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Miss Balmain by Pierre Balmain

I like Bandit and Cabochard, but after this beauty, not so much anymore. What a scent...
28th February, 2020
29th January, 2020

Fidji by Guy Laroche

I acquired this at a flea in a what the hell it's cheap and smells pretty good from a wrist dab moment and man I'm so happy I did, what a fantastic green floral chypre. I love 19 but sometimes it can be a challenging wear for which you must be ready and dialled in to fully experience, I reach for Fidji instead when I'm in an easy green floral mood. Not to say that they are close relatives aside from beeing green chypres, just a personal, relative impression.
Read the great review below by the very much missed on here Colin for the full picture
Very underated and quite unisex in 2020 as are a lot 20th century feminine chypres that no one wears anymore at all aside from us and sometimes our moms ( Arpege in tha house!)
This is for an EDC vintage, word seems to be it's been eviscerated in current form.
21st December, 2019
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Luciano Pavarotti by Luciano Pavarotti

I think this is what hay from the Elysian Fields smells like and I know hay I grew up a farm boy, later all the goodness you can read from our great reviewers below.
22nd October, 2019

Herrera Confidential : Neroli Boheme by Carolina Herrera

The best Neroli use as a center accord outside the Eau de Cologne genre. I wore it twice and has left a lasting impression. I wish I remembered it better so I could elaborate..
Since there's no review I thought I'd just leave this note.
Try it if you get a chance
19th October, 2019

Pour Un Homme by Caron

It took me a long time to arrive at Pour un Homme, it sounded simplistic. Lavender, vanilla? That's it? (that's not it but that's what it boils down to somehow) There was always something that seemed more exciting to be acquired, of course I knew of its reputation and pedigree yet bypassed it over and over. Well, I finally got a bottle (vintage) and the obvious beauty, class, quality made itself instantly clear. Sometimes a new addition to the collection becomes a favourite for awhile but PUH is a "Grand Parfum" without a doubt and belongs to the Pantheon for the 100 plus reasons listed below. Up there with the greatest, I wished I had known years ago..
28th September, 2019

Y Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

Smells to me like every other designer right now and not good to boot. Gross synthetic soup
27th September, 2019

Spice Blend by Christian Dior

Pleasant woody spice blend (well yes) with a nice use of woodyambers. I’ll stick to vintage Opium for my spice fix. Spice bland you ask? No it’s very good. It just won’t get my money, but it never does at this price point.

Edit;since my initial wear it's been on my mind and I really want to try it again
29th August, 2019 (last edited: 19th October, 2019)

Paris-Biarritz by Chanel

Bitter grapefruit and laundry musk, very disappointing. Miles away from the exquisite Les Exclusifs Cologne
29th August, 2019

Ambrée Authentique by Mont St Michel

Good ambered classic cologne (cologne russe)
A satisfying french inexpensive cologne, groomed and clean.
In my collection similar to vintage Yardley’s Original Cologne. Not as rich and layered though
27th August, 2019

Boy Chanel by Chanel

I’m a sucker for fougeres, traditional fougeres that is. I also love the unmistakable Chanel touch. Combine the two well..yes please!
14th August, 2019

Animale by Animale Parfums

Really nice Rose Chypre and for the price a small miracle, I don’t know from when the card sample I tried dates but if it’s anything recent color me impressed.
10th August, 2019

Habanita La Cologne by Molinard

I’m truly shocked there’s no reviews for this marvel I just tried. Unmistakably Hananita modernized, it does what eau premiere did for N5. The evolution is delightful, longevity outstanding. The bitterness, the florals (ylang substitutes jasmin) fantastic vanilla. A must smell, far better than any designer feminine new release I’ve tried in years.
07th August, 2019
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Replica At the Barber's by Martin Margiela

Not too bad overall, it smells like run of the mill aftershave, no more no less.Something like Skin Bracer or Cool Wave, one of them, and makes this completely unnecessary. I guess it serves its purpose for the image conscious, condo, gym dwellers insta crowd. You could also transfer the cheap, just as good after shave into a nice flacon and print a label at the office, call it Replica Replica At the Barber.
Etonnant non?
22nd June, 2019

Replica Under the Lemon Trees by Martin Margiela

Not under any kind of tree much less a lemon one, I get mostly "aquatic" nondescript boring hygienic blah.
There could have been a nice citrus opening but I forgot already
22nd June, 2019

Rive Gauche pour Homme Intense by Yves Saint Laurent

Darker and denser than the original, spicier too with a bit more cloves but not overly, it also sits closer to the skin, it's a lot less complex, less airy and more monolithic. The stong aniseed from the original has been way toned down while an astringent bergamot is cranked. Basically less "barbasol" way more synth 'woods' but not scratchy norlimbanol like, and I think ambrox in the base. It feels more modern than the original, I think it shows more than a few hints of today's woodambrox bombs. Take the original and strip it of most of its personality by removing its quirks (aniseed) and "dated" oakmoss replacing it by crowd pleasing "woods' and such and, voila.
A decent Hollywood remake of a beloved french movie if you will..

I'm a luddite but I like it anyway, it's hard to ruin a masterpiece like RG as it is still very RG nevertheless. I'm looking forward to layering the two. Not really worth pursuing though but an interesting take for the RG devotee.
Marginal thumbs up

Edit: I warmed up to it considerably, it’s my go to “modern” fragrance now the synth wood are very well implemented , I really dig its deep Rive Gauche by night vibe. Now have to nurse that horned rarity.
04th June, 2019 (last edited: 28th September, 2019)

Prélude by Balenciaga

In vintage ribbed bottle.
A delightful Oriental, a softer, less in your face Opium.
02nd June, 2019

L'Arte di Gucci by Gucci

Opulent, decadent, sublime..
17th April, 2019

JV x NJ by John Varvatos

The top notes are a nice fruity citrusy mix, enjoy it, it soon nosedives into calone dreg.
Hard no for this mosshead
28th March, 2019

Beau de Jour by Tom Ford

I agree that Beau de Jour is a good release, the opening and mids are particularly good, I thought it did have a modern classic vibe and the best use of that type of the"woodyambers" spreading like wildfire lately that I've experience so far. I like it a lot better than Fd'A for that reason.
However I'm just not a fan of that type of basenotes (understatement) and about an hour in I was like 'meh. Yes it's very Rive Gauche but not nearly as good and satisfying in my book. I wouldn't buy it at half the price it goes for, get Rive gauche if you don't have it already, the benchmark and apex.
13th March, 2019

Molinard Homme I by Molinard

This scent leaves me puzzled, I don't understand it at all, can't separate any notes and is unlike anything I've encountered before. I don't find that it belongs to a particular era or style either. The one thing I know is that I enjoy it, quite a lot. Aside from being different from anything I know there's nothing here that's particularly special and it's quite nondescript.
Just a solid and pleasant Dad smell. It was a throw in from a purchase and I keep it in the truck to refresh it and me alternately
24th February, 2019

Figaro Lanvin by Lanvin

Figaro feels like a flanker to the original Monsieur Lanvin, much more so than the Monsieur Lanvin Vetyver which feels more like its own creation and less like a flanker. The three share the same MASSIVE civet, especially Vetyver which is stupid urinous (but delicious)
This one has an awesome cedar/woody heart where the sandalwood is in the original. There's also a touch of sweetness which I thought might be vanilla at first but now I wonder if it's not a facet of amber. Of course the cedar is nothing like a lot of today's "synthdar"lumberyard bombs, this is 60's subtle smoothness and understatement so it might feel too derivative of the original if you own and love it.
I love all of them.
12th January, 2019

Yardley Original by Yardley

Mysticman's review below is spot on.
Listed here from 1992 but there was one before it seems. It is aromatic and rather full but retains an Eau de Cologne feel, thanks to a big and beautiful Neroli top, it feels like a Cologne Russe really with the amber, it's also pretty short lived
05th January, 2019 (last edited: 12th January, 2019)

Sport Fragrance by Etienne Aigner

Needless to say we are far away from today's or even twenty years ago's Sport fragrances.

I was hoping for an obscure gem at a very affordable price ...Not so sadly. Don't get me wrong it's a good citrus chypre nevertheless, opens with a fresh sour lemon, interesting and well done with good staying power, a note I had never encountered before that I suspect could be close to Monsieur Balmain that I've never smelt, obviously I could be wrong.
Unfortunately despite being interesting I can't shake associations with lemon cleaning products, particularly Paic citron a dishwashing liquid maybe familiar to europeans. That said I haven't smelled it either in 25 years so there's that too.
The fresh lemon stays present for almost two hours, then the scent is reminiscent of chypres such as Capucci pour Homme and Armani pour Homme. Less bitter than the former and with a drop of vanilla added, woodier as well.
It's been growing on me I've enjoyed it more and more on subsequent wears my initial expectations were too high is all.
29th December, 2018 (last edited: 30th December, 2018)

Bugatti (original) by Etorre Bugatti

I find Purecaramel's Sauternes wine analogy apt and judicious.
Wonderfull scent
20th December, 2018

Monsieur Lanvin by Lanvin

Basically everything I love, great citrus/green tops, subtle flowers and a generous splash of civet, finally coalescing into one of the finest sandalwood shaving soap accord I've experienced so far this side of Rive Gauche pour homme.
19th December, 2018 (last edited: 12th January, 2019)

Vetyverio Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

Entirely unsatisfactory as a vetiver centric fragrance as well as a scent. The vetiver somewhat hardly noticeable, generic fruity shampoo middle, boring cedar base and shockingly weak performance overall.
03rd December, 2018

Eau de Balenciaga Lavande by Balenciaga

Same ballpark as Ho Hang, more lavander and vanilla. There's a"warmer" feel to it from the carnation tonka vanilla and combined with lemon gives it a subtle "edible" feel . Good old school barbershop vibe. Ho Hang is a much better scent altogether but this scratches the same itch and will stretch my treasured bottles.
The bottle I have is after shave compared side by side with Ho Hang aftershave
01st December, 2018

Fougère d'Argent by Tom Ford

All I smell is woodyambers/norlimbanol/karmawood, call it agikalarshmood or whatever , smoother than the usuals but stll very much derivative . I don’t dig it.
Performance is tepid at best.
29th November, 2018 (last edited: 30th November, 2018)

222 by Le Galion

Favorite sandalwood so far, “cracked” rough leather, smoke (restrained).
I love it. I have struggled to find a sandalwood for the collection, this will probably be it
29th November, 2018