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White Collection : Rain by Commodity

Fem florals and laundry musk opening. Smells like scent beads for your clothes washing machine. Very clean, not earthy or musty like rain can be sometimes.

I could still smell it in skin about 7 hours later, so decent longevity but the projection is pretty light throughout.
30th May, 2020

Spirito Fiorentino by Tiziana Terenzi

Spirito Fiorentino is Tiziana Terenzi's answer to MFK's Baccarat Rouge 540. I'm having a hard time telling them apart. Has the same fem lean to it, so you have to like that side of BR540 to also like this.

Based on the bottle color and some of their other offerings, like Ursa and Orion, it would seem like they've done a bit of copying, whether it's of the "inspired by" or "our take on" routes. I do see that they have many other offerings, so it doesn't appear to be a just niche clone house, but they are definitely covering off on some of the basic hype fragrances of the community.

Leaves a big scent trail and lasts all day.

28th May, 2020 (last edited: 29th May, 2020)

Alizarin by Penhaligon's

It doesn’t have the “old guy” smell but Alizarin definitely smells like it’s from another time/era. The leather and oud are spicy and musty in the opening. The drydown change comes much later, maybe 2-3 hours in. At that point, it changes to a lighter leather scent which I feel is more agreeable and modern. At that point, I found myself enjoying the smell, opposite of the darker opening.

Performance is good with decent projection and 6-7 hours longevity.
28th May, 2020
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Versus Uomo by Versace

A spicy, soapy, mature scent in the opening. As it dries down, becomes more agreeable, very pleasant and smells like a classic shaving cream/barbershop scent. The drydown definitely changed my mind on this one, going from something I wanted to wash off in the opening to something I wanted to keep smelling all day.

Good projection during the first hour and then settles down. I kept getting hints of it all workday, so decent longevity.
27th May, 2020

Aqua pour Homme Toniq by Bulgari

Another salty, fresh aquatic in the Aqua line. Toniq shares the original DNA but starts to deviate to the same warm and airy feeling that you get from Amara, but not as strong or abrasive. So if you like Amara but find it too "in-your-face" then maybe Toniq could be a good alternative.

Performance is decent for the first couple hours and then settles way down. Good projection but is much lower than Amara. Longevity is also not near as good as Amara but Toniq is decent as a skin scent.

26th May, 2020

Spice Blend by Christian Dior

Spice Blend starts off strongly masculine, dries down to more fem, and then back to masculine again with the skin scent. Dried fruits and cola toward the top of the development while it becomes softer, more powdery and metallic in the drydown.

I really don't get any Spicebomb similarities. To me this is more classic, mature and refined. It's dressed up for a formal, older affair...not for the mall, a college party or for clubbing. It's not really even a date scent to me, more of an "already married and just want to smell nice for your wife" scent.

Performance is good all around. I'm able to easily smell this for 9+ hours and the projection during the first few hours is very good.
24th May, 2020

Cedre Blanc by Creed

White flowers with a little citrus in the opening. The drydown is salty, pleasant, white florals. I mention pleasant because there have been many white floral scents that I've smelled that are just too "funeral home" intense. This falls into more of the aquatic-white florals. Very clean, everyday versatile and slightly leans fem to me, but I'm fine calling this unisex. The woody drydown is a bit generic but also quite pleasant.

Performance is average all around. Because of that, and it's overall clean, pleasant feel, I feel like it could be an excellent choice to wear in office settings.

22nd May, 2020

Colonia Ebano by Acqua di Parma

Ebano is all man. Starts off spicy, reminded me of Polo Green at first and then original Calvin, but with more cumin. The dirtiness of the cumin pushes this into Cartier Declaration territory but only up close on skin. In the air, it has a heavy, refined, extremely masculine greeness that keeps me going back to Polo green as my reference.

This is not casual fragrance to me. Smells like you're ready to get some business done.

Performance is very good for me, lasting all day with good projection.
21st May, 2020

Belle de Jour by Eris Parfums

The smell is salty, white florals while the effect is clean, airy, light and unisex. Leans fem to me but only because of a personal association.
Stays in that general range for most of the day, finally settling into clean laundry musk.

Projection is decent but nothing loud. You can still smell the clean musk on skin into the next day, albeit lightly.
20th May, 2020

Emporio Armani Stronger With You by Giorgio Armani

The extreme sweetness and mint reminds me of Versace Eros. I didn’t immediately place it but it hit me later in the drydown. Sampling the opening again, it does smell like Eros but the vanilla is warmer and not quite as strong and airy. It also feels a bit smoother than Eros, making this perhaps the slightly more refined or even "grown-up" version of Eros. Both are heavy, sweet scents that women should enjoy smelling on men and possibly themselves.

It lasts all workday and has good projection on my skin.
19th May, 2020

Reckless pour Homme by Roja Dove

Starts off with rich, sweet woods, incense, and citrus. Maybe even a little of a cola vibe. Smells refined/expensive/well-blended, take your pick.

As it dries down, it moves from somewhat modern to more mature, getting drier and dirtier. Also, the deep drydown starts to get more powder. Incense and woods hang on from the beginning and take over, smelling like old money (figuratively) while the earthy, slightly dirty vetiver gives a little smokiness to the scent.

Projection is never loud but it is solid. Lasts all day and into the next on my skin.
18th May, 2020

Monocle Scent Four : Yoyogi by Comme des Garçons

The opening reminds me of subtle lemon furniture polish mixed with woody, piney cypress. It’s on the sweet side too so it comes off as pleasant, modern, and unisex. The drydown loses the sweet stuff and is all about the cypress and green, woody notes. Again, almost like pine. Feels clean and refreshing in a green herbal way, not a blue, watery way, if that makes sense. It should be good for many occasions and climates.

I sprayed multiple times on skin and clothing and performance ended up being just average for me. Never got loud or cloying but I also really didn’t smell it much throughout the day unless I went smelling for it. Maybe 5-6 hours of projection but I can smell it on skin the next day.
17th May, 2020

White Collection : Gold by Commodity

Sweet, vanilla frosting opening. More dry and floral sweet vanilla than gourmand sweet but that’s the best way I can describe the smell. The dry vanilla continues into the drydown. Smells unisex to me.

Lasts about 6-7 hours and has decent projection throughout.
16th May, 2020
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Chic Magnet by Alexandria Fragrances

Starts off with that grape cola scent, just like Magnetism. The dry down comes fast, losing the fizziness but leaving a powdery soft, lotion-like scent that’s seductive and unisex. A date night, get close scent for sure.

Performance is in the light side for me. It doesn’t ever feel cloying to me, so spray liberally and perhaps on clothes to help performance.
15th May, 2020

Ultraviolet for Him / Ultraviolet Man by Paco Rabanne

Green, herbal mint and sweet amber. Cool and warm mixed together and all with intense, loud synthetics in the opening. I read that this is thought to be a decent clubbing scent. Yeah, I kinda see how it could be somewhat of a 1 Million/Eros hybrid that way.

This is an interesting scent because it feels like you can't quite place what's going on but at the same time, it feels really boring to me. Like you're asking yourself "what is that?" and then you have to remind yourself that you really don't care.

The deep drydown is actually very pleasant but doesn't project much, staying close to skin. Longevity is average for the part that isn't a skin scent.

14th May, 2020

Original Penguin Nightcap by Original Penguin

Original Penguin Nightcap smells like a watered-down, less spicy, lower quality CH Men. It's still a good smell and could be nice if you want something a little less intense than CH Men.

Projects for the first couple hours and then becomes a skin scent.
13th May, 2020

Original Penguin Reserve by Original Penguin

It’s hard for me to give a thumbs down when something is just blah and useless but it’s not stinky and still has some pleasant qualities.

Original Penguin Reserve smells like Dial soap and synthetic orange. Very synthetic.

Projection is just average. The scent doesn’t last too long on skin but on clothes, it’s decent. Maybe 6 hours.
12th May, 2020

Emblem Absolu by Montblanc

Dark and sweet. Parts of Boss Bottled Intense and D&G The One mixed and more subtle than both.

The original Emblem was very forgettable when I tried it but Absolu has some teeth to it. Interesting and very wearable.

Feels heavier, like it’s built for cooler temps. Should be good casual or dressed up.

Projection is better than average and longevity is around 8 hours.
10th May, 2020

Instant Crush by Mancera

Similar to Baccarat Rouge 540 with lots of sweetness but with more peppery sandalwood and feels like more smoke or something singed. I prefer Baccarat Rouge 540 and Kalan to Instant Crush but wearing this around my wife got me noticed. She liked it.

Feels like a unisex scent, best for outdoors or in a large crowd. It’s just very strong both in projection and longevity.
10th May, 2020

Artisan by John Varvatos

The opening is something unique and something familiar, all at the same time. Feels like a casual, day scent. Very similar to Clinique Happy with its airy, floral orange scent.

I don't have problems with longevity when spraying on clothes, so I recommend that. However, projection is weak after the first hour.
08th May, 2020

Mx. by Eris Parfums

Mx is a very pleasant, floral sandalwood and cedarwood scent. Kinda like a softer, more floral Oud Wood. Has some smoky, animalic notes under all the sweet, woody notes.

Very unisex and has a sweet and clean vibe that makes it modern.

Projection is just average but longevity lasts all workday. It maintains the woody sweetness throughout.
08th May, 2020

Terra by Vince Camuto

Has a very decent, minty-sweet, modern opening that quickly fades into a more generic feel. It reminds me of Versace Eros very much but not as strong or as minty.

Projection is decent in the beginning but dries down to just average. Hangs around as a skin scent for a good 7-8 hours.
06th May, 2020 (last edited: 07th May, 2020)

Choco Violette by Mancera

Starts with a hint of florals, and a big blast of sweet cocoa powder and vanilla. Soft florals are underneath but overall this smells like cookies.

This feels like an excellent layering scent if you want a sweet gourmand mixed with whatever you’re wearing.

Performance is loud and long lasting. Big projection and all day longevity. People will be asking about the cookie or vanilla smell hanging in the air.
06th May, 2020

Acqua di Giò Profondo by Giorgio Armani

Very similar to the original. Slightly sweeter, more modern and mixed with something akin to Polo Blue. Very fresh and clean. Super versatile and pleasing.

Projection is good and can be cloying if over-applied. Longevity is decent, maybe 6-7 hours.
05th May, 2020

Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

Quite sweet and powdery to my nose. A defining metrosexual fragrance. I had Cuba Gold before I got to sample this classic from 1995, but the dry down is very similar. The opening of Le Male is better and so is the performance, but otherwise, you get the same powdery sweet lavender plus vanilla/amber combo that’s been working it’s magic for decades now.

The current formulation has decent projection without being too loud and lasts 7-8 hours.
04th May, 2020

L'Air des Alpes Suisses by Tauer

Interesting stuff. Feels more like art as a perfume than most things I've smelled. If I ignore the marketing, it smells like evergreens subdued with soapiness and something vegetal or medicinal. That last part is what throws me off here..there's a certain unpleasantness (to me) that's very faint. Almost like the smell of new rubber gloves. Again, that part is very minor and the majority of this scent leans toward airy, soapy evergreens.

I go back and forth on how much of this smells natural vs not. That's probably the difference in smelling up close vs in the air, as it smells much nicer in the air, jumping off your skin rather than right up next to skin.

Unisex for sure, doesn't lean either way for me. Again, due to its "art as perfume" nature, that would make sense that it seems more like a recreation of something one smells in the world rather than an idea of something a man or woman "should" smell like.

Projection is fine. Anything beyond 3-4 sprays might get loud. I get about 6-7 hours of noticeable scent.
03rd May, 2020

Chrome Sport by Azzaro

Regardless of it’s connection to the very popular Chrome, the Sport version is a clean, fresh, sparkling and zingy designer fragrance great for summer. The citrus is sour and the clean notes are soapy. Could be considered a close relative of Versace Man eau Fraiche.

Performance is lacking. The Versace is probably the better choice but this still smells like a great summer scent.
02nd May, 2020

Gentleman Eau de Parfum Boisée by Givenchy

Starts with a rich, warm, dark oriental, spicy-sweet woody opening. Cacao starts to come into the mix next with supporting florals. After the first hour or so, it starts to fade away just left with some spiced wood.

Feels best dressed up and for cooler weather.

It does last for 8-9 hours. Projection is good but it's not a beast.
02nd May, 2020

Hacivat by Nishane

The opening smells more like a cheap clone than actual Aventus. There is a synthetic, cloying, sourness that reminds me of much cheaper scents. The drydown feels like somewhere between Cedrat Boise and Unpredictable Adventure. I was expecting something much more fruity and sweet but it was more dry, woody and bitter. It’s not terrible and is very pleasant and versatile but this is not the best alternative to Aventus and definitely feels cheaper than the asking price.

Not a projection beast on my skin but does get all day longevity.
30th April, 2020

FM 335 by Federico Mahora

It is quite similar to Tom Ford’s Oud Wood, especially in the opening. As they both dry down, Oud Wood stays in that dry, sweetened cedar while FM 335 starts to become less woody and more powdery sweet. Oud Wood really holds onto the cedar while FM 335 just hints at it and becomes more unisex and feminine.

Projection is just average and maybe slightly less than that. Not a bomb or a screamer, very subdued. Longevity is decent, maybe 8-9 hours, but you’ll need a good amount of sprays to achieve any kind of performance.
29th April, 2020