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Spice and Wood by Creed

I like it a lot. I wouldn't buy a full bottle of this though. I have a generous amount of a sample to last awhile. It is a masculine, on the sweeter side. Spicy wood, for sure. There is a touch of apple and citrus. Wisps of angelica and iris. Mainly, it is all cedar, on my skin. Sugary cedar.
17th July, 2018

Prada Candy L'Eau by Prada

Tart citrus. Slight green note, morphing into the delicate sweet pea. Cotton candy, juvenile lip gloss, strawberry Starburst Fruit Chew accord. Settles down into a toasted caramel smell. Aquolina fragrances last longer than this does. Except for the Infusion line, Prada scents don't seem to last on my skin.
16th July, 2018

Moschino pour Homme by Moschino

A manly man scent. Loads of lavender on top. Greenish sage with lavender for me, gives this a somewhat medicinal, poultice memory. After some time it begins to fade and I find the lovely and always juicy bergamot friend, I enjoy. The middle has a bit of filthy jasmine. Heavy leather appears with a backdrop of something smoky, almost tobacco-like. Cedar? Finally, sweet Tonka settles in. A fragrance to be worn by gentlemen with nice shoes and mischievous eyes.
16th July, 2018
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Kai by Kai

Sweet floral. Tropical. Then, I get a nutty accord. I smell gardenia. Then I think I smell tiare flower - and maybe jasmine. I'm not sure where the nuttiness comes from. A bit too tame for my tastes.
16th July, 2018

Jubilation XXV by Amouage

A pretty, little fragrance that goes totally unisex from my perspective. It whispers - never gets loud. Sweet and ambery at first. Musky, as in earth or freshly turned dirt. Honeyed, incense vibe. It has both an oriental and middle eastern flair in the middle notes. It mellows, with its musk and a breath of immortelle for base notes. It is one of the least "sensually dangerous" Amouage offerings I've sampled.
16th July, 2018

Bel Ami by Hermès

Modern version... This has bright notes of citrus, vetiver, sage, and basil on top. Nice and crisp, in fact. Second phase going into the middle I get styrax, patchouli, amber, and carnation. Then, the leather smacks me in the face. Kind of that new pair of gloves or winter coat smell. Oddly, as that begins to mellow I get something of a reminder of fine lipstick. Way later I am treated to a skin-base of vanilla and coconut. I give this three and a half stars. One of the better masculine 'fumes that works on my old lady skin.
15th July, 2018

Giorgio by Giorgio Beverly Hills

I have vintage sample. I remember when this came out. Everyone, I mean everyone wore it. Too much of it, too.

My sample is vibrant but more mellow than I remember from years past. The florals of tuberose, gardenia, ylang ylang, jasmine, orange blossom, and rose are all intact. Very bold. I get a hint of green which may be the chamomile or oakmoss. The amber and musk are enhanced by vanilla. The patchouli is sweetened by something - I can't put my finger on it. It may be fruit.

Overall I am glad I found a vintage sample. Honestly, I never owned a full bottle of this back in the day. I only had a sample. I gave it away because I couldn't stomach wearing something that every other woman was drowning in.
14th July, 2018

Patchouly Indonesiano by Farmacia SS. Annunziata

Chameleon. This one changes flavor every few minutes or so. It can be musty, dusty, woody, earthy. A tad sweet like tobacco at times. It shifts intensity as though it had colors.

It has been many decades since experiencing patchouli like this. I'm glad a friend recommended it.

Basic. Withstands the heat of summer.
14th July, 2018

Feu Secret by Bruno Fazzolari

Artistic. Leans towards masculine. My husband likes it and he is not a frag-head.

Cool, dewy orris and birch beginning. A tiny bit of spice. The eucalyptus is fresh without being medicinal. The base is a powdery wood but does not lean towards the feminine.

This works in summer heat. It is never cloying. Well done!
14th July, 2018

Lilac Love by Amouage

A big burst of sweet jasmine on top. All the other flowers are well-blended. Barely any lilac and no peony, for my nose. A mild, nutty confection in the middle. Slight smokiness at the base with mellow patchouli and vanilla. I only wish the top notes lingered awhile longer.

Overall a very lovely scent by this house.
11th July, 2018

Fate Woman by Amouage

An excellent oriental style perfume. If Shalimar and Bakir had a baby, this could be her. It begins with a burst of incense, benzoin, and pepper. Sadly I get no cinnamon but, that's my dysfunctional nose. Here you'll find delicate narcissus. Smooth vanilla. Faint labdanum, castoreum, and leather - they are here. They just don't scream at you. I smell a light rose, then, rich patchouli and jasmine. Many hours later I get a hint of moss on my skin.

This is well done. Longevity is about 8 hours in high heat, surprisingly. Quite lovely overall and worth the price.
07th July, 2018

Encre Noire pour Elle by Lalique

It isn't one I would seek out for a full bottle but, it is wearable. Mild rose. Amber, musk, vetiver, and cedar notes create a urine-like accord on my skin. Which, I don't mind, by the way. That lasts, a few minutes. Then Encre Noir falls flat and drifts away.

Has a soft, nearly powdery base. I have many others that fulfill the need for powdery bases. I would not wear this one often if I owned a FB.
04th July, 2018

Shooting Stars : Ibitira by Xerjoff

The iris is dominant here, for me. Very linear. A hint of violet but, no other flowers do I smell. Linear! A hint of musk and cedar in the base. Smells like Prada's Iris Absolue.

I am actually wondering, if my sample was bad or old because of the lack of any other notes detected....
02nd July, 2018 (last edited: 04th July, 2018)
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Vanille Extrême by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

You get what you pay for. Straight up sweet, sugary vanilla that has a milky-ness to it. Sugary, nearly powdery heliotrope. Love it! It holds up to intense, summer heat and humidity.
02nd July, 2018

Cuirelle by Ramon Monegal

Soft. Gentle, overall. Reminds me of Ostara after some time. It starts out with a blast, of course. Spicy, oriental vibe at first. Has a great cinnamon note, which is usually hard for me to smell. The beeswax is creamy. Incense is not loud or bothersome. I consider Cuirelle more feminine than masculine.

It has a wave of something like leather at times. Far away smoked cedar, too. I could wear this one at any time of the year.
29th June, 2018

Panda (2017) by Zoologist Perfumes

IMO the remake is just as beautiful as the original. Crisp fruit. The apple on top is Juicy. A blast of ozonic notes. Earthy, bright flowers in the late top, early middle notes. Bold and bracing amber, patchouli, and orris. The base lasts forever.
27th June, 2018

Peau de Soie by Starck

Unisex, in my opinion. Slightly sweet, wood notes. A dark musky smell. Powder notes border on masculine. Not make-up like, at all. Has a soapy accord. There are white flowers in here somewhere. It is a "safe" fragrance for public use.

Hours later on the skin, I smell cashmere wood.
26th June, 2018

Danger pour Homme by Roja Dove

I only had a very small amount to test. I decided to just go for it, dump it all on my arm at once. Nice stuff! Labeled as masculine but I can pull this off.

It started out sweet. Got some sleight spice, some cumin. It has a lemony-herbal moment. I got a metallic note briefly. The jasmine and violet are killer, for me. Love that! Prominent notes upon dry-down are Tonka, vanilla, leather, patchouli, and musk. I get a bit of animal in there, too.

I would never think of blowing a third of my husband's paycheck on a bottle of this but, I DO enjoy this. I may take the words of wisdom below. Try out Heritage and Zino D., for comparison.

25th June, 2018

Amarige by Givenchy

Vintage Amarige. Not much for top notes left - some orange blossom, neroli, and rosewood. The middle and base survived fairly well. It is damp, with "greenish" flowers. The middle and base notes are seriously blended so well, it is hard for me to distinguish individual notes. Some woodiness to it. I consider this a rather sophisticated perfume. A lot like others from that time frame. It is mature and womanly. Nothing particularly stands out but, it is classic.
25th June, 2018

HOS N.001 by House of Sillage

This is a fabulous masculine that works on my femme skin. Candied wood. Bakery sweet. Spicy. Boozy vanilla. Smoked wood. Aromatic. Has depth.

The ingredients seem to show themselves one at a time, one after another. After settling, it is one big orchestra of oriental flavor. Overall it is very strong. A little goes a long way. Too expensive for my bank but, I'll continue to enjoy my sample until it's gone. Two thumbs up!
24th June, 2018

Civet by Zoologist Perfumes

Starts out modern. Finishes in a retro style. Begins with fruity, spicy, lively notes. Moves into somewhat smoky florals. Drifts away into a familiar base of aromatic, oriental notes. Resinous, a slight of animal. The base reminds me of perfumes made in the middle of the last century.
24th June, 2018

Oriental Pearl by Unknown

Most of Shanghai Tang's fragrances seem to be skin scents. Little or no sillage. This one is the exception. Oriental Pearl is your basic oriental style blend, with amber, patchouli, benzoin, labdanum, and a touch of vanilla. It has a smokiness to it resembling tobacco. It has a sweetness. It is a great, inexpensive perfume.
18th June, 2018

Teint de Neige by Lorenzo Villoresi

The ultimate powdery fragrance. A hint of delicate flowers. Musky, dusty sugar. Teint de Neige oozes femininity.
It brings to mind many different scenarios, of the women who would wear this. Femme fatale to demure, young Miss.
18th June, 2018

Dzongkha by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Begins with cardamom and spice, for me. The tea, incense, and leather become oddly woody with an animalic accord. All this quickly passes in which the iris dominates on my skin. It is all iris from there on out. The middle notes could have lasted a bit more. I was enjoying the "skank". I DO enjoy my powdery irises so definitely a thumbs up, for that.
17th June, 2018

Elephant by Zoologist Perfumes

Fresh. Dewy green. Creamy, milky jasmine note. Sweet wood. The base smells slightly earthy; still always green. The tea note mingles well with everything. Unisex for sure. Stunningly beautiful.
12th June, 2018

Ma Dame by Jean Paul Gaultier

I had no idea what to expect from this one. I blind-bought it. Glad I did. On me, this goes from one note to the next. Orange gives way to rose, melts into grenadine, mellows into musk. The cedar in the base is just right. I find cedar can overwhelm or even destroy a base by its strength. Overall this Gaultier is sublime.

The bottle is damn cool.
10th June, 2018

Nina (new) by Nina Ricci

I have the 10th anniversary bottle called Nina Pop. It has the same notes. This is a citrus fruity floral that isn't as over-bearing as some. I enjoy the lime, lemon, and apple combo. It has enough peony and datura to balance out the fruit. I don't get any cedar on the base - just a musky scent. The praline-like sweetness makes this somewhat "immature". I don't care. It's fun and shouldn't be taken seriously.
10th June, 2018

Beaver (2016) by Zoologist Perfumes

Off all the Zoologist I've tried so far, this is the least loved by me. I still give it three out of five stars. It's a funky, flowery, outdoorsy scent. Watery flowers. I smell lotus and water lily here. Green water. Musky, a bit. Musty, indeed. A bit of animal on the end.
09th June, 2018

20,000 Flowers Under The Sea No. 31 by Tokyo Milk

A floral, nearly aquatic fragrance that surprised me. It is bright, sunny, and breezy. An almost greenish, white lily as the star. Noticeable ylang ylang. Has a salt-air vibe. The base has a briny accord resembling the smell of a freshly discovered seashell on a beach. A fun, inexpensive summer scent.
09th June, 2018

Vol de Nuit by Guerlain

I can't expand any further on descriptions or impressions on Vol de Nuit. It's all been said. It is a classic, old school Guerlain. It is beautiful!
09th June, 2018