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Silky Underwear by Gorilla Perfume

A soft, powdery, milky rice jasmine. Not dirty, but sexy. One of my favorite smells in the world. So different from any other floral.
04th May, 2020

Princess Cottongrass by Lush

If you see my collection and the huge number of Lush bottles, you'd understand I'm a fan of the "house". I love their original style and the strength and boldness of their fragrances. But this one didn't work for me. A green scent with what I call 'the smell of rotting water". Fresh but wrong. Very potent. (Tried in the humid air of Hong Kong.)
04th May, 2020

Millennia by Avon

How beautiful. I just found three drops of this in a sample vial from the nineties. I wish there was more. Powdery vanilla and flowers, with some shy spices. The best from the house in this period of time!

Coming back to say Iím obsessed by it within the course of only one hour. It might become my favorite bottle in my 400 collection if I can find a good one.
03rd May, 2020
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Philtre Ceylan by Atelier Cologne

I love Philtre Ceylanís fresh and blue spices. I love the non-cloying mint tea. I love that itís so simple. I also love that itís original anyway. I never smelled something like this before. Great!
03rd May, 2020

Mandarine Glaciale by Atelier Cologne

A very masculine citrus smell. A blue scent that should be bright orange. Itís not melting well. It feels like smelling three different fragrances together. A fresh citrus, a soft amber, and a crisp, stereotypical aqua male fragrance. Some could like it. Even many, if everyone finds a category they like in this. Performances are good
02nd May, 2020

Shooting Stars : Nio by Xerjoff

If you are a woman and like citrus, this is not overly masculine.

This smells a lot like an original eau de Cologne, except it has more power and less herbs. If I had to describe it with a colour, I'd say it's not really green; it's yellow and blue. There is some dust behind the sparkling citrus that I dislike. Overall uninteresting, specially for the price (I don't like to consider the price when reviewing a smell, but sometimes you are left with no choice).
30th April, 2020

XJ Homme by Xerjoff

I hope I'll never be with someone who loves this. The opening smells like you're driving backwards, too fast, with the hand brake on. Wah... This burnt rubber and metal smell makes me sick. It's well done, so I can't give it a negative, but it could kill me.
30th April, 2020

XJ 1861 Zefiro by Xerjoff

Spices and raw tobacco; and lots of them. A little bit of sweetness but not cloying, like a light Tobacco Vanille. Very good!
30th April, 2020

Everafter for Women by Avon

Iíve got a small bottle from the nineties. Itís your usual bitter green fragrance with some spices and powdery feel. Good, but nevermind. Itís long gone anyway.
29th April, 2020

Oud Stars : Zafar by Xerjoff

A very dry apple in the opening, along with the bitter spicy notes of a whisky. And fast, lots of incense and a slight faeces oud like only Xerjoff can do. I'd recognize their oud amongst thousands. Also, their repetitive (in this range) tutti frutti candy note is there. And the usual awesome performances. Great.
29th April, 2020

Oud Stars : Malesia by Xerjoff

I tried this on my wrist and went to wash my hands thinking I was smelling what I cooked some hours earlier. Reading the notes here, I understood I was wrong, it's just the pink pepper. The opening is very dry but then the fragrance goes more juicy and gives a very interesting tutti frutti feeling. Beautiful.
29th April, 2020

Luxor by Xerjoff

Luxor feels like a fancy cocktail in New York, with just very little spicy (cardamom and cinnamon) sugar, that goes into smoke. There's a slight faeces smell behind this to keep it interesting. Great job.
29th April, 2020

Oud Stars : Zanzibar by Xerjoff

This is the second time an oud smells like faeces for a way too long moment. The first time was with Al-Khatt from the same collection. It's very strong, but the spices overtake it. And nonetheless, I'm rating this as positive. I'm not sure why, maybe it does bring me good memories from a farm in Zanzibar...
29th April, 2020
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Oud Stars : Mamluk by Xerjoff

It opens with the usual artificial candy-like tutti frutti in this line, then like real, ripe banana, with powder, fruity acidity and some flowers (pollen, lavender). Very tropical, beautiful and EXACTLY like a way-less-expensive bath product (and may be fragrance) from Lush. I still have to find out which one. My collection is big. I hate it when my mind does that.
28th April, 2020

Oud Stars : Al-Khatt by Xerjoff

Immediately after spraying I got the usual artificial candy-like tutti frutti smell of this line. Very fast, soap was added to it, with some kind of incense hiding behind. Then it became disgusting. A putrid diarrhea smell. It softened to something very animalistic, which stays on and on and on. Is it the cashmeran Iím not enough familiar with? Or white pepper? Game meat cooking? I donít know why; I wouldnít wear it, but itís special and different enough for me to give it a positive rating.
28th April, 2020

Oud Stars : Gao by Xerjoff

The opening is a non-disgusting artificial tutti frutti mix, with a heavy woody background. Saffron is there, a bit hidden. This is overall medicinal, cloying, but addictive.
28th April, 2020

Oud Stars : Fars by Xerjoff

A fruitchouli thatís unlike any other thanks the the unusual use of oud they added to it. Than the rose comes in, with shy manners. Beautiful.
28th April, 2020

Italica by Xerjoff

I bought it blindly, with a discount and sample packs. I liked the notes. I liked it from the reviews. I loved opening the box. Itís the greatest packaging. The suede around the bottle is beautiful as well. I love the almonds, milky and bitter. But thereís a musk behind it that make it masculine. Now, for the price, I think I should sell it again, while itís new. Iím teared apart.
28th April, 2020

Bana Banana by L'Artisan Parfumeur

The opening is a childish fragrance, a full banana candy, a strong artificial smell, and nothing else. I really disliked it. Then it softens (but stays very potent) with a powdery floral dominated by a strong violet and becomes more mature and very interesting. The powdery feel directly made me think of Un bois farine. Great, uplifting, different and therefore full-bottle worthy.
27th April, 2020

Couleur Vanille by L'Artisan Parfumeur

A fresh vanilla, with salty white musk, that is very pleasing, ideal for summer, but as many others are. It reminds me of at least four other cheaper vanilla fragrances. Light but good performances.
27th April, 2020

Ameer Al Oudh by Lattafa

A beautiful and different oud. Very oriental of course, with a warm and spicy sweetness.
26th April, 2020

Blanche Immortelle by Atelier Cologne

It opens with a lot of white flowers but does a complete U-turn and smells like citrus fruit and amber in líeau des merveilles. Like a beachy sun-kissed skin. Very unisex, leaning towards the masculine side. Unique.
26th April, 2020

Replica Lazy Sunday Morning by Martin Margiela

I usually like M.M.M. (Iím Belgian after all) but I donít understand what the point is with this one. It smells like a dull and boring synthetic Demeter base. Except it has the potential to get cloying. Yuk.
25th April, 2020

Eau des Merveilles Bleue by HermŤs

It smells like the usual eau des merveilles, with a bit more salt and extra lemon. Itís ok. Iíd love it with more amber.
24th April, 2020

Time for Peace for Her by Kenzo

I just tested this from a sample, and it's beautiful. It starts off masculine, then grows feminine. Like a classical masculine fragrance that was made for women, and to make men's heads turn.
21st April, 2020

Lord of Goathorn by Lush

Weirdo. Very bitter and masculine. It opens like there is a fir-fire in a meat-smoking factory. Then I get some green spices and herbs, with a lot of tarragon (anise). The marine notes are way behind. Very strong.
18th April, 2020

Gold Leather by Atelier Cologne

Fruity, dry, bitter, acid, sweet, spicy. Original. It's got everything and is totally unisex.

I could sample Patchouli Ardent from Guerlain some weeks ago and this reminded me of it.
14th April, 2020

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum by Chanel

Bleu and yellow. Sunny sea fragrance with a lot of citrus. A change for a fragrance that's intended for men. Could easily be worn by women.
14th April, 2020

Love by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]

Such a great mix of floral. Very original. Totally Lush. I tried it in tropical weather and got hooked directly.
13th April, 2020

The Smell of Freedom Part 2 by Gorilla Perfume

I have samples of parts 2 (Fire tree - the usual Lush sweet lemon) and 3 (Oudh Heart - a soapy oud) and unfortunately miss the part 1 (Old Delhi station). I can't wait to sniff it and finally put the pieces of this beautiful fragrance together.
13th April, 2020