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Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

A piece of perfumery excellence.

Dior Homme is to the 00's what Fahrenheit was to the 80's. Ground Breaking perfumery!! They were so different. They both had their lovers and their haters. Fahrenheit has stood the test of time as I am sure Dior Homme and it's flankers will.

Of course my review is about DHI but feel that it is important to pay homage to the seed that the tree grew from. The only difference between DH & Fahrenheit is that Fahrenheit was never surpassed by its extended family. In my opinion DH and been surpassed by DHI.

It took me a while to get this one but so glad that I did. Sophisticated, stunning, elegant, classy, out there, formal and intriguing all spring to mind when I think of DHI. And lets be honest.....Who doesn't want to be associated with those words????
12th October, 2017 (last edited: 16th October, 2017)

Cigar by Rémy Latour

Soapy Tobacco is the best way to describe this one. Nothing mind blowing but I must say that the tobacco note in this one is very good.
12th October, 2017

Original Santal by Creed

This is to Creed what Reflection man is to Amouage. Underrated!!They are both considered mainstream offerings so get a bit of disrespect. Both fragrances are classy and sophisticated in my opinion. Reflection man is compared to JPG Le Male but is in a different league. OS is often compared to Joop! but is also in a different league. Joop! is harsh. OS is smooth. Very creamy and a compliment geter for sure!!

05th October, 2017
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Brit for Men by Burberry

£20 for 100ml. Couldn't resist.

Not what I was expecting. Much better in fact. A mature scent. Rose, powder & woods.

Very nice indeed!!
05th October, 2017

Ferrari Bright Neroli by Ferrari

This is some seriously nice juice. Never been impressed with Ferrari in the past. This is their best offering by far. Similar neroli take as TF Neroli Portofino but with an added citrus blast. Lasts a hell of a lot longer than TF. If you like neroli you cant go wrong especially for the price. Can be easily worn by both Men & Women.
04th October, 2017

Leather Oud by Christian Dior

I really am lost for words. This is a work of art. It's not just a fragrance. This juice is alive and living. It's so alive that it almost scares the shit out of me. It is VERY strong. It is an acquired taste. It can smell very dirty. Almost the wrong side of dirty.

Why the neutral vote????? As much as I appreciate what Dior have done with this I just can't see an occasion when I would feel the need to pull this one out!!
03rd October, 2017

CH Men Privé by Carolina Herrera

This is no masterpiece. It does not smell of expensive ingredients. It is not groundbreaking.

However................This is damn nice!! I mean really nice.

I can see why Women compliment this one. It has that sweet sugar vibe which they are a sucker for but then you get this boozy/leather vibe which gives it a masculine edge and stops it becoming too young.

Very impressed!!
03rd October, 2017

Clubman Special Reserve by Pinaud

The best of the Pinaud line. For a cologne it has great longevity. Very heavy on the leather and spice. Proper old school man smell. Not one I wear everyday but when I do it makes me want to go hunting with my bare hands!!
02nd October, 2017 (last edited: 12th October, 2017)

Infusion d'Homme by Prada

One of those fragrances that I would find hard to accept that anyone could dislike. Very soapy, very clean and very luxurious smelling. Prada are fast becoming one of my favorite houses!!
02nd October, 2017

Uomo Intense by Valentino

A more wearable Dior Homme Intense. Smells well beyond it's price range. Offers a very romantic smell. Big thumbs up!!
02nd October, 2017

The One for Men Eau de Parfum by Dolce & Gabbana

Loved the original but had poor longevity. This has been improved slightly with the edp. Fantastic fragrance. Very warm and comforting. Love the scent but due to the longevity I will not be replacing.
29th September, 2017 (last edited: 09th October, 2017)

Eros by Versace

I think this one is given a hard time unfairly so.

It is what it is. It's no masterpiece. But what it does offer is a freshness, Great projection/longevity & a lovely mint/vanilla combo. Great for clubs and bars. If you don't take yourself too seriously then you will/can learn to like it!!!
29th September, 2017 (last edited: 03rd October, 2017)

Aventus by Creed

Will Aventus go down as an all time classic?? Yes
Dose it gather compliments? Yes
Is it a beautiful smelling fragrance? Yes

Of course I have given it tops marks and a big thumbs up. I will add that I do not own a full bottle. I only own decants. The reason???? Armaf Club de Nuit Intense. I just prefer it. Why? It is consistently smokey and fruity. There is less variation in batches. It is roughly a 5th of the price and in my experience has given me more compliments than Aventus. I will not expect all to agree with me but I can't justify paying that price when I can get something like CDNI so much cheaper. Which one was the original doesn't bother me. All the business about driving a fiat that was wrapped in the body of a Porsche doesn't bother me. You don't see a fragrance you smell it. Aventus is great but not full bottle worthy for me!!!


I did pull the trigger on this one. Still like CDNI just as much though!
28th September, 2017 (last edited: 03rd October, 2017)
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Interlude Man by Amouage

Strong, middle eastern promise!! Personally I love it but will not be for everyone. Not a crowd pleaser. Beast mode!!
28th September, 2017 (last edited: 29th September, 2017)

CH Men by Carolina Herrera

Based on scent alone I would give it a big thumbs up and a 9/10. Unfortunately the performance lets it down. It is bad. 90 minutes of decent projection, 90 minutes of skin scent and then gone!!!! It's cheap but when you buy a fragrance you should expect at least 4 hours of decent projection.
28th September, 2017

Memoir Man by Amouage

This smells divine. Has a medieval quality to it. A dark medieval forest. Just wish it lasted longer!!
28th September, 2017

Lyric Man by Amouage

Amazing fragrance.

Opens up a little too feminine but after 10 or 15 minutes it transforms into a much more unisex scent.

I get dark roses mixed with a fresh blast. It of course has Amouage's incense dna running through it. Only thing stopping me purchasing a full bottle is the fact that it is not overly versatile but will most probably keep a decant handy for the right occasion.
28th September, 2017

Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

Pleasant but boring!! In fact this is so boring I can't really add anything more!
28th September, 2017

Reflection Man by Amouage

Elegant, sophisticated & beautiful. Does lean slightly feminine so won't be for everyone. Rather mainstream for Amouage but ever so nice. Lots of Jasmine, floral and powder type notes. Regardless of the fact that these notes go against my usual tastes I can't help but love it. Beauty in a bottle!

I actually backed out of buying a full bottle of this. My opinion hasn't changed. My thoughts are that I really love this fragrance and want to keep it special. It does also lean very feminine. On that basis I can't justify buying a full bottle as I wouldn't wear it very often. I will just keep a decant handy for as and when I need it and then replace when running low.

Bought a full bottle. Couldn't resist having something this good in my wardrobe.

23rd September, 2017 (last edited: 07th October, 2017)

Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

Not for me!! Really disappointed after hearing so many positive reviews. I can smell metal. Horrible metal!! Boring, bland, uninspiring!!
18th September, 2017

Erga for Men by Rasasi

The best GIT clone hands down. Leans green like GIT. The other great clone is Tres Nuit but that one leans more aquatic like Cool Water. Value for money is out of this world. I paid £15 for 100ml and comes in a lovely bottle and classy box. I always wanted GIT as my signature but could never justify the price as signature as I would go through it too quickly. Get out there and buy this now!!
09th September, 2017 (last edited: 29th September, 2017)

Tam Dao Eau de Parfum by Diptyque

Creamy dreamy sandalwood. Doesn't change much which is okay by me. This really is stunning stuff. I love sandalwood and this is my perfect type. Very clean and natural smelling. More potent than the edt which was much needed as it was far too light. Not the sort of fragrance I would wear for anyone else benefit. This is for me and me only!! Only problem for me is that it really doesn't last that long on my skin!!
31st August, 2017 (last edited: 12th October, 2017)

Voyage by Nautica

Bought this blind based on many positive reviews from my Basenotes family. Very pleased. I don't usually like aquatics but I love this one. Sort of shower fresh crossed with a fresh sea breeze. Must be one of the best cheapies around. Great for work/Every day usage and Women seem to love this one. Big thumbs up from me!!!
31st August, 2017

Prada L'Homme by Prada

Love the smell of this but just far too weak even if you like your fragrances subtle. You get a good whiff for around 30 minutes, skin scent for 90 minutes and then after 2 hours it has completely gone. Sorry Prada but that is just not good enough!!!Saying that......I still bought it because the smell is amazing. I usually have to top up on this on a regular basis. Because I love it so much I have to give it the thumbs up!!!

UPDATE*** This is my third and final edit on this one. I am actually falling in love with this fragrance. That soapy clean powdery Prada DNA mixed with the iris works a treat. I have got round the longevity problem by spaying onto clothes and also onto lotions. The ultimate work scent but could also work well for an intimate setting such as a date.

Well done Prada!!
25th August, 2017 (last edited: 11th September, 2017)

Oud Wood by Tom Ford

As far as I am concerned this is the Holy Grail of oud/wood type scents. Tried it today and it blew me away. So majestic. Smells ancient but at the same time modern. The balance is just perfect.
25th August, 2017

Antaeus by Chanel

Classic, sophisticated, mature, classy, manly. Just wonderful. This is what a Man should smell like!!!!
25th August, 2017

Sartorial by Penhaligon's

One of my new favorites. In a world of unisex fragrances Sartorial stands out as purely man. It has a very old fashioned smell about it but in a sophisticated way. I get the comparisons to Brut but in a much more luxurious format. What I love about Sartorial is that it is what it is. It doesn't try to be something it's not. Classic alpha man in a well tailored suit comes to mind when I smell Sartorial.
29th July, 2017 (last edited: 13th September, 2017)

Endymion Concentré by Penhaligon's

Lovely, warm and comforting scent. I can't see how this is classed as a parfum as it becomes a skin scent after a couple of hours but very nice while it lasts.
29th July, 2017

Royal Oud by Creed

Complete and utter perfection!!

One of my favorite fragrances of all time.

Classy, elegant and sophisticated. Much like Royal Mayfair I never really cared for the initial blast but after the first 10 minutes it really steps into a league of its own and the dry down is to die for. I can really smell the sandalwood which is one of my most loved smells. Not sure this is one for the kids but if you are 30+ then this should be the next addition to your wardrobe.
21st July, 2017

Spicebomb Extreme by Viktor & Rolf

Tested this just the other day and managed to get my hands on a sample to take home with me. Big love from me with a massive thumbs up. The original Spicebomb was okay but never lasted very long. Yes....Extreme is a heavier scent but the biggest pull for me is that it goes big on the tobacco & leather. The way they have done it works a treat. Add some spice and some vanilla for good measure you you end up with a rather special manly scent. Will be purchasing a full bottle very soon!

UPDATE Now own a full bottle and very Happy!
10th July, 2017 (last edited: 15th August, 2017)