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Petit Matin by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

It was really warm today so I thought I'd try out one of the samples I got for this spring and summer. My immediate impression was Lemon Pledge - just a burst of chemical lemon. After the dry down there was a hint of woodiness but that was about it.

There was basically no longevity or projection either. I put on a healthy amount and my wife didn't even notice it with her head on my chest. A definite pass.
19th March, 2017

Spice and Wood by Creed

After wearing this a few times I've gone from loving it to being disappointed. After the dry down it just turns into the same Creed base you smell in several of their other (and less expensive) fragrances.

It's not a bad fragrance so I'm giving it a neutral, but it definitely isn't with the price point they have it at.
16th March, 2017

Derby by Guerlain

Quite happy with this classic! I get a little bit of vetiver, some floral here and there, and a hint of leather as it goes on. However at the same time it's also clean and soapy somehow.

Took me a while to find it but I'm glad I found a split on this forum so I could add it to the collection.
16th March, 2017
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Aventus by Creed

I guess I don't "get it" when it comes to Aventus. Oh well - hundreds of other fragrances that are far superior for far less money.
13th March, 2017

Tobacco Collection Intense Dark Exclusive by Zara

I got 2ml of this as a freebie in an order otherwise I would've never heard of it. I put one small spray on my chest last night before bed just to rest it out and all I can say is WOW.

This is a beast of tobacco - like you've walked into a pipe tobacco store and just rolled in a big pile of aromatics (in a good way). Pipe tobacco is a nostalgic and sentimental scent from my childhood so I have quite a fondness for these types of fragrances and have tried a ton of them. Zara I/D/E is right up there with the top of them.

Is it super complex? No, not really. However, I'm sitting here 10 hours after application and it's still wafting up from my chest and that's a huge plus in my book. So many fragrances I try I fall in love and then they run out on me just a few hours later.

Plus, the price point is great - it looks like bottles can be picked up for $40. I don't like it as much as my Carolina Herrera Mystery Tobacco, but at that price it sure is tempting.
12th March, 2017

Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

Tried this today at a department store. The longevity was pretty decent, and it's not terrible... but it was way more feminine than I expected. Gets a solid "meh" from me.
12th March, 2017

New-York by Nicolaï

I read so many comments about how this was similar to Bois du Portugal so I ordered a nice sized decant. This is about as far away from BdP as you can get.

What it does actually smell like is a grandma wearing a bunch of baby powder. This is why I have trust issues.
10th March, 2017

Sauvage by Christian Dior

I know this fragrance is very polarizing but count me on the "love it" side. I've worn it several times over the last couple of months and every single time my wife comments on how good I smell. She hardly does that with other fragrances.

It's work safe, has amazing longevity, gets compliments from those around me, and I absolutely love the notes in it. If you're one of those that likes to wear scents that are "challenging" then it probably won't be for you. However, I've tried the "challenging" fragrances and I just have no desire to smell like a wet dog or a tire fire.
09th March, 2017

Vetiver by Guerlain

I didn't like this when I first applied it, but it quickly grew on me. I got compliments on it during the day and I could still smell it at the end of the day, so I have a feeling I'll be picking up a bottle soon.
08th March, 2017

Interlude Man by Amouage

If a hippie's wet dog rolled into a bonfire, this is what it would smell like. Instant scrubber.
07th March, 2017

New York Musk by Bond No. 9

This was so sweet and overbearing (with just one tiny little spray) that I got sick of smelling it. I gave it to my wife to see if she likes it.
06th March, 2017

Guerlain Homme by Guerlain

Disappointed by this one. Like the rest of the Guerlain I've tried so far, it's not that it's bad, it's just that it isn't what I had hoped it would be. I see no need for the Guerlain Homme line of fragrances when there's Terre d'Hermes out there that accomplishes this with much better performance.
06th March, 2017

Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boisée by Guerlain

Just a boring one-note wood scent on me. It's not terrible, but it does nothing to stand out from the long list of woody scents that are out there.
06th March, 2017
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Héritage Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

I fell in love with this at first spray, but was quickly disappointed. After only a couple of hours it's basically gone - not even much of a skin scent left. If it had even somewhat decent longevity I would have purchased a full bottle.
06th March, 2017

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extrême / Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Have you ever wanted to smell like an old powdery grandma that's been baking a chocolate cake? If so then this fragrance is for you.

Absolutely horrible, extremely feminine, and one of the worst fragrances I've ever tried.
05th March, 2017

The Scent Of Peace For Him by Bond No. 9

I've seen comparisons to Aventus when it comes to this fragrance and I can definitely see similarities. However I feel this is quite superior to the Aventus which is so beloved on here.

Aventus (on me at least) dries down to a mess of scents that never seem to mesh while TSOPFH holds together well and lasts the entire day. Definitely try before you buy, but I feel like this might get heavy rotation from me as we approach these warmer months.
05th March, 2017

Reflection Man by Amouage

When I was 16 Joop! came out (if I remember correctly). My mom got me a bottle for a gift and I immediately tried it. I thought it was the worst fragrance I'd ever smelled and I double checked to make sure it wasn't for women.

Fast forward to present time when I tried a sample of Reflection Man yesterday. I was immediately transported to that bottle of Joop! and was so disappointed. While it may not be identical it definitely is very, very similar and just isn't for me.
05th March, 2017

Royal Oud by Creed

Wow was this a disappointment. Zero longevity, zero projection, and nothing more than a basic cedar/woodsy scent. There are literally hundreds of fragrances out there that do this better, and for a fraction of the price. Definitely a pass.
02nd March, 2017

Herrera Confidential : Mystery Tobacco by Carolina Herrera

I went on a buying spree a few months ago trying to find a favorite tobacco fragrance. I bought all of the big names as well as a couple of niche as well. After wearing them all several times I can say that the CH Mystery Tobacco is the clear winner of all of them.

It isn't too sweet (I'm looking at you, Herod) and also manages to keep from being too one-note like several other tobacco fragrances do. Plus the longevity was better on this than the others I tried as well, which is always a big plus for me since I need my fragrances to last the entire day.

I've added it to my list to buy as a full bottle once I've finished all the tobacco samples I ordered... which could be a while.
01st March, 2017

Antaeus by Chanel

I bought this on a blind buy recently because it couldn't be found anywhere near me. I'd been looking for a very masculine scent that reminded me of what men wore in the 70's and 80's... and I found it with Antaeus.

I never had the chance of trying the original, but this current version is great IMO. I get 8+ hours out of it which is saying something for me - I usually complain of not getting more than just a couple of hours out of a fragrance because my skin just seems to consume it.

FYI - BN doesn't have rose listed as a note, but I definitely detect it in this formulation (just checked Fragrantica and they have it listed there so I'm correct). It's not overpowering, but is definitely there if you're senstive to rose being in your fragrances.
28th February, 2017

Armani Eau de Nuit by Giorgio Armani

I bought this on a whim one day while walking through a department store. We were in a hurry so I didn't get a chance to walk around with it prior to purchasing - or I wouldn't have wound up purchasing it.

It initially reminded me of the beloved and discontinued Gucci Pour Homme so I purchased it right after a couple of sprays to the wrist. Unfortunately, at least on me, the fragrance is pretty much gone after only a couple of hours. It's a nice tonka-heavy scent if you're only going to wear it for an hour or two, but if you're looking for anything past that, then either pass on this or be ready to reapply frequently.
28th February, 2017

Winter by Dasein

This is the fragrance that actually got me into this hobby recently. I was looking for a fragrance that "smelled like Christmas", which in my mind means spruce, pine, and fir trees. After some Google searches, I found Dasein Winter (and Winter Nights which doesn't seem to be on BN yet) and did a blind buy.

I wore it daily through the coldest part of the year and loved every moment of it. I dream of living in the mountains, or at least somewhere that has trees some day (which I don't now), and this was like being surrounded by a forest all day/night.

Plus, the longevity was amazing... I could smell it on myself at the end of the day and my coat would smell like it the next morning when I'd put it on. The sillage wasn't as enormous as I thought it would be and my coworker had to get really close to smell it, which that's fine with me since the conifer/lavender combo is so good in my opinion that I don't care if anyone else gets to smell it.

The Winter Nights version is good as well, but adds some sweet smokiness to it like you're sitting around a campfire. Worth checking out as well.
28th February, 2017

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

This is a shadow of what it used to be. Back in high school, every guy had a bottle of this and the halls were filled with clouds of Eternity. Why? Because all the high school girls loved it - including my girlfriend (who is now my wife).

25 or so years later, I picked up a bottle for some nostalgia. It's almost unwearable now in its reformulation but there's still a ghost of the original lying here and there underneath. For this reason I keep it around if we want a trip down memory lane.
28th February, 2017

Zino Davidoff by Davidoff

This review applies only to the original version (DAVIDOFF in script and not in all caps block letters). I wore this fragrance all the time back in the early 90's and it always got compliments from everyone around me. Not only was it unlike anything else people were wearing at the time, the longevity and projection was enormous on it.

When I ran out, I bought it again and it had been reformulated - nasty, terrible stuff that got instantly thrown away. Luckily, some original formula can still be found so I purchased some recently and it's still just as perfect as it was back then.
28th February, 2017