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Le Canotier by Rogue Perfumery

Smells very nice from start to finish, possibly leaning feminine throughout it's development, but the violet and ambergris gives Le Canotier a refined feel and familiarity with many masculine scents that I love, so it's a thumbs up for me. I really enjoyed smelling this throughout the day jumping off my skin. It still might be better smelled on my wife with it's fruity, sweet jasmine but I don't have an issue wearing it.

Good performance all the way around. Not a screamer in projection but is easily detectable. Longevity is very good, 8-9 hours on my skin.
20th January, 2019

This Is Not A Blue Bottle by Histoires de Parfums

Intensely sweet, floral and airy. The sweetness rivals Azzaro Wanted and BR 540. Has a similar feel to both of those scents but not as refined or sexy as the MFK. Probably a step up from the Azzaro.

Very synthetic, harsh and persistent, can be cloying if over-sprayed but curiously very nice if sprayed correctly, maybe 2-3 sprays max.

Very good performance with strong projection and 10+ hours longevity on my skin.
19th January, 2019

Tabac Vert by Rogue Perfumery

I've heard other people say that iris-based scents have a "makeup bag" smell. I think what they mean is lipstick because Tabac Vert actually smells exactly like opening up makeup bags that I've smelled, specifically the powdery foundation that gets everywhere. When the final stage of drydown happens 10+ hours later, it smells more like a classic masculine scent from the 60s or 70s.

Not strong projection but it is ever-present and persistent.
18th January, 2019
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XJ 1861 Zefiro by Xerjoff

Incense smokey, sweet and spicy. Reminds me of Halston Man Amber or Liquid Night from A Lab on Fire which both predate this scent.

Definitely a dressed-up, cold weather scent.

I will say this is either blended better or slightly subdued than the other two because it smells more refined and smoother. The other two are louder, but Man Amber fades first while Zefiro amd Liquid Night have similar longevity.
17th January, 2019

Viper Green by Ex Nihilo

Light, airy and herbal green. My wife was detecting some citrus but it just smelled like green plants and spa soap to me. I'm surprised this isn't classified as unisex as it leans feminine to me, has something of a white floral vibe. Not something I want to wear but it smells fresh and clean, which is always nice.

Projection is okay, especially during the first hour. After that it calms down but is still detectable. Longevity is good and the scent in the late drydown is weak but much better, losing the floral and herbal notes.
16th January, 2019

Mousse Illuminee by Rogue Perfumery

Strong opening with plenty of modern-sweetened pine. Polo green is what first comes to mind but amped up and modernized. Later into the drydown, the pine fades and lets some of the clean laundry smell come through. It's a good compliment-getting candidate because it's strong and projects, comes off very masculine and also has the ever-popular sweet/clean aspects to it.

I'd guess this is best for everything except high heat, just due to the strong projection. Otherwise, this seems to be very versatile.

Strong projection and good longevity, lasting into the 7-8 hour range.

15th January, 2019

But Not Today by Unum

Floral, herbal-earthy opening, reminds me of other oregano scents. Not pleasant at all to me. Can't see either gender enjoying this.

Good projection, especially during the first 4-5 hours. Lasts about 8 hours total.
14th January, 2019

Derviche by Rogue Perfumery

The opening is strong and unpleasant with plenty of jasmine and civet that fills the room, leaning heavily feminine. Hours later, the drydown is much nicer and back towards unisex as you get a dry vanilla mixed with floral tobacco. The drydown actually reminds me of Outrecuidant by Histoires de Parfums which has a rose note that I don't see in the notes, but nonetheless I feel like rose is there.

Very good projection and longevity, no need for many sprays.
13th January, 2019

Ombré Leather by Tom Ford

Strong leather mixed with florals and warm, sweet caradmom and amber. An interesting combo that had me saying how masculine it made me feel while the wife thought it leaned too feminine. Quite interesting.

Either way, it's a scent you keep having to re-smell to confirm your original thoughts and then adjust them to the newest nuance discovered after your latest sniff. Is it a Tuscan Leather flanker? No, scratch that. Is it too feminine with the florals and sweetness? Nope, try again. I'm enjoying my testing journey with this one as it really has changed my mind from the initial spray.

Projection is very good and longevity to match. A very good performer.
12th January, 2019

Aqua Vitae by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Metallic citrus and woody florals. Has a similar feel to a toned-down Dior Homme Sport. It's nice and bright into the drydown but the soft florals really start to push this past unisex and into fem for me. Has an almost hairspray vibe the deeper into the drydown you go.

Projection is average and longevity is very good, 8-9 hours.
12th January, 2019

Geza Schoen by Project Renegades

Opens with light, airy pepper and berries. After a couple hours, the berries go away and you’re left with the airy pepper smell that also has some light citrus, floral and woody notes. I’ve seen this compared to having a “bodily fluid” smell and while it is peculiar, it’s not unpleasant or unwearable and should work well as a versatile daytime scent.

Projection is moderate so it can be worn to work without issue. Longevity is very good, 10+ hours on skin.
11th January, 2019

Craze for Men by Armaf

Has the same powdery, clean, sweet vanilla-almond smell that you also get from Pegasus. I wore them on opposite arms today at work and I find Crave to be very similar in development and performance to Peg with Craze maybe being a little more airy with regards to smell. This is a safe blind buy in my opinion, especially if you like Pegasus.
10th January, 2019

This is Not a Blue Bottle 1.3 by Histoires de Parfums

I get a heavy, harsh, rose and medicinal, oud-leather in the opening. I would not call this a safe scent and you should sample before buying.
As the drydown comes in many hours later, everything starts to settle leaving a clean, sweet leather, almost soapy, reminding me of 80's scents that have that mature feel.

Strong projection, very persistent. Longevity is good, lasting 10+ hours.
09th January, 2019
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Tilda Swinton Like This by Etat Libre d'Orange

Ginger is a favorite note of mine so I like the way this smells and find it interesting. However, the immortelle flower and pumpkin combo make this a little too herbal and musky for me to call a true favorite. Late into the drydown I get something like maple syrup or fenugreek, weird. Bonus points for attempting something unique and interesting.

Projection is average and longevity is good but it fades to a skin scent after 4-5 hours.
07th January, 2019

Sublime Vanille by Creed

Opening is vanilla but of the cheaper variety found in air freshners, not the edible kind. The drydown is nicer, morphing into a spiced, lemon-vanilla cookie. Reminds me of Eau des Baux plus the lemon note. A nice scent that leans feminine to me but should smell nice on anyone.

Good performance all the way around as it has adequate projection and 7-8 hours of longevity.
07th January, 2019

Black Line by Mancera

Unisex? Maybe. I get medicinal leather in the opening that later surrenders to the airy-rose. Both seem to be on the masculine side but that's just my opinion. It's a bit heavy-handed like most leather-rose scents but overall it's not too much if sprayed lightly. I'm not really into leathers but this one isn't bad.

Excellent projection for many hours and lasts down to the skin scent for 12+ hours.
06th January, 2019

Wave Musk by Mancera

Citrus and salty sea air, this is a marine aquatic that can be worn by men or women but leans feminine to my nose. Reminds me of something like AdG and Sel Marin mixed together in the opening but then it thins out as it dries down, coming off synthetic and a bit like hairspray. It stays this way to end of the fragrance which is a long time.

Projection is very good for this type of watery-freshie and longevity is even better, lasting all day.
04th January, 2019

9.0 by Zara

Nice mix of cardamom and iris, reminds me of Valentino Uomo and La Nuit mixed together with some cola and Fruit Loops in the opening. As it dries down, you lose the fizzy-fruity top notes and you're left with a very nice, powdery iris with just a little floral cardamom. I'm trying to be very objective in this review but for the price, I really like this offering from Zara. Smells way higher in quality than the price I paid.

The performance also goes above what I paid as the projection is solid, not beastly or even strong, and longevity is in the 8-10 hour range.
02nd January, 2019

Lyric Man by Amouage

Powdery, subdued rose opening. Unisex labeling feels right rather than masculine, the rose and powder starts to push this into "old-lady" territory. And on that note, it also leans more mature than young.

Projection isn't overwhelming and there is an overall "cleanness" to the scent that makes me think this could be pretty versatile. Longevity is good, lasts all day.
02nd January, 2019

Don't Get Me Wrong Baby Yes I Do by Etat Libre d'Orange

A fun fragrance sampling for me because it's listed as unisex and I really like the name, ha. However, with the heavy emphasis on white florals and musk, this leans ultra-feminine to me. I'm not a big fan of lily-of-the-valley or jasmine, even for women, so my sample goes reluctantly to my wife, but maybe she'll enjoy it.

The drydown tones down the white florals and musk and you're left with a generic but nice soft-floral, feminine scent.

Projection is light from start to finish and only lasts a few hours on my skin.
01st January, 2019 (last edited: 02nd January, 2019)

Dangerous Complicity by Etat Libre d'Orange

This one leans feminine to me but smells great. Has a spa/tea like accord that is very soothing. I'm not getting much coconut in the drydown so don't expect a beachy scent.

Projection is decent. It's a lighter scent so it doesn't feel heavy but will definitely get noticed if sprayed enough.
01st January, 2019

Zara Man Blue Spirit by Zara

In the same realm as Invictus Aqua and Legend Spirit. Sharp, sweet, synthetic citrus mixed with clean shower gel.

This actually smells the closest to two other Zara's I own, Night pour Homme II and Crude.

Best for warm weather and casual wear.

I get above average performance on my skin with really good projection.
31st December, 2018 (last edited: 01st January, 2019)

Gold Prestigium by Mancera

Starts off with a heavy, honey-sweetened, rose-oud. Leather starts to creep in not too long after that. When all the loud, brash rose-oud settles a few hours later, you’re left with a nice, smooth, smokey vanilla. Definitely on the seductive side of oud scents and pretty wearable by most, once you get past the opening.

I get good projection and longevity. No need to over-spray.

23rd December, 2018

Coach Platinum by Coach

Super synthetic, fruity blast in the opening. Settles down quickly into a soft, powdery scent with plenty of synthetic sweetness. Has elements of Invictus and Sauvage, being modern, sweet and fresh.

Feels like it's meant to be a warm weather, casual crowd-pleaser.

Performance is good, with good projection and 6-7 hours longevity.
22nd December, 2018

Bulgari Man Wood Essence by Bulgari

I find this very generic, synthetic and boring. It's nice and inoffensive but there's nothing unique, significant or noticeable about it in any way.

Average all the way around from smell to performance. You may even garner a compliment with this but for me, it's a pass.
20th December, 2018

Vetiver pour Homme by Roja Dove

Smokey, lemony, green vetiver in the opening. As it dries down, it reminds me of TF Grey Vetiver but smokier and more complex. This is for the true, advanced vetiver lover and is not as easily-accessible as something like Vetiver Fatale, which is less earthy and less smokey.

Performance is good on my skin with 10 hours of longevity and average projection during most of that time.
20th December, 2018

Carlisle by Parfums de Marly

Feels like a floral, chocolate-vanilla up front. As it dries down, becomes more of a lit candle smell. Feels formal and for cooler, outdoor situations.

Strong projection throughout. Lasts all day. Go easy on the sprays.
18th December, 2018

Reserve for Men by Express

This review is for the current, clear formulation.

It opens fresh, clean and generic, very much like a dryer sheet. As it dries down, you start to get spices with a mixed drink. My first thought was almond like amaretto but turns out there is a brandy note listed. Seems like a perfect daytime, work scent. Perfect if you're just looking for a few hours worth of wear and modest projection.

Performance is average if not a little weak. 4-5 hours longevity and projection that creates a small scent bubble during those hours.
18th December, 2018

Cologne Intense Collection : Myrrh & Tonka by Jo Malone London

Myrrh & Tonka starts off like a mixed drink (amaretto sour) and finishes like a dusty-vanilla coke. I would call this a gourmand because it's very edible from start to finish.

Performance is okay with soft projection that occasionally makes it way to your nose without burying your face in your skin. Longevity is average, lasting on your skin 4-5 hours.
16th December, 2018

Black Gold by Mancera

Smooth, flowery-oud which gives it a dirty earthiness but there's plenty of spice and sweetness to even things out, making this a very enjoyable, modern and balanced fragrance. I also get a minty coolness that I wasn't expecting. Not the usual rose-oud combo, much more subdued and "western-acceptable".

Feels more appropriate for fall/winter and dressier occasions but it's not that heavy and could be quite versatile.

Projection is good and longevity is very good, lasting 8+ hours.
16th December, 2018