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Comme des Garçons 2 Man by Comme des Garçons

Smokey, spicy, masculine opening. Smells very mature but not necessarily old-school. A modern scent for a gentleman but with a casual, working feel. Make no mistake about it though, this is not a young man's scent.

I get good projection and longevity from CdG 2 Man, lasts all day.
21st February, 2018

Single Malt by By Kilian

Boozy and smokey opening. Later it's a boozy vanilla, but not as heavy on the vanilla as other popular vanilla-boozy combos.

Single Malt is an appropriate name as this really does have a prominent whiskey smell. It's also sweet enough to be considered a modern fragrance but this feels more refined and mature than a casual scent. Probably best for nighttime.

This projects decently and hangs around all day.
21st February, 2018

Ambre Nuit by Christian Dior

So many notes to like.

Ambre Nuit is a classy-spicy-boozy-amber scent that features rose as the star note. Definitely getting a nice understated rose in the initial sprays but then into the drydown, the rose becomes the headliner while all the other notes play complementary roles.

Sometimes I feel like it's an unmistakably masculine scent, while other times it leans feminine. It's enjoyable throughout, all the way into the sweet-ambery finish that still clings to that rose note.

Not a beast but it does project nicely and has very good longevity on my skin, lasts all day.
19th February, 2018 (last edited: 20th February, 2018)
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A*Men Pure Wood by Thierry Mugler

Thumbs up for the smell but I am always surprised at how average the performance is of Pure Wood. It doesn't match up with other heavy hitters in the A*Men lineup in regards to projection and longevity.

Moving on to the smell, it's actually the most accessible and easy to wear A*Men scent for me. This could be an everyday scent in cooler months, it's that agreeable and nice. I get plenty of the familiar coffee and vanilla in the original A*Men but there's not as much tar note, if any. It's replaced by a pleasant, if not generic woody accord that's just fine by me because it's mixes with the other notes so well.

This is right up there with Pure Malt as a favorite of the line but the lack of performance keeps Pure Wood from being the leader of the group.
19th February, 2018

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

Boozy vanilla, tobacco, something sweet and fruity like a plum or raisin covered in cocoa powder.

Good projection, can get compliments with even minimal sprays, which is probably better because it can be overwhelming.

Excellent longevity. Lasts all day and you can still smell it the next day.
18th February, 2018

Bergamote 22 by Le Labo

Similar to other fresh, green citrus scents in the style of 4711, Bergamote 22 opens up in that familiar way. I also get the musk in the opening which adds some nice depth to what I thought would be a one-dimensional fragrance. The drydown is less green lemon and more sweet lemon.

It's very clean, so can be worn formally. Probably best for summer but it's very pleasant in all climates.

Projection is slightly above average and longevity is in the 6 hour range.
17th February, 2018

Set Sail South Seas for Men by Tommy Bahama

South Seas seems like a unisex scent. I do get some orange but that's about it. Very weak rum note. In fact, the whole thing is very light. Becomes a skin scent very quickly for me.

Good longevity, it does hang around all day even if it is so light.
16th February, 2018 (last edited: 17th February, 2018)

Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme by Van Cleef & Arpels

Another old-school classic that checks all the ultra-masculine marks for the overall scent. This one isn't as "stinky" though, has a certain cool, freshness to it. I also find it quite soapy.

Strong performance in projection and longevity.
16th February, 2018

Aramis 900 by Aramis

Smells similar to other old-school classics I've tried. "Soapy" and "barnyard" come to mind.

Strong projection and longevity.

16th February, 2018

Perry Ellis Oud : Saffron Rose Absolute by Perry Ellis

The opening of Saffron Rose Absolute is like other rose-oud-leather combos. Has that dry, medicinal feel but this has no sweetness and the incense-vibe that's usually with those other scents isn't as prevalent. Later the drydown is soft and woody, with a little rosey-sweetness finally coming through. Better smelled in the air than up close.

Decent projection but not as loud as those other scents from the likes of Montale. Good longevity, lasts all workday.
16th February, 2018

Oud Minérale by Tom Ford

Oud Minérale smells cold, powdery, aquatic and medicinal all at the same time. There's something that reminds me of leather as well.

Seems too heavy for summer, probably best for cooler weather.

Powerful projection and lasts more than a day.
16th February, 2018

Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

Very pleasant, sweet, synthetic, floral apple opening. Almost feminine. This lasts for a few hours and then the powdery drydown is similar to the drydown of Eros or LeMale Eau Fraiche.

This one is young and casual but feels too sweet for summer. Should be fine in all other climates.

Good projection and lasts all workday.
16th February, 2018

Bleecker Street by Bond No. 9

Pretty good but not amazing. Comes off fresh, green and spicy and has some sweetness to be in the modern-style of men's fragrances. Feels very versatile as a daytime scent, casual or dressed up and any season.

I get better than average projection and longevity.
14th February, 2018
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Tam Dao Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

I like sandalwood scents so this is a good one for me.

Slightly bitter, dry sandalwood. Something earthy or rooty about it. Reminds me of Molecule 04 which is mostly Javanol, a synthetic sandalwood. Unlike Molecule 04, this has a much more soft projection and because of the other notes involved, more interesting or complex.

Masculine and refined, this feels like a fall scent and a little on the dressed-up side to me.

It doesn't project much but it does last all work day.

13th February, 2018

Apple Brandy by By Kilian

Reminds me of sliced apples in caramel sauce that has some booze in it. There's also something that reminds me of maple syrup.

I didn't like it upon first wearing but second time around it quite nice. I can see this as something others would want to get close to and smell more of on you.

Best in cooler weather. Can't decide if this is casual or more formal but it doesn't smell cheap.

I get all day longevity and the scent doesn't change much other than just losing some of the initial punch in the opening. Projection is good, you won't need but a few sprays.
09th February, 2018

Eros by Versace

Cool, minty and sweet. Also, a strong performer that gets noticed. Very similar to LeMale Eau Fraiche (Superman/Popeye). Ladies do like this and it seems suited for a younger crowd but if it makes you feel good, wear it.

The performance is so good that this can become cloying if over-sprayed. Projects and lasts all day with the best projection coming in the first 4-5 hours.
08th February, 2018 (last edited: 10th February, 2018)

Pineapple Vintage Noir by Parfums Vintage

Just add a little more smoke to Pineapple Vintage and you have Noir. Not much difference to my nose. The smell very similar otherwise and all smell like Aventus, which means they all smell really good and garner compliments. However, both are lacking a richness that you get with Aventus so the Pineapple Vintage (including Noir) experience is a little more hollow than true Aventus.

Performance is good. Projects for the first 3-4 hours and then sits closer to skin for the rest of the day.
07th February, 2018

M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

M7 is sweet, sticky, heavy and masculine. Not for summer or casual wear. Very unique, mature and has the cola vibe. Very similar to the newer, Oud Absolu version, so give that a try if original M7 is hard to come by or too expensive.

It's a very interesting experience because you can smell the woods and incense but that's really not what comes to mind when smelling. It is strong and sweet enough to get a compliment but just not in that same vein as those other more popular scents. You'll wear this for yourself, not others.

Excellent performance, projects nicely and lasts all day.
07th February, 2018

Polo Double Black by Ralph Lauren

I like the smell of Double Black better than original Polo Black, but the performance is pretty weak. Masculine but soft and fruity with a fun mango note. Feels pretty versatile and will probably be a summer only scent for me to help with performance.

It only projects a little in the opening. Then it's a skin scent for a few hours.
05th February, 2018

Sud Magnolia by Atelier Cologne

Reminds me of a rose-floral tea with woody notes in the opening. The drydown is all floral, like a bouquet of flowers. Comes off feminine to me.

Decent projection and good longevity.

04th February, 2018

Mandarine Glaciale by Atelier Cologne

Slightly unripe orange with a little bit of bitterness. Definitely get the ginger. The drydown is sweet and woody but feels cold. Not minty but like it's cooling the air.

Average projection but good longevity.
04th February, 2018

Pomélo Paradis by Atelier Cologne

The opening is very sweet, juicy and sharp citrus, almost like a lemonhead candy in grapefruit juice. The drydown becomes more soft and floral but you can still smell the grapefruit.

Good projection in the opening and then it loses most of that bright opening in the first 2 hours. Longevity after that is good.

04th February, 2018

Oolang Infini by Atelier Cologne

Very soft floral opening. I do get some tea but it's more in the background. Becomes more woody and musky (but still clean) in the drydown, moving it back towards the masculine side. However, the jasmine is still there making it very pleasant and soft.

I will vote that it is just slightly more feminine but just barely. Men can wear this without an issue.

Projection is average but has good longevity.

04th February, 2018

Figuier Ardent by Atelier Cologne

Very nice, smooth woody/leafy, minty green, cooling scent. Very natural and refreshing. The smell remains pretty much the same from opening to drydown.

I really like smelling this but feels more feminine. It reminds me of expensive women's hand/body lotion.

Projection is average but longevity is good.
04th February, 2018

Citron d'Erable by Atelier Cologne

Citron d'Erable has a citrus opening with some chalky-bitterness. Eucalyptus gives it an airy quality. I'm not getting much maple syrup but there is a heavier note in the drydown that has that maple syrup vibe, almost as if you got some on your hands and already washed but can still smell something left of it.

For me this leans feminine. I don't find it pleasing or sexy.
04th February, 2018

Pineapple Vintage by Parfums Vintage

Obviously another take on Aventus but better than most if not all. The opening is like a fruity batch of Aventus. Into the drydown, the similarities continue, still smells very much like Aventus. The one thing I would say is that it doesn't smell as full, rich or refined as the Aventus batches I have smelled. That's just my experience and I'm really only describing maybe a 10% difference.

I get really good performance with good projection for 4-5 hours and then it sits close to skin the rest of the day. If I'm comparing to Aventus, it's not as strong a performer but still very good.
04th February, 2018

Blanche Immortelle by Atelier Cologne

I'm a sucker for a good rose and I find it especially sexy on my wife. Without knowing what she was wearing or that it had rose, when she walked into the room with this one, I asked, "Oh, what is that?". It immediately had my attention as something sexy and inviting. Smells better on her and in passing than up close on a tester. It must have decent projection because I could smell it at a good distance from her and it seemed to last for a good amount of time too.
03rd February, 2018

Polo Supreme Cashmere by Ralph Lauren

Opening is interesting with a smooth citrus and something that reminds me of chocolate. The whole thing is very smooth and powdery.

The drydown reminds me of KC Reaction Thermal, which is kinda similar to Body Kouros.

Feels like a cooler weather scent and for casual wear.

The soft projection also fits the theme. Longevity is good, lasts all workday.
03rd February, 2018

Lalique White by Lalique

Citrus, cedar and violet...yes, please.

Lalique White almost has a medicinal like feel. For some reason, it also strikes me as being a unisex scent that women could wear. Very clean and peppery, almost soapy. not sweet or dark.

I can't think of anything like it but at the same time, it is familiar.

Not sexy but a clean, fresh and pleasant scent. Above average projection and very good longevity.
01st February, 2018

L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer

Dry, woody incense with some nice florals. It's light and heavy at the same time, somehow.

Excellent performance, a little goes a long way. Not sure which note it is but there is just a little sweetness to it. The sweetness is almost sticky.

I can really see this as unisex, doesn't lean one way or the other for me.
01st February, 2018