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Cedre Blanc by Creed

Cedre Blanc is lovely. This has a misty, cloudy feel that does indeed invoke the color white. A dry almond and dry vanilla. There is sweetness but it is very reserved and classy. My nose seems to get ambergris, musk, almond and vanilla in the base. The heart has an artificial mint with an almost undetectable grassy note, orange flower/neroli with a very tiny hint of iris and a heavily covered/unidentifiable citrus that has no sharpness. There could be a berry accord involved here as well. Cranberry perhaps? The top is a clear, open cedar note that stands pretty much on its own at first then blends into the mix after 10-15 minutes. I really don't get the lily or jasmine that the official notes list. The geranium is muted heavily and plays a very minor supporting role here. The cedar has been dulled and rounded off by the base notes that soften this up neatly.

Through the life of an application of this fragrance it largely stays the same. Pleasant, clean. There is also a kind of soapy effect in there as well. This would no doubt make an amazing bath soap scent. The only real development is from the initial cedar blast then settling into the base and heart notes.

The performance is poor. It performed like a classic cologne and goes to a skin scent with zero projection on my skin within 15-20 minutes. *This performs better on more oily or moisturized skin.

This scent is very easy on the nose. Aside from the blast of cedar on the opening 5 minutes this one is a very inoffensive scent that is extremely safe.

In my opinion Creed should have made a bath set out of this scent as this scent has all the makings of marvelously clean aura. This would be an ideal post-gym scent for a grown man. It has no relation whatsoever to the gym scents people apply. And that's what makes this one rather effective in this category if Creed should ever choose to make a bath set of this.

This would work best in the spring and summer months. Could also work in early Fall.

I give this 4 out of 5 stars if it's used in spring/summer for outdoors. A very nice dumb reach scent when you're not trying to smell like you're wearing a massive fragrance but still want to smell good and clean.
03rd April, 2020

Atomic Age Bay Rum by Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

This one has been on my nose and mind for almost a year now. It's like a kitchen spice rack + a boozy rum. The stuff is barrel-aged. I think it's the best Bay Rum I've ever smelled. It's not like this is any well-known brand, but Erik Hodges (the perfumer) actually distills and creates many of this own ingredients and essential oils within his scents.

Although many relegate this product to the category of wet shaving, I happen to think wet shaving and fragrance interests intersect. This is a Bay Rum that can work in warmer weather as opposed to the other Bay Rums I own which I will only use in colder weather.

There is an aftershave/cologne as well as an EDP version. I tend to prefer the aftershave/cologne which actually has a good longevity and scent strength. The EDP, while still good, is a bit strong and I think it's a bit more sweet smelling than the aftershave/cologne. I recommend a light mist-type application when using the EDP.

Since I really enjoy Bay Rum fragrances, and this one is my favorite, a 5/5 star rating is what I give it. It's a fun scent.
05th August, 2019

Escape for Men by Calvin Klein

CK Escape is worth checking out. There is indeed some melon in there, but it's surrounded by a 'mist'-like effect of white-musk and eucalyptus and has other fruit notes the make appearances from time to time throughout the wearing. I adore this fragrance when the mood strikes. It has an almost 'damp' fruit effect with little to no piercing qualities. I think Escape would appeal to anyone with a sensitivity to citrus or wood sharpness/dryness because it's pretty much the opposite of that and IMO is a very tolerable and soft fragrance.

It really works well in the summer and, as I said, for me it's a 'mood' fragrance and it fills a wonderful niche for my collection. It's not 'watermelon' to my nose but rather 'melon', kind of like canteloup'ish in genre with other fruits joining in separately and seem to appear in and out of the musky/eucalypus-ey 'mist' for hours. It's a "pleasantly mysterious" fragrance. That's my best description of the style it's perfumed with.

There is a sweetness to it, so be aware of that when you sample, but I don't think it gets into 'sickly sweet' territory. It stays in a nice range of sweetness. The scent lasts many hours on my skin and sometimes it lasts all day.
19th June, 2019
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Costume National Homme by Costume National

To me this smells like dried fruit and candied peppermint & lavender with a fringe edge of fig playing on the periphery. There is a very small amount of clove playing in there and perhaps that is what is giving this the sweet backdrop that doesn't cloy too much. This scent does threaten to overwhelm but doesn't somehow. I highly advise not overspraying due to this nature of having an already strong base.

I'm surprised no one mentions the candied peppermint note that, for me, is quite clearly there. Also there is a touch of lavender in there IMO. This is a 5-star out of 5-star fragrance for me. The only weakness is that it seems to be a bit too strong in some senses. It could use a bit more of a reserved touch and it would be without any fault.
20th February, 2019

Light Blue Eau Intense pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

I posted this in the forum and thought it would be a good review for this.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense mells like a good-times summer scent.

Yes, I know, it is clearly a synthetic but, to my nose, it's got a tart-watermelon vibe that borders on a salty margarita scent with what smells like ozonic-moist-air permeating it.

It's garnered two compliments in 3 wearings and it's going to be a "social scent" to wear in the summer heat at lunches, picnics, park, outdoor events, etc.

This fragrance isn't pretending to be natural and the perfumer clearly was going for a happy vibe with this one. I like it and it just seems like what 'fun' smells like.

The scent is linear, doesn't change. The performance is solid. I get 6-8 hours out of it. The scent trail and projection in my experience is completely determined by how many sprays I use. 2-3 sprays I think is appropriate for most people, but if you want a beast mode projection 6-9 sprays will accomplish that neatly.
15th May, 2018

Royal Water by Creed

I have used this fragrance for years and is one of my favorite Summer fragrances.

Royal Water is a Wonderful scent that I keep sniffing all day. It's a perfect summer scent. I pick up a soft lemon with a sharp juniper berry/gin presence along with a natural green mint accord poking in and out of the mix intermittently, almost like a tease. This fragrance evokes a joyful, bright feeling/mood.

Scent transition/layers:
There is an initial harsh top note upon spraying for about 50 minutes, then afterwards it's heavenly and remains so for the duration. It's best to apply this at least 50 minutes before intending to be around others for best effect. I detected no difference in overall character or dry-off of any components. At some point in the time, just before it goes to a skin scent, I get more of the green and juniper notes and less citrus.

Longevity is great on my skin. 4 hours minimum with as much as 7 hours depending on humidity levels. Longevity will depending on skin oil. Projection is good even in a dry desert climate. On humid days or in high humidity climates, this might seem very strong and only require small amounts to get the job done.

Setting/best time, place, event to use this:
For me, this is clearly a Spring/Summer scent and is best used as an outdoor scent for trips to the park or on hikes or picnics. This has a stated elegance that Creed is known for and also exudes a clean, crisp nature. This is more of a daytime fragrance.

Who is this good for?:
This is perfectly unisex and anyone can wear it. I've heard reviews that say this is for "older" people, but IMO, this scent feels 'young' to me. Fresh, vibrant, clean and summery. For me it has a youthful vibrance and summer sun. I feel energized when I smell it and it's such great aroma therapy. I personally think this scent is fine for young enthusiasts. The reason I think some refer to this as an 'older' fragrance is because it's not a modern chemicalized scent. Royal Water comes off as natural. Skin chemistry with this one may play a big role in how one perceives the scent. So, test on skin multiple days before buying.

Lemon scented bath and deodorant products pair with this scent easily. It's best not to over-apply this and go with 3 sprays....maybe 4. Like with any scent, this one becomes anosmic and you will think it's not actively projecting. In heat it will. It's probably best to check with a friend if they can still smell it before re-applying this one. If over-applied it can offend and seem piercing. If applied moderately it will smell beautiful. When applied on clothing the lemon can be a bit harsh, so I don't recommended to spray but the slightest 'mist' on clothing. My recommendation is to keep the bulk of any wet spray on the skin.
12th July, 2016 (last edited: 11th April, 2020)