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Ambre Nomade by Élisire

pretty much entirely olibanum and vanilla. something in the midnotes makes me nauseous. probably the ylang, even though i can’t smell it, it affects me badly. the top notes are invisible.

definitely a unisex fragrance. would be good on an assertive femme. or a goth. or maybe a sophisticated libertine.
02nd February, 2019

Pretty n' Punk by Betsey Johnson

Bright, and fruity, but not too sweet at the opening. Probably due to the spices.

None of the individual notes sticks out, it all blends beautifully. Lingers in the air, just a bit. Not overly much. Not overwhelming. To me, Terry Muigler's Angel would be an example of a scent that has too much sillage. Pretty'n'Punk has some similarity in the base. Something deep, sexy and unique. But it hugs much closer to the body.

I do believe I am in love.
29th November, 2018

Suédois by Euphorium Brooklyn

Beautiful. Unisex. The suede and sandalwood are the strongest and longest lasting. Wearing this I feel luxurious, confident and powerful!
25th August, 2017
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