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Fille en Aiguilles by Serge Lutens

Beautifully resinous. Gives the impression of frankincense and pine needles being thrown in the fireplace. Warm, cozy, inviting, comforting...all good things for the winter. A huge love for the deep winter holiday season.

Sillage is soft to moderate at about within 3-4 feet.
Lasting power is on the weak side of moderate at about 4 hours (out of dauber on dry skin in a dry climate).

29th December, 2017

Volutes Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

This is a relatively pretty fragrance, just a little too powdery for my taste. Floral, incense, tobacco with strong honey and powder influences. Something in it has a synthetic quality.
Sillage is soft (skin scent). Longevity is moderate at about 4-5 hours (moderate considering it's a toilette concentration).
Overall, a pretty fragrance good for Fall or Winter. Warm and inviting if you like a powdery, honeyed, incense.
24th November, 2017

Tomato by Demeter Fragrance Library

This is absolutely fascinating.

Demeter has managed to capture the smell of a tomato plant; vine, leaves, tomatoes, blossoms....the entire plant. This is what I smell when I visit my parents during the summer months and we walk out back to pick tomatoes fresh off the vine.

This is very green, with a soft blossom vegetal-sweetness. It's beautiful. Had I not received this as a sample with my order, I would have never had the opportunity to try it as I'm unlikely to have picked it on its own. I am grateful Demeter included it. Never would have considered "Tomato" being a wearable scent, but I'm enjoying it so clearly it is.

Wear time is around 4 hours and sillage is within arms length. Nice, subtle, pretty, and fairly unusual. I'm going to enjoy it for the summer and see what I can layer it with. I'll add an edit if I find anything interesting.
16th July, 2017
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Imperial Tea by By Kilian

This is a deeply earthly, beautifully floral jasmine tea with a hint of tannins and soap. This is, by far, the most authentic jasmine tea scent I have had the pleasure of experiencing. It makes me think of Gongfu tea service.

The only downside to this is that it doesn't last as long as I hoped. 3-4 hours on dry skin in central heating environment.

Beautifully blended and admirably authentic. Despite it's lack of lasting power, I'd still rather have this in my life than not.
06th December, 2016

Omnia by Bulgari

I enjoy this fragrance, but it's missing something. On me, it feels like a watered down version of what it should be. I can smell watered down chai tea spices (cardamom, ginger, cinnamon), a sweet saffron and a faint floral note. This is a "your skin but better" scent.

It stays close to the body and doesn't last too long (about 3 hours on normal skin in a moderately dry climate).

It's still a nice fragrance, it just seems slightly watered down and unfinished.
05th December, 2016 (last edited: 07th July, 2017)

Miracle Intense by Lancôme

Out of the bottle I smell mostly soft florals. On the skin it becomes slightly less floral and mixed with uncracked peppercorns, hints of ginger, and a faint sweetness that reminds me of marshmallows. Everything about this scent is soft spoken, but genuine. Reminds me of someone who is quiet, artistic, and unaffraid to try new things.
05th December, 2016

Rosamor by Oscar de la Renta

Out of the bottle I smell rose mixed with spring florals and a bit of citrus. On the skin it smells like a mixed Spring bouquet or field. Rose and Freesia are participants...not overpowering. Sandalwood and tobacco lends a warmth to the flowers. Almost as if warmed by the sun. The citrus feels like it's trailed in on a breeze.

Rosamor gives me the impression of classic lady who is a hopeless romantic that enjoys a lovely day in the park with good friends or picnicking with a great book.
05th December, 2016

Couture Couture by Juicy Couture

Right out of the glass vial I smell mostly candied grape. I've smelled a similar scent being pumped into the air of a little girls' clothing store.

On my skin it turns into a sharp white floral, no discernible citrus, but the sharpness of it. It is loud! Something in it began to irritate my lungs so I washed my wrist with mint soap. I was surprised that the mint cut the sharpness and added a freshness to it. Also, I'm sure the washing softened it. After it was softened, it became a very wearable light floral with a sweet amber base.

Before I washed it I would see it being a scent for a brash 40 something who likes to borrow her 18 year old's mini skirt to go club hopping. After washing I would say that it would be a scent for a fashion forward creative type of any age (probably for Spring). With a splash of mint it turns into a flirty Summer scent.
05th December, 2016

The Exact Friction of Stars by Pilar and Lucy

This scent actually hit something very personal for me, and I will get to that in a bit.

Out of the vial I smell citrus (like it's been cooked), vanilla and creamy coconut. At first on the skin I smell that baked citrus mixed with a creamy coconut and a bit of spice and almost earthiness...maybe the coffee and chocolate. After the citrus starts to blend in more I mostly smell coconut and a waxiness, like crayons and a bit of pencil lead and shavings.....BUT not in a bad way.

Here is where it gets personal for me. I love to draw (not with crayons, but definitely love pencil sketches) and this scent REALLY calms me. I am reminded of fall and baked creamy, spicy, citrusy goodness mixed with art materials. I know that it is a weird combination, but I really love it. So incredibly soothing.

I will one day purchase this and I will regularly enjoy the calm that it brings me. It's so strange, but so familiar and good.
05th December, 2016

Trésor (new) by Lancôme

This, I believe, is an extremely similar scent to Skintimate Shave Gel (the one in the pink can). It took me a minute to remember, but all of a sudden I was transported back to my youth when I was beginning to shave my legs and test out the waters of womanhood.

It's a soft powdery floral (rose, jasmine) with a hint of peach. A tiny bit of sandalwood gives the warmth to allude to the end of Summer. I'm not normally fond of fragrances that have powder as a considerable portion, but this is really lovely.
05th December, 2016

Flash by Jimmy Choo

Out of the sample vial this smells of sweet water and a powdery soft floral. This perfume really surprised me because normally I'm not fond of tuberose (it usually goes a bit sharp on me), but this was balanced really well. On opening it is really fresh floral making me think of wide open spaces. It also has a sweet water note to it. It's not spun sugar or overly sweet, but like a fresh watery sweet. It doesn't smell of real strawberries....they're more candied. The tuberose is balanced really well with a soft powder. The lady who would wear this is very classic and a well-to-do lady who was raised with proper manners and taught not to look down on others. I love it!
05th December, 2016

Dolce & Gabbana pour Femme Intense by Dolce & Gabbana

I will preface this by admitting that I have not smelled the original.

This is a lovely perfume. It starts off a bit intense with a large cloud of sweet, warm, powdery, orange blossom. A very pretty and sultry fragrance. I would say that this leans a bit more towards night time least, at first. This does get quiet quite quickly. It becomes a skin scent in less than 30 minutes. I still say that this might be a bit too sultry for office wear, but a Fall day or evening out when you want to feel comfortable yet sexy...this is a beauty.

Update: This, unfortunately, didn't stay put...not even as a skin scent. It was gone within a few hours. I would absolutely buy the largest bottle if it lasted longer. Maybe I'll have to buy it with the lotion.....
05th December, 2016

Archives 69 by Etat Libre d'Orange

I got an unexpected surprise when sampling this perfume. It transported me back to my grandmother's ultra fem peach bathroom. It makes me think of "Caress" soap, dressing powder and lipstick.

This is not to say that it smells "grandmotherly". It makes me think of a very feminine lady. One who dresses in a pencil skirt and stockings just to do the grocery shopping. She is well dressed no matter the occasion.

I must say this scent hurt my heart a little, but I am happier for it.
05th December, 2016
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Sinner by Kat von D

This is a nice quality for value fragrance. It is not as well blended as I like (the florals and spice stick out a little sharp). Still, quite a nice fragrance. Silage is close to the body (within arms length).

Longevity, out of a roller ball, on moisturized (normally dry) skin, about 2-3 or so hours. Not a lot of transition to it, but I'd rather it do what it does well than try too hard.

After a while the sharpness of the spices starts to soften and you get a sweet, warm floral vanilla. A little "spicy" at first for office wear, so apply 20 minutes before you arrive at work. A good day or evening fall fragrance.

At the time of this writing (2016) this fragrance has been discontinued.
05th December, 2016

Phi - Une Rose de Kandahar by Tauer

This is the kind of perfume that our children's children will be collecting and romanticizing.

This is a beautifully blended warm rose perfume. Upon opening, I can smell rose (of course), apricot, powdery musk, cinnamon and (although it's not in the notes) licorice. As it warms with the skin I get more vanilla, bourbon, almond and soft woody notes.

My skin is very dry right now, but it seems like it's going to last in spite of that. Sillage is moderate to heavy...I would say maybe a good 3 or so feet.

Like I said earlier, I could see this being a fragrance that future generations use to romanticize our time. Something that grandchildren hope to have passed down to them, much like coveted Chanels, Guerlains, Creeds and the like. This has that "something" that feels timeless and collectible.

Disclosure: Sample won in a randomized contest. This does not change my review.
05th December, 2016

Sova by Slumberhouse

This is a bit of a strange creature. On me, this smells of baked apples, and something watery and syrupy (like canned fruit cocktail) and the lit end/ashes from a cigarette (burnt and dry). The ashiness is pretty prominent and is quite strong, but after 30 minutes it dials back a bit. Don't get me wrong, it's still the main thing that I smell...but at least it doesn't smell quite so much like I've been rolling in an ash tray or covered in paper that's on fire. In the back of it I can smell this metallic fruit cocktail (straight out of the can, complete with juiciness of the syrup) and a hint of baked apples. It's also starting to develop a soft "boozy" quality, I think maybe brandy? All in all, I like this weird little scent adventure! It's not very high on my purchase list, but it's something that I will enjoy the sample while I have it.
05th December, 2016

Back to Black by By Kilian

This is a warm creamy honey fragrance on my skin. Honestly, I'd say a good 70% of this is honey. It is a soft blossom honey (white honey) rather than the overly sharp, heavily processed corn syrup some try to pass off as honey. I did get some fresh tobacco and gingerbread/cardamom on the opening, but now (30 minutes in) they're either really soft or almost gone. There is a creaminess that blends the whole thing together really well. I do like this fragrance, but I'm not sure if it's something that I would want to wear often. I'm not overly fond of honey as a dominant note. I enjoy it best in moderation.

Overall this is a beautiful fragrance that lays moderately close to the skin (within arms distance). It reminds me of a fragrance that loved sweet fragrances would upgrade to in order to build more dimension and depth to their palette and wardrobe.
05th December, 2016

M.O.U.S.S.E by Oliver & Co.

Unfortunately, on me, this smells like citrus-fresh cleaning product mixed with a chemical-heavy "Cool Water"...and a bit of "Febreeze" mixed in.

Lasting power is adequate at roughly 5 or so hours on freshly moisturized skin in a central heating environment. Sillage is moderate at roughly arms length.

This smelled much more promising out of the tester, but unfortunately, something in this doesn't "play well" with my skin. Can't win 'em all.
05th December, 2016

Killer Queen by Katy Perry

I actually like this more than I had anticipated. I usually don't go for celebrity scents because they tend to be linear, boring, cookie-cutter fragrances. This is just different enough to enjoy.

This is softer than I would imagine something named "Killer Queen" to be, but it's a really lovely fragrance. On me, it's warm, sweet and has powdery and earthy floral notes.

This lasts roughly 3 hours on moderately moisturized skin in a central heating environment. Sillage is close to the body.

Overall, one of the few celebrity fragrances I'll wear (fall/winter). Experiment with layering it over amber or jasmine* to give it that "Killer Queen" oomph.
05th December, 2016

Mon Jasmin Noir by Bulgari

This scent is beautifully done jasmine with milky sweet nougat. There is a base of musk on the dry down that is less "clean laundry" and more like "sweet warm skin".

I was very surprised that this lasted so long (roughly 9 hours on dry skin in a cold was a skin scent by then, but still). The sillage is soft-moderate.

This is a wonderful fall/winter scent for daytime. It is non-offensive, but still very interesting and develops well. It is sweet, but subtly so. Very pretty, feminine and chic indeed.
05th December, 2016

Margaux by Tocca

This is a lovely evening out fragrance when you want to feel sophisticated, beautiful and respectable. Like going to a gala or maybe a charitable event. It makes me feel glam, but not necessarily sexy. Mostly sophisticated, it has a sort of dry austere feeling with soft beauty. This lady isn't going to let her hair down for just anyone, she's had to work incredibly hard to get the respect that she has!

It opens with a musky (clean not oily) vanilla gardenia. They balance each other well. Musk keeps the vanilla from going too sweet, vanilla keeps the gardenia from going too sharp and gardenia keeps the musk from going to detergent town and getting too boring. Powder develops to keep things nice and soft.

This is a little louder than most fragrances thought of as "daytime wear", but I suppose you could if you like your juice with a little oomph. Otherwise, I do see this as being a softer nighttime fragrance.

Silage is moderate at about arms length on dry skin in a central heating environment. I expect longevity to last around 6+ hours. EDIT: This became softer more quickly than anticipated. This will probably last about 4+ hours.

Very nice fragrance when you're in a mood to instill respect and remain feminine and beautiful.
05th December, 2016

Madera by Omnia Profumo

This is a beautiful, warm and inviting gourmand. It's an exciting lover that makes you decadent waffles in the morning.

This has notes of rich and creamy caramel, vanilla (softly mixed in with the caramel...not alcohol vanilla), creamed coconut and a touch of oily wax. Any floral notes are barely noticeable to me and seems that they are there to round everything out, keep it from being linear.

The wear time is quite long at about 8+ hours and sillage is moderate (a little past arm length).

This is lovely for a date night or a night you want to be wrapped in cozy goodness. I love it!
05th December, 2016

Black by Puredistance

This is quite interesting. I will do two from me and one from my beloved husband :)

On me (female, dry skin, central heating environment) this opens with soft dry black pepper, ozone and cedar. After about 10 or 15 minutes I start smelling floral water, paper and maybe a hint of fresh leather; like a love note in a leather satchel. It's blended masterfully; the notes that are forward peep out rather than jump out. This also, however, makes this fragrance very soft. I'm sure it will stay quite a while given the concentration, it will just stay at a moderate whisper (skin scent). Overall, I like it. It makes me feel dreamy and nostalgic.

On my husband (male, normal to oily skin, central heating environment) this opens with pepper, vinyl, old leather (think classic car), metallic and ozonic (lightening). After 30 minutes it becomes a little sweet with a bit of powder (softening). He says (emphatically) that he had found no sweetness in the beginning. This fragrance makes him think of working on a classic car in a garage with a storm gusting just outside. In short, he loves it
05th December, 2016

Korrigan by Lubin

This has done something QUITE unfortunate on my skin. I get cigarette ash, heating vent on full blast and dishwater. I didn't know such a thing could exist!
05th December, 2016

Santal Blush by Tom Ford

This is a nice fragrance, however, it is not for me. This opens with very dry spices. After a short while (20 - 30 minutes) I can smell something akin to driftwood and, lingering in the back, something smells very much of skin. Not sweet skin, but sweaty (cumin) underarm.

It's blended really well, very soft. It has soft to moderate sillage on dry skin in a central heating environment and lasts around 5 or so hours.

Like I said, it very well may be nice on someone's just not that nice on me.
05th December, 2016

Coco by Chanel

This is gorgeous and I understand why it is such a classic. There is such incredible scent development and smooth transitions.

Coco opens with bright mandarin, something akin to orange blossom and is supported by opulent rose and jasmine. After about 20-30 minutes the sparkling citruses dissipate, the florals deepen and a very smoothed spice develops. There is also a mild sweetness in the background. Not sugar sweet, more of a vanilla bean which is rounded out by a touch of powder. Roughly 8 hours later it is still very present. It has softened and the creamy sweetness of the vanilla bean and powder is more prominent. The strength of this perfume is in it's balance. Everything that is loud or soft feels like it is meant to be that way, like a well composed piece of music.

Sillage is moderate to heavy at maybe around 4-5 feet and lasting power is incredible at 10+ hours (outdoors in dry/cold weather on dry skin).

I don't go through bottles of perfumes....but this I could see buying multiples. It's a classic for good reason.
05th December, 2016

No. 5 Eau Première by Chanel

Eau Premiere opens with bright, sparkling aldehydes, citrus and powdered ylang ylang. 10 - 15 minutes later the citrus disperses, a soft rose develops and the aldehydes and powder come forward. This softens pretty quickly (around 30-45 minutes) into mostly floral and powder with the once sparkling aldehydes now a shimmer in the background. It has a very floral/soapy feeling, very fresh and clean as if you just stepped out of the shower.

Sillage is moderate at around arms length and lasting power seems moderate at around 4-6 hours.

Overall, this is a beautiful fragrance. At times the aldehydes and powder can be a bit much, but it's still lovely. It has a fresh out of the shower feeling...very floral soap and dressing powder and a little champagne.
05th December, 2016

Amazon Lily by Nest

This is a very soft fragrance. This would maybe last 4 to 5 hours with minimum sillage (on dry skin in air conditioned setting).

It opens with soft citruses, a hint of a floral note and then a lot of clean (soapy) musk. It's me this mostly smells of freshly laundered sheets (or laundry in general....fabric softener). It's a nice scent, just more of something that I would associate with "home" rather than a personally identifying mood.

Overall, I will probably use the sample size for a room spray instead of a perfume.
05th December, 2016

Lys 41 by Le Labo

This is beautifully made and more complex than I had given credit at first sniff.

This is all about lush, warm white florals. Each one gets the opportunity to have olfactory dominance at different times and I'm in awe of how perfumers do that! Lys 41 opens with large lily, then tuberose bleeds forward and after that I get a creamy warm and woody jasmine. This jasmine is lovely and tropical, not of the "cat urine" variety.

Sillage is moderate to soft on dry skin and longevity moderate (7+ hours).

Overall, it's a beautiful anytime fragrance. Sincere and elegant. She's the girl next door that you very slowly realize that you've fallen in love with.
05th December, 2016

Alien by Thierry Mugler

This is a lovely perfume that I almost skipped because it's so commonly worn.

Alien starts with some sharp white florals (mostly jasmine), a lot of sweetness and a hint of woods and metal. After about an hour it settles in nicely to a somewhat sweet creamy (almost nougat like) jasmine that has a touch of powder to it (possibly some sandalwood).

I like it much more than I had originally thought I would. Because it is so widely available and because Thierry Mugler is such a popular house, this has the stigma of being seen as "ordinary" or "generic", when it isn't. Yes, it has the ever popular elements of white floral and sweetness, but it's done in a way that is different enough (and lasts decently enough) to be more enjoyable than mass market sugar or fruity/floral bombs. Sillage is soft to moderate (about 2-3 feet) and lasting power is about 5-6 hours. Really lovely and versatile fragrance. I think my favorite time to wear it would be Fall/Winter day or night.
05th December, 2016