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Beyond Love by By Kilian

at first the smell appealed to me but with just one spray to the wrist is projected like like no other

thick tuberose took over all of my olfactive senses and as quickly as it appealed to me it just started becoming to heady and cloying

i cant imagine anyone spraying more then once with this scent but if they did lol im sure they may possibly clear a room :)

over all the quality is wonderful since it is a kilian scent and the smell is pleasant but when you cant even work with one spray its takes all the positives away

give this a go you may still like it

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22nd January, 2016

Liaisons Dangereuses by By Kilian

this opens with a very dominant peachy smell along with some pleasant florals in the background

the projection is minimal and longevity was average

where this really shines for me is the dry down unlike the opening which is very sensual and feminine the dry down was where i can see it appealing more to the masculine side

the dry down had this beautiful authentic rose scent that i was only fortunate enough to catch sparingly what mainly stuck around was a musky scent that even tho it didn't project to my standards it still was nice enough to please you and anyone who was lucky enough to be in close proximity

all and all this scent will appeal more to those who like to keep things low key and personal

this is perfect for a intimate and erotic encounter with someone you fancy

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22nd January, 2016

Amber Oud by By Kilian

i love the by kilian house but this didn't do it for me at all

even tho it had a nice smell eventually it just got to heady for me with very minimal sprays

worth a try if you can sample it :)

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22nd January, 2016
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Back to Black by By Kilian

in love finally !!!

i have tried this one on for size 3 times i guess its true what they say the third times a charm

the first time i tried it on i couldn't smell myself projecting which to me is a big must when pulling the trigger on a new frag

the second time it just gave me a headache

but the third time mmmm lol it projected beautifully with only 3 sprays

the sweet honey and tobacco blended to perfection made it a very pleasant wearing

this is defiantly a must have for a true fragrance connoisseur

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22nd January, 2016

Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford

neroli portofino is what started it all for me !

from the moment i first smelt this i was in love and i knew id never be able to go back to the designer world

my olfactive taste will forever lay in the realm of the private collections of todays top houses/niche scents

anyone who says this isnt worth the money either is a hater or just cant afford it or they just dont appreciate it for what it is

its like comparing it to bottled water why but it when you can drink tap its that simple of a comparison but clearly tap and bottled water just isnt the same !!!

it takes a refined palate to appreciate what a work of art this scent truly is so dont put down something because at first smell it maybe similar or the same to you as something else

neroli porotfino has its place among the top heavy hitter if you ask me

its smells clean crisp and wont disappoint its truly a scent you need not worry about being to in your face

its safe enough to wear in any occasion so give it a go and decide for yourself if this scent is for you

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22nd January, 2016

Polo Red by Ralph Lauren

love the clothes but not the frags :( i swear i have tried

polo red opens with a pleasant cranberry note and a blast of honey and spic which to most on here seems to be heaven but i cant seem to look past the fact that this scent reminds me of something a older man would wear even tho this doesn't exactly smell old more like a modern twist on a older scent?

polo red seems to have a very heavy cologne vibe one so heavy that im afraid if you over sprayed it maybe possibly clear a room

i can see why so many people seem to love this scent as it does fall into that dark rich and spicy category that most men seem to find appealing but i would think to a trained nose this smells very synthetic and over done

i personally wouldn't hate on someone who loves this but i find it my duty to try and steer them into something with more substance

i wont be adding this to my collection as im to far into my fragrance journey and know that for this price point you can find something better

either way give this a try you may just love it

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22nd January, 2016

Santal Carmin by Atelier Cologne

Right off the bat i need to give the house of Atelier some love

it does a good job blending their scents even tho most may not appeal to my taste it still deserves my respect now in regards to Santal Carmin

its open with a touch of citrus masked by a warm almost burn smell of vanilla and followed by a dry down note of cedar wood and spic

when i wear this scent it feels like i have a warm blanket keeping me safe from the harsh cold winter months one may encounter when living on the east coast

this scent brings a comfort/calmness to those that have the pleasure of wearing it even tho i feel like it doesn't project or last that long on my skin its still a scent worth wearing as a extra layer

i can see both men and women enjoying this but to me id say this is more of a masculine scent due to its dark sweetness

so give this one try especially in the cold seasons

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ps the presentation on this one is top notch!
13th January, 2016

Labdanum 18 / Ciste 18 by Le Labo

Labdanum 18 is best described in a few words

powdery animalic musky & nostalgic

even tho i feel like this scent can be descried in a few words there is nothing simple about it on the contrary its quite complicated

this scent takes you a a ride with all the twists and turns you wouldn't expect from a scent thats off the bat so powdery and dry

the opening is very musky sweet and powdery with a underlining smell of animalic stank :) but its that stank that sits so right with me and has got me to try this on more then one occasion

after each wearing i unravel one of its many layers only to leave me with more uncertainty if this is well suited for me

unfortunately at the end i determined that this scent is way to nostalgic for me as i cant stop picturing a classy women from the turn of the century wearing this

if i was able to find something to layer this with to give it more of a not so feminine/nostalgic vibe id be more inclined to add this to my collection because at its core i feel like its a beauty from the house of le labo and defiantly worth trying!

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13th January, 2016

Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

Today I ventured off into my designer sample pile and pulled out this not so average looking sample vial :)

to my surprise it turned out to be none other then uber hyped up scent Versace Man Eau Fraiche which many of you may already know that thanks to youtube reviewers it might as well be called liquid gold eau de summer

I can see why so many people may adore this as it defiantly radiates a fresh and youthful summer vibe and why its almost built a cult like following but unfortunately the hype was short lived within just a few minutes of wear

This scent opens with a almost to heady citrus note and a ride or die woodsy accord that seams to hang on to the bitter end (which I personally didn't like since it seemed to show all its cards at the start of the game)

I found this scent to be lacking both longevity and projection but at its price point its not a total scrubber when and if your in the market for something that bears a striking resemblance to one of the many Issey Miyaki L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme variations

all and all id say this is a safe scent for a active day both inside the gym or in the summer heat

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ps id personally not wear this out to a social event or a date since I find this scent to be very linear
13th January, 2016