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Roberto Cavalli Black by Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Black smells like Versace The Dreamer minus the tobacco leaf note. You're left with a pleasant, non-offensive, creamy lavender. Smells more like a casual scent than something you want to wear to be taken seriously. The opening is nice but the drydown leans into what you'd expect from cheaper scents.
10th November, 2017

Legend Night by Montblanc

Take the original Legend and mix it with Boss Bottled and a bit of 1 Million for some extra sweetness. I'm guessing they wanted to make a club-ready version of Legend. Deeper into the drydown, this comes off a bit like Spicebomb and La Nuit.

Performance is the same as the original Legend, meaning good all around, lasts all work day and projects decently at first and then becomes a skin scent.
09th November, 2017 (last edited: 10th November, 2017)

Wild Fruits by Mancera

Agree with other reviewers in that the immediate comparison is Creed MI. Also agree with Buysblind that this leans towards SMW in the drydown. Maybe even a touch of Green Irish Tweed greeness?

Misleading name but still a good fragrance and something to try if you like either of the Creeds mentioned.

Decent projection. Lasts longer than Millesime Imperial on me, went the full workday and then some.
08th November, 2017 (last edited: 09th November, 2017)
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24 Platinum by ScentStory FZE

24 Platinum starts off with a nice rose. Further into the drydown it becomes powdery vanilla. Even further into the drydown, the powdery note evolves into a lipstick note with a bit of smokey wood.

Projects nicely and hangs around all work day.

07th November, 2017

Y by Yves Saint Laurent

Very familiar, sweet, fresh, generic. Steer clear if you are not into modern designer sweet/fresh frags. A mix of modern-sweet aqua freshies like Bentley Azure, Invictus Aqua, Dylan Blue, Legend Spirit, etc.

Performance is actually quite good. Projection is strong, almost cloying, and lasts all day.
06th November, 2017

212 Men by Carolina Herrera

Starts off green, sharp and spicy. Smells familiar so gives me a 90s vibe. Also feels synthetic and cheap but could be because so many have copied this in the imposter realm. Finished with a nice woody drydown. Pleasant from start to finish.

Good projection and longevity. Pushes scent out for many hours.
06th November, 2017

Ginger Ciao 2.27 by Yosh

Smells like suntan lotion to me but also with some spicy ginger thrown in. A very creamy coconut scent.

Performs well, lots of projection with only a few sprays. Seems to last on skin for many hours.
05th November, 2017

Pardon by Nasomatto

Smokey (in a burnt way), spicy, dark and somewhat sweet. Has that bitter incense base like Black Afghano but doesn't go full-tilt that way, preferring to pull back and throw in some woody-sweetness. The whole thing comes off as modern, edgy and mysterious.

Great performance. Doesn't need many sprays to project and lasts all day.
05th November, 2017

Amazingreen by Comme des Garçons

Very pleasant and refreshing. Definitely fits the description of a green scent. Smells great for casual or business wear, warm or cold.

Projects a little better than average and lasts about 6 hours.
03rd November, 2017

Tropical Wood by Montale

I'm not getting any tropical or wood when I wear this, just the all too familiar Montale dirty rose incense cloud at nuclear strength.
02nd November, 2017

Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

Not getting any fruit in Lapidus pH. It's all powdery rose and patchouli. Similar to Kouros, so if you're a fan, try this.

Impressive performance. Projects and lasts all day.
31st October, 2017

Aoud 1 by Martine Micallef

Not bad if you're not really into heavy, incense aoud fragrances. Pretty wearable and toes that line of being an edgy aoud scent but also a little fruity sweetness and freshness.

I definitely get the plum note, not so much the apple, but that may be the sweetness I'm getting.

Performance is good, projects decently and lasts all day, which is nice for this kind of scent, so that it does not get cloying.
30th October, 2017

Yatagan by Caron

Old-school and mature with lots of leather and sharp herbs. Comes off kinda soapy too, like an old industrial soap.

Excellent performance, projects and lasts all day.
30th October, 2017
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Tobacco by Franck Boclet

The opening of Tobacco is like mixing TF TV with a light splash of Bay Rum. The drydown is less about tobacco and more about sweet, boozy vanilla.

Performance is really good. Projects so others can smell you as you walk by and lasts all day.
30th October, 2017

Jardin d'Amalfi by Creed

Amazing scent! Wonderful soapy clean citrus with a salty/musky drydown that's great.

I'm very surprised this isn't considered at least a unisex frag. It's downright masculine to me and I enjoy wearing it and knowing I smell great as a man.

Very happy that the SA at Saks recommended that I try it, so I'm guessing others do not consider this an exclusively feminine scent.
29th October, 2017

Déclaration d'Un Soir Intense by Cartier

Although I don’t particularly care for the a intense version of dUn Soir, it is perfectly named. The dirty rose is too heavy handed and projection is powerful in the intense version. The original is one of the best rose fragrances available for men but this is just overkill on the notes that should be subtle or complimentary.
28th October, 2017

Thallium by Jacques Evard

Starts off powdery and sweet, fresh and pleasant. Later I get a nice lavender that gives it an old-school feel.

Wife said the opening seemed kinda feminine, I'm guessing that's the powdery sweetness.

Good, not great, projection and longevity.
27th October, 2017

Mémoires de Mustique by Eight & Bob

Smells very nice with a nice, smooth citrus opening that's quite interesting. Drydown isn't as unique but is still very pleasant. Very much a unisex scent, can't really tell which way it leans.

Performance is very good, with big room filling projection in the beginning and then just a nice, persistent scent coming off your skin all day.
27th October, 2017

Bal d'Afrique by Byredo

Not bad but smells like a watered-down version of Vetiver Tonka and even less like Vetiver Fatal to me, with Vetiver Fatal being among the best vetiver scents I've tried. But they all do share similarities. Very airy and light. Seems more unisex than feminine to me.

Very soft projection but does last all day.
26th October, 2017

Raghba by Lattafa

Smells very close to 24 Gold. A very sugar sweet, warm amber-vanilla that dirties it up with some oud and wood. Super sweet and dirty all at the same time makes it quite interesting.

Impressive projection and lasts all work day.
24th October, 2017

Dark Aoud by Montale

Peppery sandalwood, actually quite pleasant. I do get some of the smokey oud but it’s not as heavy or dominant as other Montales I’ve tried. Also, there is just a touch of something sweet, maybe the amber, that makes it easier to wear and enjoy.

Excellent performance from Dark Aoud, so go easy on the trigger. Big projection and lasts all day.
23rd October, 2017

Erga for Men by Rasasi

Excellent Green Irish Tweed clone. Almost a perfect clone in scent but lasts longer on my skin. Projection is about the same.
20th October, 2017

Back to Black by By Kilian

Heavy, sweet honey and tobacco for the first 4-6 hours and then dries down to a nice vanilla with the honey and tobacco still in the background for many hours afterward.

Big projection and longevity. Gets cloying fast if over-sprayed.

20th October, 2017

Light My Fire by By Kilian

A little sweet, somewhat mature, and then also kinda weird.

Starts out interesting with a burning smell mixed with some sweetness and freshness. Later, the drydown has the patchouli and vanilla, so it keeps that sweet and mature vibe going. I'm also getting a soapy-barbershop smell in there as well.

Performs well with good projection and longevity.
20th October, 2017

Eight & Bob by Eight & Bob

A light, kinda clean, kinda sweet, smooth, generic scent that isn't good or bad. Just okay as a scent.

On my skin, this one lasts all day and projects especially well with a little body heat. Very surprised at the excellent performance.
17th October, 2017

#Midsummer Deep Fougère by Zara

A very nice modern men's fragrance that smells like a mix of Boss Bottled and YSL La Nuit de LHomme with synthetic apples and sexy cardamom. It may not be classy or smell expensive but its nice and performs well.

Projects very well for hours, impressive performance from Zara.
15th October, 2017

Cashmere & Ambra by Pal Zileri

Agree with other reviews, very linear. Pleasant, smooth, semi-warm amber with a mature vibe. Not exclusively a cold-weather scent but might be better suited for a chilly day.

Projects a little but others will probably need to get close to smell you. Very good longevity.
15th October, 2017

Royal Mayfair by Creed

Starts off as a mature scent with peppery spices but then the drydown is sweeter, pleasant and more smooth. A young guy could pull this off but still leans mature to me.

The two scents Royal Mayfair evokes for me in the drydown is mostly Rose 31 and just a little bit of the medicinal-airiness of Kiton Men. The drydown is 90% Rose 31.

Performance is pretty good, projects nicely for most the day.
13th October, 2017

L'Art et la Matière : Tonka Impériale by Guerlain

Maybe my sample is off because it's not sweet enough for me. Also, too powdery/feminine for my tastes. I do get some of the sweet tonka but it's an airy-lighter tonka, not sticky and syrupy like I was expecting. Doesn't smell cheap but has the "old-lady" vibe. Again, might just be my sample, so if I see in a store, I will try again and update.

Performance is really good. Projects nicely and is noticeable all day.
12th October, 2017

Grand Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Sweet, sugary amber with chocolate and coffee. A heavier fragrance that is great in cold weather. Has that baked cookie vibe.

Projects like crazy and lasts all day.
12th October, 2017