets less appreciation than it deserves.

And just read ClaireV's review on this
29th September, 2017