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Arrogant by English Laundry

British Laundry's Arrogant is a tricky little beast. It comes off very unique with an almost fiber optic presence. It stays on you strong but inoffensively. It is the closest fragrance I know of to love and infatuation and is memorable in a very strange way. Underneath the sweet, soapy and relaxed aroma is something odd. I don't want to elaborate too much, but I will say that this cologne opens up the imagination and summons some very interesting auras. It quite effectively introduces some form of heart break and bittersweet longing into the otherwise non-threatening veneer. I give it points for being highly curious and understated. Not for every taste, I'm sure.
23rd March, 2016

Brit for Men by Burberry

For flirting and conversation starting with the opposite sex, this is the winner for me. It starts off strong but evolves into a sophisticated yet youthful and confident allure. One spray on each wrist and 1 collar half circle onto the shirt/skin gets me through the session. Very powerful fragrance that keeps on giving and changing. Bar none the best female attractor in my collection and criminally inexpensive. It is an innocent scent that has a hint of large sexual appetite and is a reassurance that the man who wears it knows this, and chooses his arsenal of fragrance wisely.
23rd March, 2016

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

This is a terrible fragrance and I have no idea what the mass appeal is. Women seem to love it and men definitely seem to wear it LOUD! It stinks! It smells of septic rot. The wafting of this is so offensive and thick, with its cutting treble to the nose. It mixes poorly with the skin. It is too available and needs to be banned from the market. This is not some phobia about a bad relationship or a jealous encounter. This is based strictly off of my nose and common sense. This smells of fecal matter sprayed with obnoxious sickly sweet and lemony cologne. Bad body odor from someone who sleeps in their socks and doesn't brush before bed after eating garlic and chicken cutlet. It's vomitous. Avoid! Please!
23rd March, 2016
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Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

It's a sweet smell, not too thick. Lasts a bit with about 4 sprays distributed evenly between collar, wrists and chest.
It may be a common scent but with each skin chemistry I am sure the reaction is a bit varied. I like it because it's comforting, slightly sexual in a well behaved and adventurous way and confident.
23rd March, 2016

Passion for Men by Elizabeth Taylor

I remember Passion smelling like an amber and purple color back in the 90's when I had only lunch money and nothing to buy colognes with. I associated the bottle with the fragrance and it was much sought after in my camp of penniless friends. Upon buying a newer bottle a couple of months ago, I was surprised at the cheap and overly powerful alcohol smell upon first spray. It was wretched and smelled of those old transparent automobile colognes by Avon one would see in a badly decorated living room mantle. However, within about 4 minutes, it cooled down and is now projecting a very honey-like aroma mixed with expensive after-shower talc. I'm not going to throw around big words I know nothing about as I am a lifelong admirer of decent colognes but not a true connoisseur yet. I will say that after the initial blast and cool down, this takes on a serious transformation that is pleasing and hefty. It's like I'm drinking a really good tea and my pores are only breathing out that honey ginger flavor into the air for myself and others to smell. I like it but am not 100% confident yet that it is something I would wear out. For now, it's an around the house scent and gives me some nice vibes while I edit visually complex music videos.
23rd March, 2016