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Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

I remember smelling this when it first came out and immediatly throwing away the blotter because of the harsh opening. Ten years later I sprayed a second blotter with the EDT and this time I was mesmerized by it. The raw earthiness and maturity it evoked won me over big time. Without further testing I found my self picking up a 50 ml bottle and used most of it during that fall.

By the time winter arrived I started wearing it less and less. At first I could not explain why, since it got me several compliments here and there. I had no problems with the performance. It has both stellar longevity and sillage. I remember spraying myself and leaving the house and hours later when I got back, my parents told me the smell lingered in the room for a while after I've been gone. And then it hit me.

One day, during the drydown, I started feeling nauseated. I did some research and I guess I have to blame the Iso-E Super for the headaches.
I read lots of similar reactions by people describing somewhat of a chemical smell that made them feel nauseus. I cannot be certain if it's the Iso-E Super or not but I am certain that this is not a scent I want to repurchase. I can understand why some people love it, it is truly very versatile and unique, it has great performance, it's an all season friendly scent and definitely signature worthy. Seems to tick all the right boxes, but alas this is not for me.

Maybe in the future I'll give the EDP a chance, but right now I feel that I really need to distance my self from the Terre D'Hermes DNA and let time decide if it's one that I'll want to have again in my wardrobe.
06th June, 2017

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

First time I smelled this on a blotter, I felt a tingling down my spine. I barely knew what an aromatic fougère was back then and all I cared about was that its herbal, vintage smell was truly captivating. Some months later a friend gave me his almost full 100ml bottle as a gift and I was more than excited. Sadly, the results on my skin were pretty disappointing.

Smell wise I mostly get anise, patchouli, basil and ambergris. It stars herbal, fresh and the opening makes quite an impression. As it gets to the heart the patchouli gets more and more prominent, until it takes the back seat and it lets a sweet amber lead the way. This is an all season friendly scent, but I find it to be a tad more enjoyable during the summer, unfolding its qualities best on cool summer evenings. Oddly enough for an all season friendly scent, I can’t quite fit this in my everyday rotation or find the right occasion to wear it. Too weak to be a signature scent, too mature for my looks (as other people have stated), so I prefer to wear this one at home, mostly.

I will probably never find out how vintage Azzaro pour Homme smells like, but I can really sense that this is a watered down version of a legend. The initial blast is strong and while this fragrance gives you the impression of a longevity/sillage monster, that’s far from the truth. After half an hour this stays extremely close to the skin and on some days it’s barely noticeable after the two hour mark. Quite sad, because this scent always gave me the impression that it wants to make a statement. I’m not one of those people that want to fill a room with their scents, but I expected a stronger presence out of this one.
30th May, 2017

Cyber Garden by Costume National

It's been almost a year that I first tested my Cyber Garden sample and since I would identify it mostly as a Spring scent, I thought the timing was right to revisit it. At first I thought of it as too weird for my tastes, interesting but unnecessary, pretty much I would often find an excuse to dash it. One year later I mostly share the same thoughts and although Costume National doesn't reach top quality here (Scent, Scent Intense), there are quite a few interesting things about it.

The brand, is the epitome of well done syntheticness, a syntheticness with a dirty mind, very well blended and cleverly executed, neatly packed inside brilliant concepts and ideas. And Cyber Garden meets some of those characteristics, but unfortunately lacks one thing: Depth.

I'm not sure there is vinyl in here, I would rather call that accord metallic, which is more of what I get smelling this. A watery metallic accord with a very supportive green armor that gives it a kind of liquidity, making it ideal for strolls at the promenade of my city.

The floral heart is where the big contrast happens. A very traditional masculine bouquet alongside the futuristic metallic note. Retro and modern at the same time. A spinning urban spring, lacking any natural element, but with interesting scratches happening between the ongoing loops of the so called "vinil note". A Cyber punk city day scent. Unfortunately, the dry down arrives and this is where I get a bit sceptical.

To begin with it certainly doesn't reach the excellence of the ambery Scent and Scent Intense. The cyber concept is kind of still there, but the end of the trip lacks somewhat in depth. The aftertaste the metallic accord leaves on the woods of the base makes the overall scent more watery and generic. I get a nice lotiony fresh body cream vibe and that's it really. It's pleasant, but smells common to my novice nose.

I think that the concept here is way too promising and to a point it manages to deliver, but ultimately, it fails to be something truly innovating.
07th April, 2017
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Green Patchouli by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Although patchouli is no favourite ingredient of mine, it's one I respect enough to explore.

We're talking, earthy, wet patchouli here, that starts very minty and dense, with an undertone of sweetness. The usual sweetness I've come across in all Sud Pacifique's creations, yet here not so abrasive. This smells dense and does at first evoke a big humid forest, but after the opening, it fairs close to the skin and its progress is quite false.

Unfortunately, it gets more synthetic as it moves on, until it hastily arrives (very short duration for an eau de parfum) to a completely off, to my nose, drydown. It's probable that the syntheticness could be caused by the woods in the base, but I can't shake off the feeling that the forest which was once green and humid, feels now plastic and fake.

I'm sure there is a patchouli scent out there for me, but I am also certain that this one is not it.

18th March, 2017 (last edited: 19th March, 2017)