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Navy by Dana

Navy! A warm and comfortable spiced floral. I wore it as a teen and it made me feel strong, independent and grown up. Haven't worn it since 1989. I should hunt some down.
03rd August, 2016

L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci

Some lovely woman gave this to my 6-year-old as a gift. She said it was her first perfume, I'm assuming in the early 50s. My daughter likes it, but unfortunately, I think it just smells like talcum powder, carnations and hair spray. My least favorite scents in the world. It's in a white plastic bottle - I believe it's the travel spray. Is it the benzyl salicylate that I'm smelling? Or if this had been stored for a long time would the plastic bottle affect it? Can't believe people like this!
03rd August, 2016