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Polo Red by Ralph Lauren

Just got this as one of four perfumes in a RL gift set, and I must say, this is the one I prefer the least.

I like the scent, but I don't like it on me. The reason herefore is that I'm not too keen on sweet male scents. This is a bit spicy, and I wouldn't place it as a feminine scent at all, but it is very sweet. Just for the hell of it, I wore it a couple of times, and I couldn't really get passed the sweetness of it. If one likes sweet scents, I'd definitely recommend it, 'cause it does smell good, it's just not for me.

Also, I wouldn't view this as an everyday-perfume; both because it's quite powerful (and this means that everyone will notice it), and because it's a very special scent. I wore it on two dates, and I think that is the most appropriate occasion to wear it on. It is very much of a "Don Juan"-scent, and a lot of women like it, so if it fits you - wear it when you want to impress the ladies!

Longevity was great on me, and so was projection. But that's the case with all quality-perfumes I wear, so I can't really be general about this.

Just the smell: 6/10
All in all: 4/10

01st February, 2017

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

I just got this perfume (15 ml sample in a gift set), and I was actually pleasantly surprised.

I was fearing an overly-sweet blast of synthetic mango in the top, but this is actually not a sweet scent at all. The iced mango is detectable, but it smells like actual mango and not that orange gunk that can be found in ice cream and cheap soap.

Other than the iced mango, the patchouli and sandalwood play very well together (this definitely comes to show after you've worn it for a little bit). In general tha combination of ingredients form a very pleasant and interesting fragrance. The first word that comes to mind when having to describe its smell is "dark", so they've definitely done something right!

It's not as dominant as many RL perfumes tend to be, which makes this the perfect perfume when the wearer doesn't want to stand out too much. I find this to be great when at school/work. Especially if your outfit is mostly black. It is a bit mysterious, so it's actually pretty good for a quiet guy (like myself). It's very pleasant yet subtle. I love that!

I think this perfume can be worn on any occation. I probably wouldn't wear it for family get togethers, but that's the only occation I can think of.

Both longevity and projection is great on me. Lasts all day, and projection is pretty strong (although the perfume itself is a subtle one). Yeah, I'm one of those lucky bastards.

01st February, 2017

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

I really enjoy the smell of this perfume despite the melon notes. I just got the RL gift set containing Polo Blue, and I was kind of expecting to never wear this, as I already knew the ingredients, and I can't stand the flavour of melon (which led me to believe that I'd despise the smell of it, too). When I whiffed this, I was pleasantly surprised because I actually didn't find it to be bad at all. The watermelon and cucumber are much more dominant than the 'regular' melon, and this is good, 'cause the smell of watermelon does not resemble the taste of it (at least not in my view). That means that the top notes are basically just very fresh and clean and not at all sweet and nauseating. After application, the basil, sage and moss start to be quite dominant, and the musk is also easily detectable. This is, in my opinion, perfect, because the scent does not become too sweet at any point, and it definitely stays masculine from beginning till end.

It's a really good everyday-scent, as it is not very peculiar and not very overpowering, but it has a very clean smell.

I never found myself to be a sports-kind of guy (I usually prefer elegant over sporty), but I actually really like this perfume even though it is sort of a sporty scent; but there is something classy about it at the same time (I guess polo is quite a classy sport, so why am I surprised?), so I find this to be a brilliant perfume for casual wear. I wouldn't wear it on formal occasions or on a date (I'd probably go for a spicier, woodier scent on these occasions), but I find that to be a positive feature because I love to be able to swith between scents.

As for projectivity/longevity I'm not the best person to ask, as all perfumes (except really low-quality ones, that is) last all day on me and maintain quite a good projection.

For casual wear: 8/10
All in all: 7/10
01st February, 2017
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Polo by Ralph Lauren

I just got a RL gift set, in which this was one of four perfumes.

I absolutely love it. It's a very spicy yet fresh smell. And by far one of the more masculine scents in my stock. I was searching far and wide for a men's perfume that wasn't sweet in any way, and this one definitely does the job. The pine notes are quite dominant. As are the basil, cedar and musk; especially when one has worn it for about an hour.

I wouldn't describe this as a perfume that interests women all that much, as women, in my expierience, usually demand a bit more sweetness, but this is a scent I would wear for myself any day.

Although I can only say positive things about the smell of this perfume, I find it a tad difficult to find occasions to wear it, as it is definitely a heavy perfume. I don't like to force my perfume on my fellow students/colleagues (especially this one, mainly because it's very noticable), and I don't view it as a perfume appropriate for a date, because it is in no way sensual or romantic.

I would probably wear this on semi-formal occasions such as dinner or drinks (non-romantic, that is!), or if I'm going to town for coffee/shopping/something else similar, and I'd enjoy that very much, 'cause I'm completely in love with this scent.

I can't really be objective when it comes to longevity or projection, as my skin is apparently perfect for wearing perfume. Any perfume (except very cheap, low quality perfumes) lasts all day on me, and projection is always quite good on me.

01st February, 2017