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Byblos Bamboo by Byblos

Unique green fresh .rare one today
23rd May, 2018

Habit Rouge Eau de Toilette Légère by Guerlain

Great neroli floral masculine scet.from first impression I found it niche quality scent.
22nd May, 2018

Devin by Aramis

outstanding classic. absolutely oldschool masculine.
18th May, 2018
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Elements Aqua by Hugo Boss

finally bought`s really unique and unlike any other obvious example of 90s aquatic scent,no aquatic scent that today is defined,it is as wellcrafted as its predecessor BOss Elements.
fruity pineapple herbacous and vanilla at the bottom.
total love .
18th May, 2018

Elements by Hugo Boss

One of best boss productions .floral clean fresh.truely masterpiece.
14th May, 2018 (last edited: 16th May, 2018)

Lagerfeld Man by Lagerfeld

Really a gem .pepper and woods made it a nice energetic scent while citrus at oppening slightly make it uplifting.
09th May, 2018

Cool Water Game by Davidoff

In my collection mostly discontinued fragrances .this one is my favorite for summer.
Nice watermelon and petitgrain and a little spices at the back made it so exquisite .breaze of water melon creates a refreshing mood in summer
Love it.
04th April, 2018

Rochas Lui by Rochas

I can see why it has so many fans and bringing back to production demands.
It is pretty high quality .soothing clean fresh and deep woody ambery masculine fragrance.there are few perfumes with this composition todays.
07th March, 2018

Aztek (original) by Yves Rocher

Nice masculine classic.cinnamon and woods .it's very rare today.
Lovely classic .9/10
01st March, 2018

Taklamakan by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

its dyness totally remindes me of desert as its name is.
sweet benzoin vanilla on dryness base and smokiness of gauiacwood and labdanume while wood notesexist in background.
taklamakan is like a vanilla baked cake in oven .
its well balanced and quality scent.its really masterpiece.
13th February, 2018

V pour Homme by Valentino

stunning masculine fragrance with predominant notes of pepper cacao patchouli while vanila and woods tickle at the back .green sweet gourmand definitely among top 20.
02nd February, 2018

Antidote by Viktor & Rolf

what can I say about this complex delicious .lavender cinnamon incense of the most changing scents.9/10
02nd February, 2018
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Jil Sander Man Pure (original) by Jil Sander

Just Woooowww such a quality balenced fragrance why should not be among us in the commercial shit perfumes of today.
How a nice fragrance for todays its production back to 1981 while it has modern vibe what an attitude was behind its creation that time which is still match to nowadays frags .
At first soapy and mossy but spices like cardamom cinnamon came to the game soon and animalic smoky leather accord back it up at the back.
01st February, 2018 (last edited: 04th February, 2018)

B*Men by Thierry Mugler

my most favorite from the line .spicy mostly peppery green herbal gourmand base very well blended and nostalgic.
manly .really a holly grail scent.
01st February, 2018

A*Men Pure Coffee by Thierry Mugler

nice coffee patchouli .one of the best from the house.
01st February, 2018

Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

best designer fragrance better than many overhyped niche fragrances.DIVINE
01st February, 2018

Costume National Homme by Costume National

love this cinnamon clove woody masterpiece.
01st February, 2018

Wonderwood by Comme des Garçons

best wood base scent .all kind of wood exist in this fragrance cedar.sandalwood .guaiacwood.cashmeranwood.agarwood and cypress.
woody dry smoky and alittle sweet.
01st February, 2018

Tumulte pour Homme by Christian Lacroix

One of the best woody scents ,specially cedarwood.
It's a cedar base juice and you can find vast kind of cedars:texas cedar .chinese cedar .virginia and ... .
It has sort of creamy little sweet woody it so much.
01st February, 2018

Envy for Men by Gucci

The best ginger vanilla base fragrance.
It's one of the masterpieces of the perfume worl not because of discontinuation but It's a balanced hi quality scent which is definitely a niche quality scent.
It's a spicy green oriental juice that at very first you can detect ginger incesnse woods and of course vanilla in it ,gives u spicy green woody smocky sweet feel .
Envy is a mature modern confrontation.
01st February, 2018

Number 3 / Le 3ème Homme / The Third Man by Caron

nice clean citrusy mossy composition.lavender give it a flowery accord beside citrus make it fresh soapy while oak moss and vetiver give a mature earthy feel to`s a hi quality juice
29th January, 2018

Cyber Garden by Costume National

very nice green scent i love refreshing damp forest ground like smell
15th July, 2017

Diesel Plus Plus by Diesel

found this discontinued gem.really marvelous milky creamy musky scent.
18th March, 2017

Diesel Zero Plus by Diesel

recently I bought it.its a nice cinnamony scent the quite suprise is the brilliant powdery dry down which astonished me,such a nice oldschool dry powderines smelled in arbershps.I love it man.
18th March, 2017

Fuel For Life pour Homme by Diesel

I suprised some poeple put negative comments abou it such a delicious fruity cool scent.I have many discontinued gem (like m7 2003 batch.m7 pour homme.Antidote.and other else.)in my collection but I love this and the other flanker Spirit nomber one amongst them.As I smell it my mood got fantastic so that something overwhelm me to collect more frags.10/10
10th November, 2016 (last edited: 29th December, 2016)

Fuel For Life Spirit by Diesel

Its a fascinating fragrance.delicious candy like is so much better than ysl intense.its cinamon notes tumble smoothly over the fuel for life dna.Its really long lasting and progective.Its my best on my collection.
08th November, 2016 (last edited: 10th November, 2016)

A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

One of the unique and best scents ive ever smelled.its in the class of niche tobacco base scent.
08th November, 2016