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His Majesty The Oud by Atkinsons

From the first minutes of smelling this fragrance: very dry (and I would say too dry), which sucks all the moisture from my nasal mucosa (not so nice). It feels like putting my nose in a pot of milk powder and vanilla sugar. Dry nose still, but also dry throat.
Well, a glass of water, 10 minutes after, I hit the smelling again.
There I found a note that I particularly like, kind of osmanthus, like a smoked tea with apricot, and as a bonus, a balmy facet, resinous, which reminds me of the Fir Balsam absolute.
Osmanthus + Fir Balsam (according to my feelings) = I love, but drought remains stuck to my palate.
Overall, that perfume does not really please me because I find it really to dry.
30th August, 2016

Legend Spirit by Montblanc

I really like the Legend original fragrance, but this one is sooo close to Le Mâle that I'm disappointed...
06th June, 2016

Eau de Rhubarbe Écarlate by Hermès

I am very disappointed by this fragrance. It doesn't even last 5 minutes on my skin.
30th May, 2016
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Eau Belle by Azzaro

This used to be my mom's fragrance when I was a kid.
I miss it so much !
24th May, 2016

Un Bois de Sépia by Serge Lutens

I used to own this a couple of years ago, and just loved it !
The dry woody note is amazing.
I miss it actually ! But so expensive...
19th May, 2016

Black XS for Her by Paco Rabanne

Used to wear this when I was a high school student, and it still brings back so many good memories ! I don't wear it anymore as I think it's kind of a scent for teenagers, but still love it !!!
02nd May, 2016

Voile d'Ambre by Yves Rocher

I think I went through 3 bottles of this one, because I loved it soooo much ! But then, I kind of got sick of it, and I can't stand the smell anymore. That's weird because I've worn it for at least 5 years, and now I don't really like it :( But it is still a really great fragrance, with an amazing amber note !
02nd May, 2016

Kenzo Homme Night by Kenzo

I fell in love with this fragrance as soon as I sprayed it on a blotter ! And fell even more in love with it when I put it on my skin. As a woman, I like to wear masculine fragrance (even though I don't believe in gender in fragrance) and this one is the best masculine perfume I discovered last year. I really like Kenzo perfumes, for men and women, and this one is my fav on the brand so far :)And the sillage is pretty good.
27th April, 2016