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Homage Attar by Amouage

Most rose fragrances come away fairly dark and heavy, like C&S's No. 88 or most of Amouage's other offerings. Other times, the inclusion of Damascone causes what Turin describes as a "cooked" smell, like rose jam, found in Killian's Liasons Dangerous.

I am glad to report that Homage is neither. The rose is apparent right from the beginning, but this is a different rose, lighter, clearer, and majestic. It is not quite like a freshly crushed rose, but it lacks the dark intensity of many other rose fragrances, instead a constant clear whistle, perfect in mid-pitch. The frankincense is also apparently from the top notes. It starts a little acrid, a little sharp almost, but quickly mellows to smoothness. There may be some oud or citrus, but if they are there, they are so well blended that I cannot pick them out, instead acting as complements to the rose and frankincense to lift them up and give them lightness and complexity.

As this is a perfume oil, the top and mid notes are virtually nonexistent. You basically hit the dry-down right away, and it is wonderful (no alcohol to burn off, etc etc). Instant gratification.

I will say this much -- this rose is unique. It is sweet, yes, but not syrupy. It is not "butched up" with a whole lot of woods or spices, as with some of amouage's male offerings, but somehow the ingredients feel clear and crisp enough to be unisex. If you stand some amount of sweetness, this is a fantastic fragrance for guys.

The fragrance lasts, I find, reasonably long, but have not tested this aspect significantly. Siliage is pretty good. I wouldn't call it "godzilla" siliage, but it's nothing to scoff at either. An easy foot-long "aura" is projected with a couple dabs (which is all you really need).

That said, it is costly. Sample before you buy, because a mistake is going to hurt your wallet a lot.

5 Stars
17th December, 2008

Bois de Violette by Serge Lutens

A delightful and well-balanced fragrance, with a glowing heady note of violets backed by a soft backdrop of woods. The woods are raspy but never harsh, and the overall effect feels textured and utterly luxurious, somewhat like a beautiful grosgrain ribbon. The two sides to the perfume, floral and woody, combine to make this utterly unique and unisex.

5 Stars.
22nd November, 2008

Gaultier² by Jean Paul Gaultier

I used to like this fragrance. But upon further experience with its base notes, I really can't stand it anymore.

It starts with a strong blast of vanilla that seems extremely sweet, but it quickly dries down to a powdery and sappy-smelling green fragrance. The offense lies not in the fact that it is too sweet, but in its offensive drydown (and its not just too cloying. It smells nauseating). If it were just the topnotes, this fragrance is fine. The topnotes burn off reasonably quickly.
06th November, 2008
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