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Vetiver by Guerlain

Bought this on a blind buy because of the reviews and how talked about in the frag community.

I'm still on the fence. Smelling it right after applied doesn't smell very appealing to me. After about 20-25 mins it changes but I still don't know if I love it.

Definitely not an everyday ware for me. I like Veitver in other fragrances but this one is a little different to me for some reason.

Jury is still out. Maybe it'll grow on me and I'll be back with another option.
24th June, 2017
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United States

Aventus by Creed

I know there is a bunch of hype on this one but this is the King. It's just a masterpiece of a scent. Expensive for a reason you get what you pay for performance and complements. This last a long time on my skin and can be smelled by many when not even in real close proximity.

If you can't afford a whole bottle start out small and fine someone that will do splits with you or will decant it to you.

Must have to anyone's collection.
18th June, 2017
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United States

Tres Nuit by Armaf

When I was in high school I wore Eddie Bauer Adventurer and loved it. Never have I been able to find a real substitute since. I have now. I know this is a GIT clone and I own GIT which has a more greener vibe to me. This hits me like Eddie Bauer did in my opinion.

I really like wearing this scent and has become a signature for me and brings back some nostalgia.
13th June, 2017
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United States

Adventurer by Eddie Bauer

This was also my go to in High School. Girl bought it for me and I wore it all senior year and much after till you could get it no longer. I always got compliments on this. I wish I could find something now that is similar or a close clone of some sort.

28th May, 2017