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Bottega Veneta by Bottega Veneta

This was an instant hit for me, and such an unexpectedly good surprise, as I rarely find much to rejoice about in recent mainstream releases. However, it took several wearings to really understand and even now, I still enjoy just observing the new aspects unfold - it is an entertainment in itself.

I had owned a bottle of Daim Blond before I tried this, and I do find them a bit similar, but Daim Blond is sweeter, with apricot, and has gentler sillage. Bottega Veneta has a bright bergamot start, has a plum skin note for fruit, and has an earthier drydown, as well as a stronger carry. Its boldness and variety makes this a win for me over the Lutens.

It makes me feel both intellectual and seductive; it has bright bergamot, smooth suede, charming florals and an inky mossy/patchouli note. The shadows falling over the face of the cover girl, Nine d'Urso, do a great job of capturing its delicate but strong personality.

I didn't think the sillage was very good, but it must be because a few people have said things like: "what was that perfume you were wearing yesterday?" or "I thought you were here because I could smell your scent in the room". Now, it is no powerhouse, but it can be detected, and I think it stands out because it is not like the sugar bombs that are practically unavoidable these days.
17th August, 2016 (last edited: 19th August, 2016)

Timbuktu by L'Artisan Parfumeur

This has an incredible soaring quality and is the prettiest vetiver I have found (although totally unisex), as it uses the floral and fruity notes to take the edge off the raw coldness that vetiver often has. It remains a cool, collected scent, and it makes me feel all-conquering, so should possibly be worn with care.

I don't think to wear it a lot but I am always glad when I have it on, plus it practically makes my husband salivate - which shows that men aren't all Pavlovian creatures programmed to go wild at the scent of synthetic vanilla...

Anyway, it is a beautiful fragrance - both shimmering and brooding, soft and austere. The sillage and longevity are both excellent.
17th August, 2016

Fleurs d'Oranger by Serge Lutens

Vanity made me buy this but an appreciation for the lush orange blossom and subversive spices made me use most of my bottle.

I received a sample of this with my purchase of Santal Majuscule. (I like to buy directly from the Lutens website because they always send a load of freebies - no one else seems to do that anymore in the UK.) I had not had high hopes because white florals are not really my thing without a heft of wood or moss to ground them. However, I was showered in compliments with this - it actually became embarrassing a few times at work reaching for the coffee... So I thought that I should get a full bottle.

It is a very full and sensual white floral, with as much tuberose and jasmine as orange blossom, but also some dirty spice too. It is not, however, a spicy scent, which is why it didn't work for me. I have learnt that I am not a white floral person, which is why the rating is neutral - I just find it too sunny and not interesting enough, even if I can admire the lushness. And I now never reach for this, even though there is probably only about 15ml left, so it is just annoying me, taking up shelf space of something I really want. I'll either find it a loving home in the UK, or use it to scent my ironing.
17th August, 2016
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