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New York Intense by Nicolaï

Really refined Gentleman's fragrance. Very French. Very old school. Think Bois Du Portugal or Eau Sauvage. Just be careful not to judge this fragrance on the initial spray. It is so overwhelming maybe bordering on brash. Once it drys down after the hour mark it steps into a league of it's own. At the 2 hour mark it is at it's very best.


03rd December, 2018

Kingdom of Dreams by Laurent Mazzone

Very much in the Epic Man/Journey Man camp. More incense here but the same spicy/oud/frankincense notes. Lot's of depth and character. Totally not my style because of the over use of incense but a good fragrance for those that enjoy the likes.
03rd December, 2018

Vodka on the Rocks by By Kilian

A super realistic opening. Smells just like vodka, ice & tonic. Then drys down to a bit of a generic aqua type scent maybe along the lines of ADG. Doesn't last very long. Totally overpriced.
03rd December, 2018
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Vetiver by Guerlain

Just about a thumbs up for me.

A nice and pleasant vetiver which is quite safe. Classic and comforting.

03rd December, 2018

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

I was never really a big fan of Eternity. It was just very fresh and quite nice. There was nothing to really dislike. I just found it kinda boring.
03rd December, 2018

Héritage Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

Formal, classic and very nice!!

I find it a little too fleeting for me. Not sure what the older stuff was like??

Thumbs up for the scent alone.
01st December, 2018

Mousse Illuminee by Rogue Perfumery

Just amazing!!

One of the very best fragrances I have ever had the pleasure of sampling (now owning).

Being Non-IFRA compliant you are getting the real deal here. Full of depth and character. The longevity is off the charts. The younger members of this forum would do well to sample this one just so they know how things used to be.

This is a very hard fragrance to describe. It floats into a few genres. It's definitely a green floral but has some spice, sweetness and freshness. If you were to combine Green Irish Tweed with vintage Polo you would be somewhere in the ball park. Maybe with some added sweetness. I also detect some soapy elements. Very masculine and bordering on powerhouse. What a little gem!!!

01st December, 2018

Dior Homme Eau for Men by Christian Dior

Not bad. Wears very light. Very similar to Prada L'Homme but I much prefer the Prada.
01st December, 2018

Noir de Noir by Tom Ford

I respect that this smells very luxurious and upscale. I really do. But I do have a bit of a problem with the TF Private Blend line. It's just too over the top. It really is!! I love powerhouse fragrances but these Private Blend juices are almost choking. It's like Mr Ford is trying to convey money and arrogance. There seems to be a lack of class. They seem to send too bigger message.

Anyway...Back to this particular juice. It's a Turkish delight covered in dark chocolate sprinkled with rose petals. Super longevity, projection & sillage but not something I would wear.
01st December, 2018

Vibrant Leather by Zara

Yep.....This does smell like Aventus. There's no getting away from it. Longevity is pretty poor. 3 hours max. But at it's price point you can spray as much as you like. Your still much better off with CDNI though.
30th November, 2018

Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger

I remember wearing this back in the day. I was 17 or 18. Really pleasant fragrance that lasted a good few hours. Gained numerous compliments .
26th November, 2018

Castaña by Cloon Keen Atelier

Very nice!!

This is on the edge of gourmand without being full blow.

I get creamy chestnut, coffee & vanilla. Its all quite subtle and done in a sophisticated way.

21st November, 2018

Pour Un Homme by Caron

Absolutely revolting. I mean truly awful.

Smells like piss water. No depth or character. I'm lost for words.

21st November, 2018
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Moschino pour Homme by Moschino

A spicy aromatic leather.

Smells more niche than designer. Excellent stuff. Masculine and sure to turn heads.

It's a crying shame that this stuff has been discontinued as I would have loved to own a bottle. Not sure I love it enough to track down a vintage bottle and pay silly money but a very nice fragrance nevertheless.
20th November, 2018

A*Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

A nice sweet boozy gourmand. Not my style but as far as this genre goes it's definitely one of the best. Received multiple compliments wearing this one!
17th November, 2018

Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

A decent and quite original fragrance when it first came out compared to what else was on the market. Much prefer the Extreme version but still nice nevertheless.
08th November, 2018

Bentley for Men Intense by Bentley

Generic boozy fragrance that has received a fair amount of hype over the past few years. Nothing special in my opinion.
08th November, 2018

Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland

Projection, longevity & sillage are impressive. Totally worth the money.

Unfortunately, much like Sung Homme this is just too soapy for me. I really can't stand any fragrance that are overly soapy. It gives me a headache. Plus I can buy a bar of soap for less than £1.

08th November, 2018

Dunhill Edition by Dunhill

Really impressed with Edition. I have only tried the reformulated version.

This is very different to many 80's powerhouse fragrances. It actually smells more 90's to me. It's almost a masculine crowd pleaser.

There is a lovely balance between sweet and spicy. There are lovely underlying notes of clove and nutmeg. Almost has a sport vibe to it.


08th November, 2018

Fougère Nobile by Nobile 1942

Another excellent offering from Nobile 1942.

An absolute gem. Quite stunning. Think Rive Gauche with a touch of leather, tobacco and tonka. That's Fougere Nobile. Which one is better is surely in the eye of the beholder/wearer. Rive Gauche is more classic while Fougere Nobile is slightly more modern and wears a tad lighter.

Quality ingredients and a totally sophisticated fragrance that sparkles on the skin.


06th November, 2018 (last edited: 13th November, 2018)

Tabaróme Millésime by Creed

Just about a thumbs up.

I wasn't blown away but I must admit that Tabarome was a lot better that many reviews had suggested. It just lacks bit of magic. Where many leather/tobacco scents are dry or mixed with fruit and spice this has a soapiness to it. Or maybe a creaminess?? Anyway it is quite different from others in the genre.

06th November, 2018

Xeryus by Givenchy

I'm not sure what the current version is like but I owned a bottle of this back in the early 90's and it was divine. A real grown up and mature scent. Woody & spicy with a slight touch of floral and sweetness. If I could be assured that it is still nearly as good as the original I would most probably buy a newer bottle. Excellent stuff.
06th November, 2018

Mostly Men by Body Shop

These were lovely fragrances. They were aftershaves from memory but had the strength of edt's. I was around 15 when I bought them from The Body Shop. I can't remember which was which?? One was a sweetish vanilla and woods. Really nice. The other was really brash and was my favorite. It was along the lines of Kouros/Polo/Aramis.
06th November, 2018

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

Bearing in mind my tastes I was 100% sure I would love this. Well......I didn't. I actually found it quite boring and cheap smelling.
05th November, 2018

Rapport by Eden Classics

I actually owned several bottles of this back in the 90's. For a cheapie it was really good. Spicy, soapy & floral.
05th November, 2018

A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

Sweet tobacco vanilla. Cheap alternative to Herod. Not bad at all.
05th November, 2018

A*Men Pure Tonka by Thierry Mugler

Not for me. Overly sweet tonka/vanilla. Completely artificial.
05th November, 2018

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

It's just okay.

I much prefer Xerjoff's take (Mefisto).
03rd November, 2018

Clubman by Pinaud


It smells old school but then again so does 10 year old fish.

Just not very pleasant.

I love Special Reserve but don't care for any other Clubman fragrances.
03rd November, 2018

Silver by Al Rehab

Not a bad SMW clone for those on a budget. Although there is something rather metallic about this! I mean seriously metallic. Like wet metal.
03rd November, 2018