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Fleurissimo by Creed

Everything I read about Fleurissimo is true - bright, flighty, gorgeous violets and iris and such a soft and loving rose. All pieces work together to create a wonderful chorus of harmonies. Springtime in a bottle with watercolor pastels.

20th March, 2019

Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Unimpressive smokey rose. Three simple notes, which could be a masterpiece of a melody instead turns into the herbal area of a co-op shop. Reminds me of how my cousin, who joined the Rainbow People, smelled after having a toke in her seedy van parked outside and threw on some floral water. Longevity is in the gutter, which in this case was a blessing.
20th March, 2019

Trayee by Neela Vermeire

I have to admit upon first spritz I said to myself 'why do I smell like pot? What perfume did I pick? Isn't this supposed to be....?' What the heck is a 'ganja effect'...and being the out of touch person I am, I put two and two together (aka ganja is slang for pot).

I don't like the smell of pot around me or on me, which on my skin lasted for what felt like an eternity. After the wafts of ganja finally flitted away, a lovely warming scent of woods and spices, a very deep milky chai. I found Bodhi Language by 4160 Tuesdays a much more agreeable rendition of the same woody notes.
19th March, 2019
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Rose Pompon by Annick Goutal

I have a soft spot for peony, and I've been on the search for a scent close to by beloved and now discontinued Aqua Allegoria Pivoine Magnifica. Rose Pompon comes incredibly close with a few twists in another direction that add to the bright floral notes. The raspberry and blackberry are just enough - not over the top jammy nor over the top sweet, just a light dusting of both.

Extremely agreeable and pleasant and one that brought an absolute smile to my face during the rainy and mucky days before spring.
19th March, 2019

Rush by Gucci

I admittedly did a blind buy purchase of Rush. It's loud and just goes to show you that everyone wears perfume differently. On me, I just love the scent of Rush. It's not an everyday scent for me and one I'm more apt to wear at night when my office-friendly scent has gone out to pasture.

The packaging looks cheap and chintzy, but that lend to the appeal for me. At the price point, what do you have to lose?
22nd February, 2019

Misia Eau de Toilette by Chanel

This is a soft quintessential makeup perfume. It's got notes of Guerlain's meteorites makeup - powdery violet and iris. There is the signature aldehydes which I've come to expect in Chanel perfumes added in. It's not as bright at Lipstick Rose and a bit more subdued than Drole de Rose and a bit more playful than Sixteen92's Bruised Violet. All of these are fantastic 'makeup' perfumes in their own right and Misia would be the middle sister in the bunch.

I've been testing Misia on and off for a good two years and I have yet to hit the button on a full purchase due to it's price point and the longevity is wanting. It's a wonderful and magnificent perfume, I just wish it lasted longer on the skin.
22nd February, 2019

Replica Beach Walk by Martin Margiela

Nice coconut-suntan lotion opening with heavy musky florals. Sadly the lotion scent lasted maybe 1 hour and it finally died down at the 2 hour mark altogether.

Surprisingly a very nice perfume but longevity was so poor I'm going to place it with the Jo Malone scents - pleasant and agreeable, but bad longevity.
17th February, 2019

The Cobra And the Canary by Imaginary Authors

Leather and lemon. Interesting and unusual combination, I will give it that. The lemon is not the bright and fizzy citrus, but more of a subdued one, close to a furniture polish lemon. Leather is soft and isn't that pronounced and as time goes on I definitely get the smell of tobacco and almost damp hay. Definitely an interesting scent and I agree with landshark321 that this is clearly something different than the normal scents out there and at the price point is something worth a go to try.
31st January, 2019

Every Storm A Serenade by Imaginary Authors

Heavy spruce opening. I detect a hint of smoke after a bit that become very earthy and that vetiver kicks in. Salty marine notes/aquatic meld well with the vetiver. The eucalyptus is almost a light cough drop quality - slightly there floating on the surface, but not as prominent on my skin.

I prefer that spruce is the dominate woody note and the salty marine really pushes through. Longevity is moderate. I enjoyed wearing this as a woman and is a great unisex frag for the colder months.
31st January, 2019

Whispered Myths by Imaginary Authors

Oud isn't my jam, but even I stood to attention. Well done, incredible longevity, easy on the nose, a much softer and woodier oud. The cantaloupe and honey notes really help to smooth this one out too.

Brought this sample into work for the guys to try out (and I'm a gal) and it was quickly snatched up, very much loved by others in the office.

I stumble with describing this one because oud is new in my own repertoire of scents and I don't have a good frame of reference. Great longevity, it lasted close to 9 hours on my skin.
30th January, 2019

A City On Fire by Imaginary Authors

The last vestiges of a fire, the end with the embers and that trail of smoke.

The opening is very harsh but it quickly simmers down.

Honestly, what sprung to mind was, of all things, on the Disney World Epcot ride Spaceship Earth when the ride comes to the part about the burning embers of Rome and the ride perfectly captures....well a burning city scent piped in, A City on Fire has taken that and made it wearable and delectable.

This is not a scent for oversprayers and I found two good sprays plenty. Great longevity. I'm not one for smoky perfumes, but there is something with A City on Fire that keeps my attention almost rapturous and coming back for more. The concept and the execution amazes me and I love it.
30th January, 2019

Bruise Violet by Sixteen92

A more mature 'makeup' scented perfume - rose, iris, violet. The red lipstick accord reminds me of the more luxe makeup lines in days gone by such with the old British Pathe films from the 50's and 60's. There is powder in here, but it's not the fine spun Coty powder rather the powder from my grandma's compact in the fancy metallic case.

This is not the bright and loud makeup smell of Malle's Lipstick Rose - the bright parma violets and fizzy rose with the light rice powder. Rather this is a more elegant, rose petals in the bath, violet petal soap, light body powder or pressed powder. Violet and rose are the real stars.
28th January, 2019

Mercy Lewis by Sixteen92

Sugary gourmand opening. The heliotrope gives Mercy Lewis this marzipan with vanilla cherries kinda kick that settles down into this sweet milky tea note. After a while the vanilla rose notes come in reminding me a bit of Tocade by Rochas.

The smoky bits play into the 2nd act a bit more, but oh so creamy, sugary marzipan with that vanilla. Gourmand is not my usual choice for perfumes but this one is worth a try.

A bit of background on who Mercy Lewis was: Mercy Lewis was born in Falmouth, Maine in 1675. She was orphaned when both of her parents were killed in Indian attacks witnessed by Mercy herself. As a result, Mercy was sent to live with Reverend George Burroughs as his servant in Maine and then later to the household of Thomas Putnam in Salem Village. At the Putnam household, Lewis befriended Ann Putnam and her cousin Mary Walcott who were among the first to make claims of affliction resulting in accusations of witchcraft. To support their accusations, Mercy Lewis and the other girls continued to display "evidence" of affliction.

As an orphan, she had no money or dowry to offer in marriage, so the chances of obtaining a husband and thus escaping her social position of servitude must have seemed bleak. As Rev. John Hale noted in his Modest Inquiry, several of the "afflicted" Salem girls were anxious about their marriage prospects. Mercy Lewis was not involved in the initial accusations but rather joined Ann Putnam, Abigail Williams, and Elizabeth Hubbard a little later in the game, it seems that perhaps a desperate need for social empowerment and belonging were strong, underlying motives. Mercy Lewis herself did not marry until late in life and then only after she had given birth to her first child.
28th January, 2019
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Saint Julep by Imaginary Authors

There is something about Saint Julep which keeps me coming back for another noseful hearty sniff. The grisalva note gives it a...fabric softener sheet smell the same smell and feeling when your favorite shirt comes straight out of the dryer.

The southern magnolia gives Saint Julep a tinge of almost lemony rose. I don't get any of the crushed ice accord at first, but it eventually comes around, although it could be completely in my mind. Does it truly smell like a mint julep over ice sipped while sitting under magnolia trees. Absolutely. Wonderfully executed.
27th January, 2019

Sundrunk by Imaginary Authors

Orange soda in a tall glass with ice cubes which lays on a picnic blanket combined with the floral perfume scent so believed by many young teens and young adults during the warm summer months. Bright, radiant, fizzy.

Simple yet delightful. A great summer scent.
26th January, 2019

O, Unknown! by Imaginary Authors

Great little tea number. Thankfully the Lapsang Souchong is minimal, although I do like the light smoky notes in the opening. The orris butter lends a creamy waxy level to the tea which comes across as a cold cream or slight makeup note. I admit I had to look up what Kyoto moss was - it's used for the ground cover for bonsai trees and Japanese gardens and the smell is referred to as high-quality soil and earth.

O, Unknown! brings in all the pieces of a nice cup of tea with perhaps a bit of burning incense in a Japanese garden or greenhouse. This perfume hugs the skin closely and it feels like a bit of a zen secret. Delight to wear.
26th January, 2019

Hermèssence Cuir d'Ange by Hermès

Wonderful soft leather suede with hints of orris and violet. This is the softer version of Aleksandr by Arquisite. Absolutely beautiful and a leather than can be worn by anyone. Everything blends exquisitely together and one I will definitely add to my must have wish list.
23rd January, 2019

Hermèssence Paprika Brasil by Hermès

Don't let the name fool you - this is iris and loads of it. Jean Claude Ellena said of it: “A tinctorial wood to colour fabrics red, ‘brasil wood’ gave its name to the country. With its power of suggestion, “bois de braise” sparked my imagination and I chose paprika to illustrate it. By mixing and matching, I recreated its scent, which is more secretive and discreet than its taste.”

The notes are pimento, clove, paprika, iris, green leaves, reseda, ember wood (aka Brazilwood or Pernambuco) and woody notes.

The name is incredibly misleading for most who might even want to give this a sniff. It's really more of an iris focused perfume that it's main variant is the peppercorn or paprika note. The dry down holds those woody notes firms, but they are soft and gentle and not solidly dominate. The iris is not overly powdery and it's ever so soft and satiny.

I found Paprika Brasil to be almost a dark horse among the Hermessences line. I went in not expecting to like it but it has soon become one of my favorites in the line.
18th January, 2019

1889 Moulin Rouge by Histoires de Parfums

Cake pan makeup, heavy rouge lipstick, sweat on mousseline de soie and crepe de chine, powder - tons of powder, tinge of cold cream. Well done.
15th January, 2019

Vert Pivoine by Histoires de Parfums

I'm going to wave my hand at the negative reviews here. I will give you one simple reason why: Vert Pivoine smells exactly like my bouquet on my wedding day.

I had a very simple wedding at the Marylebone town hall in London. My husband went to Selfridges to get me a small bouquet. He chose peonies surrounded by green herbals. I admit when I got the bouquet I hadn't thought much into peonies, but it smelled wonderful all together. The peonies were very light and having all the green herbals together made for a pleasant, but unique scent.

I've been in search of a perfume that captured that and I've found it in Vert Pivoine. Prior to finding this one I had come semi-close with Aqua Allegoria Pivoine Magnifica, which has more a citrus tone to it but was missing the 'green'.

Longevity is about four or so hours, but I find when applied in the folds of the arm or behind the neck I can catch whiffs of it for much longer.
13th January, 2019

Vidi by Histoires de Parfums

Vidi opens up with an odd minty/fruity/watery number that for all it's worth is quite pleasing. The cucumber note pushes through after a few minutes and it's reminiscent of when spas throw a few cucumber slices in water with ice in those clear water spigots for patrons to 'hydrate' with. Eventually Vidi settles into soft woody notes. I wish the cardamom was strong, but it's not. Saffron and a tinge of vanilla are all I got.

Vidi is surprisingly long lasting. I got over 12 hours of wear from it, although it was mostly the blonde woods and musk scent.
12th January, 2019

This is Not a Blue Bottle 1.5 by Histoires de Parfums

I really like the concept of using all synthetics for a perfume, much as I found 4160 Tuesdays Alpha and Beta intriguing. This is my first sampling of the This is Not a Blue Bottle series, which is considered a 'Yang' perfume. Ozonic and slightly minerally, there is a touch of woody almost cedar notes to 1.5. From what I understand the Karismal Super is really methyl dihydrojasmonate (hedione), which is more a fixer or floral additive with some citrus and I admit it was hidden by the Ambroxan notes, which keep coming across to me as that cedar/wooden note.

1.5 was definitely not my style at all and the short time it was on my skin, about 3 hours, was honestly a blessing for my nose. My husband was unable to really detect 1.5 so this is best as a 'concept'. This does layer well with other perfumes (experiment at your own risk!) and helps boost certain notes or take some to the next level.
11th January, 2019

Veni by Histoires de Parfums

Interesting little number. I picked up a sample based on the listed notes of the perfume. What I anticipated is not what I got. I was expecting a woody gourmand and instead received a heavy cinnamon infused wooden shavings. I barely detected any of the cardamon at all, which was a shame.

Veni is not without happier notes - once the initial overload of cinnamon finally dissipated the saffron and guaiac lasted a good lengthy time, heavily leaning on the wood notes. Veni has some serious longevity, I will give it that. Eight hours after application my body heat was still sending out little waves of vanilla and wood.

Veni isn't bad, but it's not great either. If your a fan of woody notes and can stand the cinnamon that it's worth a go, however having been pumpkin spiced through the last couple of months, I was so over those notes.
10th January, 2019

Paris-Deauville by Chanel

I really enjoy the rose, jasmine and pettigrain notes on P-D. Very pleasant, hard to hate this one. The patchouli dry down isn't overwhelming and over all a nice light Eaux from Polge. This one is silkier and smoother.
06th January, 2019 (last edited: 21st February, 2019)

Paris-Venise by Chanel

I like Paris-Venise as much as I do the Deauville in the same range. Goes on very bright and citrusy. Slowly develops into those green grassy notes and the interplay of the citrus and the grass was a pleasant surprise. Powdery notes are really really subtle and the best part was the dry down - lush amber and vanilla notes with still a hint of the citrus. Longevity was best out of the three with Paris-Venise.
06th January, 2019

Paris-Biarritz by Chanel

Opening is like freshly grated citrus rind, very bitter. I didn't like the first 20 minutes of P-B, but it finally floated into metallic watery notes, very shiny and light grey. A good hour later light musk.

Longevity isn't that great, and this one will need to be refreshed often. Spraying on clothing and hair teases out more and if you like a good 5-8 sprays all over, it would work well. Not my favorite of the three Les Eauxs.
06th January, 2019

Boy Chanel by Chanel

Truly a remarkable gender neutral perfume. Bright citrus opening, heavy on the lavender at first, but mellows out slowly into a rose and orange blossom notes. Reminds me a bit of Murry and Lanman’s Florida Water with some rose thrown in. Boy reminds me of a dandy or pastel colored clothing or perhaps a white seersucker suit with a straw hat and ladies walking around with parasols. It harkens back to a imagined simpler time, a bit more genteel and pristine up to the nines.

31st December, 2018

Sycomore Eau de Parfum by Chanel

I had to spend a long good amount of time with Sycomore. The opening notes are brash and extremely off putting. I admit I was scared off my first smell test on the paper strip - astringent, headlong, sharp, very in your face about it. Coming back to it again, on the paper the woody notes are extremely prominent, still very edgy like freshly cut wood.

On my skin it's a very soft and velvety wood, nicely balsamic and very comforting. On my husband the juniper notes are more prominent and it truly does change and meld with whomever the wearer is. Sycamore is a clear winner in the eyes on my better half when he asks for another wear of it and perhaps it does appeal to the masculine nose more than the feminine.

Sycomore is another example of why perfumes on paper often deceive and are best tested on the skin. I also enjoy that each wearer bring different notes to the forefront.
31st December, 2018

31 rue Cambon Eau de Parfum by Chanel

Wonderful lush Chypre, or as perfumer Polge himself describes it as an “oakmoss-free chypre.” I've purchased 31 Rue Cambon in sample form three times now and I really should just splash out for a full bottle. It has easily won my heart above all the Les Exclusifs line up. This one is not for the shy or timid either. Notwithstanding the simple notes listed, 31 Rue Cambon is a complex fierce perfume and not so easily deciphered. I get hints of leather, musk, even a bit of sweat. 31 Rue Cambon has an odd habit of disappearing from my skin and popping back up. It's as though we go on a scent adventure together

After the first hour or two the dry down settles into this dirty patchouli, which I should hate, but vetiver and iris subdue and calm down the patchouli, almost relaxing it a bit. Near the end of the day there is a warm comforting radiance to it. I honestly find it hard to put into words, it's just a truly astonishing brilliant perfume.
31st December, 2018

No. 18 Eau de Parfum by Chanel

A strange number that lies somewhere between Egoiste and Bois de Iles. Wonderfully done ambrette, but I'm not a fan of the iris in this one, gets a bit too powdery for my tastes. For a fraction of the price I would prefer to reach for Egoiste and if I'm going to splurge I'd prefer to go with the Bois de Iles. But, that being said if your looking for BdI without the punch and looking for a tamed back masculine from Egoiste, No. 18 is a fine choice.

No. 18 can be worn equally well by both sexes in my view.
30th December, 2018