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Legend by Montblanc

don't know what you guys are smelling but this is an A&F Fierce copy, a lighter version if you will
15th November, 2016

90210 Metal Jeans Man by Beverly Hills 90210

great Fahrenheit clone sells for peanuts 4.99 for 3.4 at tj maxx, your stupid not to buy.. good longievity, good sillage, great price!!!!!!!!!!!!
15th November, 2016

Portfolio Elite for Men by Perry Ellis

good soapy scent smells like mambo, and platinum egoiste,
15th November, 2016
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Touch for Men by Burberry

smells like baby powder plain and simple. don't pay full price for this one , a nice scent moderate longevity ,decent sillage, if you can get a 3.4 for under 25 I say go for it
26th September, 2016

Perry Ellis 18 Intense by Perry Ellis

06th August, 2016

Set Sail St. Barts for Men by Tommy Bahama

Picture sitting down and drinking Margarita's by the ocean and dangling your feet off the breakwater(jetty) while watching the sun set as the breeze tickles the hairs on the back of your neck. That is this fragrances in a nutshell. Great summer Fragrance
22nd July, 2016

Wildblue by Banana Republic

this scent is light folks I can hardly smell it and I sprayed 12 times, also the worst sprayer in the history of colognes, but once you finally get something its a citrus /lemon/light cedar(and I mean light) boring fragrance disappers into thin air in 30 minutes no vetiver no musk, I hope it grows on me but I smell air already why pay money for air in a bottle
21st July, 2016

Blue Jeans by Versace

I don't know what you guys are smelling, but just cause it says Versace doesn't mean its a masterpiece. A blue version Of Old Spice plain and simple, it smells good, but it smells like old spice, I'm sorry il just buy the real thing, good performance good longievety
20th July, 2016

Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne

All these thumbs down ratings are hating on it because of its popularity, 2 because its dirt cheap,3 and the women love it, now I don't particular feel great about wearing Curve or Aqua Di GIO ,or Abercrombie Fierce but bottom line is guys they smell good and will get you compliments, after compliments that is why they sell so much and are very popular. I understand the need to want to be different and not wanting to be like everyone else, but a good fragrance is a good fragrance. That's why they are flying off the selfs. Thumbs up for curve guys its cheap smells good, ladies love it lasts a long time, the only con is that everyone and there mothers wear this scent. that's right girls wear curve for men too!. its that popular.
14th July, 2016

Preferred Stock by Coty

I love it I wore quarts of this in the 90s and sadly enough I don't own it now.(but not for long)citrus bomb sandlewood and leather is what I get its got a sharp drakkar noir Gio red old spice vibe to me anyways, love it love it. fresh and clean no doubt
12th July, 2016

Brut by Fabergé

not bad not great , I am not against cheap stuff but this was never one of my favorites. cant give it a thumbs down because of its history neutral
11th July, 2016

Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

I love it, fresh clean not overpowering, and perfect. It takes a certain individual to wear this scent and pull it off. The drydown is where the magic happens in this scent. One of the best scents ever made
11th July, 2016