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One Man Show Gold Edition by Jacques Bogart

At first - gruesome. A study in bad scent. Sillage - remains brash and intrusive for hours, finally drying down to a more modest apple, if you can wait through the Awfuls. After a day, the chemicals are gone, and it's so-so.
16th April, 2017 (last edited: 21st April, 2017)

Opoponax Intense by Ava Luxe

Clean and gentle, pure with a light spicy and woody open; settles into Opoponax. A good scent for the Gentleman Doctor.
11th April, 2017

Sung Homme by Alfred Sung

Pleasant spicy midrange, murdered by a loud and tuneless thrum of ISO E SUPER. How to ruin decent juice
02nd April, 2017
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Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene

For an inexpensive juice, Bowling Green impresses. Snappy summer barbershop with bergamot, flawed only by its quick fade like Eau de Grey Flannel. It simmers down to a pachouli base; I don't love that element, it's OK. This would make a splendid Vacation favorite during a month at the Cape.
16th March, 2017 (last edited: 30th March, 2017)
15th March, 2017

Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême by Chanel

Sorry, calone screams at me - it's a personal thing. And this one, Hey!Hey! Calone!!
22nd February, 2017

No. 88 by Czech & Speake

As a novice with scents, I am cautious to offer opinions. Many of the components are new to me.
I've never tried RoseOtto before, the opening seemed a bit like patchouli, then showing a keenness of rose; settling into a subtle vetiver and sandalwood partnership overcast by some scents of unknown essence. Very precise. For Holmes not Watson.
21st February, 2017

Breath of God by B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful

I find it friendly, freaky and weird. Eccentric as all get-out. Would wear it to a Renaissance Festival. You can't be serious! if you wear this, but fun you are, it says. On a California sunset beach BBQ, into a clean new cement mixer, throw lime and mint, cantaloupes and vodka. Serves fifty. That's what the scent says to me.
09th February, 2017

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

Comes on aquatic, calone mutters in background, beats a hasty retreat. A Secret Santa gift for someone you like a little.
07th February, 2017

Wode by Boudicca

Nice scent for hangin' at Joe's Bar and Grill Sunday evening watching the Bears game, if Joe's has good grub. I don't scent anything feminine. May be a scent for butch women to try.
30th January, 2017
23rd January, 2017

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

Sorry, but its smog to me. The ISO E seeps through horribly. I concur with emberfly's evaluation. TDH has a quite unique fragrance throughout, unmistakable. But it is unfriendly. It's uptight. " It just really isn't pleasant; I don't get it. It doesn't smell BAD, but it detracts from a person's presence, in my opinion. It's not a positive attribute, to wear this fragrance." It would be a great fragrance for an attorney to wear in chambers or with opposing counsel. It is intimidating. It does not befriend. I'd pick it as the House Fragrance for the IRS. Smog.
25th December, 2016 (last edited: 26th December, 2016)

Rudis by Nobile 1942

Dried fruit, clove and cedar wood combine for a clean smoky Bierhalle atmosphere - a beeriness that remains throughout the wear. No stank of old beer, but a warm wintery spice. Not exactly my scent, but a worthy one.
Think Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra - the Rat Pack.
12th December, 2016 (last edited: 17th February, 2017)
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Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules

Ick! 100% ISO E Super. For some reason, I recoil from ISO E Super like it's garlic, sorry.
09th December, 2016

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

Starts out promising, dries down to Sunday School Lady.
07th December, 2016

L'Homme de Coeur by Divine

Fantastic pure iris tone.
07th December, 2016

Whitechapel by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Grotesque cleanser-like stench fit for industrial smell suppression only.
30th October, 2016
17th October, 2016