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Dior Homme Eau de Toilette (2020 version) by Christian Dior

It’s definitely something different than traditional Dior Homme, but if you’re a fan of modern synthetics, it’s in the realm of BdC and Sauvage. For the first two hours it came across as an inbred relative of BdC and Office For Men. If other fragrances hadn’t done this before it would be something special.
17th January, 2020

Hugo Energise by Hugo Boss

I don't write reviews good or bad in general, but this fragrance actually bothered me so much I had to review it. I work in healthcare, and have previously worked in group long term care facilities. This smells exactly like your average LTC facility, which is a sour combination of stale urine, sickness, medical supplies, and industrial cleaners. Stale urine in an adult diaper is the predominant note I get. I actually bought this just to show my medical friends, and it is unanimous among them when they smell it. The comparison is uncanny.
05th April, 2017