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Aqua Allegoria Limon Verde by Guerlain

The name should be Verde Limon . Dry green , and no it doesn't smell like fresh cut grass, or Virgin Island Water.Honestly,it smells like a Glade product.I got it super cheap though,$34 for the 4.2 at one of the discounters. I have another like this one in rollerball form. I got it from Twisted Lily . The name is Foxglove from Joya. I didn't care for that either.I might suggest going the route of the Jardin line from Hermes.Those and Limon Verde are priced similarly.For the whole green , I do like Bleeker Street.
I wish the sugar,tonka and fig were more forward in the opening to help balance this one out.
Very dry, and for me it would be difficult to keep replying it though out the day.
The drydown is ok, but that sharp dry green opening is a bit much
I do like a couple of the other from this line.
Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria Mandarine-Basilic is decent.I own it, plus Herba Fresca.
I didn't find Limon Verde unisex either.
Would I like this on a women then,not the opening no.
Some crazy women over spraying a Glade product isn't for me.
05th May, 2020
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Oud Picante by Areej le Doré

I just can't believe how gorgeous my Oud Picante has aged. I'm a little dumbfounded , but with a simple pleasant smile . It's nice when things turn out like this.
25th January, 2020
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Walimah by Areej le Doré

Like most all of Russian Adam's work,my Walimah attar is maturing beautifully. Outstanding value.
25th January, 2020
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Fruits of the Musk by Montale

Unfinished .
Someone split some aroma chemicals on their work bench, and since it smelt better than the bad gas they were having from a Taco Bell lunch, they decided to call (fruit for lunch). The board at Montale latter changed the name just before pre launch ; Fruit of The Musk .
14th April, 2019
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Leather Man by Dame Perfumery

I spray my faux suede jacket with Dame's Leather and get decent results from it. I also spray the inside collars of my leather jacket with Dame's Leather. It's cloth material , and I also get decent results from it. You will need to decant for the day with this one, but the cost is attractive.
Do I enjoy the smell ? Yes, it's a very easy fragrance to wear.
No one in any checkout line is going to be offended by it.
I've received compliments by doing so.
If you're looking for a fragrance that's going to remind people of a growling bear, than look elsewhere, but if you want smiles on a frosty night to light up and warm festive hearts around you, then give Dame's Leather a sample see.

best holiday seasons ahead to all
13th November, 2018
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Cuir Sacré by Atelier Des Ors

Cuir Sacree isn't going to charge at you like Rhinoceros, mainly for it's dressed in a tuxedo, and not in a generals uniform. That said, there are similar notes that align them together, but the difference could be viewed as one is a politician , and one is rather a patriot.
10th November, 2018
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Pure Incense by Sultan Pasha

Is it white smoke or black smoke coming from the conclave ? Neither ! It's Sultan Pasha's Pure Incense lifting blessed spirits . Excellent work .
08th July, 2018
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Bright Neroli by Ferrari

I got two colognes from Fragrance Split today. One was GIT,and it was spot on,and the other was this one, Bright Neroli.
Let me first say that what I got from Fragrance Split was good, and the service was also solid.
That said ,when I sprayed Bright Neroli on it was OK. The name is what it is.I thought to myself, wow, I should get a bottle of this,especially what Bright Neroli is selling for. Then it started to change .All this began about 10 minutes in.About 15 minutes past and I said,no,I'll pass on this one,for it's getting into the overly synthetic side of colognes.20 minutes and I was getting pissed.My thought was this stuff is starting to stink.One hour latter and I was trying to wash it off.
I just took a smell from the twist up sprayer that Fragrance Split gives you,which is nice,and if only Bright Neroli stayed that way I would be happy. Sadly though,it doesn't. You get what you pay for.
Myself I would rather pay up for Acqua Di Parma's Colonia or Annick's Neroli . Both are nice. Then there's Le Gallion's Cologne too.
Sad to say it, but I am afraid to even give Bright Neroli away.I will though.It might work for someone else,just not me.
I would like to add that I generally shy away from reviews,but I thought that I should regarding Bright Neroli .
19th April, 2018
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Ottoman Empire by Areej le Doré

The house of Feel Oud and Areej le Dore are so exciting . We have someone who goes to remote locations for resourcing material , who has his own distilling process , who has wonderful communication with the fragrance community, and has a profound understanding in bringing what us frag heads have desired for some time, excellence in all categories when it comes to perfumery. I honestly believe that the best is yet to come when it comes to AreeJ le Dore and Feel Oud.
I only have a 10 ml of Ottoman Empire, but I hope to acquire a full bottle soon.
I simple love it.
Finally have a full bottle .#055.
20th August, 2017 (last edited: 06th October, 2017)
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Special for Gentlemen by Le Galion

Classic Appeal

Very nice lavender with a soft patchouli.

Sweet cream dry depth.

A confident natural smile.

A unisex barbershop delight.
27th January, 2017