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Tommy Summer Cologne 2012 by Tommy Hilfiger

I blind bought Tommy Hilfigers's 'Summer 2016', which is the same fragrance as this 2012 edition, so my review will be for both of them. I picked it up being as Hilfiger usually makes quality fragrances, and for under $20 in the bargain bin I just had to grab this.

The initial blast is sporty citrus, mint, watery accords and oceanic notes. A splash of grapefruit in there as well as a touch of cedarwood as a base. It smells very good, youthful and is light enough for indoor and close encounters. It is a very safe, inoffensive cologne that almost anyone would like.

With a liberal application of a dozen sprays (neck, shoulders, wrists and chest), I am getting about 4-6+ hours of longevity, with light sillage and fair projection. This is not a very strong fragrance, so unless you apply a heavy hand most people may not smell you and it just doesn't have the performance to stand out at all. Glad I didn't spend too much on it for that reason.

This can be used for office environments, short lunch dates, friend and family gatherings and definitely perfect for the gym. Outside of these situations, it just doesn't have the performance for anything outdoors, nightlife, all day gatherings or clubbing situations.

For the price, might be a worthy addition to a summer collection for anyone under 35 years old. Its a youthful, fun and sporty clean scent that can be used when you are going to be indoors, during close encounters in the warmer spring and summer months.

Bring a spare bottle with you if you want it last longer than four hours though. For that reason, I don't really recommend it to serious collectors as there are plenty of fresh fragrances out there that smell just like this and perform much better than this for about the same price.
31st July, 2017 (last edited: 27th August, 2017)

Chrome Legend by Azzaro

'Chrome Legend' by Azzaro is a very pleasant surprise and blind buy that I am very glad I took a chance on. Being a fan of the original 'Chrome', I figured this can't be a bad fragrance. I could never really wear the original version anymore as its been played out, advertised, and beaten to death for the last twenty years. Everyone knows it, so I try to not be that obvious when selecting a cologne.

The initial blast smells exactly like seawater, the ocean, saltwater. It has this strange cooling feeling because of the scent. You literally FEEL a good ten degrees cooler just smelling or spraying this stuff on. I get citrus notes, a bit of moss and vetiver, but an overwhelming smell of ocean water. It took a few wears to appreciate the complexity and uniqueness of this, but several weeks later I absolutely love the scent.

It has some similarity to the original Chrome, but is definitely less metallic, more refined. As it settles down, the citrus and sea notes match the vetiver and cedar and it screams spring and summer. A fantastic scent to wear in the high heat and humid environments. It is a fresh, aquatic with a masculine undertone that doesn't offender or irritate anyone. Overall, solid performance.

With a liberal dose of a dozen sprays (neck, shoulders, wrists and chest), I am getting 7-10 hours of longevity, with a subtle trail after the first six or seven hours. It projects fairly good, and sillage is good for the first half of its life.

I only use this in the warmer months and on the hottest of days, at the beach or at the pool, or just out on the terrace having drinks. It works perfectly in these situations and gathers a fair amount of compliments. For the price this commands, if you love the smell of the ocean, or are a fan of sporty aquatics, this will easily be an instant favorite of yours and is blind buy worthy.
20th July, 2017

Journey Man by Amouage

Another masterfully powerful, masculine scent with great performance, sillage and longevity. Amouage 'Journey' is very similar to 'Interlude', but it is a cleaner, milder and more refined version of that fragrance.

Tobacco, greens, incense, patchouli, leather. Neroli, bergamot and pepper. Its very strong, projects a good five feet out and lingers everywhere. The middle notes of incense and some patchouli come out slowly over the next few hours and settle in beautifully.

The base of tobacco, leather, tonka bean, and what smells like cedarwood are present throughout, but really begin to shine about four hours in. This is where the fragrance really becomes a masterpiece, with uncompromising masculinity and smokiness carrying on for what seems an eternity. A classy, deep, dark and mysterious smell, akin to upscale Middle Eastern boutiques in someplace like Dubai or Istanbul.

Longevity with eight sprays (neck, shoulders, and wrists) was 12-15+ hours, with excellent projection and sillage all the way through. People will smell you near and far and you will get compliments. Its lasts for several days up to a week or more on clothes and fabrics.

I can definitely highly recommend this to powerhouse fragrance lovers or anyone seeking pure manliness in a bottle. The price is well worth the performance and longevity you get, as one large 100ml bottle of this should last you at least a couple years.
18th July, 2017 (last edited: 26th July, 2017)
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Azzaro pour Homme Night Time by Azzaro

This was a very surprising blind buy at TJ Maxx for only $20 which I didn't expect much from but am very glad to add to my collection. Azzaro's 'Night Time' is a citrus and rhubarb bomb with a base very similar to the original Azzaro Pour Homme, which is a classic powerhouse cologne that I love and enjoy wearing in the winter.

The initial blast is a tart and bitter orange matched to strong rhubarb over nutmeg and vetiver. It comes off powerful, loud and projects really well for the first couple hours. Rhubarb is such a particular note, you will either love it or hate it. However, it is very unique and noticeable nonetheless.

As it dries down, the cedarwood and rhubarb marry each other and it becomes very nice, not too masculine and not too sweet. Not too much citrus, not overly peppery and definitely not 'sporty' or 'aquatic' or 'fresh'. There's really nothing out there that smells like it in all the hundreds of fragrances I've sampled.

The base is vetiver and cedar, which is still overshadowed and layered under the strong rhubarb, orange and nutmeg notes which blend together not so much in harmony as they do to shine and scream 'I am different'. At times you don't know if you love, hate or are on the fence about this scent. It's very polarizing, but the female compliments comes fairly easily, so that's a big plus for me.

With a liberal application of a dozen sprays (neck, shoulders, chest and wrists) I am getting 6-8+ hours of longevity, with about 24 hours on clothes and fabrics. Projection and sillage is solid for the first five hours, then it dies down quickly afterwards to skin scent territory. You will have to apply a few more sprays, and layer your shirt shoulders to make this last a full day or evening.

For the price this goes for, you can't go wrong with this one in your collection. It is very unique, women seem to like it, and it projects well enough for a night out on the town at the bars, clubs or date nights. For the serious collectors, there's nothing out there that smells like this so I recommend you get it for that reason alone.
29th June, 2017

Bora Bora for Men by Liz Claiborne

Being a huge fan of Claiborne scents, I've always wanted 'Bora Bora' for many years now. If you are a fan of 'Curve' and 'Mambo', you will immediately recognize the drydown of this to be extremely similar.

Initial blast is kiwi, ginger, fruit and what seems to be a tea note. Right as I sprayed this my girlfriend immediately complimented me and said 'wow that smells wonderful'. So it definitely did its job there.

It projects really well and a bit of a spicy musk undertone begins to develop as it dries down. I would like to call it the 'Claiborne' musk note, and those familiar with the brand will know what I am talking about. This comes out about an hour after spraying, and smells fantastic.

It is clean without being 'sport' or 'fresh' scented, and masculine without being dirty or dusty. The 'Curve' and 'Mambo' musk scent comes out and projects really well.

Most of if not all of the kiwi and fruity hibiscus notes fade away about an hour in and this is where this fragrance shines. It is a ginger and spice blend layered in musk and amber that is simply amazing and grabs compliments easily.

With a liberal application of a dozen sprays (neck, shoulders, wrists and chest), I am getting 7-10+ hours of longevity, with about 24-36+ hours on clothes and fabrics.

Projection is really good for the first five to six hours, and sillage is solid without being offensive or cloying. After five or six hours, it stays closer to the skin but lingers for another couple hours or so and smells very natural. This stuff lasts longer than most new fragrances that cost three times as much.

For an Eau de Cologne concentration, Claiborne always makes fragrances that perform better than most EDT's, and 'Bora Bora' is no exception. It performs and projects quite well, even in warm weather and humid climates. And for the price, you really can't go wrong here. It's great for spring and summer days, nights out on the town, date nights and safe for office environments and professional events.

I really love this scent, and if you're a fan of 'Curve', 'Mambo', 'Claiborne Sport' and others like it, you will undoubtedly enjoy 'Bora Bora'. For the price it commands, you could easily blind buy this and enjoy it. Definitely recommended.
18th June, 2017

Acqua di Giò Profumo by Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani's 'Acqua di Gio' is already the biggest selling fragrance ever, and here comes 'Profumo'. Simply a masterpiece. Hands down one of the best aquatic scents ever made. Far and above just about everything else out there. Nothing else really comes close to this. Even legendary fragrances like Dolce & Gabbana's 'Light Blue', Versace's 'Eau Fraiche', Perry Ellis '360 Red'. Nope. Not even close.

The initial blast is nearly identical to the original, with heavy dose of bergamot, floral and aquatic accords. This is much stronger and more masculine than the original, with some incense and patchouli in the base that really rounds this out so that its not so airy and light.

As it dries down, the patchouli and incense match to a light dose of spices and what seems to be a lemon-citrus note, smothered in bergamot and aquatic accords to great effect. It smells unbelievably amazing, is very synthetic but trust me you will not care one bit. Why?

Women go absolutely crazy over this. Compliments everywhere you go, from both men and women. Even though most people who know fragrances will immediately recognize this as Acqua di Gio, it is noticeably different the longer you wear it. The patchouli base comes out and gives this a more earthy, grounded scent.

With a liberal application of about ten sprays (neck, wrists, shoulders and chest), I am getting 12-15+ hours of longevity, with several weeks on clothes and fabrics. Projection and sillage is absolutely fantastic. People will definitely smell you without a doubt before they even see you. Your scent will linger in a room after you've left. Even with a light touch of two to four sprays, you will still get at least 8+ hours with this juice.

This is the perfect fragrance for spring and summer, with outstanding performance in high heat and even humid climates. It is never cloying or offensive, and well worth the price. Every single penny. Highly recommended, an absolute must have for anyone who is serious about fragrances.
18th June, 2017

Interlude Man by Amouage

Such a powerful, masculine scent with exemplary performance, sillage and longevity. Amouage 'Interlude' is easily one of, if not the most dominating fragrances I have ever encountered.

The smell reminds me of Antonio Puig's 'Quorum', a powerhouse with superb strength in its own right. Tobacco, greens, incense, patchouli, leather. 'Interlude' adds cumin, allspice, oud and woods to this mix, plus nuclear projection and sillage.

The initial blast is bergamot and spices, incense and a hint of amber. Its very strong, projects a good five feet out and lingers everywhere. The middle notes of incense and some patchouli come out slowly over the next few hours and settle in beautifully. It almost has a marijuana note at some points, which depending on your tastes, smells great or is too herbal, ethnic and off-putting.

The base of tobacco, leather, greens and oud are present throughout, but really begin to shine about four hours in. This is where the fragrance really becomes a masterpiece, with uncompromising masculinity and smokiness carrying on for what seems an eternity. A classy, deep, dark and mysterious smell, akin to upscale Middle Eastern boutiques in someplace like Dubai or Istanbul.

Longevity with just six sprays (neck, shoulders, and wrists) was 16-20+ hours, with massive projection and sillage all the way through. My girlfriend asked if I just sprayed some cologne on when I walked in the door coming home from work. I was shocked, because I sprayed this stuff on 14 hours ago that morning and it still smelled fresh to her! And it keep projecting all night long. You literally have to wash this off to get it off you. It 'becomes' you.

I find it to be funny when people say only 'one or two' sprays, then complain about the performance or lack of compliments from fragrances. With 'Interlude', you really could only use two sprays for a date night, group setting or professional engagement and be good for six to eight hours. This stuff lasts for several weeks, if not months on clothes and fabrics.

I can definitely highly recommend this to powerhouse fragrance lovers or anyone seeking pure manliness in a bottle. The price is well worth the performance and longevity you get, as one large 100ml bottle of this should last you several years.
17th June, 2017 (last edited: 18th July, 2017)

Armani Eau de Nuit Oud by Giorgio Armani

Well, Giorgio Armani's 'Armani Eau de Nuit Oud' jumps on the Oud bandwagon, so I of course tried this out expecting EDP performance and massive longevity akin to Acqua di Gio Profumo. No, this is a different conversation entirely.

The initial blast of this is somewhat offensive and stomach churning. It smells like those mosquito candles you burn to keep bugs from biting you. Seriously. My girlfriend was really upset I sprayed this on and was disgusted by it.

I can't smell much of the berganot or cardamom, i mainly got iris and oud notes, alongside geranium and saffron. It smells dirty, earthy and very ethnic. I was really about to shower this off until I decided to try it again the next morning.

I gave it a full days wearing a few days later, and after the stomach churning opening, it actually smells quite good. The oud and tonka bean really go well together, and once the iris and rose notes go away, it really is very dark and masculine.

With a liberal application of a dozen sprays (neck, shoulders, wrists and chest) is about 8-10+ hours, but with several days up to a week or more on clothing and fabrics. Once it settles in, it really does smell quite sensual and musky, which in the right setting could be wonderful.

Definitely for the cold weather months, there is no way this could ever work in any type of season besides the coldest and darkest of winter. But nestled up to a fireplace or out and about in the snowy weather, this scent would be a masterful fragrance.
17th June, 2017

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

What a wonderful, mature and classy fragrance. 'Terre D' Hermes' by Hermes is a great scent for the spring, summer and even fall months, with superb performance.

Initial blast is oranges and vetiver, with a hint of cedarwood. A hint of pepper and what seems to be floral notes are also detected. As it dries down and settles, the vetiver and orange really stay fairly prominent, layered over what is undoubtedly cedarwood and a bit of patchouli note.

The base is mainly vetiver and cedarwood, and surprisingly the orange top note carries itself mildly all the way through the life of the fragrance. It smells very nice, an expensive and distinguished smell that is very likable but definitely for the 30+ man who dresses to impress and is well spoken.

Longevity with a liberal application of a dozen sprays (neck, shoulders, chest and wrists) is about 10-12+ hours, and at least a week or two on clothes and fabrics. The projection is steady, and sillage is good and never cloying or headache inducing. Very safe for work, close encounters and professional engagements.

This is a perfect signature fragrance for the professional man over thirty years of age who dresses well, speaks articulately and wants a scent that can be worn in any season and at any occasion.
17th June, 2017

Déclaration by Cartier

'Declaration' by Cartier smells like an expensive five star hotel room should smell. Plain and simple. Not masculine, not sporty or fresh, like a pricey suite with fresh linens and air fresheners built into the air conditioning.

The initial blast is bergamot and woods, through and through. A freshly squeezed lemon blended with heavy bergamot. It smells very good and classy, sophisticated and masculine without being dark or musky.

The base and drydown is pure vetiver and cedarwood, while still the bergamot note carries and features prominently. There is a little peppery note to it as well.

Longevity with a dozen sprays (neck, chest, shoulders and wrists) is 10-12+ hours, with good projection and sillage similar to most Cartier fragrances. Lasts several days and up to a week or more on clothes and fabrics.

I really love this, especially for the office environment or any type of professional or dress to impress engagements when you are wearing a suit. Definitely recommended.
04th June, 2017 (last edited: 18th June, 2017)

La Nuit de L'Homme L'Intense by Yves Saint Laurent

Well, I finally got around to getting a small bottle of 'La Nuit de L'Homme Intense', even though I really wanted a vintage bottle of the original 'La Nuit de L'Homme'. Thinking this would suffice, I grabbed this with no hesitation. And, well, I am very dissapointed. YSL's own 'Kouros' is infinitely better than this.

I was expecting a masterpiece similar to something like Paco Rabanne's 'Invictus', Dior's 'Sauvage', or even Chanel's 'Bleu de Chanel EDT', but this isn't even close. Definitely not a lady killer. Those other fragrances get me amazing compliments non stop, this gave me none. Zero. Not one.

The initial blast is off putting to me. Iris, violet, patchouli, matched to something called 'Orris Concrete'. Violet in a masculine fragrance is very hard to make appealing. Try Geoffrey Beene's 'Grey Flannel', one of the weirdest and most polarizing scents ever made. You will either like it, or absolutely hate it. I like 'Grey Flannel' for rainy days and cold weather, but most people hate the scent. Same story here.

As this carries on, I was waiting for the drydown and base to carry this one into the sexy territory I had heard so much about. Never came. I just sat there, walking around with zero compliments and I didn't even like the smell of it myself. Patchouli and tonka bean finish this off. Meh.

With a liberal dose of a dozen sprays (neck, chest, shoulders and wrists), I am getting 7-10+ hours of longevity depending on weather, with a couple days on clothes and fabrics. Projection and sillage is average, which for an EDP and the price this commands is unacceptable by my own standards.

The first few hours is good, the rest is very limited projection and skin scent territory. Sadly, though this lasts on clothes and skin, no one will smell you unless they bury their faces into where you sprayed this.

This would be a safe work scent or close quarters indoors or date night fragrance, but absolutely wouldn't work in outdoor, clubbing or nightlife situations. It just doesn't perform or project enough for that.

I have tried several YSL 'L'Homme' flankers, and the constant problem with them I see is being over hyped while seriously lacking in the performance category. This one is no exception to that. It smells well made, but performance and reactions just weren't there. Definitely a pass for me.
04th June, 2017

Eros by Versace

While this does smells fairly good, its a far ways away from other Versace fragrances such as 'Dylan Blue', 'Dreamer' and 'Blue Jeans'. Even Versace 'Baby Blue Jeans' smells better and lasts longer. I am reviewing a new bottle of the EDT version which has been reformulated, not the Eau de Parfum concentration.

The initial blast is vanilla, tonka bean, mint, and sweet fruit over a base of vetiver and woods. I don't get any lemon or flowery notes. It does smell quite good, and projects fairly well for the first couple hours. If you're not a fan of vanilla, mint or tonka bean, you will not like this fragrance. If you are, then this is a good scent, but not the best out there.

The middle and base are pure vetiver and cedarwoods, with the ever present vanilla and sweet notes. With a liberal application of ten sprays (neck, chest, shoulders and wrists), I am getting about 5-8+ hours of longevity with great projection and sillage within in the first few hours. Then its a subtle skin scent after four hours . It stays on clothes and fabric for several days.

There is certainly no beast performance or nuclear sillage here anymore thanks to reformulation, so I am guessing people here are recently reviewing the EDP version or vintage bottles as lasts a bit longer and performs way better.

This smells almost identical to Jacques Bogart's 'Bogart Pour Homme', which I also own but has better performance and costs half the price of this. It also reminds me of a toned down Paco Rabanne's 'One Million' or JPG's 'le Male'.

I will likely add the EDP concentration to my collection, plus a large 200ml vintage bottle of this. Its definitely more for nightlife and clubbing situations, very youthful and sexy in that sense and gets lots of compliments. I would likely only use it in these type of situations. Women seem to love it so whatever works.
04th June, 2017

Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

Being a fan of Versace fragrances, I was excited about 'Eau Fraiche' when I heard it was similar to the female version of Dolce Gabbana 'Light Blue' But, it is actually more of a smell-a-like typical aquatic fresh fragrance which is somewhat boring to me.

The initial blast is citrus, lemon, water accords and subtle airy wood notes. I don't really get any fruity notes or musk here. Its not even really strong coming out of the bottle, and basically smells like a body wash that could be called 'fresh' or 'sport'. It does smell really good when it first comes out, and the first couple hours are great.

The middle and base of this comes pretty fast, and the watery accord becomes the scent. It does share a lot similarities with Dolce Gabbana 'Light Blue' once it settles down, but its way more subtle and doesn't have the sharp and piercing quality that 'Light Blue' does. I can't imagine wearing this outdoors, as it just doesn't have the projection or performance for that. Indoors, date nights and office environments in the summer could definitely work fairly well.

With a liberal application of a dozen sprays (neck, wrists, shoulders and chest), I am getting four to six hours of longevity, with average projection and sillage. After the first two hours, it becomes an aquatic skin scent that basically smells like a sport or fresh deodorant. If someone is up close to your neck they will smell it, but if they are two feet away, nothing.

I soaked myself in this for a night out clubbing and couldn't smell anything by the time we left four hours later and got no compliments with it. I always get compliments with other fresh fragrances, Invictus, Aqva Amara, Acqua du Gio and Issey Miyake to name a few. This one, nothing.

There are countless colognes that smell exactly like this and perform better, so I really just can't recommend this to anyone unless you are seeking a subtle aquatic for indoors, the office or date nights in the summer. If Versace came out with an Eau De Parfum concentration and fixed the projection and performance of this, it would easily be a thumbs up and recommend from me.
31st May, 2017
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Aqua Amara by Bulgari

This is a must have summer fragrance. Bvlgari's 'Aqva Amara' is a powerful, strong and long lasting citrus bomb with enough patchouli and neroli notes to create an unmistakably masculine scent that cuts through heat, humidity and even pool and ocean water.

The initial blast is completely mandarin orange, full and fresh citrus with a light neroli and patchouli base. It is very strong, with somewhat of an ocean and watery accord, but its not an aquatic. More like a fresh saltwater drenched in citrus and white sands vibe. Amazing and energetic.

The middle and base are all neroli and patchouli, with an incense and slight musk note towards the end.The citrus and orange are heavy and dominate the fragrance throughout the entire life of the scent. The incense in the base really balances the oceanic citrus extremely well.

With a liberal application of a dozen sprays (neck, shoulders, chest and wrists), I am getting 10-12+ hours of longevity, with several days and possibly a week or more on clothes and fabrics.

The projection and sillage are outstanding, people will smell this clearly and it is definitely one of the finest summer and citrus fragrances I have ever come across. Definitely one of the strongest fresh scents I have ever owned.

I wore this in thick summer heat with high humidity at a hotel pool party and this scent projected extremely well and stayed on me for six hours. It stayed on the skin while swimming, under the misters, splashing water and everything.

I can definitely highly recommend this scent as a must have for your spring and summer collections. There is nothing out there that has this specific blend of notes or performs as well as this. This stuff is powerful and magnificent.

28th May, 2017 (last edited: 29th May, 2017)

L'Homme Parfum Intense by Yves Saint Laurent

I really had high hopes for 'L'Homme' Parfum Intense, as the original and 'Intense' versions of YSL's 'L'Homme' really suffered in the performance category. Sadly, this Eau de Parfum concentration is also a very poorly performance fragrance.

The initial blast is a lovely mix of amber, spices, cedarwood and orange, very sensual and intimate without being offensive or over the top. This could work for both men and women. It really smells wonderful and really excited me for the drydown.

As it settled in, I got mainly amber, woods and a touch of sweetness. And into the drydown all I got was amber and subtle woods. Gone were any sweetness or citrus notes.

With even a liberal dose of a dozen sprays (neck, chest, wrists, and shoulders), I am only getting three to five hours of longevity, with about eight hours on clothes and maybe a day on fabrics.

The projection and sillage for the first hour is very good, but it dies down really fast afterwards. By the third hour, it doesn't project at all and stays very close to the skin. No one will smell you unless they bury their face into your neck or wherever you sprayed this. After four hours, they won't even smell you doing that.

For an EDP concentration, this scent is very weak and performs very poorly. The price just doesn't justify the performance for this. If it was much cheaper, i could at least rate it a neutral. But this is a premium priced designer scent from YSL, and i expect much more from this brand.

Performance is highly rated on my reviews, so I just can't give this a positive review, no matter how great it smells for the first couple hours. It seems like all the 'L'Homme' fragrances from YSL suffer from very poor performance, and this scent is no different.
25th May, 2017

Bogart pour Homme by Jacques Bogart

I really enjoy Jacques Bogart fragrances. 'One Man Show' is a masculine masterpiece and one of my favorite winter fragrances. I picked up 'Bogart Pour Homme' on a mistake order which I am glad they made the mistake and sent me the wrong one.

This is a lovely fragrance at a price that is easily blind buy worthy. Bogart could charge twice the price and label this a designer fragrance and people would buy it. Fans of JPG's 'Le Male' and Versace's 'Eros' may take note of this scent.

Initial spray is bergamot, vanilla, watery accords and a hint of lavender. This stuff comes out strong and has a good spray nozzle that disperses plenty of fragrance easily. It also projects far and wide, like 3-5 feet out from you for the first couple hours.

As it settles in, it gets more powdery and the vanilla base becomes more prominent. I don't get much floral notes, but its definitely a sweet vanilla matched to powder, covered a watery aquatic tone, but not the 'sport' or body wash kind of aquatic notes. More of a fine spa or hotel room note.

The base is all vanilla, tonka bean and patchouli. Powdery, sweet and lovely. It's definitely a fragrance all its own, and gets me a decent amount of compliments. Its definitely non-offensive, not overly-masculine nor is it loud or cloying.

With my liberal application of a dozen sprays (neck, chesk, wrists and shoulders), I am getting 10-12+ hours of longevity, with very good projection and sillage for the first 6-8 hour range. After that, its becomes a lingering skin scent, but stays on clothes and fabrics for about a week or so.

I am really glad I found this gem. I have tons of powerhouse colognes, and plenty of sport and aquatics. This fragrance is mature, and more for the 30+ crowd definitely.

Ideally suited for business events, elegant and upscale social gatherings, office environments and casual environments where you are still dressed in perhaps loafers, club shorts and a polo shirt. Country club fresh, if that is such a thing, is what this is. Definitely worth checking out.
24th May, 2017 (last edited: 14th June, 2017)

Claiborne Sport by Liz Claiborne

I really enjoy Claiborne fragrances. Even being just Eau De Cologne strength, the company and brand puts out quality, non-offensive and masculine scents that last longer than EDT's from bigger names.

'Claiborne Sport' is an instant classic in my book. It has that typical musky base note like most other scents from the brand, but still maintains a unique character. And at a price you can easily risk blind buying without a second thought.

The initial blast is a musky, somewhat sporty tone of amber and subtle woods. The best way to describe the smell is to take Calvin Klein's 'Eternity' and mix it evenly with Claiborne's 'Curve' and you get 'Claiborne Sport'. Boom. Its literally that simple.

The middle notes of cardamom and greens pick up and carry the base musk notes further, and it starts really smelling amazing here. The drydown carries into full on 'Eternity' and 'Curve' mode, but less synthetic. Definitely more natural.

With a liberal dozen sprays (neck, wrists, shoulders and chest), I am getting easily 8+ hours of longevity, with good projection and fairly good sillage, especially for a EDC concentration spray. After the first six hours, it becomes a natural skin musk that lingers and smells wonderful. Lasts several days on clothes and fabrics.

For the super cheap asking price, there are not very many fragrances that perform this well and smell this good or unique. I definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys 'Curve' or 'Eternity', but wants something different that isn't those two well known fragrances.
24th May, 2017

Adam Levine for Men by Adam Levine

This was a blind buy which I am surprised, happy and irritated with all at the same time. Adam Levine cologne is a super cheap fragrance, but smells actually really good and has respectable performance, especially for a fresh and fruity fragrance at this price.

The initial blast is strong, grapefruit matched to citrus and watery accords, lemongrass and subtle woods. The largest most prominent note is the grapefruit, which you will either love or hate. There is no in between.

This projects well for the first few hours and fares best in high heat I think. It is very synthetic and somewhat loud at first, but very effective. The middle notes comes in about an hour or so later. Some slight cedarwood and amber, but the main note of lemongrass and grapefruit is still very prominent.

The base is where I get irritated. There is a slight body odor, sweaty after the gym kind of note that comes out after four hours that makes you check your underarms every 15 minutes to see if its you. BUT, that is the lemongrass note which goes sour after it dries down and just comes off that way.

That is what irritates me and drive me crazy about this. BUT, ladies at the pool and beach said they like that and that its masculine and sexy. Whatever works I guess.

With a liberal application of a dozen sprays (neck, chest, wrists and shoulders), I am getting about five to seven hours out of this, which is very surprising. Several days on clothes and fabrics. Projection and sillage is actually decent and people will definitely smell you with the right application.

I got a lot of compliments with this within the first few hours, but as I said, this only works in high heat. I am talking 85 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer for the best effect. The heat just activates this and it projects great. Very sporty and fruity. Great for the pool, lake or beach days.

All in all, the price for this and the beautiful bottle and packaging is more than enough reason to add this to your collection. Even if you only use it for days when you'll be at the pool or beach in the summer heat. A great buy at a price you can easily afford that gets compliments.

23rd May, 2017 (last edited: 01st June, 2017)

Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules

I was really excited to try this fragrance out after seeing YouTube reviews. This is supposedly a fragrance for the days when you don't want to wear a fragrance, or when its super hot or if you are indoors in a close or work environment.

The note is simple, Iso E Super. Which smells like peppery, wet cedarwood. That's all you get. Start to finish. The initial projection is really good, and sillage is good, but it seems to be activated on heat and body movement to catch whiffs. The more heat and movement, the more you'll smell it. Nothing about this is offensive about this, so its very safe for work and close environments.

This basically smells like a boutique hotel room, or a new car without leather seats. It is a safe, background kind of smell. A natural smell. You will barely notice it, then you get whiffs of it and realize its there.

With just two sprays to the wrist under my long sleeve shirt at 9am in the morning, I was smelling this still on my skin and shirt when I was off work at 5p, so it definitely has some performance and lasting power.

But, when I applied a dozen sprays the following day (chest, shoulders, wrists and neck), my co-workers said it smelled good, but only if they buried their faces in my neck could they really smell it or notice it was a fragrance or smell coming from me. Huge disappointment.

To place this is a cologne perspective, this smells exactly like Salvatore Ferragamo's 'F Pour Homme', and somewhat similar to 'F Black'. However, this would be a toned down, less peppery and more watery version of those fragrances. You could buy two bottles of each of BOTH of the Ferragamo fragrances for the price of ONE bottle of this, and those fragrances perform way better than this.

For the extravagant price of this one note fragrance, I just can't understand why anybody would buy this. If it were maybe 1/3 or the price, I might buy a bottle. Some reviewers are buying it to layer with other fragrances.

Why purposely buy a fragrance just to use other fragrances on top of it? Just buy a better smelling and better performing fragrance. The main and ONLY ingredient in this is already used in dozens of better fragrances which you can just buy by themselves which actually cost much less than this.

The asking price for this, compared to the what you actually get with this, is absolute ridiculous. There is NOTHING, absolutely nothing 'niche' about this. The only 'niche' is the jokes the perfumers and the brand make about people who are spending over $100 for 100ml of a fragrance made up of ONE note.
23rd May, 2017

cK one Shock for Him by Calvin Klein

Well, being a huge fan of Calvin Klein fragrances for the most part I expected much more from 'CK One Shock'. I was warned about this one on a YouTube review by Jeremy Fragrance that it makes a big show when first sprayed on and fades into boredom after three or four hours. And, well, that's not completely true.

CK One Shock has one of the finest openings in any fragrance I have ever smelled. The opening is so amazing it actually disappoints when it dries down and calms itself. But it still smells great when it does settle in.

The initial blast is a tobacco and chocolate mix, alongside a subtle musk tone layered in sweet cherry that is really quite amazing. In all honesty it smells almost exactly like a soft and mellow blend of Joop! Homme and Angel Men, with an added character of its own and is unbelievably gorgeous.

The first few hours of this fragrance gets tons of compliments. It is very seductive, not over the top, loud, cloying or offensive. After about six hours or so, it becomes a natural skin scent of chocolate, tobacco, patchouli and a slight sweetness of a fading cherry note. It lingers and catches attention for hours.

With a liberal dose of a dozen sprays (chest, neck, shoulders, wrists), I get about 8-10+ hours of longevity, with over a week on clothes and fabrics. Projection and sillage is fairly good but not overpowering or offensive with this. It goes on thick and digs in and becomes your natural scent for the rest of the day.

It is safe for an office environment (but more suited for evenings honestly), a casual environment with friends or especially a date with someone, but it doesn't perform well enough for a night out on the town or in clubs or bars. It just doesn't have the projection for that.

Fans of the classic Joop! Homme, Mugler's 'Angel Men', Animale's 'Animale' and Montblanc's sultry 'Individuel' will immediately enjoy this fragrance.

For the price, its a great blind buy. I am not sure if I will purchase it again once this bottle runs out as I have several bottles of Joop! Homme, Montblanc Individuel and Angel Men, all of which are similar and perform better than CK One Shock. Although this performs better than most modern Calvin Klein fragrances.

However, I will give this a thumbs up because if you need an evening or spring gourmand fragrance that is dark, sweet and sexy for a special event or date, this smells absolutely wonderful, has decent staying power and gets compliments galore.
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Individuel by Montblanc

I finally picked Montblanc's Individuel up after seeing Jeremy Fragrance reviews and top ten lists on YouTube. I am a huge fan of Joop! Homme and seeing this being compared to that was a no brainer to check it out.

From the first blast you immediately get tart raspberry, vanilla and leathery musk notes that give off a sweet yet masculine vibe. The similarity to Joop! Homme cannot be understated or ignored as they are extremely similar.

However, Individuel is like a less abrasive, more natural smelling scent when compared to Joop! Homme. You can think of Joop! Homme as the nightlife version, with it's super strong sillage and massively projecting characteristics that make it so popular.

Individuel would be the daytime, office or indoors version of the same scent. Its a little less cherry, a bit more musk, and while still a very solid performing fragrance when compared to Joop! Homme, its nevertheless more subtle and less offensive.

As it dries down, a base of raspberry, vanilla scented musk carries through for hours on end and smells absolutely wonderful.

Insider fragrance enthusiasts will immediately recognize that Creed Original Santal smells exactly the same as Individuel, yet costs at least four times as much. Individuel performs better than Original Santal and was released two years prior so go figure.

With a liberal application of a dozen sprays to the neck, chest, wrists and shoulders I am getting over 10+ hours of longevity, with excellent projection and sillage lasting several days on clothing and fabric. This leaves a wonderful trail of scent around you and gets quite a few compliments from women.

If you're a fan of Joop! Homme, or Creed Original Santal you cannot go wrong with Individuel. Get it while its still cheap because as word gets out the prices seem to be rising. Just as I wrote this review, a month later prices went up $5-$10 already.
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AB Spirit Millionaire by Lomani

Wow. What a pleasant surprise! This smells exactly like Paco Rabanne's 'One Million', is less than half the price and comes wrapped in a beautiful metal tin and bottle.

The initial blast is a strong blend of cotton candy, bubble gum, and a hint of berries and fruit alongside a musky undertone. After an hour it dries down into a base of vanilla, musk and subtle woods layered over the ever present bubblegum and cotton candy notes which leave a trail everywhere you go.

With a liberal application of a dozen sprays (neck, shoulders, wrists, chest), I am getting easily 8-10+ hours of longevity with great projection and excellent sillage. This stuff is strong even with a light hand on the trigger and lasts for days and weeks on clothing and fabrics. Perfect for nights out on the town and the club and bar scene, and women absolutely love this smell. Tons and tons of compliments every time I wear this.

If you're a fan of Paco Rabanne's 'One Million', or can't afford to buy it, try 'Millionaire' by Lomani. You will NOT be disappointed. This is a fantastic night out on the town fragrance that women go crazy for and is crazy cheap.
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Lomani by Lomani

What a great blind buy. I really love Drakkar Noir, it's a true powerhouse classic of the 80's. Lomani Pour Homme is basically a softer, less abrasive, though more synthetic version of Drakkar Noir for a third of the price.

The initial spray is a huge blast of amber, lavender and that Drakkar note that I can't place or name but is completely unique and very appealing. After 30 minutes to an hour you get leather, vetiver, patchouli and musk notes that are masculine, edgy and wonderful. The base of oak moss, musk and leather carry on after the first few hours for quite a long time.

With a liberal application of a dozen sprays (neck, shoulders, wrists and chest) I am getting 7-10 hours of longevity, becoming a skin scent with a soft trail after six hours. It has fairly good projection and decent sillage within the first six hours or so. It stays about two or three days on clothes and fabrics.

If you love Drakkar Noir, this is a very good and super cheap powerhouse fragrance that smells very similar to that but has its own character and appeal all its own.
26th April, 2017

Joop! Homme Summer Ticket by Joop!

'Summer Ticket' by Joop! is basically a softer, toned down and warmer version of the classic original 'Joop! Homme'. The initial blast is a wonderful blend of vanilla, cherry, amber and tonka bean, which projects extremely well and is quite sexy for a vanilla based men's fragrance.

It does have a slight apple and citrus note which becomes less noticeable once the middle notes settle in. The base of musk, tonka bean, vanilla and cherry carries on throughout the drydown.

With a liberal application of a dozen sprays to the neck, chest, wrists and shoulders, I am getting a fantastic 12-15+ hours of longevity, with several days and weeks on clothes and fabrics. After the first eight hours, it stays a bit closer to the skin but it does linger really well, especially in cooler weather. It performs superbly in warmer weather, especially outdoors.

I actually prefer the original 'Joop! Homme' over this, but both are great nightlife scents due to the sweet vanilla, amber and musk notes. The performance of the original is even more ideal for evenings due to its massive projection, stronger sillage and beastly longevity.

'Summer Ticket' is virtually the same scent, but a tad more subtle and perhaps more geared towards intimate spaces where you don't want to suffocate anyone. Otherwise, for outdoor and evenings, this is a sexy powerhouse cologne that women seem to love on me. All in all, its a fantastic scent that never fails to get compliments whenever I wear it.
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Joop! Splash Summer Ticket by Joop!

Wow! What a summer powerhouse! I am starting to love 'Joop' fragrances, excellent performance and quality bottles and sprayers. 'Splash: Summer Ticket' is no different.

Initial notes are lemon, citrus, grapefruit, papaya over a base of cedarwood and marine notes. It is a strong, powerful blast of summery, poolside and coastline imagery that smells absolutely amazing.

These notes carry on and maintain their stability throughout the life of this cologne, and the base of cedar and woods balances out the citrus and marine notes extremely well.

With a liberal application of a dozen sprays, I am getting at least 12+ hours of longevity from this, as well as several days to a week or more on clothes and fabrics. This stuff is an aquatic, citrus powerhouse. Massive projection and huge sillage for hours and hours.

I get a ton of compliments from women about this one, so much that they typically spray it on themselves and bury their face in my neck and arms when I wear it.

Definitely a spring and summer fragrance, but I bring it out every now and then in the fall or a sunny winter day. This is a beast, definitely a must have for fans of aquatic, sporty summer scents, perfect for the pool, beach or nightlife.
18th November, 2016

David Beckham Homme by Beckham

'Homme' by David Beckham was my first foray into Beckham fragrances. Prices for his signature scents are really great values, and most of them smell quite fantastic and sexy despite their mediocre performance. Women go crazy over Beckham scents, and as soon as you mention his name as the cologne they get even wilder.

'Homme' is basically a weaker version of 'Quorum Silver' by Antonio Puig. Initial notes are cedar, ginger, pepper and a splash of citrus. It takes a few moments to calm down, but thirty minutes later the pepper becomes more pronounced and the cedarwood takes over the show for the most part.

It smells very good, and is very nice for about four hours, then sadly the party dies down a bit and becomes a skin scent for the next couple hours until its over. Longevity with a fairly liberal application of a dozen plus sprays to neck, shoulders, chest and wrists is about 4-6 hours, and a good 6-8+ hours on clothes and jackets.

Projection and sillage is somewhat mediocre, but perhaps due to the subtle nature of this scent and my preference for powerhouse fragrances it may just be my personal opinion.

By comparison, 'Quorum Silver' lasts a good 8-10+ hours, with a heavy hand you'll get at least 12+ hours plus its a good 48-72+ hours on clothes and jackets. Constant projection and well above average sillage. Both are about the same price.

'Homme' by no means smells cheap, and it does get quite a few compliments without being overpowering or offensive so its perfect for the gym, a short lunch or dinner date, birthday and holiday parties or before bed.

However, there's not quite enough staying power or projection for a night out in my opinion. You would need a second bottle to reapply around lunchtime or midnight to get a full day or evening out of this one.

For the price though, its ideal to stick this in your gym bag, spray yourself down in the locker room and not smell like a musty pair of socks while lifting weights. If you love this smell but want something stronger, get 'Quorum Silver'. You will not be disappointed.
31st October, 2016

Passion for Men by Elizabeth Taylor

I really wanted to love 'Passion' for Men by Elizabeth Taylor. The perfume version for women smells absolutely amazing, so I figured the same for us guys. Being launched in 1989, I was hoping for a 'Giorgio For Men' style honey and musk powerhouse with massive longevity and sillage. Well, sadly I was fairly disappointed with this purchase.

The initial notes are a weird blast of alcohol, watery musk, a touch of vanilla and a strange synthetic note. It literally smells like those cheap imitation fragrances at a discount store like 99 Cents or Dollar Tree. It is not very appealing or pleasing at all for the first few minutes.

Once is starts to settle down, its a very simple and well done scent of honey, creamy vanilla, musk and a touch of lavender, amber and moss. It actually smells very good, but its very subtle and projection is quite mediocre. Sillage is somewhat laughable on this. It stays very close to the skin and is barely detectable two hours later unless someone is literally burying their face into your neck.

Longevity is about four to six hours with a very liberal application of a dozen plus sprays to neck, chest, shoulders, and wrists, but I am getting 8+ hours on clothes and sweaters. I only reach for this one to wear to the office, church or something light for the gym, running errands on the weekend or before bed. Its just a very safe, subtle, and soft vanilla musk scent, and could probably work for both men and women.

The price is good for the big 4.0oz bottle, but it only comes in Eau de Cologne concentration, which in some cases (such as Halston Z-14, Abercrombie Fierce, Tommy Hilfiger, etc), that is perfectly fine due to their strong base notes and sillage. However, with 'Passion', this fragrance is just not strong enough and leaves much to be desired.

My guess is that the vintage was much stronger prior to Elizabeth Arden taking over and watering this one down with a post oak moss reformulation. If it was available in EDT or EDP concentration this would be a very good fragrance. Even soaking yourself in this one doesn't add much to its projection or performance. It's just not there.

The bottle design and packaging is very nice and great for shelf and display purposes, but if you're a 70's or 80's powerhouse cologne collector, steer clear of this one, this isn't your cup of tea.
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Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

I finally searched out Geoffrey Beene's 'Grey Flannel' after seeing it reviewed on YouTube, and I had seen it for sale at super low prices everywhere and never picked a bottle up. Last year during the winter I decided to grab a large bottle up and paid only $20 and boy am I glad I did.

The initial notes are violet, geranium, lavender and ferns, which is completely unique and unlike anything you've ever smelled before. It smells a bit like ink, and violets and needs to be worn by a man who projects success as it literally smells like money, lots of old world, family trust, private estate money.

The scent changes up a lot over the day, you will catch cedarwood, mosses, lavender, and much more as it drys down and develops. Projection is amazing and longevity is well over 12+ hours on this.

This is not for the weak, aquatic or sport cologne types, this is for the collector. The mature intellectual gentleman who dresses well, carries himself with confidence and projects success. Best worn during late fall and throughout the winter, and worth every penny.
25th September, 2016

Tattoo pour Homme by Michel Germain

I really wanted Michael Germain's 'Tattoo' to be good. The bottle is sexy, the box is nice and the name just seems like it would be a good nightlife and evening fragrance. Sadly however, I should have known better. You win some and you lose some when you blind buy fragrances, and this was a dud.

Initial notes are amber, citrus, rubbing alcohol, and a slight hint of tobacco with a dash of musk. It smells like a cheap body spray at first, like alcohol and water mixed with a hint of cologne. Once it drys down it does smell ok, sort of like the men's clothing area in a department store. This lovely note doesn't last very long though, so don't get your hopes up.

Longevity is very poor on this. It projects and lingers somewhat for the first hour, but with well over a twenty sprays to the neck, chest, shoulders, wrists and even clothes this stuff faded away to nothing within 3-4 hours. The sprayer is one of the best I've ever seen and you will need that for this. You have to bath in this to get any sillage or performance out of it.

It is very subtle, stays close to the skin and just feels weak and cheaply made. More of a body mist than a cologne. It is a very safe, decent smelling fragrance, but very unlikely to get you noticed or complimented as its just too soft for anyone else to really smell it.

You get what you pay for, and for ten bucks you can easily gift this to a teenager or use it as an after shower body spray. I use it to wear to the gym and nothing else. Its simply too weak and subtle for my tastes.

Unless you like wear, poorly performing fragrances, steer clear of this. For just a few bucks more, there are countless better options out there that last way longer which perform and smell way better.
31st August, 2016

Halston Z-14 by Halston

What a masterpiece. Halston's 'Z-14' is one of those department and drug store fragrances that I mistakenly passed over for many years. It is everywhere, for great prices and I was ignorant for far too long.

The first whiff initially is garden greens, freshly cut vegetables, basil, spices, and broiled lemons. It is extremely strong, projects like a beast, and it smells unbelievably amazing.

A touch of leather and cedar comes in as it dries down, laced with a dash of cinnamon and it becomes even more complex.

A beautiful base of musk, patchouli, citrus and herbal greens carry on for a long time. Longevity is about eight hours for me with a liberal application of a dozen sprays to the neck, chest, shoulders and wrists.

For the first few hours it has massive projection and the sillage is very strong. After this stage it settles down and releases a complex blend of herbal notes and aromas that continue to project and linger everywhere you go all day long.

All in all, this is a powerhouse classic. A unique masculine cologne for a mature man that smells amazing, gets tons of compliments, is an unbeatable value and available everywhere but is often overlooked. An essential part of my collection now.
26th August, 2016