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Passage d'Enfer by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Nice almost 'clean' fragrance. White lily and white musk remind me of room sprays and light candles. Excellent light wafting notes of incense. I agree that this is more of an ambience or concept perfume as I found it sunk into oblivion after using hand washing liquid or Purell, which drastically overpowered Passage d'Enfer.

22nd January, 2020

Traversée du Bosphore by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Absolutely lush and stunning perfume. While it doesn't smell like the real Bosphorus (thank goodness!) it does take from it various scents from the small villages and stops along the way.

Warm and cozy vanilla and musk with the nicest rose that reminds me of Turkish delight. Pistachio notes that remind you of Fıstıklı Sarma, in fact reminiscent of eating in Turkey rather than floating down the water. Lovely leather and waxy iris. Overall tops from me. I found myself hanging on to the paper strip with this perfume and constantly sniffing the intoxicating scent over and over. Full bottle worthy.
22nd January, 2020

Neroli Voyage by Floris

I absolutely adore the marine notes in this. This reminds me so much of classic spa massage oils and body lotions, and in a good way! Almost like the scent of pampering next to a zen stone waterfall in a big fluffy bathrobe awaiting your massage appointment while sipping on lemon ginger water. I'm reminded of Decléor's spa line in a way. Good memories of relaxing and pampering.
20th January, 2020
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Honey Oud by Floris

Very nice and pleasant! I expected something dark and syrupy but instead was surprised with a nice light vanilla honey on a rose-musk, warm base. Clear cut bright honey notes in the opening and eventually it settles down to a very nice rose note that never gets soapy.

The longer I wore it the better the notes rounded out and the more I liked it. While it's definitely unisex, I can see myself wearing this more than my husband. Definitely a keeper!
20th January, 2020

Limes by Floris

Tart and dry lime perfume with a touch of lemon essence to round it out. Doesn't last too terribly long but would be quite refreshing on a very hot and muggy day. On my skin ended up smelling like washing up liquid near the end.
20th January, 2020

L'Ombre dans L'Eau Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

Like I just mowed the lawn and managed to cut a few flowers and clover up by accident. Very green leaf aldehyde. Rose is very much in the background, like a distance scent you catch in the breeze. I find the rose and the green are at odds with one another, but they do have some moments where they are in harmony.
12th January, 2020

Jeux de Peau by Serge Lutens

Opening of licorice all sorts and freshly baked bread. Settles down almost buttered rum and golden syrup. Vanilla overtones and leans very patisserie in quality. It's an odd set of notes that all somehow manage to work out. The vanillin/amber base is very comforting and thankfully doesn't lean too sweet. Very nice winter weather scent.
12th January, 2020

Coeur de Noir by Beaufort London

Very nice - opening of ink and paper and settles down to leather and woods. Coeur de Noir takes its take to transform on your skin and each time that each time I took to smell it the notes has changed and transformed a bit. This is one to savor and enjoy it all day (and night). I agree with Alexander that this is a cooler weather scent, in the heat it gets a bit overwhelming.
12th January, 2020

1805 / Tonnerre by Beaufort London

Huge smokey opening, gun powder and birch tar. Massive silage, and by massive I mean you can smell this perfume down the hallway. This is a perfume that paints a picture, you can envision the smells surrounding a battle, the smoke, the gunpowder, the sea, the guts and the glory. I appreciate 1805, but I found it personally unwearable.
12th January, 2020

Love In White by Creed

Opening of bright orange followed by florals. Dries down to a nice powdery musk. I found the opening very nice and sad it didn't last as long. The florals were a bit disappointing only lasting a full hour before the musky vanilla base. Overall I did enjoy Love in White and feel if you had to blind buy for someone and wanted Creed, you can't really go wrong, every bit of this perfume was gorgeous from top to bottom, I just wish it lasted longer at this price point.
12th January, 2020

Imperial Tea by By Kilian

Incredibly true to form jasmine tea perfume. Two notes, spot on and not much more. While it may seem boring to some, I have enjoyed wearing this for the simplicity and realistic notes encompassed in this perfume. Longevity is at least 8+ hours, although it is more of a skin scent than anything, but one that I have found comforting. Maybe it's my body chemistry as others have noted it was short lived, but it was an all-day perfume for me. Definitely one I plan to seek out full bottle.
12th January, 2020

Iris Tubéreuse by Creed

I feel like having a best kept secret when wearing this. Light iris, almost waxy/fatty notes and dry floral tuberose. Just enough lily of the valley in the background to bring just enough bright floral into the mix. Just a tinge of aquatics, very nice.

Here's the best part - longevity is off the charts. Each time I wear this it seems to disappear from my radar and then I happen to move a bit and I catch another stream of the perfume, then it settles down. Repeat the process for 10+ hours. I loved that I enjoyed this perfume all day long and heading into the evening hours. I think wearing this in the winter and relying on my body heat to slowly release the perfume throughout the day was a bonus and confident it will perfume just as outstanding in the spring.
10th January, 2020

Jasmins Marzipane by Lancôme

I had a rough start with Jasmins Marzipane as I seem to have some anosmia with the opening notes. However after about 30 minutes I was able to smell a lush, warm, sweet pastry almond note, I keep on thinking of small patisserie shops with the almond and vanilla note with the warmness of the musk and cashmere. Ambiance of afternoon tea with macaroons.

Silage is mediocre, but seems appropriate for the sweet notes, too much might clear a room.
08th January, 2020
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De Profundis by Serge Lutens

Opens up strong and heavy on the light and almost pastel-ish florals eventually settling down to chrysanthemums and carnations. I had a family member that introduced me to chrysanthemum tea and it has certain notes that remind me of it. Little bit of fresh cut stem green notes and very much a scent of light blooms in spring. Very nice.
07th January, 2020

Quercus by Penhaligon's

Pedestrian citrus floral. I've tried Quercus on and off or a week, easy enough to do since it has no staying power and it's forgotten about 20 minutes after spraying. I get no lingering reminders that I have it on, no fleeting glimpses wafting up - nothing.

Although as unexciting as they come, Quercus has one redeeming factor - I doubt a single person would find anything contrary about it. Quercus is an incredibly safe perfume to buy someone as a gift especially if you don't know what they like and they aren't sure or afraid to wear perfume. Incredibly light and incredibly forgettable.
06th January, 2020

East India / Vi Et Armis by Beaufort London

Amazing smoke, peaty, tobacco notes - the inside of whiskey barrels that have just been charred, the various smoke from woods used to cure fish, notes of Lapsang souchong and cigar tobacco. Reminds me of Laphroaig or Talisker.

This is so different and masterfully captures it all. Subsides and smooths out after a bit of wear, but so intense and strong.
05th January, 2020

Portraits : The Tragedy of Lord George by Penhaligon's

Promising opening of brandy and I get a lot of soft leather, however it doesn't last and it's Barbasol shaving cream, and lots of it. Base is decent with amber and Tonka and slight wooden note. Smells better on skin than on paper. It has redeeming qualities but not for this price point.
02nd January, 2020

Halfeti by Penhaligon's

My trouble with Halfeti is I just don't like it. Extremely spicy woods with leather and oud all wrapped up with a few florals thrown in. I've tried countless times to find some redeeming quality about Halfeti and I just can't. It made my eyes water and dries down to a lingering cigarette ash note like the bitter end of the party. I've given Halfeti the benefit of the doubt and worn it several times more than I should have to find the silver lining in this cluster of notes, but sadly there was none to begin with.
01st January, 2020

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

Reminds me of my high school auto mechanics class and leather jackets. Took a long while my nose to detect the florals, but eventually they peeked out. So different and so out of the box for me. Doesn't work for me to wear personally but I love this scent on others.
01st January, 2020

Explorer by Montblanc

Herbal and spicy opening that develops into a sharp green note. Over time the woods develop (and no wonder with all that Ambrofix!). The appeal is that Explorer develops into a fine fragrance but not until 2+ hours later, it's too astringent and herbal in the beginning but matures into a well done perfume. I can understand why people call this the department store Aventus, but it's a close but no cigar. More like a good mix of Aventus and Eau Sauvage.
01st January, 2020

Legend by Montblanc

Lightly floral and crisp, I get a little hint of Irish Spring soap or Ivory soap in there, or as my husband says 'you know, those manly soaps and shower gels'. Very clean and very inoffensive. Rose and lavender hang in the background but pop up from time to time.

I find nothing wrong with it, but nothing spectacular either. Good blind buy choice for a gift.
01st January, 2020

Cloud by Ariana Grande

Honestly I was shocked how much I loved this perfume. I've never tested BR540 so I cannot comment there.

Lush vanilla pastry and diner style coconut cream pie. Easy pear top notes and suede musky base. Extreme longevity and moderate silage. Very sweet and gourmand without going too far over the syrupy edge - just the right level. For this price point it's worth seeking it out.
01st January, 2020

Portraits : The Coveted Duchess Rose by Penhaligon's

Something in this rose perfume set off my anosmia when I first applied. I kept on applying more and more not realizing I was setting off a rose bomb on my person. I was a room clearing walking rose smelling torment to my family for a few hours after applying. Coveted Duchess Rose gets a huge thumbs up for silage and longevity but it ends there.

Eventually this panned out to be a loud generic rose and I'd recommend Yardley's English Rose if you desire the best bang for your buck (and better smelling too). Extremely disappointing for the price point.
31st December, 2019

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

About a year ago I bought my husband a Creed sample set. Out of the entire box Silver Mountain Water has been the most worn, which is saying quite a bit - he's the type that likes to 'save' the expensive perfumes for special occasions. In his view SMW just 'smells really good'.

I find SMW such a complex yet also simplistic perfume, which may outright be a contradiction. The blackcurrant is done marvelously well, none of the Ribena vibes, instead more of a preserve or light berry in the distance. Nothing really overpowers the other, all the notes work in harmony.

This one I plan to put on my next 'must buy' list.
31st December, 2019

Empressa by Penhaligon's

Empressa is a perfume I would have bought without a second thought in my early 20's. Very light and easy going fruity-floral composition that I would be shocked if anyone found offensive. I find the opening and the dry down to be absolutely phenomenal, well done blend of florals and fruit. For the first hour of wear I actually noted to myself 'damn, I smell good'.

There is a subtle mineral or salty note at the base that I catch from time to time and combined with the amber makes for a delish end to this perfume.

The reason for the neutral rather than thumbs up is the sheer lack of longevity and silage as other reviewers have noted. I smelled phenomenal for exactly two hours before Empressa dissipated into the afternoon. While the scent was still on my skin if I pressed my nose up close, I had to work to find it. Perhaps one might to better combining the perfume with the body lotion or cream to extend the longevity, but it's a shame at $250 a pop that it doesn't last long as this is truly a wonderful perfume if it would only last!
31st December, 2019

Millésime Impérial by Creed

Wonderful salty marine notes throughout the wear of Millesime Imperial with a tinge of something metallic/ozonic. Light touch of floral and citrus and gets better with wear. While it tends to lean masculine I find I can wear it just the same. Even though I gifted my husband a Creed sample set I find myself 'borrowing' MI constantly to wear.
30th December, 2019

Elisabethan Rose by Penhaligon's

Strong, velvety rose. Closest perfume to a true rose scent I've encountered in a while. There is just the lightest touch of hazelnut in the opening and a bit of lily to balance out the rose oil and rose absolute. Warms down after some time with a slightly musky base.

Elisabethan Rose packs a punch and best to go light handed when applying or spraying. Silage on this is powerful and I could still smell this on my skin the next morning when I woke up. This is also another Penhaligon's perfume where you will experience different notes when worn on the skin vice trying it out on paper, I suggest you wear it for a few hours before judging. My initial impressions were not favorable and due to my over application of the perfume at first and my eyes did water because of the sheer potency. But I gave it another chance on another day, recalling the moxie Elisabethan Rose contained and applied far far less. The result was a very pleasing, and yet still hardy rose perfume.
30th December, 2019

Endymion by Penhaligon's

Excellent barbershop notes in the opening - lavender, sage, almost earl grey tea like with the bergamot. Reminds me of old fashioned aftershave with sharp astringent blast to the nostrils and wakens one up.

Endymion will most likely turn a lot of people off at first because the best part doesn't show until a good 20-30 minutes into wear and one your not going to get from just sniffing on paper either. The cardamon, nutmeg, myrrh really come out and shine when worn on the skin but only the opening herbal and citrus notes stay strong on the paper. In other words starts out very clean, almost antiseptic and mellows out to a very warm comforting spice. Near the end when it's a barely there on my skin I get some coffee notes, not much, but it's there.

30th December, 2019

Aventus by Creed

Fresh cut grass with a dry paper note followed by a very nice bergamot. Despite reading other countless reviews in regards to the pineapple notes, I didn't find any.

I've tried Aventus several times and I find it hard to describe it except I really like it. Even with the same sample it seems to compliment changes in body chemistry in a pleasant way. On my husband Aventus smells familiar yet so different than when I wear it. Despite this being marketed toward men, I find I can easily wear it too.
30th December, 2019

Les 7 Parfums Capitaux : Chypre by Jovoy

Heavy on the chypre base notes, light on the peony and rose, I would have prefer it reversed. Settles into an astringent quality, strangely close to a pine-sol feeling near the end life. Oddly sour smelling too and did better on paper than my skin.
29th August, 2019