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Just Me for Men by Paris Hilton

Smells good and can be found online cheap. It does resemble AdG, which is why this is still a good smell, but I prefer 360 Red as it smells better (to me) and performs better.

Projection is only good for a couple hours. Longevity is average.
26th April, 2018

Aspen for Men by Coty

At times, Aspen comes off a little harsh but I still find it pleasant and in that same green/fresh/clean vein as Cool Water/GIT.

Aspen was the first fragrance I ever noticed and then asked someone what they were wearing. My older sister's boyfriend would wear it when he came over back when I was in junior high. I remember it being very fresh and distinctive, so one day I asked what it was and he told me Aspen. I recently revisited this when I saw a tester in a store and while it isn't something that I would buy now, it does have that Cool Water/GIT vibe and is still very fresh.

On my skin, even in the current formula, I get good projection and longevity.
26th April, 2018

Shooting Stars: Uden by Xerjoff

Short-lived lemony-citrus up front and then spice up with rum tying everything together through the drydown.

Does smell like it's all built on a generic vanilla crowd-pleaser base but with some added florals and something darker (woods, coffee, musk) that make it very enjoyable beyond everyday scents.

Feels more dressed up and ready for cold weather.

I get excellent longevity that lasts all workday. Projection strength is really good if enough sprays are applied, maybe in the 5-6 range.
26th April, 2018
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Original Santal by Creed

Very similar to MB Individuel and Joop!. If I was going to call out minor differences, I'd say Original Santal has a less intense version of the fabric softener smell and more of a floral, woody, spiciness to it. It's also just less loud and harsh overall than MB or Joop! and that extends to performance as well. I need to stress though that they are all very similar so let your nose confirm if Original Santal is worth the premium price.

Feels like a casual wear fragrance, maybe best in cooler months. Seems kinda unisex to me as well.

I get soft projection not too long after applying but that lasts all workday.
25th April, 2018

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

Great combo of green, bright citrus in the opening and then drying down to a clean, classy and masculine violet.

GIT is versatile and classic and should work well for most occasions, climates, and ages.

Longevity is good, lasts all workday but the projection stops after the first 1-2 hours on me. After that time, it's still there but sits closer to the skin.

24th April, 2018

Cool Water by Davidoff

It's nice, cool, clean and familiar. Not as green as GIT and not as rich but this still gets compliments and is enjoyable to wear. Also, there is something about it that makes it stand apart from GIT so that you know which is which when comparing side-by-side, might be the mint.

Leans a little old school but completely inoffensive. Great for work.

Good projection and lasts all workday.
23rd April, 2018

Sean John by Sean John

Very sweet, fruity gum or candy opening, reminds me of a much better version of Eternity Now, but that kind of sweetness. Ladies will like how this smells, while it lasts, which brings me to...

Sad performance. Soft projection that only lasts maybe an hour. The scent then sits close to skin for 4-5 hours.
21st April, 2018

Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

Aqua pour Homme has a nice, salty, citrusy, aquatic opening. Later the drydown is all floral aquatic and kinda cloying due to its very strong projection. This may be just my skin but these "calone" or "blue" scents really take off with a little body heat and become very annoying. If I had a spray redo, I'd probably only do 2 sprays, and that's from a sample.

Very clean and casual, best for daytime.
16th April, 2018

Perry Ellis Cologne for Men by Perry Ellis

Nice, bright, Bleu de Chanel opening. Not as rich but smells really good.

Giving a thumbs up because I liked it while it lasted and so did the wife.

Projection was above average for the first 1-2 hours. Scent lasts 4-5 hours on skin but much longer on clothes.
16th April, 2018

La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

A reference for the sweet, almost unisex modern date night scent but also just nice to wear whenever because its. I wear this in warm or cool conditions as long as its at night, that's just my preference.

The cardamom is the main note that really stands out but the pleasant cedar and warm amber make this the scent that others like and want to get close to.

Performance is average. Probably just right for someone that only wants to be noticed up close. I get about 5 hours on my skin.
15th April, 2018

Le Mâle Essence de Parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier

I get a fragrance that has a bit much oily-leather in the beginning for me but then calms down to a sophisticated, sexy cardamom scent in the drydown. Good for date nights.

Good projection to start with but then it goes to skin scent if not sprayed enough. Wear on clothes to increase performance.

Average longevity.
14th April, 2018

Virgin Island Water by Creed

Malibu rum with some lime added while the florals throw it into unisex territory for this guy. Drydown leaves the lime behind still smells great and will probably get compliments.

I get really good performance. Projects nicely and doesn't fade away after a few hours, keeps going all day.
14th April, 2018

Light Blue pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

Distinctive, refreshing citrus in the opening and then musky/oakmoss starts to come through. I don't get a lot of sweetness, it's more bitter citrus for me with that muskiness. For whatever reason, Light Blue Pour Homme is one of the more easily recognizable scents due to its sharp, brash nature and interesting mix of notes.

Feels versatile. Easily worn in casual and formal settings and works well in heat or cold.

I get good performance with adequate projection and really good longevity. I’m able to detect it even after a full day”s wearing on skin alone.
13th April, 2018
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Boss Bottled Tonic by Hugo Boss

Refreshing citrus opening that quickly settles down to the original Boss Bottled DNA. That's basically what it is, Boss Bottled with a zingy, citrus opening that's very nice but short-lived, giving way to the Boss Bottled powdery, fruity, woodsy scent that lasts almost all work day.
12th April, 2018

Perry Ellis Citron by Perry Ellis

Nice, subtle, citrus opening that settles quickly to a soft, woody scent. The soft drydown reminds me of Eros or LeMale Eau Fraiche but obviously not as loud. They share the ambrox and woody notes but no tonka in Citron.

A casual daytime scent that can be applied liberally.

Below average projection and longevity, skin scent in under 3 hours.
11th April, 2018

Perry Ellis Red by Perry Ellis

Fruity and fresh opening with a little spiciness. The drydown is a very pleasant, safe, clean cotton and fresh deodorant smell.

This is not to be confused with PE 360 Red, which is an AdG clone and comes in a red cylinder. Perry Ellis Red comes in a modern looking dark square bottle with a red inset that shows the juice level.

Projects nicely for first 3-4 hours and then settles to a skin scent for the remaining workday, if you spray on clothes. Goes away much faster on skin.
09th April, 2018

Fan di Fendi pour Homme by Fendi

Citrus, cardamom opening with some spice. Smells refined. Straddles the line of modern and mature.

I do like the smell for cold days where I spend some time outside because it feels a bit heavy in the beginning but the longevity is only good for 3-4 hours on me.
07th April, 2018

Italian Bergamot by Ermenegildo Zegna

Slightly unripe orange peel mixed with sweet lemonade in the beginning. The citrus keeps going into the drydown but you get more of a sharp, green note that gives it a light, refreshing feel. Very pleasant and crowd-pleasing. Perfect for daytime and warmer weather.
07th April, 2018

Bourbon Vanilla by Ermenegildo Zegna

Just like the name says, a very boozy/ vanilla scent that smells rich, masculine and refined.

Projection is strong and lasts all day.
07th April, 2018

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

Very distinctive, you know exactly what the scent is when you smell it. Doesn't smell cheap but it's not refined at the same time. I get plenty of tar and the chocolate/coffee. Reminds me of when you take your t-shirt off at the end of the day after wearing a very masculine scent and then happen to smell the shirt later or even the next day. It never smells bad but just has a worn, masculine smell which not fresh and clean like most modern scents. This could be very appealing or intoxicating for others.

Impressive performance both in projection and longevity.
06th April, 2018

Chrome Legend by Azzaro

Similar to Chrome but with better performance and a salty beach note. Thought it was originally coconut or sun tan lotion. I like this better than Nautica Voyage but feel like they are similar.

Performance is really good. Projection is above average for the first 5-6 hours and then the final skin scent phase lasts almost all day.
06th April, 2018

Perry Ellis Oud : Vetiver Royale Absolute by Perry Ellis

Lots of pepper and patchouli in the opening. Has an old school vibe. The metallic oud is there after the opening and lasts throughout the life of the scent. Has that smokey vetiver note through the first 3-4 hours and then starts to settle and sweeten from the juniper and cedar.

Average projection for the first 4-5 hours and then settles to a skin scent, lasting all work day.
04th April, 2018

Oud Wood by Tom Ford

Light and airy sandalwood in the opening and later there are some florals that suggest a unisex scent. Sexiness provided by the cardamom and hint of vanilla. Smells classy and refined. Versatile for day or night, office or date.

Above average projection during first few hours and then by hour 5-6 it's mostly gone. Lasts longer on clothes so be sure to apply there if you need more longevity.
03rd April, 2018

Inner Realm for Men by Realm Fragrances

Soft, clean and a little sweet. Reminds me of how Eternity used to smell but softer and cheaper. Still, it’s very pleasant overall.

Starts with a little citrus and the quickly goes into the soft, woody drydown that also has some sweet muskiness.

A casual scent for sure and probably is best in warmer temps which will also help with projection.

Longevity is quite good, lasting all day.
03rd April, 2018

Les Exceptions : Fougère Furieuse by Thierry Mugler

A little sweet, mostly soapy and kinda green. Reminds me of a spa or expensive soap/spa products. A very pleasant and refined daytime scent that feels a little more dressed up than casual but should be versatile enough for most situations.

I get very good projection and longevity that lasts all day. Excellent performance overall.
02nd April, 2018

Eternity Summer for Men 2017 by Calvin Klein

Bright, pleasant, orangey-citrus opening. Then the violet leaf kicks in and dominates the fragrance. Not overly sweet or fresh, more herbal. Doesn't remind me much of original Eternity. Still very nice to smell, I enjoyed wearing it.

I get average projection but this surprised me with longevity as it lasted all workday.
31st March, 2018

Rogue Man by Rihanna

Has a similar feel to The One but I get more of a vanilla/chocolate vibe from Rogue Man. Not a gourmand either, just a dusty vanilla/chocolate powder. I also saw a comparison to Joop! Homme Wild, which I also get minus the tropical rum note.

Performance is pretty good all around. Good projection and the scent sticks with you all workday.
30th March, 2018

Gentlemen Only Parisian Break by Givenchy

Nice citrus opening over the original Gentlemen Only scent. I get a D&G Light Blue pH vibe but a little sweeter and minus the bug spray smell. Very pleasant and can be sprayed liberally. Feels best for summer/casual wear.

Average projection. Doesn't seem to last but 4 hours.
28th March, 2018

Ferrari Noble Fig by Ferrari

Fresh, green, fruity and a nice touch of iris in the opening. Reminds me of Ferragamo pour Homme with the prominent fig leaves that last throughout the life of the scent.

Decent projection during the first 3-4 hours. Still has a decent scent bubble during the rest of the day too.
28th March, 2018

La Nuit de L'Homme Eau Électrique by Yves Saint Laurent

Nice citrus in the opening and then it dries to a safe, powdery fresh, very pleasant daytime scent. Like a mix of LeMale Eau Fraiche, Eros and Armani Code. Based on those scents, it seems to be versatile enough in casual settings for all seasons except winter.

I get good projection during the first 4 hours and then it lingers just above your skin the rest of the workday.
26th March, 2018