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Escape for Men by Calvin Klein

CK Escape is worth checking out. There is indeed some melon in there, but it's surrounded by a 'mist'-like effect of white-musk and eucalyptus and has other fruit notes the make appearances from time to time throughout the wearing. I adore this fragrance when the mood strikes. It has an almost 'damp' fruit effect with little to no piercing qualities. I think Escape would appeal to anyone with a sensitivity to citrus or wood sharpness/dryness because it's pretty much the opposite of that and IMO is a very tolerable and soft fragrance.

It really works well in the summer and, as I said, for me it's a 'mood' fragrance and it fills a wonderful niche for my collection. It's not 'watermelon' to my nose but rather 'melon', kind of like canteloup'ish in genre with other fruits joining in separately and seem to appear in and out of the musky/eucalypus-ey 'mist' for hours. It's a "pleasantly mysterious" fragrance. That's my best description of the style it's perfumed with.

There is a sweetness to it, so be aware of that when you sample, but I don't think it gets into 'sickly sweet' territory. It stays in a nice range of sweetness. The scent lasts many hours on my skin and sometimes it lasts all day.
19th June, 2019

Costume National Homme by Costume National

To me this smells like dried fruit and candied peppermint & lavender with a fringe edge of fig playing on the periphery. There is a very small amount of clove playing in there and perhaps that is what is giving this the sweet backdrop that doesn't cloy too much. This scent does threaten to overwhelm but doesn't somehow. I highly advise not overspraying due to this nature of having an already strong base.

I'm surprised no one mentions the candied peppermint note that, for me, is quite clearly there. Also there is a touch of lavender in there IMO. This is a 5-star out of 5-star fragrance for me. The only weakness is that it seems to be a bit too strong in some senses. It could use a bit more of a reserved touch and it would be without any fault.
20th February, 2019

Light Blue Eau Intense pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

I posted this in the forum and thought it would be a good review for this.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense mells like a good-times summer scent.

Yes, I know, it is clearly a synthetic but, to my nose, it's got a tart-watermelon vibe that borders on a salty margarita scent with what smells like ozonic-moist-air permeating it.

It's garnered two compliments in 3 wearings and it's going to be a "social scent" to wear in the summer heat at lunches, picnics, park, outdoor events, etc.

This fragrance isn't pretending to be natural and the perfumer clearly was going for a happy vibe with this one. I like it and it just seems like what 'fun' smells like.

The scent is linear, doesn't change. The performance is solid. I get 6-8 hours out of it. The scent trail and projection in my experience is completely determined by how many sprays I use. 2-3 sprays I think is appropriate for most people, but if you want a beast mode projection 6-9 sprays will accomplish that neatly.
15th May, 2018
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Royal Water by Creed

I have used this fragrance for over 2 months now most days.

Wonderful scent that I keep sniffing all day. Perfect summer scent. 'Soft' Lemon scent with no harsh/sharpness/acidity to the citrus notes and a 'hint of mint' in the back round. There is an initial harsh top note upon spraying for about 50 minutes, then afterwards it's heavenly. So apply at least 50 minutes before intending to be around others. On clothing this harshness can be prolonged, so it's not recommended to spray but the slightest 'mist' on clothing. My recommendation is to keep the bulk of any wet spray on the skin only.

Scent transition/layers - This fragrance remains the same as the initial scent impression for the duration of it's scent life of the spray. I detected no difference in overall character or dryoff of any components.

Longevity is great on my skin. 4 hours minimum with as much as 7 hours depending on humidity levels. Longevity will depending on skin oil.

Projection is good even in a dry desert climate. On humid days or in high humidity climates, this might seem very strong and only require small amounts to get the job done.

This is perfectly unisex and anyone can wear it. I've heard reviews that say this is for an older crowd, but IMO, this should be a 'young' summer fragrance. It reminds me of youthful vibrance and summer sun. I feel energized when I smell it and it's such great aroma therapy. I really think this should be for all ages and sexes. It just smells wonderful.

Current grooming products used with this fragrance (I spent a great deal of time and product purchase/evaluation to find great collusion with this fragrance):

-Paul Mitchell Tea Tree "Lemon Sage" shampoo
-Shea Terra Organics "Lemongrass" African Black Soap bodywash
-Alaffia "Lemongrass Citrus" African Black Soap bar
-Mama Bear Shave Soap - "Bounty" (Royal Water scent)
-Country Club For Men Aftershave - "1837" (Royal Water scent. They no longer offer it on their website, but if you "contact" them through the website and ask to purchase multiple bottles, the guy will make you some.)
-Organic Essence Lemon Tea Tree Mint Deodorant stick (AMAZING with this fragrance as every so often you get a little mint scent from this and it just smells divine with Royal Water fragrance. Can be bought on Amazon.)

After trying many 'random' lemon scented products, I seemingly accidentally found that African Black Soap has some kind of oil or property that helps Royal Water smell better and stay longer on the skin. I'm not sure why, but it seems like a matter of skin oil. I'm tempted to test black soap with other fragrances and find out if I'm on to something.

After the scent starts to fade, I use a gold Travelo Excel Fragrance Atomizer that I keep in my pocket for when I need to recharge my fragrance.
12th July, 2016 (last edited: 13th July, 2016)