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Feu Secret by Bruno Fazzolari

Feu Secret is a wonderful fragrance created with expert care by Bruno Fazzolari. I love the opening the most as it fills my senses with resinous spruce and a slight zing of eucalyptus, but it's just the right amount of eucalyptus because too much can ruin an otherwise good fragrance. The orris butter brings a slight metallic sheen and the birch tar helps ground the bright notes while still letting them stretch their wings and fly at just the right altitudes. The cedar and especially the vanilla also bring a comfort as Feu Secret just keeps doing it's wonderful thing for about 8 hours on my skin. This as I said is truly a marvelous fragrance that I'm so happy to own. I feel a bit like Gandalf as I am also a keeper of the secret fire! I'll bet my secret fire smells much better than his though. :-)

Two thumbs way up for Feu Secret!
19th January, 2020

Trussardi Inside Man by Trussardi

Not a Possum Pie already explained and I quote, "It smells like the most generic fragrance picked up at random from a Macy's men's counter." He hit the nail on the head with that comment and it was the exact thought i had when I wore this fragrance. I'm only going neutral with my rating until I wear it a few more times, but this is nothing I'm interested in...very standard designer mens assembly line dreg.
19th January, 2020

Telegrama by Imaginary Authors

Telegram announces itself as a talc centric least that's what I read in the original marketing materials, but honestly it has the bones of one of my favorite IA fragrances and that's Saint Julep. It's the "sugar" accord that is the foundation of both Telegrama and Saint Julep to my nose, but where Saint Julep is a white sugar accord with mint, Telegrama is a brown sugar accord...and a very carmelized brown sugar accord at that. It smells very nice and I definitely need to spend some more time with it. There is a faint lavender and a light wood accord as this develops. A great first impression for me from Telegrama...
15th January, 2020
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Musk Cologne by Bortnikoff

Instant love for Musk Cologne by Bortnikoff! What a wonderful fresh dream of a fragrance with just a hint of real deer musk to give it some body and depth. This is orange/tangerine/lemon/bergamot in the opening but the deer musk is also present, playing softly in the background. The blending is divine with Musk Cologne and you could honestly wear this beautiful fragrance in virtually any situation. I pick up some soft ylang as well and the sandalwood and palosanto or "guiac" lend some foundation in the final phases. The one draw back might be the longevity and sillage as this becomes a skin scent faster than I'd like but honestly this is a must have cologne for me as it makes me happy as soon as I apply it. Two thumbs way up for Musk Cologne!!
15th January, 2020

Lamplight Penance by Chatillon Lux

Lamplight Penance smells a lot like Shay & Blue's White Peaches to me although with much less sweetness. A lot of peach aldehydes with a candle wax accord and some cardamom is how I would describe this. Actually cardamom isn't listed in the notes, but I still feel like I smell some in this mixture. This isn't a favorite, but it isn't bad either. I'd prefer to smell more berries and rum along with some ambergris. Worth exploring further. Excellent sillage and longevity on my skin.
09th January, 2020

Bee by Zoologist Perfumes

Bee by Zoologist is amazing...I absolutely love it! Yes it's sweet, but the sweetness is perfection to my nose. The ginger syrup and orange with the royal jelly accord in the opening is my favorite phase and I smell the individual notes. Once the opening begins to fade Bee becomes pretty linear, but I don't mind at all because it just smells wonderful! Full bottle worthy for sure in my opine.

Honestly, Bee is one of my new favs...brilliant!
04th January, 2020

Malik al Taif by Areej le Doré

What an interesting rose note this is. It smells exactly like rose mixed with green olives to my nose. Odd! But...I kind of like it! The opening brings a little more rose for the first few minutes but then the green olive marinated smell gets stronger. The dry down softens the green olive smell up as the mysore sandalwood and amber bring a smooth ending which is my favorite part. Not sure if I'd invest in a bottle but a decant might be worth the investment.
27th December, 2019

Fur by Madhat Scents

This is a master work! What a wonderful combination of coniferous fir and pine with animalic castoreum and hyraceum. I am absolutely thrilled with how good this fragrance is!!! What a wonderful addition to my fragrance collection. Honestly, the blending here is so good that the conifer, musk, honey, cinnamon, tobacco, clove and all of the other notes have become better together than they are seperately. Okay, so maybe not the fir resin. It's already perfect on it's own. ;-) But seriously, Fur is a complete and utter masterpiece in my opinion! Not only full bottle worthy, but back up bottle worthy as well. Bravo to MadHat, as I truly believe this is your masterwork my friend!!! I'm so grateful that I didn't miss out on this beautiful fragrance!
21st December, 2019 (last edited: 22nd December, 2019)

Raspberries and Black Pepper by Soivohle (Liz Zorn)

Semi-enthusiastic thumbs up for Raspberries and Black Pepper from Liz Zorn's Soivohle. This opens with a fruit note mixed with florals and the smell of white pepper, not black pepper in my opinion. I don't smell raspberries either, probably closer to a strawberry vibe than a raspberry one, (I prefer a raspberry note to strawberry personally). I don't mind this fragrance if not over-sprayed. It has a slight feminine vibe, but not overpowering if I wear just a couple of sprays. Fairly nice change-up from some of the stuff I usually wear. Lasts quite a while on my skin as well.
29th November, 2019

Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene

My favorite of the inexpensive green fragrances. Excellent citrus opening with some spiciness cardamom, lavender, and just a hint of pine. I would of course like to smell more pine and fir, but still, this is a true gem of a fragrance. Multiple back up bottles are definitely in order! I compared this to Pino Silvestre a while back and Bowling Green is infinitely more enjoyable to me. Pino Silvestre smells so much like a kitchen spice cabinet that it's just not my thing...but Bowling Green definitely is my thing! Two thumbs way up!
24th November, 2019

Kalan by Parfums de Marly

Take one part Baccarat Rouge 540 EDT with some dry toast accord and that pretty much sums up the opening of Kalan. Then I realized it was Floris of London's Elite that I was smelling.

I actually enjoyed this all day long, but it did remind me of both Baccarat Rouge 540 and also of Floris Elite. The far dry down is very enjoyable as Kalan softens. Although I own both Baccarat Rouge 540 and Elite, I still feel like Kalan has enoughof it's own unique vibe that I'd buy a bottle if I could get it at a discounted price.
23rd November, 2019

Portrayal Man by Amouage

I agree with Constantine. Portrayal Man is a scrubber and the worst Amouage I've smelled to date. The only portrayal for me with this one is that of a disappointed fragrance collector. I wanted to like this one, but it is immediately forgettable.
07th November, 2019

Moss Breches by Tom Ford

Wow...I really love this one. An amazing honey note mixed with oakmoss. A unique and wonderful combination in my opinion. I feel like I need to keep this one around in my wardrobe for as long as I can find it. Two thumbs way up!
06th November, 2019
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Soudain L'Hiver by Henry Jacques

I feel inadequate to be the first to review this fragrance, but I'm not shy, so I'll press forward and give it a shot.

I blind bought this based on all of the positive reviews and I'm glad I did. That's not to say I didn't have any sticker shock, because this is a true investment, but I wanted the experience and as I said, I'm glad to have it.

Soudain l' Hiver comes in 15 mil or 30 mil crystal decanter with a dabber top. I applied it on my neck, behind my ears and just a slight bit on my left interior wrist. The first thing I noticed was how it felt like a perfume oil. I also own Ancient Resins by Aftelier, and Siberian Fir by Evocative Perfumes and SLH goes on much like both of those perfume oil fragrances. It says it's a "pure perfume" and perhaps a pure perfume is oil based, but SLH seems to wear like that to me.

The initial fume that rises features pine, but it quickly folds itself into the overall fragrance profile, which is a leather base with wafts of pine, cedar, white floral and rosemary. I can't honestly say I've detected the rosemary yet, but I'm going to be wearing this fragrance for years to come and want to try and identify each nuance.

My favorite part of wearing SLH so far has been the far dry down. That's where the olibanum shows up and helps to ramp up the over all pine note, which is pure bliss for me. However, this is not only pine and olibanum. The blending for this fragrance is as good as any I've had the pleasure to wear.

I would say that Soudain l' Hiver is an "experience," and one I'm glad I've been able to have. I look forward to spending more time with it in the years to come.
05th October, 2019

Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum by Chanel

So, a woman at work wore this the other day, and I thought she was wearing MFK Baccarat Rouge 540. after a few additional sniffs as I walked by I could tell it wasn't BR540, but it's a close doppleganger. Ladies should smell this one and see what they think. It's close enough in my opinion that it's wasn't an accident that it smells this much like BR540. Thumbs up for the smell of the fragrance, thumbs down for the lack of originality.
06th September, 2019

Myths Man by Amouage

I love the opening of Myths Man. It really does smell like Interlude Man, except it has a floral rumminess that I absolutely love! I wish the opening would last through the whole wear. It's not that the base notes are bad, this is a very well blended fragrance. I just really enjoy the opening so very much! Excellent job Amouage!
24th August, 2019

Overture by Amouage

I've been wearing this for the last two days from the new bottle I just got from Harrod's. I wanted to test this against the sample I had...first of all to see if the sample I had was legit, as this is a new fragrance, and it's an exclusive from Harrod's. I'm happy to report that my sample is indeed legit, or at least it smells identical to my FB. This fragrance is very enjoyable to me. I get a big slug of Myrrh with Cognac around the edges. The Sandalwood manifests as Overture develops, and I agree with the sentiment that there is a leather accord noticable in Overture as well. The interesting thing that hit me about an hour ago, (10 hours after application), is that I'm smelling hints of Atlantic Ambergris by Areej le Dore in the dry down of Overture. I know there's Myrrh is Atlantic Ambergris too, but it got me wondering if there is perhaps a bit of Ambergris in Overture too. Hmm...would be interesting to find out if there was. Anyway, I do enjoy this and think it will wear very nicely this fall and winter especially. Two thumbs up!
12th August, 2019

White Peaches by Shay & Blue

Starts out with a strong but not overly syrupy peach note that quickly transitions into the elderflower granita which is fresh and almost crystalline. then comes the birch wood to mingle with the elderflower while the hint of peach still lingers. It's refreshing and wonderful honestly. Soon to be in my collection, that's for sure. Two thumbs up!
27th July, 2019

Galaad by Lubin

Opening was okay but it quickly became a band-aid accord. I don't like it...thumbs down so far...
27th July, 2019

Dark Amber & Ginger Lily by Jo Malone

This stuff just smells great! It smells great when you put it on, and it still smells great at the end of the day. Dark Amber and Ginger Lily is very linear on my skin. I've read some reviews that say it goes from a nice opening and then changes to something less desirable, but that's not the way this wears for me. It smells virtually the same from start to finish and I really like it. I get cardamom throughout the wear as well as ginger, incense and some amber to sweeten it up a bit. I don't think this smells overly feminine on me and I'd love to have a full bottle of this fragrance. I think it's a winner!
26th July, 2019

Issara by Parfums Dusita

Mmm...Issara is beautiful. I love it! This is such a smooth blend of green notes, coumarin's vanillia and hay presence along with just a tiny shot of bourbin vetiver, oakmoss and ever so slight muskiness. I wish I smelled the individual pine note in the opening as well as pine in the mids...but I don't. That's my only beef with this fragrance, well...that and it's lack of projection. I'd like it to be a bit more forward and not so much a skin scent, which it is. The scent itself however is marvelous! I completely agree with teardrop that there is a definite Chergui vibe to Issara, but I prefer Issara to Chergui. Issara is ridiculously overpriced. It's supposed to be an extrait, but it performs like an EDV which translated is Eau d Vapor. Meaning it's more a will-o-the wisp than it is a liquid fragrance. All these things aside however, I want a bottle of Issara. Smelling this fragrance makes me feel a great sense of well being and rightness in the world...LOL...
11th July, 2019

Sinti by Soivohle (Liz Zorn)

I've only worn this once, but I didn't like it at all. It smelled like rancid green olives to me. A definite greeness here, but not a pleasant one in my opinion. I need to give it another try and see if it grows on me. But, it's right down there with Serge Noir for me at present, which is a smelly, fetid place.
05th July, 2019

Amun Re - The Tears of Ra by Soivohle (Liz Zorn)

Who knew that the tears of Ra smelled like Neutrogena Rainbath? Maybe Osiris and Isis used his tears to shower with? Seriously though, I couldn't believe how much this fragrance smells like Neutrogena's Rainbath shower gel. Not a bad smell, but not one I'd pay a lot of money for either.
05th July, 2019

Rivertown Road / Absolute Pour Homme by Soivohle (Liz Zorn)

A powerful fragrance that starts as do all the Soivohle fragrances I've tried except for Twelve Keys, with a strong alcoholic presence that I don't care for. There are many fragrances I love with alcohol notes in them. The difference to me with this particular accord is that it smells like boozy breath, which I don't care for. That vibe carries on throughout the wear and kind of ruined it for me overall. By the end of 9 hours, (and it was still going strong), I was worn out with it and scrubbed it off. To be fair, there are several notes blended into this myriad of notes that I love, and there were wafts of a nice note here and there, but it's an extremely busy fragrance and it was just the overall house vibe that did me in. Unfortunately a thumbs down for me.
04th July, 2019

Frank No. 1 by Frank Los Angeles

Not my thing. The cardamom mixed with the mate tea note and the coffee leaves me cold. I don't generally like tea notes and this one is no exception. Projects pretty well, and I was ready to scrub after a few hours.
04th July, 2019

New York for Gentlemen by Brooks Brothers

This stuff is ridiculously good for the price. Bought a bottle for around $29.00 bucks at TJ Maxx and it smells great! If you stumble across a bottle and like freshies, go ahead and pull the trigger!
27th June, 2019

Green Sapphire by Boadicea the Victorious

Green Sapphire opens with a potent saffron note along with raspberry. I love a good raspberry note. I'm not as fond of saffron however and it is pretty all encompassing to my senses in most fragrances it's used in it seems. My wife absolutely hates saffron so this fragrance brought on a big no way from her. I always want to be able to smell the pine note in any fragrance it's used in. I couldn't smell it here, but I definitely get a clean, less dirty Oud in the dry down with some Cedar. A no go for me, especially at the astronomical price as well.
16th June, 2019

Dirty Neroli by Heretic Parfums

This stuff made me laugh. It opens with a slight neroli note then turns into Pino Silvestrie “light.” If you’re a Pino Silvestrie fan just get a bottle of that for next to nothing and put a little neroli oil on and bingo...Dirty Neroli!
03rd June, 2019

Spring by Dasein

Sharp and your face kind of green...grassy and crisp with a slight black pepper kick and vetiver. I really like this a lot.
02nd June, 2019

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

Neutral rating from me for Silver Mountain Water. I like the lion's share of notes in this except for the green tea. I don't like tea notes...they ruin an otherwise very nice fragrance for me because in the end all I can smell is the tea note in SMW.
02nd June, 2019