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212 Men by Carolina Herrera

Smells great. I definitely get a green sense from smelling 212 in a vial and first waft on my skin. I got a bunch of high end samples and this was one of them. Just putting 3 dabs from a finger on my pulse points, 3 dabs in total, i got great longevity and sillage on a hot amd humid day. It reminds me of walking passed another male and thinking, "hmm whatever he is wearing smells great" . I sort of feel like it smells like an already died down scent. It's similar to Eternity in broad terms, but not as obvious. I love it and plan on getting a bottle.

If you like green, this is for you. Eternity, even darker scent lovers may like it. Wouldn't be a regretful blind buy fo sho
20th August, 2017

Aventus by Creed

I smells pretty good, I just wouldn't pay the high price per mL. Definitely smokey. I get more of an apple vibe with very subtle pineapple. It's like a gentleman's fresh cologne. I can understand the shaving foam reference after wearing it a day or two. IMHO there's plenty of better smelling fragrances for a quarter of the price...
19th August, 2017 (last edited: 20th August, 2017)

Joop! Homme by Joop!

I got this because i am searching for uniqueness. I definitely found it with Joop!, but not in the way I like. I'm not sure how you can see it doesnt smell of hairspray, because I definitely get that during the first few minutes. Its abundantly sweet, which I don't like, however I am giving it a chance because as it dries I am getting something that i like. Still testing so I can't comment on longevity, however sillage seems good.

I am wearing it on a very hot and humid day, so it's applicable in my opinion.

This is not for you if you like masculine or mature. Fresh, sporty or citrusy. Aquatic. Don't waste your money, get a vial to sample. I feel like Fahrenheit lovers will like Joop!.
18th August, 2017
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Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

Oh. My. God.

Im really sorry, I know this is well liked by a lot, but this is terrible. I do not like it at all. It really does smell like some sort of vehicle lubricant. I had to get it, to see what the hype is about, and it's not good. It hasn't completely dried down as I write this, and i will give it a chance, but I cant see it improving from here. It smells like roses soaked in watered down gasoline or car oil. I am younger, but I do enjoy a mature scent, when the right mixture is present, but oh boy it's bad.

If you are into more modern, younger, fresher scents, do not buy this! Especially if you're taste lies in with citrus or sporty scents.

Again, I apologize for offending those who think this note makeup is genius. It's just not for me. It's the first fragrance that gave me a headache and made me feel a bit nauseous.

If this lightens up and drastically changes after a bit, I will submit a positive review.
15th August, 2017

Touch for Men by Burberry

Honestly, I smell the sweetness of Invictus in Touch. Not sure If it's the mandarin or oak moss, being they share those notes, but that's the only thing i don't like about both of them. Before the juice even hits my skin I smell a feminine fragrance. Very floral and....sweet. However, in Touch, this calms down and the dry down is better. My only complaint is that it isn't very prominent on me. I get whiffs here and there, but the sillage is not what I hoped for.
15th August, 2017

Desire Blue by Dunhill

I definitely pick up a flowery watery mixture on the first spray. It's almost like a mixture of Nautica Voyage maybe even Cool Water because of the orange notes. It's a nice cheapie, i wouldn't buy again. Not impressed. I like the light, mossy, watery feel of it for aroumd the house.

Sillage is very mild on me. Haven't test longevity.

A decent walmart pickup, I suppose.
13th August, 2017

Bentley for Men Azure by Bentley

This is a scent that, for the first time in a while, made me go that's nice. I can pick up the citrus for sure, as well as the violet on top, which is a nice mixture. The drydown i get more of the lavender atop the cashmere woods, and it's great.

Aside from very much enjoying the scent, the sillage and longevity is pretty impressive. It may be a bit much for the office or dinner, but its great for warm weather and outdoors. After about 3-4 hours I could still smell it myself, and I sprayed just 2 sprays on my neck and 1 on the shirt to test. After 8 hours I wss still getting bursts of citrusy, lavender and woodsy notes. I would definitely buy a full bottle
12th August, 2017

Jimmy Choo Man by Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Man is, to me , a nice every day cologne. I just got it today as a box set with the deodorant and after shave for $24. I pick up the pink pepper and fruity notes with the first 30 minutes and it dries down with more of a woodsy scent but very light. I wish i was smelling more suede, as i feel it would make this scent more...sophisticated i guess. It almost reminds me of Gucci Guilty once it dries down.
I wouldn't buy it again, but for the price and size, I couldnt pass it up
06th August, 2017

L'Eau Bleue d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

Iwas disappointed with this one. I bought the big 4.7 (or whatever it is) oz bottle, blind, after reading this had better reviews than Pour Homme. I agree that it does smell synthetic, and it's almost like a bitter, marine smell to me. The dry down is definitely an improvement from the first few minutes. I get less of the citrus or aquatic notes and more masculine and marine notes. Regardless, I cant put my nose on exactly what turned me away, but I feel that I might have liked Pour Homme better. Luckily I only paid about 20 dollars for it. Ended up giving it to my dad.
06th August, 2017

Pitbull Miami Man by Pitbull Premier Fragrances

I just got this today. Its pretty generic, with a bright, crisp opening and dries down with a woodsy note. I definitely smell the apple as well as the pink pepper, as i used to wear Nautica Voyage a lot and its most prominent note is the apple. Pitbull Miami Man is probably closest to that, Nautica Voyage. I bought a 1.7 oz bottle for $9, so i figured i would try it being it has some notes I enjoy. Definitely a good casual summer or gym spray. Not too offensive.

Haven't tried any other Pitball scents, so i cannot compare Miami Man to the others. Not disappointed, but not thrilled.
06th August, 2017

Very Sexy for Him by Victoria's Secret

To me, this scent smells like nothing i have ever smelled before. I am only an avid cologne wearer/collector. I know little of note recognition, but i wish i knew more so I could pick up on them in VS to compare to others. Definetly smells unique to me. First few minutes definitely makes me think of "pink". It almost has a uniqueness like Eternity does IMO. Not like a generic you would pick up that smells like 1000 others. You would definitely be able to pick this one out of a bunch of generics. In my opinion.

If anyone could recommend some similar colognes please tell
04th August, 2017