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Blue Cedar & Cypress by Cremo

This is quite nice and inexpensive also. This is a barbershop scent to be sure. The opening has a nice little freshness from the lemon leaf but is all barbershop beyond that. In fact, I sprayed some Replica at the Barbers by Martin Margiela on one wrist and this one on the other wrist. Aside from the lemon leaf which only lasts in the opening of BC&C the similarities abound. The Tonka brings a smoothness to the RAB that the Blue Cedar and Cypress doesn't have. BC&C is sharper overall and reminds me just a bit of the C.O. Bigelow stuff. A very nice, clean fragrance that is well worth the price tag if you're into barbershop. Longevity and sillage were impressive on me as well...11 hours total with the last 3 hours in the skin scent range.
03rd October, 2018

Imitation Man by Amouage

Thumbs up for the dry down. Thumbs not up for the opening. This doesn't smell like it's from the house of Amouage to me. It opens with rose and smells more like an Oriza L. Legrand fragrance which doesn't work for me. Blazes like a million watt candle too and lasts and lasts. The dry down is enjoyable though...a decent leather fragrance that I don't mind at all. I think a decant would be sufficient for me.
25th September, 2018

The One Grey by Dolce & Gabbana

The One Grey is not "The One." It's actually "The Six," because five other "The One's" came before it. I tried it on paper and then sprayed The One on another paper test strip when I picked up these samples from Sephora. I preferred the opening of The One Grey over The One, but now I'm wearing them on either wrist for comparison and have had them on for a little over 2 hours. The One Grey doesn't have the staying power of The One. I may prefer The One Grey overall, but there is something about The One that I also like. The One Grey has a freshness but also becomes a skin scent much quicker, which isn't a bad thing in this case as I think I could get some fatigue from The One over time. They're both decant worthy, but not FB worthy for me. Nice, but not quite my thing.
22nd September, 2018
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Pacific Rock Moss by Goldfield & Banks

Smells nice, but not nice enough to continue exploring. Fresh, but with a metallic edge on my skin. I'm not fond of metallic notes, so this isn't one I'll pursue. Longevity was about 2.5 hours for me.
19th September, 2018

He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood by Dsquared2

He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood, right?

Wrong! This smells more floral than anything. I do pick up the white pepper in the opening, which I don't mind, but this smells much more like She "would" than like He "wood." It is more feminine than Feminite du Bois by Serge Lutens which has a spicy aspect that I like.

I will say that this fragrance does not smell bad. It actually smells nice. I just don't know if I could wear it at work, or for a full day.

Perhaps a wear around the house on a Saturday clean up day to see if it the listed vetiver, cedar wood, incense or musk develop much.
15th September, 2018

Blood Oranges by Shay & Blue

I love Blood Oranges by Shay & Blue. This opens with the amazing smell of fresh oranges. It is very true to scent of breaking open a sweet, fresh orange just peeled. I've heard some say they don't care for the dry down, but this is a winner from start to finish for me. I don't get any leather, which is just fine with me. Perhaps a very small woody note, but this is a fresh citrus for me and I love it! Two thumbs up!
05th September, 2018

Sélection Verte by Creed

Selection Verte is what I was hoping Royal Water would smell like. It has one of the best openings of any fresh fragrance I've smelled yet. This transitions into the pepper/peppermint/herbal notes phase very quickly however, and I do find myself becoming somewhat anosmic to it quite quickly, which is disappointing, as i really love the way this one smells. It definitely takes on the classic Creed Ambergris dry down presence as well, but it is so subdued that it's a little bit too subdued for me. It's unfortunate that you can't get a 4 oz. bottle of this, because I'd love to get one, but having only the 250 mil flacon available makes the lack of longevity and sillage all the more difficult to justify the high price tag. Still, a very well done fragrance that I'd love to have in my wardrobe.
03rd September, 2018

Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme by Gucci

Wearing this right now. Starts out with a smokey woody presence, then goes full medicine cabinet with a strong band aid vibe...a strong band aid vibe. It's unfortunate, as it ruined any potential enjoyment for me once the fresh box of band aids was cracked open. I went in to Macy's to try the new Bulgari Man Wood Essence, but unfortunately it hadn't arrived yet. So, I tried this one and won't be pursing it further.
02nd September, 2018

Odoon by Pekji

Hmm...I am a lover of woods, that's for sure. Coniferous woods are at the pinnacle of my fragrance love fest, but I also love wood based fragrances of the deciduous variety as well. Now, to clarify, I never got my hands on the original release Odoon, so what I'm speaking of here is the current batch from a dabber sample from Lucky Scent. This stuff has a definite presence. A presence of many woods. I appreciate it's complexity. There is however the presence of Oud wood in this, which takes things in a direction I'm not as fond of. I know that puts me on the outside looking in with regards to being a refined fragrance lover these days, but the slightly sour edge of Oud is just not my shizzle. I'm also smelling the "burnt woods" mentioned in the notes, and there's a slight resemblance to Fumidus by Profumum that I don't care for either. That funk is not nearly as strong in Odoon as it is in Fumidus, but it smells slightly of burning garbage to me. I've been wearing Odoon since first thing this morning so about 6 hours now and it projects like a million watt wooden smile! George Washington would have loved this stuff! Seriously though, I do appreciate Odoon on several levels, and will wear it many more times before determining if I want a bottle. Honestly though, it projects so much that this dabber sample could last for A LONG TIME!
01st September, 2018

Orange Spice by Creed

I finally got a hold of some Creed Orange Spice, and I must say it was worth the wait. This is a wonderful blend of orange, neroli, bergamot and well...spices. I guess the slight animalic comes from the bad breath vibe one gets from ambergris, but it definitely doesn't smell like that in Orange Spice. This is completely posh and well groomed in nature in my opinion. A true gentleman's fragrance to be sure. Wish I had a big flacon of the stuff! There is a soapy aspect that smells like the old powder hand soap I remember in grade school many years ago, but it doesn't detract, sits in the back nicely and only adds to the overall enjoyment for me. I do believe I could wear Orange Spice everyday! I wish Creed would re-release this with no changes to the formula. A true classic!
26th August, 2018

Dandelion Fig by Shay & Blue

I have been trying to like Dandelion Fig, but it's just okay in my opinion. Nothing outstanding. There is a nice lemon grass zing in the opening moments that is mixed in with the tomato leaf and dandelion greenness. From there I don't really care for the progression, and I'm finally going to have to admit that I don't really give a "fig" for fig as a fragrance note. Apparently it's just not my thing. I don't care for any of the fig dominant fragrances I've tried. I've been trying this house, (Shay & Blue), now for the last several weeks, and I do love Framboise Noire, Blood Oranges and Blacks Club Leather. I also like Sicilian Limes although it is a bit strange, I still enjoy it. Blueberry Musk is also okay, but Dandelion Fig is just fair to middling in my book. Not FB worthy in my opinion.
26th August, 2018

Framboise Noire by Shay & Blue

Framboise Noire from Shay & Blue smells a lot like Vikt from Slumberhouse, but instead of having a resinous quality, it has the sweet raspberry note with the licorice note. It is really, really nice! The berry note reminds me partially of the berry note in Imaginary Authors A City on Fire. There is also an atmospheric presence as well, with a woody note mixed in for good measure in the dry down. Highly enjoyable! I'm glad of this purchase and am enjoying it a lot! Two thumbs up!
19th August, 2018 (last edited: 22nd August, 2018)

Sicilian Limes by Shay & Blue

Sicilian Limes by Shay & Blue takes an interesting direction. The initial burst of fresh limes is extremely short lived before the indian spice bizarre kicks in. It's "bizarre," but I like this one. The lime is still there with the spices, but the spiciness takes the forefront rather quickly on my skin. The dry down is my favorite part. It becomes a smooth rosemary and muted wood affair that closes out the brief lime and protracted spiciness just right. The middle eastern spice direction is different than any other lime EDP I have, but that's part of the reason I like this one.
19th August, 2018
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Serge Noire by Serge Lutens

Whew! The opening of Serge Noire is what I imagined the Scent of Oger to smell like! ;-) To quote Shrek who is an Oger..."Ogers are like onions...they have layers." Serge Noir has several layers thats for sure.

This opens like an acrid, eye burning onion with a dark, dank blackness lurking just under the surface of the onion stench. Within 30 minutes the onion changes to the chap stick like note that I also read about...check and check. The onion apparently comes from the cumin. The chapstick like note I believe is from the elemi, as I've smelled a similar note in an elemi heavy scent before. I'm only about an hour in, so I'm hoping for more transitions that I've read about. I love clove and cinnamon, so I'm hoping for more of that. We'll see how this develops. What a weird fragrance. Weird from the standpoint of, "why would someone purposefully make something like this to market and sell to the public as a scent to wear on their bodies?" It almost makes you wonder if they did it just to see how many people would buy it. The opening alone is off putting enough to drive many people away, but I'm going to work with it and see if I can possibly figure out a way to wear this stuff...
09th August, 2018

Gris Clair by Serge Lutens

Gris Clair is a great lavender fragrance with tonka and iris that bring a sweetness to the greenness of the lavender. I like it! It's been a very pleasant day with Gris Clair. If you like lavender fragrances, this is a nice one to have in your wardrobe. It's at least worth a sample in my opinion.
07th August, 2018

Aqua Vitae by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

I love the opening of Aqua Vitae. It is a very fresh and clean from lemon and mandarine that wanes quickly to take on the IsoE woodiness with some tonka. I enjoyed this more than I did Aqua Universalis, and would probably consider getting a decant of this one.
06th August, 2018

Aqua Universalis by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Thumbs up, but only slightlyAqua Universals is too much lily of the valley for my taste. I enjoy the bergamot and lemon, but the lily of the valley and musk combine to take this in a direction that is just a touch off for me.
06th August, 2018

BR78 : Vintage Green by Banana Republic

A thumbs up, but not a big thumbs up for me. BR78 Vintage Green doesn't really smell very green to me. It's got a nice bergamot opening, but then transitions into an smell that reminds me a bit of green, but it also of Ineke's Idyllwild, which has a strong rhubarb note that I don't much care for. I prefer more actual "green" fragrances than I do this one. Still, it has some panache and style, and is a worthy wear from time to time.
30th July, 2018

Cologne Sologne by Nicolaï

A beautiful, light cologne strength splash in spray bottle. Excellent neroli note, along with bergamot, orange, lemon, rosemary, lavender, patchouli and some light musk. As mentioned, this doesn't really progress much from the opening, but who's a fabulous fragrance, perfect for this time of year with the hot weather.

I know Sologne is an area in France, but the name of this fragrance makes me think of the Oreo commercial.

There's a board meeting in 1989, where the members are trying to come up with the name of their new product. One of the board members is asking if anyone has any ideas for the product name, and one of the other members asks him if he wants a pretzel from the tray on the table. The board member who is trying to get suggestions says, pretzels schmetzels! We need a name for this new cologne! The other board member lights up and says, that's it! Cologne Sologne! And the rest is history...
13th July, 2018

Petit Matin by Maison Francis Kurkdjian


I'd like to add that this is not a fragrance you want to overspray. I made that mistake today and found myself in a cloud of an aroma chemical like miasma for about an hour and a half. I had left for work by the time I realized that it was affecting me like that. Anyway, for me, fewer sprays will definitely make this a more enjoyable wear moving forward.

Petit Matin is a wonderful, fresh, fragrance that has a beautiful opening, and transitions from there into a beautiful dry down. There is a note that is more transparent here, but it reminds me of something I smell in Slumberhouse's Pear + Olive. As I said, this note is much more transparent in Petit Matin, and much more dense and syrupy in Pear + Olive, but it is still a similar note to my nose. Petit Matin is a joy to wear, and I want a bottle as soon as I may. Thumbs up for Petit Matin!
11th July, 2018 (last edited: 06th September, 2018)

Fougère d'Argent by Tom Ford

The Tonka Bean is up front and center in the opening with some sparkle from the ginger. Lavender is definitely making itself known too. The opening is actually quite nice! I don't smell any mandarin. Hoping to get some patch from the Akigalawood as this dries down. Now that it's dried down for several hours, it smells quite a bit like Masculin Pluriel by MFK.
11th July, 2018 (last edited: 12th July, 2018)

Lemon Line by Mancera

A beautiful lemon opening. I've had a sample of this for quite some time and have smelled it off and on, but hadn't worn it until today. It smells wonderful. I love fresh lemon, and this develops into a lemon candy smell that is still a delight. I don't get much if any lavender, but the overall fragrance is a winner in my book. It doesn't seem to last very well on my skin, but that was from a dabber sample, so I'm expecting better performance from a spray bottle. I definitely want a bottle of this one. Thumbs way up.
22nd June, 2018

Polo Ultra Blue by Ralph Lauren

Polo Ultra Blue is definitely an aquatic, salty dip into the likes of the Nautica's and Tommy Bahama's of the fragrance industry. I don't generally like aquatic fragrances. I get tired of them very quickly. This one has a spiciness around the edges that I did like a bit, and being an EDT allowed it to soften more quickly than an EDP would have as the day went on, which helped me with the typical aquatic exhaustion that invariably comes on when I try to wear these types of salty dogs. I would say however that if I got a bottle on the cheap, I would probably pick one up.
16th June, 2018

Unsettled by Bruno Fazzolari

I'm a bit "unsettled" over this one. It's headache inducing for me. I don't think I could wear it all day again. It almost has a finger nail polish remover edge to it. Not sure if I'm suffering from allergies, or if it's this fragrance. Maybe I just picked a bad day to try this one. I'll wear it again another day to see if it improves.
05th June, 2018

Room 237 by Bruno Fazzolari

Hmm...okay let's see. Modeler's glue...check. suntan lotion...check. Alright, there ya have it...Room 237. This is strange, but I'm sure that's what BF was going for when he created this, "Shining" fragrance. Not my thing, but there's some who might like it. As already stated, the synthetic nature is off putting and takes this into the novelty arena in my book. Neutral for me.
15th May, 2018

Indolis by Areej le Doré

Right off the bat there is a nice white floral. However, I am also picking up spices. I know the ginger and olibanum are listed in the mids, but I am getting them after 15 minutes on my skin and I love it! A hint of lime as well, which pleases me greatly! Dare I say I love Indolis so far? I didn't think I would based on the comments I've seen that it's just basically a white floral, but there is much, much more going on for me in this first wearing. Something weird is that I showered with Dove soap this morning and the Indolis is mixing with the smell of the Dove soap, and the outcome is rather intoxicating! I think I'm going to need at least a nice decant of Indolis! I'm so grateful there's no musk in this one, as I love it just the way it is!
05th May, 2018

Douro Eau de Portugal / Lords by Penhaligon's

The opening smells like lemon lime Kool-Aid. It's as bright and cheery as the beginning of summer vacation, after a long winter of school work and indoors. I've only worn it twice so far, but this is a wonderful, fresh fragrance that could use a little boost with regards to longevity and sillage, but that doesn't lessen my enjoyment of Douro. I like it well enough to invest in a back-up bottle.
29th April, 2018

An Air of Despair by Imaginary Authors

An Air of Despair was the perfect fragrance to wear today. This is an excellent fragrance, filled with cedar and saffron. The saffron is quite noticeable in the dry down, but it also has a bit of sweetness that reminds me of a brown sugary glaze with saffron. Quite delectable. Remarkable sillage and longevity on my skin. Super enjoyable wear, and fit my mood today as I had to do some heavy things at work. The "sadness accord" seemed to do it's work well. Seriously though, this is a winner in my book!
20th April, 2018

Five by Bruno Fazzolari

The opening of Five is a Ten! So fresh and sweet, in a good way that is instantly cheerful! I'd like to give Bruno Fazzolari "five," man. In fact, I'd like to give him a high "five!" Five also has excellent longevity! I put this on at 8:00 AM, and it's still a skin scent at 11:30 PM, fifteen and a half hours later! This is a definite keeper! I love the green, oakmoss like vibe from the rosemary and the "sweet woods," whatever those are. There is definitely a mineralic note that develops over time, but it didn't detract from the excellent transition of this fragrance's dry down today. I remember that the mineralic note bothered me a bit more the first time I wore it, but today's wearing was as near perfect as I could have hoped for. What a great fragrance! Highly recommended!
17th April, 2018

Onsen Wood by Madhat Scents

I like this one, but it has an interesting element that almost reminds me of smoked meat. The woody presence of hinoki is one element I enjoy a lot, but the heated, smoke like vibe reminds me of the heated lava rock in a sauna, but with slabs of beef drying over the top of the rocks. Interesting fragrance that I'll wear many more times as I try to figure out exactly what I'm smelling.
10th April, 2018