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The Cobra And the Canary by Imaginary Authors

I don't really like the usual, popular leather scents but I like this, so take that into consideration when deciding if this is worth your time.

Spiced, buttery opening. The heart is leather dominant but the leather note should be accessible to many and not as polarizing as some other very strong leathers that I've smelled before. There are also nice florals that compliment the leather. Just speaking from my own experience, I don't usually like leather as the main note but this one is nice and I enjoy it.

Good projection and longevity that lasts all workday.
15th November, 2018 (last edited: 16th November, 2018)

Baldessarini Nautic Spirit by Baldessarini

Pleasant, clean, and light dryer sheet/fabric softener scent great for casual/daytime wear. There's also some very nice, subtle fruity-sweetness. Would be great for office use as it is light, not abrasive or loud.

I don’t get anything nautical but it’s nice nonetheless.

Projection is average and longevity is good when sprayed on clothes. Doesn’t get cloying so over spraying should not be a big problem.
15th November, 2018

The One Sport by Dolce & Gabbana

I've been resistant to fully sampling and reviewing The One Sport based on quickly smelling in stores and reading lots of bad reviews but I figured I'd give it a full wearing to be fair.

Starts off very generic, not bad, not good. Later, the drydown starts to remind me of Dior Homme Sport, but not as rich. Has that salty, citric, greasy smell that I get from DHS. I don't smell anything in this that reminds me of the Original The One. There is a spiciness that exists from start to finish.

Projection is average to below average but longevity is good, lasts all workday.
14th November, 2018
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Windsor pour Homme by English Laundry

Sweet cinnamon and clove opening, kinda like Spicebomb but more mature. Has something like an old aftershave smell. I'm blaming the oakmoss because that's the only note that seems to feel old school. There’s definitely things I like about this in the modern fragrance sense but it’s very grounded in old school, mature.

Average projection but really good longevity. Lasts all day.
13th November, 2018

Cape Heartache by Imaginary Authors

Strawberry and old books mixed with smokey pine wood. The dry down becomes more oily and animalic.

Projection and longevity are both very good.
11th November, 2018

A City On Fire by Imaginary Authors

Loud, buttery and burning wood in the smokey opening that really doesn’t change much through the drydown.

Really good projection and decent longevity.
11th November, 2018

Vanillary by Gorilla Perfume

Buttery, creamy vanilla with a waxy/plastic makeup smell. Probably leans feminine like most vanillas but this smells good enough to not worry about coming off weird as a man.

I smelled and liked the spray version at the store, but my test is with the solid version. Projection was okay but longevity was very good, lasted all day.

10th November, 2018

Polo Red Rush by Ralph Lauren

Of all the Polo Reds, this one is my preference because it's not as heavy, loud or synthetically sweet, which has always been my issue with Red and its flankers. It still has the coffee and warm, fruity notes. Later into the drydown, it starts to have a minty feel, not that far off from Eros.

This is a playful, casual scent that is more versatile than the other Reds, probably good in all weather.

I get average projection and longevity, lasts 6-7 hours.
09th November, 2018

Yesterday Haze by Imaginary Authors

Opening is a slightly sweetened fig with some dusty, woody notes. The iris is barely there. Reminds me of spa or hotel smells. Pleasant, herbal and creamy. Fig is the main player here. Just nice and creamy.

Very unisex. Casual wear seems best but versatile enough for all climates.

Average projection of not a little weak. Longevity is good, hangs around all day.
08th November, 2018

1872 for Men by Clive Christian

Starts off mature/old-school, and manly, reminds me of Armani pH or Acqua di Parma Colonia. Quickly dries down to something more modern, clean and fresh, like Acqua di Gio.

Feels more dressed up and formal but should be versatile for all climates. Average projection but good, all workday longevity.
07th November, 2018

The One Grey by Dolce & Gabbana

Maybe it's the marketing but I think they nailed it with naming this the Grey version of The One because that's what it smells like. A slightly darker, more serious version of The One by is achieved by taking out the boozy notes and replacing with vetiver. Feels like the daytime/work version of this scent. Light, refined, pleasant and ready to work. Leave night/play time for EdT and EdP. It's also versatile enough for cold or warm weather.

Projection is average but longevity is good, lasts all workday.
05th November, 2018

Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

I get a powdery iris and vanilla in the opening. As it dries down, becomes more of a clean vanilla. It’s not overly-feminine to my nose, despite the notes. Versatile for the occasion but reserved for colder weather.

Performance is good, not great on my skin. However, if over-sprayed, DHI could take over a room.
04th November, 2018

Percival by Parfums de Marly

I couldn't figure out what this reminded me of at first. It has a green-freshness that originally had me thinking Green Irish Tweed but it's not that close and I knew that wasn't it. Then I checked out other online reviews. MB Legend, that's it! It is a little sweeter and not as harsh as Legend but I would say owning both would be redundant as the cost of Percival doesn't eclipse the current value of Legend.

02nd November, 2018
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Narciso Rodriguez for Him Bleu Noir by Narciso Rodriguez

Opens up with cumin, musk, and patchouli. Nothing "blue". Later the drydown starts to bring out the floral notes like cardamom and violet. Yeah, I still get the violet even if it's not listed. It never really feels "blue", like an aquatic but it does feel somber, if that's what they mean by "Bleu".

Feels formal and mature but not an old-guy smell. It's just not playful. More thoughtful.

Lasts 8-10 hours on my skin with decent projection.
01st November, 2018

Saint Julep by Imaginary Authors

Starts off like a minty-salty version of Baccarat Rouge 540. Keeps that cotton candy sweetness into the drydown but then you get more of the green notes, almost vetiver-like. Similar to the MFK, it is very sweet so seems unisex to me.

On my skin, the projection is quite good and longevity is in the 6-8 hour range.
30th October, 2018 (last edited: 31st October, 2018)

Tom Ford Noir by Tom Ford

Mature, refined, spicy and dry. Not getting any sweetness or freshness. Might be hard for a young guy to pull off. The patchouli, civet, sage and rose all come together to create the mature vibe. Not sure what the note is but there's also an airiness to this scent that stands separately from all the mature notes.

Feels like a formal, cold-weather scent.

Projects really well, I did 3 sprays underneath my clothes and I am easily able to detect. Lasts all workday, 10-12 hours.
29th October, 2018 (last edited: 30th October, 2018)

Every Storm A Serenade by Imaginary Authors

Starts off strong with the spruce note, then transitions into a smokey-vetiver with some citrus and salty sea air. The spruce note hangs on for most of the scent but the vetiver seems to be the main player as the scent progresses.

I get slightly above average projection and just average longevity, around 5-6 hours.
28th October, 2018

Santal Royal by Guerlain

Heavy medicinal oud+rose combo. Very familiar if you've smelled any Montale although this isn't quite as powerful, thankfully. However, it's no slouch, quite persistent. Drydown calms down and dries out, not as loud but pretty much the same scent if you stick your nose right on skin.

There are many fruity notes listed but I don't get any of that. Just a dry, oud-rose.

Projection and longevity are both really good.
24th October, 2018

Niche : Oud by Armaf

Oily, woody vanilla scent that reminds me of Perry Ellis Oud : Black Vanilla Absolute without the rum and tobacco, the best parts.

Seems best for cold weather as it is heavy/dense. I get above average projection and all day longevity.
24th October, 2018

Sex Panther by Tru Fragrance

Not bad, a little sweet, a little fresh and a little musky. Reminds me of 90's scents like Eternity mixed with Polo Explorer from 2007. They could have really pushed the envelope with this one considering the name and context but decided to play it safe, probably realizing that the main consumer for this product is not into fragrance.

Projection is light and longevity is around 5-6 hours.
22nd October, 2018

Memoirs of a Trespasser by Imaginary Authors

The smokey-vanilla scent in the opening lasts from beginning to end. Has a resinous, almost oily feel.

Feels best for cold-weather, casual wears.

Good projection and longevity, lasts 8-10 hours.
22nd October, 2018

Outrecuidant by Histoires de Parfums

Smelling this up-close is just another unisex dirty oud-rose combo. But unlike those others you've already smelled, when you catch this in the air, it's fresh and sweet, somehow. The fresh almost reminds me of a dryer sheet. A very interesting scent as I've never had an experience like this where it smells that different away from the skin, to my nose.

Projection is good, it's strong enough to smell through your clothes with only spraying on skin and you won't need that many sprays. Also lasts all day, great performance.
21st October, 2018

Ambre Impérial by Van Cleef & Arpels

Starts off with a warm, buttery amber and then turns drier and sweeter. Later, I get some smokiness, but there's not oud or incense listed in the notes, so might be the benzoin with the woods?

Projection is persistently strong, so go easy on the sprays. This is a heavy, serious, cold-weather scent.

Longevity is good, lasting 8-10 hours.
20th October, 2018

Roberto Cavalli Uomo by Roberto Cavalli

Not seeing any cardamom listed but this seems like a serviceable La Nuit stand-in and maybe closer to Bvlgari Man in Black.

I do get the honey note. It's not the featured note or even loud enough to reference this as a honey-frag, but it's there.

Projection is average but longevity is good, lasts all workday.
19th October, 2018

O, Unknown! by Imaginary Authors

I do get some of the tea and musk but the main note that keeps coming through is a lipstick or makeup note, much more feminine than Dior Homme or other iris-centric men's scents. For that reason, I believe this leans more feminine.

Sneaky-good projection. One minute you think it’s gone and then you get a strong hit of it. This lasted into the 6-7 hour range on me.
18th October, 2018

Vibrant Leather by Zara

Very crisp, fruity smell in the opening that also has some of the leather and smoke elements as an Aventus clone should. The opening is probably the closest to Aventus of all the clones I've tried. It does have a quality smell to it, I'm quite impressed.

Projection isn't amazing but it is pretty good while it lasts. That would be my only big complaint that it lasts 3-4 hours on my skin with normal sprays. I'd go big on extra sprays on clothes if you want better longevity.
17th October, 2018

Emblem Intense by Montblanc

The opening is nice, cool and fruity. Later the drydown becomes a bit buttery and mostly woody. Reminds me of some parts CH Men, Lacoste pH and Zirh Coudoroy. All smell sweet and pleasant but are very synthetic. I do like this better than the original Emblem.

Average projection but lasted all workday on my skin.
17th October, 2018

Cologne du Parfumeur by Guerlain

Just tried this one at a Guerlian boutique and it was the surprise winner. In the classic cologne style but in addition to having that green, refreshing citrus also had some modern depth, something usually lacking in the eau de colognes.
14th October, 2018

Sycomore Eau de Toilette by Chanel

More of a vetiver scent, similar to Encre Noire but less harsh and loud. Being softer also allows this to be more unisex as well as good for layering with other scents, perhaps with thinner citrus scents that need some clean, greeness and richness.
13th October, 2018

Eau de Cologne Impériale by Guerlain

In the style of 4711, lots of sharp, refreshing citrus with a little musk. Smells nice and projects decently while it lasts, maybe an hour on my skin.
12th October, 2018