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Sacred Memory by Kerosene

This definitely opens with a whiskey-soaked oak barrel. The red berries are there but dangle on the periphery. Unfortunately, that nice opening disappears fairly quickly and gives way to a strong, BBQ meat vibe that's as unappealing as it sounds. I get virtually no tobacco out of this frag. I was really hoping for something more sophisticated, but, alas, nyet.
11th December, 2018

Oud Wood Intense by Tom Ford

Imagine you're behind the wheel of some fancy sports car. Take a moment to appreciate the fine Italian leather interior. Now imagine you're being carjacked by three burly fur trappers from the 1800's. They also insist you put on one of their fresh pelts for the drive. Oh and it's cold outside so turn up the heat. Now breathe in deeply.

Tom Ford's Oud Wood Intense is a bit of a monstrosity. It lacks sophistication. I simply can't imagine wearing it except for, maybe, a leather daddy convention. For those familiar with Oud Wood, this iteration bears absolutely no resemblance to the original. If the original is without any real oud note then this 'intense' version is bereft of any discernable wood note. It's all castoreum and leather.

In short, I found Oud Wood Intense not only unpleasant, but quite tacky and I say that as quite the fan of Tom Ford's Private Blends.
03rd May, 2018