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Set Sail St. Barts for Men by Tommy Bahama

I love this scent and it's insanely cheap. Do not pay more than $20 for this. Go to kohls, Nordstrom Rack, etc. It smells amazing. Performs terrible. I mean the worst I've ever experienced, at least on my skin. I'll circle back in a few months and see if it's changed.
04th March, 2016

La Yuqawam pour Homme by Rasasi

Now I've only sample Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather, but a reviewer on YouTube named FragranceView, who claims TL is his go-to signature scent, did a video on how this actually smells better given the heavier jasmine amongst a deep leather note. Performance is said to be comparable to the same. My take - I love this scent. Smells a little harsh on the top if you're idea of a good fragrance is Polo Sport circa 1995, but the beauty is in the indirect wafting as it catches others by surprise.

I definitely will keep a bottle on hand. Purchased for about $125 from an online retailer.
03rd March, 2016

La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

This gets lots of love in the marketplace and I'm not going to trend outward from that perspective. Love it. Everyone loves it. It's the most noticed scent I own, partially because I wore way too much of it twice almost choking myself out. 4 blasts - upper bare chest, wrists, hair and 2 hours later my buddy's eyes are watering because of YSL LNDL. Thankfully we were only at a Daddy/Daughter dance so the damage was minimal... at best. I only hope my daughter isn't known as the girl whose dad likes to go BD in YSL LNDL, but something tells me YSL hasn't hit the 4-7 age market.

A definite blind buy recommendation since you need to own it, IMHO.
03rd March, 2016
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Virgin Island Water by Creed

VIW is one of the few fragrances that literally makes me smile, giggle, laugh to myself every time I catch a blast when I wear it. The gent who sold me my first bottle of Creed (Aventus) insisted I try VIW when I was sampling saying "it's a vacation in a bottle" he elegantly described and boy was he right. It's something I wear for me, plus my wife and lil 5 yr old daughter love it. Most importantly, it's a reminder to not take myself or the world so seriously. I can't wear it everyday given I have client presos, close quarter meetings, and mentor to others so smelling like a frat house isn't a good look, but I do love it. It's perfect for a day of run-on conference calls.

In terms of value, I've purchased a few Creeds at NM in Metro Detroit, but bought GIT, VIW, and Nautica Voyage with $80 to spare from after returning my bottle of MI to NM (check out my review of MI, not cool). I would pay retail for VIW for all the reasons listed above, plus I get good longevity, not great but good, that lasts most of the day. I don't wear a frag to get compliments, but this one does bring about some inquires, which being in Tech and mainly working with a bunch of nerdy dudes, is probably the best case scenario.

03rd March, 2016

Millésime Impérial by Creed

I loved the sample much better than my bottle. It seemed overly sweet and didn't have the intriguing factor and failed to deliver the notion of regality that I I returned it with no questions asked. It was extremely weak (like Skin @ 1hr and Nonexistent @ 4hr mark weak) and for $385, no thanks. Aventus grew stronger during the first month to the point I need only one spray so perhaps returning was unfair, but the value for MI was terrible if paying full retail. Will make another attempt but super disappointed.

I prefer weaker, less invasive scents like MI, but it didn't do it for me. Maybe batch issues? Easy to accuse the ol' batch but...
03rd March, 2016